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The Minister

Minister ends up doing woman who belongs to congregation when out of town
Like most of the ministers, he was also there for the big conference set way back last year, but what he didn’t know was who was going to be there that weekend. Several people from his home town were attending and this included one specific individual who was known by all to be a very devout woman with a rigid plan of events she’d scheduled that weekend for herself.

His name is Keith. He had directed a number of programs administered at the church. When he walked into the one convention hall and saw only a number of people in the room he couldn’t believe it. Only 25 people at the discussion? Where was everyone else he wondered? She hadn’t walked in and did not know he was coming to that hearing but when she did his heart stopped. His eyes “bugged” out. His mouth practically flipped open. She was the only one he knew out of the 800 select individuals.

Ali saw him once she walked in. Once their eyes met, she smiled and nodded. When those eyes of hers met his, his heart beat doubly hard, and the married minister badly wanted to go up to her and say hello. In truth, he knew exactly what he wanted to really do. Keith wanted to be with the woman on a more intimate basis.

To be honest…she felt the same way about him too.

Ali knew he was heading to this convention. She was as horny a woman you’d find anywhere around. She was good about covering it up but if given half a chance, she’d “take him down” and “wrap” herself around him. She’d kiss the good looking man all night long if given half the chance. She hadn’t been like this since her early to mid twenties she told herself.

Something was off. Something wasn’t right. Why am I feeling this way about a married young man like him she said to herself? Ali didn’t know but each time she was around him back at the church they came from she’d get these “sensations” which rocked her all over.To rid herself of them she’d meet a man, have a drink with him, and then the 37 year old married woman would head on home and do the most unanticipated event in the world.

Ali would draw a hot sudsy bath and Ali would get in it and masturbate as she pictured him in her fantasies. Ali would close and lock the door and even though her husband was downstairs, she’d masturbate until she felt thoroughly satisfied all over.

Finally, the conference was getting done for the day. She told herself, a hundred times over, she was going to go and see him She told herself that this day was the day he and I were going to “get it on.”

“Hi Keith…how are you?” she said, smelling nice, and wearing that same precious smile she always wore out in public. He said hello as he smiled and asked how she was. He knew he was more then happy to see her that day. She looked soooo pretty he told himself as he looked at all her womanly and female features.

“Soooo what are your plans for the remainder of the day…going to any other conferences today?” She hoped he would say no, that his day was open, and that he had no other plans at all.

“Care to explore the town?” she asked after that. “I know it’s weird that our spouses aren’t here…isn’t it?” she added in that soft sweet tone he always enjoyed listening to.

He turned his head in her direction. Her eyes sparkled as if a sky full of stars shining over him. Her hair was relatively short and looked so proper it made him wonder. But what was significant was how a woman, her age, could ever look that delicious, and that inviting…especially to a man my age.

She caught him looking at her, for too long. She liked it that he showed “interest” in her for more than religious purposes. She could tell that he was intrigued by her…physical features. She could tell she ravished to a degree. She was almost sure of it too.

That was when she said it, to herself.

Take me Keith…take me to my place, your place, or anywhere and let’s kiss. Let’s kiss and…and make love to me all night long she imagined herself saying to him. I know…I know you’re a young man Keith but honey, dear you’re such a handsome young man and I’m soooo willing to be with you, intimately. I know you are too. I can see it in your eyes Keith honey she heard herself saying to him at one point and time.

Oh Lord…I so want you Ali! I want to hold you and kiss you and I want to feel your precious lips against mine, Ali. I want to taste you all over. I want to feel you all over too he was saying to himself. I want to feel you all over me. And I soooo want to feel your naked body…everywhere you beautiful creature he told himself as he sat there on his bed, half naked in his pajama bottoms only.

They’d gone back, obviously, to their own hotel rooms. He wished she was there though he didn’t realize he was thinking it. Anyway, all was quiet. It wasn’t too late but outside the skies had become dark and traffic had also quieted down as well. She drove in and learned of his hotel room number somehow.

Of course it was chilly out and so she put her long zipped coat back on. But beneath it was the main surprise. In addition to her lovely, slim, and of course still curvy figure, Ali wore a Kimono which simply covered up the precious piece of what she knew would turn his head, and eyes, on her for sure.

She had on her lace satin babydoll. Every man who is offered this is going to say yes a million times over she told herself and with that Ali headed to the elevator. She headed up, without being noticed, to his floor. She casually walked down the hallway to his hotel room and thankfully nobody was about the area that night.

Her heart was beating quickly as she came closer and closer to his room.

She got to the door of his room and Ali closed her eyes. Then she took a deep breath of air. Finally she knocked on his door and unzipped her coat and took it off.

She smiled and looked into the peep hole of his door.

He was looking through that peep hole. “Holy Mother of God,” he said under his breath as he looked at her body, of course the Kimono, and those longer well maintained legs she sported. “Oh my gosh,” he said, whispering. “Holy Mother of God…she’s come to my room and she’s dressed like that?” he added.

He opened the door but his eyes were not on her face. His eyes were on her body, all of it and anywhere, which suggested she wanted him to see it meaning her bosoms, her body, and anywhere else imaginable.

In his t-shirt and pajama bottoms only, he opened the door up wide. “Hiiiii, come on in Ali. What brings uhhh you around?” he asked her.

“Hi Keith,” she said. “Ohhhhhh nothing…nothing too important,” she went on to say as she looked his body over. She was still wanting and desiring and dreaming of being all over him at that point. “We did have a nice day…a productive day didn’t we?” She was looking at his face as his eyes were still all over her body. She smiled throughout all of it. “Looks like your all ready to lie down for the evening. Maybe I should leave? Maybe I should let you to whatever it is you do at night?”

“Ohhh no uh uhhh,” he said. The bed was off to the side. She saw it. He saw her look right at it too. “Uhhh, sit down,” he went on to say. “Relax…take a load off. Not that you have a load to take off…that’s for sure.”

Their eyes locked in on one another, staring harder and deeper into the other’s eyes as they stood there. The door open still, and Ali looking hotter and even sexier then a minute ago. She liked how it was going. He did too. She made him feel…special.

Then it hit him. He began feeling it. He started feeling it all over his body. As a result he closed his eyes and pinched up his face. She watched it happen and then she smiled brilliantly. Ali breathed in and reached out. She touched his chest with the flat of her hand and as she did she watched his face. Keith breathed in as he felt her hand on his chest. He looked at her deeply in the eyes and felt the emotions running powerfully through his body.

Ohhhhhhh fucking God, he thought. I want her. I soooo want her body all over mine.

His hand seemed to run out of control. He started feeling the soft unimaginable draw towards her body and couldn’t believe how she attracted him to her. Then all of a sudden she smiled and reached for the back of his neck and pulled him into her so that she could kiss him on his lips.

He felt her kissing him. He felt her tongue unleash itself into his mouth and he felt the powerful nature of her pushing him back onto the bed. Ali was on top of him and her arms and hands and all of her body seemed to crawl all over his. She knew right then and there, before he could even think anything, she wanted him. And she wanted his lovely, sexy younger body to make love to hers.

“Ohhhhhh God…yes,” she said between kisses. “I want soooo much more honey…so much more tonight.”

Then it got out of control. The two started rolling across the bed. This way and that, as she held him close to her body. They kissed passionately, as his cock appeared to get harder and harder and pushed down against her body.

As the two of them kissed and rolled, wildly her hands pulled at him more firmly. He loved how the babydoll looked on her body and as a result he slid his hand up inside it, naturally grabbed hold of one of her boobs. From there she felt it being petted and squeezed and as a result she only wanted two more things

Ali wanted to get totally aroused. And Ali wanted to be fucked by this married minster’s cock and as soon as possible.

“Keith honey, do me a favor,” she moaned. “Touch my pussy. Turn me on. Oh baby, I soooo need you to get me turned on honey!”

He reached down inside her panties and started to feel her soft lovely pussy lips. It felt nice. It felt relaxing. Of course it felt arousing as well. Her body, especially around her pussy, tightened up, and before he knew it both of them were ready for it all.

He looked into her eyes. She looked up at his. And he knew she was ready and slid his cock up against her pussy. Then he put it inside of her. Before she knew it he was on his way to fucking the woman he’d known for a while had a thing for him. He fucked her. He kissed her. He kissed and fucked her and held her body adoringly. She held onto him as he fucked her and life seemed to be going well for her as he held her closely and fucked her lovingly.

And he came inside her pussy.

She had orgasmed already but wanted so much more that she kept on fucking him and wanting his cock and she pumped him as he fucked her back. He flipped onto his other side. “Did I do good enough for you?” he asked. She smiled and looked softly into his eyes and said he did. “Good, I’m glad I’ve made you happy, Ali.”

“I couldn’t be happier honey. I hope we might do this again. Maybe here sometime or maybe back at home even,” she told him. “But your priorities lie with your wife. That doesn’t mean I don’t want this,” and she reached down and held his soft limp cock in her hand and played with it. “Mmmmm, I so could toy around with this tonight.”

She continued to toy around with it and then said “May I?”

“I think you’ve already decided that,” he told her and then he leaned in and kissed her on her lips.

She finally got it hard again and went down on him. Her tongue came out as he watched or felt it on his cock as it got stiffer and stiffer and he felt the rage in that area as it got more intense by the moment.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, he felt it.

He came. Her mouth was all over it as he did and she seemed to swallow what reserve he had left in it. But Ali loved every last moment of their sexual encounter it seemed.

“I’ve always wanted this day to happen,” she told him, “and like I said…I’ll do this again almost anywhere and any time, okay honey?”

She got up and fixed herself up as he lay naked watching her put on her jacket. She blew him a kiss and went out the hotel door, never to make love to him again.

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