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The Messages Continued

The Messages Continued

We pick up where The Messages finished.
“Changed your mind, did you… Fuck! Nick? What are you doing here? I thought you were…. What are you doing with Bradley’s phone?”

Nick barged past Beth and stumbled drunkenly into her flat.

“It sounded like from your voice clips that you could use some company. Can’t be fucking your cunt with that vibrator, when there’s a perfectly good cock you could be riding,” Nick slurred.

To emphasize his point he pulled at his semi erect cock through his jeans, looking like a really bad wannabe rapper. Beth pulled the silk dressing gown tightly around her naked body, feeling uncomfortable with the way Nick was leering at her.

“I’ll ask you again; what are you doing with Bradley’s phone?” Her tone was showing her impatience for his drunken behaviour. “If you aren’t going to tell me you can get out, right now.”

Seeing that he had pushed her to the edge, he changed tack and threw his hands up in submission.

“Sorry. Beth, I’m sorry; it’s just that listening to your clips sort of made my switch flip. Can I get a coffee to sober up some? And then, I promise that I will explain it all.”

She was thrown by his sudden change and a little confused as to if she actually did want an explanation, or if she just wanted him out her flat. But her curious nature got the better of her, so she walked over to her kitchenette and flicked the kettle on.

She felt herself calming down while she prepared them both a strong cup of coffee. She carried the steaming mugs over to Nick, who had sat on her sofa. She took care to seat herself without revealing too much in the tiny garment and she passed him the coffee.

“You look just as beautiful as you sounded in your clips,” he said softly, breaking the tension and the silence in the room.

“Thank you, that’s sweet of you to say.” Her tone softened to match his. “So, are you going to tell me how you came to have Bradley’s phone and listen to the private messages meant for his ears only?”

His frame shrank visibly, making the thirty year old man look just like a little school boy who had been berated by his teacher. He thought carefully for a few seconds and then looked into her eyes.

“Bradley’s down the Crown now, totally shit-faced. He’s been shouting his mouth off around the pub about how he’d got a dirty bitch waiting for him. How he was making you wait for his cock, because a little slut like you doesn’t deserve to get fucked by the likes of a man like him, not until he says so.”

The words spilled from his lips, the image of him being school-boy like only reinforced by his blurting, juvenile confession. “When he got his phone out and started playing your messages to the entire pub, I told him he was out of order. I took the phone off him and told him he could have it back when he’d sobered up.”

Beth’s heart broke into tiny pieces with each word of his confession. She put the mug of coffee down on the table and got up and poured herself a stronger drink. Nick just watched, as the pain was clearly painted across her face. Her silence unsettled him. He had expected her to scream and shout, but she was so calm.

She managed a weak, “thank you,” and then drank down the high percentage liquid.

“Thank you for what?” Nick asked, a little puzzled.

“Thank you for taking the phone off him. Was the pub busy?” She didn’t wait for him to answer. “It seems like I will be looking for a new locale to drink at then.” Her cheeks burned with the embarrassment.

Nick got up off the sofa and pulled her into a tight embrace. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s Brad that looks like the fool, for playing games with such an amazing, sexy, smart, beautiful and strong woman. If you were my girl we wouldn’t be worrying about any of this, because I would’ve been around here the second you’d invited me.”

She pulled back from the hug and wiped the stray tears that had fallen from her eyes, tears caused by the caring sentiments of the man in front of her. She laughed.

“That does surprise me. That coming from the man that told Bradley to ditch the fat cow, telling him he could do way better than that mouthy bitch?”

It was Nick’s turn for his cheeks to burn red. “He told you that. I.. I..” he fumbled for an explanation. “I only said that in the hope he would dump you and then I could have you for myself. That backfired didn’t it? Is that why you’ve always been a bit of a bitch towards me?”

“Yeah, that and the fact that I think you’re a bit of a dickhead.”

He feigned hurt and they both started laughing.

“You really are a great girl, Beth. Bradley doesn’t deserve to have you waste any tears on him. You were having such a great night, don’t let this spoil it.”

Nicks hand traced down her jawline, before dropping down to her neck. He trailed his finger down her chest, until he reached the soft material of her gown.

“The fun doesn’t have to stop.”

Shivers ran through her body. His soft caresses caused all her hairs to stand to attention. The heat and desire that she had been feeling only minutes earlier, when she had been pleasuring herself with her new toy, was easily sparked back into life by the contact of his skin against hers. It felt so good, but she knew it was wrong.

Sensing her hesitation, Nick continued, “You deserve to be treated properly, for someone to pleasure you and worship your sexy body. Not someone who disrespects you in such a vile way, in front of all the people you regularly drink with.”

Swooping in before she had chance to reply, he kissed her full on the lips.

She pulled back, panting. A complete mixture of emotions began flooding her system. A battle had begun within her. She didn’t think it was a good idea to lower herself to Bradley’s level, but every time she thought of him her blood boiled with anger and hurt. They may have been only seeing each other a couple of months, and perhaps things had been going downhill recently, but she thought he would have respected her more than that.

Then there was the burning desire she felt. It started in the pit of her stomach and fanned out travelling around her body, blurring her thoughts and making it hard to think straight. She looked into the eyes of Nick. His feelings were easy to read from the look of desire he was giving her.

“I don’t know, Nick…” she started, but he cut her off.

“I wasn’t going to tell you this, because, well, I thought you’d been through enough tonight. Bradley’s been seeing another girl at the same time as you. If you’re holding back because of some misplaced feeling of honour, then I wouldn’t waste any of it on him. You are a young, beautiful girl and deserve to be treated with respect.”

At this point she gave up the fight. It wasn’t even his persuasion; she was just horny as hell and she didn’t want to think about any of this. It was her decision to allow herself to forget by giving into the lust that was coursing through her veins.

She pulled him roughly by his shirt and kissed him. The kiss wasn’t tentative, it was the release of all her pent up frustration. Taking the breath from his body, as her tongue battled with his. Her hands raced across his body, roughly pulling at his shirt. She savagely ripped open the soft cotton, her nails scratched across his chest.

“It’s like that, is it? You’re a lusty, horny bitch.”

He pushed her roughly backwards onto the bed. Her shocked cries filled the void that he had just created between them. Her dressing-gown was ineffective in the use of covering any decency. He marvelled at her exposed body as she shuffled higher up the bed.

“You can’t imagine how many times I’ve thought about fucking you,” he confessed as he removed his jeans and boxers in one go. He made his move towards the bed, discarding the ripped remnants of his shirt.

She took in the sight of his masculine body: broad shoulders, well defined yet not overly muscular arms, a firm chest with dark, well maintained hair. His abdomen was flat and also covered in a tantalizing trail of hair. His hip bones were slightly pronounced, with a gorgeous, muscular V, which led her eyes down to his impressive, erect, seven inch cock, which he massaged in his large, sexy, manly hands.

She had often caught herself staring at his crotch, wondering if that bulge was his cock or just the fabric of his trousers causing the illusion. That was usually followed by the shake of her head to rid the images of the two of them together from her mind. She shouldn’t have been having thoughts like that about the best mate of her boyfriend.

But she couldn’t just shake her head to stop what was going to happen. He crawled up the bed and spread her legs, forcefully. He paused, his eyes feasted on her exposed sex that lay bare and open to him for the first time. He continued up, his chin scratched bristly hairs across the soft skin of her stomach. His lips came to her neck. At the same time she felt the head of his cock glide teasingly across her soaked lips.

“Oh God, Nick.”

His tongue licked a cool, wet trail up her neck and along her jaw, until his lips came to rest on her ear. His hot breath tickled as his low, deep voice reverberated through her body.

“I’m going to do things to your body that Brad could only dream of doing.”

An involuntary moan escaped her parted mouth. “Oh Fuck.”

She sucked in a sharp breath when his hand roughly mauled at her breast. He kissed her with a passion that sparked a desire so deep within her; she was shocked at the force of the feelings. Their tongues swirled together in their dance of carnal lust. His cock was all the time grinding harder into her soaked snatch. She knew he was bruising her soft mound, but she didn’t care. She just pushed back harder.

Taking his bottom lip between her teeth, she pulled back and stretched his lip. This made him cry out in pain. He slapped her breast hard, causing her to shriek and release his lip. Her nipple stung from the blow, but the heat from the impact was soon doused out by the relative coolness of his tongue against her sensitive nipple.

Halting his assault on her nipple for a second he said, “Since you enjoy biting so much…”

He left the statement unfinished, preferring to demonstrate by taking her nipple between his teeth and clamping down. She cried out, the room filled with a scream that would’ve easily been audible around the rest of the flats, with their paper thin walls. Her back arched and lifted from the bed, rising to meet the tug of his teeth against her tender flesh. Her eyes rolled as the torturous, burning pain rippled its way through her body, its path seemingly on a direct route to her soaking cavern. Just when she thought she could take no more, he released her nipple, which caused her to expel a gratified purr. The pain slowly eased to soft warmth.

Her relief, however, was short lived. He slapped her neglected nipple. Then he quickly came down to ravish it with his mouth, sucking and licking, until her body was bucking beneath him.

“Oh fuck, yes.”

Her hands never once lying idle, they clawed and scratched at his shoulders and head. She was so close to reaching climax from only the attentions of his mouth against her breasts.

Again, showing his ability to read her like an open book, he stopped. He pulled back with a nefarious look gleaming from his lust filled eyes. Her heart pounded wildly in her chest. Their eyes locked in an intense stare. The air seemed to almost crackle with the electrifying energy that emanated from each of them. She moved slowly and deliberately, never once breaking the eye contact. She brought her legs together before swinging them around and rising to her knees to match his stance. This brought her back on eye level with him.

It was she that broke the pause with a lunge. Striking with a dual attack, she took his cock in hand; at the same time she kissed him with such a passion and force that it nearly knocked him backwards. He quickly regained himself, breaking the heated kiss and grabbing a handful of her hair. He shoved her head forcibly towards his rigid dick.

“I’ve listened to you mouth off every Friday night down the local for months. It’s time I find out what else that mouth of yours is good for,” he commanded in a gruff voice. “Suck my fucking cock, you dirty little bitch.”

And suck his cock she did, even as he savagely gripped her head with both hands and forced his mighty phallus deep into her throat. She slurped and sucked, until she had brought him to the edge. He dragged her sodden face off his dick and pulled her back up, so they were face to face.

Her pretty face streamed from her watering eyes, pre-cum smeared across her lips. He licked her lips. Tasting his own essence only fanned his brutish needs.

He flung her backwards. As quickly as she had been propelled backwards, she was being dragged down the bed by her legs. He buried his face in her dripping folds. His tongue lapped at her pussy, teasing her swollen bud with his tongue before he plunged deep inside her hot, tight cunt. She howled her animalistic song of gratification. Her body writhed beneath him.

“Yes, just like that. Oh god.”

She felt the faint beginnings of her climax. It had begun to swirl around her senses. The pace at which her hips ground and moans chorused increased. She was willing that wave to break with the unconscious spouting of delighted expletives. She neared ever closer to the point of no return.

“Fuck. Oh shit yeah. You fucking sexy bastard, fucking give it to me.”

The cry of frustration that erupted when he removed the ecstasy he was supplying her body almost made him cum. Her hoarse pleas and begging was almost too much for his plenteous male ego.

“No! Nick, please. I beg you, don’t stop. Nick, please!”

It sent him over the edge and into a new level of frenzied carnality.

Pulling her up by her feet to rest on either side of his chest, he rammed his manhood into her depths. No sensuality, just pure, raw, unadulterated fucking. He hammered his cock into her wanton cunt. He pounded her with a force that shook her whole body.

Her orgasm was instantaneous and unrelenting. It erupted from her core and sent a mind blowing surge of pure euphoric delight crashing around her senses.

“Oh Fuck. Yeah, oh fuck!!!”

He was still thrusting hard, close to his own climax.

Her senses came back into clear working order. It was then that her mind registered the vocalisation that Nick was spitting between each stab of his cock.

“If I’d have known you’d have fallen for my bullshit so easily, I would have tried this shit sooner. My drama teacher would be proud,” he growled, as he administered an exceptionally fierce thrust. “Brad’s down the crown, shouting his mouth off.” He mimicked his earlier speech, but ended with an evil laugh.

Beth’s blood ran cold, as the realisation that she had been played dawned on her orgasmic, hazed mind. With the same amount of force that he had made her cum, she felt the feelings of hatred for him rise. With an inhuman shriek that stopped him in his tracks, the shriek turned into a roar. She channelled every drop of that hatred and pushed it out through her legs. She kicked out, her feet still planted on his chest. He flew backwards off the end of the bed and landed in a heap on the floor. He was stunned by the power at which she had just kicked him from her body.

She was on her feet by the side of the bed. The sight absolutely terrified him. He had never seen such a look of pure hatred and venom directed at him. Even in her naked state, the way her breasts swung as her chest heaved, he could not see the beauty of the body as he had earlier; her eyes were fixed into a stare so intense that if looks could really kill, he would have been dead instantly.

“You… you… bastard!”

Her voice conveyed the sound that she was a woman on the edge. “Tell me!” she screamed. Then her voice suddenly took on an eerie calm tone. “Where’s Bradley, Nick?”

“He’s down the pub,” Nick tried to lie.

Without warning Beth picked up the pint glass of water from her bedside table and hurled it at Nick. It missed his head by centimetres and smashed against the wardrobe directly behind him.

“Shit, Beth! That nearly hit me.”

“Tell me the truth!”

He made a step towards her, hands out in surrender in front of him, but she held up her arm to stop him. She pulled the plug of her bedside lamp from the socket and picked the lamp up.

“I fucking swear Nick, if you take one step closer…” she warned. “Now tell me, where is Bradley?”

He stopped dead in his tracks. “Let’s just talk about this like adults. Put the lamp down and I will explain.”

“What? Like you explained earlier?" she spat. “I’m going to find out soon enough when I tell Bradley.”

“Oh yeah, like you’d tell him about this,” Nick said, his anger becoming apparent. “And anyway, even if you do tell him, who do you think he’s going to believe? You? A fat slag of a girl that he’s only known a few months, or his best friend of years? You’ve got no proof, so go ahead and tell him.”

She lost her temper and threw the heavy metal lamp; she landed a blow on the side of his head.

“Arrh! You fucking crazy bitch.”

“Just fucking get out Nick!!” She screamed. She hurled anything she could get her hands on in his direction. He scampered across the floor, collecting his clothes before he stood, pulling on his jeans and rushing out of her flat, shouting something about her being psycho bitch over her frantic screams.

When he had left and she was alone in her flat, she sank down to the floor, naked and sobbing in a room that looked like the aftermath of a tornado. She cried for her stupidity and ruined relationship. Her mind mercilessly ran the evening’s events. How could she have been so stupid? How guilty she felt for the enjoyment she got from having Nick’s cock deep inside her. The truth of Nick’s words when he said that she didn’t stand a chance of getting Bradley to believe her side of the story with no evidence.

Through her tears she noticed a red light blinking on and off from the corner of her eye. She moved some of the strewn items and realised she must have hurled her phone at Nick at some point in her rage. She noted that she had not smashed it, and then unlocked the phone.

A huge smile spread across her face, and she looked up towards the heavens and said a silent ‘thank you’. She hit stop on the record button on her phone. Her heart lightened when she pressed play and heard her voice stream out from the speaker. She skipped the recording forward and wiped away the tears, as Nick’s voice was clearly captured by recorder.

“Can’t be fucking your cunt with that vibrator, when there’s a perfectly good cock you could be riding now….”

She knew that she was not innocent in the night’s events. She knew that things with her and Brad probably would have ended sooner rather than later; all that night had achieved was to speed up that process. She was just happy that she had something over Nick; he couldn’t cause any problems for her. The more she thought about it, the more she started to be thankful to Nick. The only down side she could see, was losing the ability to drink at her local pub.

With that in mind, she picked up her phone and dialled.

“Kate, Its Beth…. Yeah, I’m okay, thanks. No, no I’m not out tonight. You’ve been working at the Crown today, haven’t you? You haven’t seen Brad in today?” She held her breath, as she waited for her friend and staff member of her local pub, to answer her question.

“He’s not been in at all. Okay. No, that’s okay, no message. Thanks, Kate. Bye.”

So, at least she knew Nick had lied about that. She may not know how Nick got Brad’s phone, but at least she knew she didn’t need to find a new place to drink.

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