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The (Mis) Adventures of Missy - The Fireman

I admit it I'm looking for some fun.
The (Mis) Adventures of Missy - The Fireman

My name is Missy. I am 40 years old and divorced. About 5' 2" barefoot, medium length dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Not rail thin but not too overweight either. My chest is 36 C, almost a D. My best friends call me curvy.

My house sits on a rise and my backyard slopes downward. It gives me a great view over the fence to the building behind my house.

The local fire station. I can see when the trucks come and go. I can see the firemen working out and when they decide to cook out all from my back patio doors.

The firemen there are all so strong and built, I can't help but watch them. They are so sexy. But there is one that keeps catching my eye. He seems older than most of them, but age has never really bothered me. Looks to be about 6 ft, myabe 6'1". Solid build, bald head (by nature or choice, not sure) and his chest. Wow, his chest is what caught my eye the first time I saw him. He has a nice stocky broad chest. I even saw him without a shirt once. Covered in hair. I love chest hair.

I had to figure out a way to meet him. I just wasn't sure how, short of setting my house on fire.

So I decided to do some recon of the situation. I watched for a while to see exactly when he would be outside running or goofing off with the guys. I started leaving my blinds open and walking around the house in lace teddies so he could see right in as I walked by. And spending as much time as I could out on the back patio dressed in as little as possible.

One afternoon I was sitting on my back patio enjoying the sun and a drink. I was wearing a new bikini, it was black with white flames all over it. The flames on the top looked like they were cuppung my breasts, and the flames on the bottoms lovingly cupped my pussy.

The overhead doors opened and the firemen came outside, some started playing basketball and a few others brought out the grill and started getting it ready. As luck would have it, the man that held my intrest the most was manning the grill, and the posistion of the grill was perfect so all he had to do was look up and he would have a perfect view of my patio with me siting there.

I sat there staring at him, while he laughed and chatted with the other guys. One of the other guys pointed out their audience (me) to him and I saw him nod, that he too had noticed.

When they got their food on the grill I decided to make things interesting. He was already sneaking peeks in my direction, I wonder if I could completely distract him? I got up and walked around my patio, bending over to check plants, moving my chair to a sunnier spot, and simply crossing and uncrossing my legs.

It worked, he was so into watching me that he didn't notice the smoke coming off the grill. As I walked inside I heard the guys teasing him about paying attention the the wrong things.

Now how to get him over here? I asked myself.

A couple of days later, he solved my problem for me.

It was saturday morning and I was lazing around my house in a white lace teddy and a short white silk robe that barely covered my ass, when my doorbell rang.

I looked out the peephole and my heart started racing, it was him!!

I opened the door, "Hi, how can I help you?" I asked.

"Hi, my name is Ken and I'm the Assistant Fire Chief. We are going around the neighborhood offering to check smoke detectors for the residents and discussing safety at home."

I step back to let him in the door. As he steps in, I lose my breath, he fills the entry way. WOW, I never realized how much of a turn on a uniform can be. He's wearing a white button down shirt with his badge and patches attached, black slacks and polished black boots.

I can now see that he has very nice green eyes and a mustache that comes down each side of his mouth.

As I close the door, he is looking at my attire and I can see a bulge beginning to grow in his slacks.

I lead him into the living room "Please, have a seat."

As he sits down I start untying the belt on my robe and I tell him, "I really don't have any problems with my smoke detectors, I just changed the batteries in them a few weeks ago."

As I pull the robe off my shoulders and down my arms. His eyes get wider and I watch as the color changes to a green/gray color. He looks me up and down, taking in the white lace on my teddy that barely covers my breasts. Down to the alternating vertical panels of lace and sheer fabric that cover my body down to the snaps in the crotch.

I watch as the bulge in his pants grows larger. OH yeah, I think to my self. I must experience this gorgeous man.

I walk over to my stereo and push play on my CD player so soft romantic music starts to play softly from my surround sound.

I slowly start walking back over to him, running my hands up and down my body. Very gently I start to dance in front of him, rotating my hips, caressing my body with my hands. Turning and bending over giving him an up close view of my ass.

I turn back around and slowly straddle his lap, he puts his hands on my hips and rubs his thumbs up and down. I run my fingers down his face, staring deep into his beautiful eyes and lean down to kiss his soft lips.

He slides his hands up my body to cup my face in his hands as I pull away after the first kiss. "Oh no, I need more." he whispers, pulling me in for another deep soul touching kiss.

Oh wow, I'm melting in his lap. This man knows how to kiss!! His tongue sweeping inside my mouth, caressing my tongue. I could kiss him for days.

I pull away from the kiss and start moving my hips while I'm sitting in his lap. I can feel his hard cock, straining against the fabric of his slacks, rubbing against my pussy making me wet.

I get off his lap "I think you're a bit overdressed sweetness."

We get his boots off and I start to unbutton his shirt, kissing my way down as more and more of his chest is exposed to me. I pull him to his feet so I can remove his shirt. I am addicted to chests and his does not dissappoint upon up close inspection. Broad shoulders thick chest, covered with hair.

I start running my hands all over his chest, loving the feel of his hair under my fingers. Lightly stroking over each nipple with my fingertips.

As I'm inspecting his chest, he's running his hands through my hair, stroking my face with his fingertips. It's amazingly erotic.

I lean forward and start kissing his chest again. I start as high as I can reach (not too high, I am short and he's tall) and kiss over to one nipple, gently lick his nipple and use my lips to pull on it.

He suddenly exhales, I think he was holding his breath.

I kiss and lick my way over to his other nipple as he moves his hands to my shoulders and starts caressing my neck and shoulders. He slides the straps of my teddy off my shoulders and pulls it down. I remove my arms from the straps and continue my exploration of his chest while he caresses my breasts. Gently squeezing and running his fingertips over my hard nipples.

As I'm kissing and nibbling on his chest I move my hands down to his belt and unbuckle it. I open the button and slowly slide the zipper down. I look down and OH MY GOD!! He's commando! I love that.

As his slacks slide down to the floor, he pushes my teddy down my body, over my hips until it slides down my legs to the floor.

I look back up to his face and into his eyes. His eyes are more gray than green now and are staring at me intently. He's looking right into me. We lean towards each other, circling each other in our arms and kiss again, slowly, gently exploring. Did I mention the man KNOWS how to kiss?

He reaches down and grabs my ass, lifting me up against him, never breaking the kiss. My legs go around his waist, his hard cock pressing against my pussy. I can feel his length and my pussy aches with need and wanting. He groans as my wet heat comes in contact with his hard cock.

He carries me into my bedroom and lays me down gently on the king size bed. I'm laying on my back and he's on his side next to me. He starts to caress my face with his fingers and kissing my eyes, my cheeks, back to my lips.

As we kiss his hand gently sweeps down my neck back to my breast and starts caressing and playing with my nipple. I moan as he breaks the kiss to start kissing his way down to my breast. Gently licking and kissing my nipple. I moan at the pleasant torture. He finally takes my nipple into his mouth and sucks gently. Oh my! I'm in heaven. It feels so fantastic, I never want it to end.

I'm running my hands over his head down to his shoulders, rubbing and stroking his back. As he moves to apply his sweet torture to my other nipple, I run my nails down his back. He groans with pleasure.

He slides down the bed as he kisses and licks his way down to my bellybutton. He kisses and licks lower until his lips are just over my mound. He won't let me open my legs yet. "Wait, I just want to inhale your scent for a minute."

Finally he spreads my legs and looks at my pussy, glistening with wetness, waiting to be tasted. He leans down and runs his tongue up and down my slit gently.

"oh my god!" I start to moan.

He keeps licking, applying more pressure with each and every lick until his tongue slips through to lick the inner folds of my pussy, licking up to my clit. Over and over he licks up and down, giving my clit a little flick with his tongue.

He is driving me crazy by now, I reach down and caress his head wanting him more and more. He seperates the outer lips of my pussy with his fingers and starts laping up the juice flowing from me. He licks back up to my clit and pulls on it with his lips.


He then inserts one finger into my pussy and laps at my clit, moving his finger in and out. He slides in a second finger, sliding in and out.

"Damn baby, you're so tight around my fingers" He says

He then starts to suck hard on my clit again, moving his fingers in and out, not too slow but not too fast.

"Oh baby! I'm gonna cum!" I moan

"Yes babe, cum for me, cum hard for me."

He keeps sliding his fingers in and out, sucking harder on my clit until...

"OOOHHHHHH AAHHHHHHHH YYYEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!" I scream as I cum hard on his hand.

He removes his fingers and licks my pussy clean and moves back up my body and I lick his fingers clean.

We kiss again, long and lingering. And then it was my turn to make him moan.

I straddle him across his hips and lean down to kiss him again, my fingertips caressing his neck. I kiss my way down his neck, continuing on to his chest.

As I'm kissing and caressing his chest, my pussy is nestled firmly against his rock hard cock. Soaking him with my wetness and driving us both crazy.

I kiss my way down his chest, loving the feel of his chest hair against my lips. Lower and lower until I reach the base of his cock. There is a bead of moisture on the tip, I stick out my tongue and lick it off. He was holding his breath again cause he exhaled deeply.

I take a minute to stroke his cock with my hands and just look at it. It's beautiful. Perfect to wrap around my hand around and slide up and down. Looks to be about 7 inches in length.

I start licking and kissing his hard cock down the left side, across his balls and back up the right side. Licking across the tip of his cock. Then I lick down the front along the vein leading down to his balls.

I literally start giving his balls a tongue bath, licking every inch of his sack. I decide to nibble a bit and he jumps at the unexpected feeling. Then I suck each one into my mouth, rolling it around caressing with my tongue. I hear him moan "Oh yes"

I lick my way back up to the tip of his cock and run my tongue in circles around the rim by it's head. He buries his hands in my hair as I slowly slide his cock into my mouth, inch by inch until his entire cock is in my mouth and down my throat. I use my tongue to massage his cock as I start to suck on him. Pulling out and sliding his cock back into my mouth. Caressing his balls at the same time.

His hips start to move with me and we get a rythm going. His cock sliding in and out of my mouth, faster and faster.

"Damn baby, I'm gonna cum soon" He moans.

I love it when he moans, makes my pussy melt. I stroke his cock while going up and down, licking and sucking. He suddenly reaches down, grabs handfuls of my hair and holds me in place as he explodes in my mouth and down my throat.

"MMM AARRHH Oh god, what a mouth!" he tells me, "I could quickly get addicted to that"

I swallow the mouthfull of cum and lick him to make sure I didn't miss a drop. Crawl back up his body, laying on top of him, lean down and kiss him passionately.

He suddenly rolls over until I'm on bottom. He breaks the kiss and says "I love the way you kiss baby."

"Yes, I love the way you kiss too. They are very addicting." I tell him.

We lay there for a little bit, just looking into each others eyes, touching and kissing. A little bit of chatting but mainly caressing and enjoying each other's bodies. Enjoying the afterglow I call it.

As we lay there we keep on caressing and kissing and touching. I roll him over and run my hands over his chest. I love the feeling of his chest hair as my hands run over his body.

He rolls me over and starts to kiss my nipples. Laying himself completely on top of me. I wrap my arms around him, he feels so solid and I am loving it.

He kisses his way back up to my mouth and whispers, "I can't wait any longer for you baby"

I open my legs and he leans down, our mouths barely an inch apart, not touching. I feel the tip of his cock pressing against the entrance to my pussy. As he slowly slides his cock into my wet pussy, I start to exhale as he inhales.

Inch by inch he slides in to me. "Oh yeah, you are so tight baby"

"You feel fantastic inside me." I tell him

He starts to moving inside me, withdrawing to just the tip and sliding back in all the way. I wrap my legs around his hips to meet his thrusts and we are kissing, deeply, and passionately.

We started to increase the pace bit by bit. Faster and faster. We are both breathing heavily between kisses.

We seem to explode together, as one. As I cum, I close my eyes to see starbursts exploding with us. Clinging to each other, we kiss and our breathing returns to normal.

"Damn Ken, that was so intense." I tell him

"Yes Missy, it was. You are beautiful when you cum." He tells me

We lay there in each others arms and drift off to sleep for a while.

When I wake up, my head is on his chest with my right arm across him. His left hand is on my arm and his right hand is in my hair.

I slowly get out of the bed and head to the shower. When I remodeled my house I splurged on the master bathroom. The shower is very large with a built in bench that runs along the back and one side of the shower.

As I'm rinsing soap out of my hair, he steps into the shower.

"Mind if I join you?" He asks

"I'd be disappointed if you didn't" I reply

We start washing each other, playfully caressing, hands everywhere. As we rinse off, we start to kiss again. (I love his kisses)

He slowly kisses his way down my body and starts to kiss and caress my pussy. I spread my legs apart to give him better access.

I swear, this man makes pussy eating an art form. He brings me close to cuming so fast it's unbelievable.

He sits down on the shower floor with me standing above him, legs spread open for his exploration.

He uses his fingers to caress my pussy as he continues to lick me thoroughly all over. He inserts two fingers into my pussy as he licks back towards my ass. His fingers continue to slide in and out, his thumb rubs my clit as his tongue licks across my tight ass rosebud.

"Baby, I can't take any more, I need you now!" I moan as my pussy clenches around his fingers as I cum for him.

He stands up and bends me over, hot water pounding down all around us. He grabs my hips and slides his hard cock straight into my pussy with one thrust. We are in total frenzy now. Fucking harder and faster. He fills my pussy so full with his cock.

"I'm about to cum baby!" He moans as he squeezes my hips, thrusting harder and faster.

Finally, I scream as I cum hard on his cock and he moans loudly as he fills my pussy with his cum.

We slowly recover and finish our shower. As we are getting dressed I ask him when he works next.

"I have to report in about an hour." he tells me laughing

"Well, I guess I'll see you over the fence later babe." I reply

"If you agree, you'll be seeing me more often and not just over the fence."

We kiss deeply as he leaves, yes, I want this man again and again.

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