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The Morning After

The Morning After

Part 3 in the story of Ava and James
Ava awoke lying in James arms as the early morning sun filtered into the room through the blinds. Even though she had the day off, Ava’s body clock was so used to the early rises ready for work, that 8am felt like a lie in to her. Ava lay with her head resting against James bare chest, hooking one of her legs between his, her left hand gently caressing his chest as she listened to the slow rhythmic beat of his heart, his chest rising and falling with each breath.

Ava couldn’t help but smile to herself as her hand absent minded explored his chest, tracing the outline and curvature of each of the firm muscles of his chest and shoulders. A warm sensation of euphoria filled her spreading its way throughout her body, she couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so completely relaxed and content with her life. Pressing herself further into his body, Ava couldn’t help but feel as though her body was made specially just to fit perfectly in his arms.

James had a way with her unlike anyone else she had ever known, she didn’t know how he did it but without even trying he seemed to make her feel happier than anyone had ever managed in the past, she couldn’t remember the last time she smiled so much. She had waited a long time for this moment to just be lying in his arms and she thought to herself ‘patients really is a virtue’.

Ava felt like she could read James unlike most of the dates she had been on where there would be an awkward silence when neither knew what to say, with him everything just came so naturally. The little look in his eye, that little smile, the way he would try to find any excuse to touch her any chance he got, without ever saying a word Ava knew just how much he cared for her.

Ava nuzzled herself further into James arms, feeling the warmth radiating from his body, the steady thump of his heart seeming to send her into a trance. Ava’s hands continued to explore his body, admiring every last inch of him, she couldn’t help herself caught in the moment from closing her lips around his neck in an affectionate kiss.

Ava Inhaled his scent placing several more kisses on James body around his neck, collar bone, chest and shoulders, her heart quickening as her hands caress his strong arms. It didn’t take long before the first naughty thoughts begin to sneak into her mind as her hands and lips explore him, her heart fluttering as her hand glides down over the gentle bumps of his abdominal region.

Ava smiled to herself as she thought up her new game, letting her hands slowly roam lower over his body as he got her used to her touch, wondering how far she can go without waking him. Slipping her hand past his navel her lips followed the trail her hands had started, lightly pressing against his skin. As her hand moved lower her fingertips brushed the tip of his semi hard manhood. Ava couldn’t help but smile as she wrapped her hand around him, squeezing his member gently, encouraging him to become harder.

Ava bit her bottom lip as a lust spread throughout her body, as she felt the gently pulse of blood through his cock as he started to become harder. Ava couldn’t deny her own bodies urges any more than she could stop herself from stroking her hand up and down slowly along his length. Grinding her hips into and against his leg as she tried to feel the pressure of his body between her legs, glancing up from time to time to make sure he was still asleep.

Ava couldn’t help but wonder what might be going on inside James's head as she looked up at his sleeping face while her hand slowly moved up and down along his length, giving him a gentle squeeze from time to time. After a short while Ava noticed the clear liquid oozing out of the tip of his cock, coating and lubricating her fingers. Ava looked down at her hand seeing his pre-cum sticking to her fingers in thin strings that refused to let go of her. Bringing her fingers to her lips she sampled his flavour as she licked the substance from her fingers.

The taste of him on her lips was like pure ecstasy to Ava, it began to awake something inside her unlike anything else. Her body burned with a desire to please him, to be with him, to be his. Her heart beat faster in her chest, her body becoming hyper sensitive to every tiny touch of his body against hers. She needed him more than anything else, needed to feel him, to make him feel as good as he made her.

This game was only just beginning. Ava stroked her hand up and down along his length, as she began to lean further down his body, placing several gentle kisses along the way. His hard cock looked slick, coated in a thin layer of pre-cum she had spread over him with her hands. He seemed to pulsate in her hand as blood surged through his veins, somehow making him look bigger and harder with each passing moment, his cock seemed to be calling to her, begging for the soft attention of her lips.

Ava fixed her eyes on his glorious member. Letting go of a breath as she remembered to breath in all of her excitement, the warm air as she exhaled blew against his length seeming to cause it to jump up towards her. Ava smiled, biting her lip again as she looked at it, thinking to herself, ‘Well I never did like to say no,’ as her lips closed over the purple tip.

James cock seemed to swell further at the touch of her lips against it, his hips seeming to press up and forward in an attempt to push himself between her lips. Ava smiled as she realised that his body craved her touch just as much as hers did his.

As Ava moved her hands and lips over James cock, she listened carefully to the sounds of his body, checking the rate of his breathing, the sounds and movements he made for any signs she might be waking him. Every so often she would slow her pace making sure not to become too vigorous and wake him before she intended.

Ava’s tongue moved along the length of James shaft, flicking over the head before sucking him as though in a slow sensual kiss she would place on his tip. She knew when she was doing something right for him because she could feel the reactions to her efforts in his hips as he tried to drive himself deeper into her mouth.

Each time Ava would take James a little deeper, exploring every inch of his member with her hands, mouth and tongue. The low incomprehensible moans coming from James lips spurred her on, but all the time she paid special attention to his breathing, careful not to disturb his sleep.

After a couple of minutes of Ava moving her lips over James's cock she begin to feel his hips pushing a little harder into her. His cock seemed to jump inside of her mouth as a strong surge of blood coursed through him before she was rewarded with warm cum shooting out onto her tongue accompanied with the taste of his cum.

Ava savoured the flavour of his cum for a moment, milking every last drop from his member. A naughty thought coming to her mind as she quickly formulated another plan. Ava let some of his cum fall back over James cock and stomach before swallowing the rest, so that James would see what she had done when he woke.

Getting up from bed feeling quite pleased with herself, Ava went to the bathroom to shower before she went to get something to eat. The hot water cascaded down Ava’s body, washing away all of the impurities of the last days exertions and giving her a fresh perspective. Although on a couple of occasions she caught her fingers sneaking further south to rub over her clit, but she managed to restrain herself from carrying out her urges.

After her shower, Ava dried herself off, dressing in some of her favourite underwear, a black lace bra that seemed to hug her large breasts, with a small white silk bow that tied at the front, making her breasts look almost gift wrapped. Ava loved this bra because it always made her cleavage look great and had gotten her a lot of attention. Her underwear were also made of a black silk material with a white poke a dot pattern, the two parts front and back were tied together at the side by a thin piece of material.

Ava looked herself over in the mirror, the black material contrasting against her bright blonde hair as it gently fell over her breasts. The silver of her navel piercing seemed to shine brightly against her golden tanned skin. She couldn’t help but smile as she looked at herself, knowing the moment James got a sight of her he wouldn’t be able to control himself. Ava grabbed a silk robe from the door to cover her half naked body. The smooth material of the robe tied around her waist with a silk belt that allowed it to fall open in a V shape to show off the top of her large breasts.

After giving herself one last look over with a nod of approval to herself, Ava made her way down stairs to the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea and some breakfast. Sitting at the old wooden table in the middle of the kitchen, Ava sipped from the warm cup in her hands. It wasn’t long after she had finished eating that James appeared standing in the doorway, a questioning look on his face.

"Did I miss something," he asked in a way that suggested to Ava that he already knew the answer to that question.

"Maybe," Ava said with a shy smile, "I just didn't want to wake you... I just couldn't wait."

"What so I had to miss out on all the fun then?" James asked a little disappointed.

Giving him a teasing playful look she said "Who said it was over?"

"You know you could always return the favour," she said getting up letting the robe fall away revealing her sexy underwear as she leaned her back against the fridge pushing her chest out to show off her large breasts. Ava placed her foot against the fridge so that her thigh was raised in an inviting manner, showing off her finely toned legs.

James just stood rooted to the spot, staring at her amazing body in awe, still not believing that she wanted to be with her. Ava loved the way he looked at her with his steel blue eyes that searched over every inch of her body as if trying to drink in every little detail and the way his jaw seemed to drop every time he saw her naked.

James made his way over to Ava with quick powerful strides before confidently taking her face in his hands as he kissed her deeply and so passionately, pinning Ava to the fridge with his body. Ava was a little taken back by the force of his kiss, parting her lips to welcome his tongue into her mouth. She didn’t think she could stop him if she had wanted. Within seconds he seemed to have completely dominated himself over her, he was in complete control of her and she was just along for the ride.

James pressed his body into Ava’s effectively pinning her in place against the fridge as their tongues played a mock game of tug of war. Ava leaned her head back letting out a soft moan as James's lips kissed their way down her neck, sucking and nibbling at the soft flesh. She could feel his obvious bulge pressing into her through his boxer shorts as he pressed his hips forward against her.

James's hand moved down Ava’s body from her cheek, sliding over the firm smooth skin of her large breasts, cupping and squeezing it firmly but not too roughly. His other hand had moved down the side of her body, passing her hips to gently pull on the fabric tying her underwear together, until the material fell away. James quickly glanced up at Ava, a gleam in his eye that turned Ava on more than she thought possible, a look that promised her one of the greatest orgasms she has ever had.

Placing his hands on her hips, James pushed Ava against the fridge to keep her in place, as he fell to his knees in front of her. A playful smile on his lips just before he allowed his tongue to lick along her slit, pressing between her lips as he moved up, flicking over her clit before beginning again. Each time his tongue moved along her pussy he pressed himself a little deeper, occasionally kissing or sucking on her clit.

Ava rocked her hips in time with James's tongue, moaning as the waves of pleasure raked through her body. Just as she thought she was getting used to his pattern he surprised her with something new, as his tongue reached her clit. He moved to kiss her, sucking her clit into his mouth before suddenly biting down on her, Ava screamed with pleasure as James's tongue flicked over her clit, pinned in place by his teeth.

Ava couldn’t believe how great James could make her feel, this is the first time anyone had ever done this to her and it felt great. She was so caught up in the moment that she hardly expected when she felt James slip a finger inside of her, curling his fingers, instantly finding her g-spot.

Ava’s body seemed to wriggle at his very touch as uncontrollable waves of pleasure coursed through her body, as though she had lost control of her own motor functions. James's fingers slid in and out of her soaking wet pussy, twisting and curling inside of her pressing against her inner walls as his tongue continued to flick over her clit, restrained between his teeth.

Ava screamed and moaned in pleasure as James sent wave after wave of pleasure through her body, her pussy tightening and relaxing in rapid succession around his fingers as her body tried to pull him back in. Ava seemed to lose all sense of reality as her body became a slave to his will, the sensation of his fingers sliding in and out of her tight pussy getting faster and faster was enough to send Ava over the edge. Her body began to convulse in a violent orgasm, her juices spilling out over James hand and face. Ava felt her knees start to go and if it wasn’t for James holding her against the fridge she would probably have lost her footing.

A few moments later Ava’s senses began to return to her as she became aware of the soft wet sensation on her lips and the familiar taste of her juices as James kissed her passionately. Wrapping her leg around James waist, Ava hooked her foot around him, pulling his body closer into hers as she embraced his kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck as their tongues explored each other’s mouths.

Ava could feel James erection pressing against her soaking wet pussy through the material of his boxer shorts as it tried to burst free of the fabric. Still caught up in the moment she grasped desperately at his waist band while still caught up in the passionate kiss. Pulling the material down the few inches needed to free him from his restraint. Not wanting to wait any longer, she wrapped her hand around his shaft, pressing him inside of herself, pushing her hips forward in an attempt press him as deep as possible.

James didn’t need much encouraging and it didn’t take very long before he took the initiative, his swollen cock sliding deep and hard inside of Ava’s tight pussy. Ava wrapped her arms back around James neck, holding onto him tightly as James’s thrusts became faster and harder with every passing moment.

Pinned between James and the fridge, Ava was just along for the ride as James pounded into her, the fridge banging against the wall with every thrust of his body. The room was filled with their combined loud moans. James’s hands moved down to cover Ava’s arse to support her weight as he continued to thrust hard and deep into her.

Ava was completely lost in the moment, the only thing that mattered right now was him, her and the way he was making her feel. The way his cock stretched her lips, or rubbed against the walls of her pussy, or just the fact that it was him inside of her, Ava didn’t care what it was, just that it was. Her body trembled at his very touch and she couldn’t help herself as her nails dug into his back leaving thin red trails across his skin as she drew a line across his back with her fingers.

Ava screamed out into the room in ecstasy “Fuck me harder,” she demanded, adding in a whisper that she spoke softly into his ear, “Make me yours,” before biting into his shoulder as she felt his cock burry itself deep inside of her.

Lifting her into his arms, James kissed Ava deeply as he turned her around, dropping her on the edge of the old wooden table in the centre of the kitchen, her legs dangling over the edge as she sat looking at him.

James pushed Ava by the shoulders, forcing her to lay back on the table, holding onto her hips to gain advantage of her before beginning to thrust himself deep inside of her. Once he was completely buried inside of her, he slowly withdrew until he was almost all the way out, before slamming himself back into her. Ava clawed at the table as she tried to get a hold of something to steady herself as she screamed out into the air.

James teased Ava, pushing himself fast and deep inside of her before slowly withdrawing driving her senses wild. Every now and again he would let his cock slip out of her, slapping it against her clit, sliding it down along her lips before pressing it back inside of her. Each time Ava would push her hips forward in an attempt to take James inside of herself, her pussy tightening around his cock not wanting to let go the moment she got a hold on him.

James teased her a moment longer before submitting to her demands, holding her hips tightly down against the table as he thrusts hard inside of him. Ava gasped as she felt James's cock slam deep inside of her, her pussy constricting around him as she tried to prevent him from leaving again.

James began to pick up the pace, his body moving in and out of hers faster and faster, the table groaned and protested as the wooden joints creaked as it violently rocked back and forth. The only thing preventing Ava’s large breasts from swinging out of control with every thrust James made was the lace black bra she still wore.

Ava lay back against the table resigned to her lack of control as James took complete control over her. His hands pulled her body into his with each thrust seeming to send him deeper inside of her each time. Ava couldn’t help but admire him, his strong body seeming to be overtaken by pure animal instinct of lust, driving him to make her his.

Ava was cupping and squeezing her own breasts, she wasn’t sure if it started as a lust driven need to feel pressure against them, or if it was to simply keep them under control from the repetitive back and forth motion. James watched as Ava played with herself and it seemed to drive him on further, as his pace quickened as he looked down on her.

The change in pace also gave away to Ava that he was getting closer to the edge, his body tensed each time he buried himself inside of her and Ava knew what was coming. It only took a few more deep thrusts from James and Ava felt his cock twitch inside of her a moment before she felt his warm cum spilling out inside of her.

An excitement flooded her body, spreading out through every vein in her body until it consumed her. Ava’s body trembled as feeling James cum inside her sent her over the edge again. Ava’s pussy tightened around James’s cock, milking every last drop of cum from him, this time refusing to let him go.

Neither moved for what seemed like an eternity, both breathing in heavy ragged breaths. As Ava’s senses returned to her she looked up at James, their deep blue eyes meeting they couldn’t help but smile at each other reading the expression of pure joy on the others face. Ava propped herself up on the table, wrapping an arm around James neck as she kissed him as she tried to express just how much he meant to her.

"Wow," Ava said with a sigh, as their lips separated, leaning her forehead against his to maintain the closeness, "I wasn't expecting that."

James gave a little laugh between deep breaths, a little lost for words.

"Well I don't know about you," Ava continued, "But I'm going to finish breakfast and then I think I'm probably going to need another shower," looking at James to make sure he understood the invitation.

"Sounds like a plan to me," James said letting his cock slip from between Ava's lips, giving her an affectionate kiss before throwing a robe and going to make himself some breakfast.

Ava found herself staring over the rim of her cup at James as she watched him eating, wondering to herself how she ever managed before she had him in her life. James looked up noticing the bright blue eyes watching him, seeming to hold a smile of their own.

"What?" He asked.

"Nothing," Ava replied with a smile, standing up and heading for the door, "I'm going to go for that shower," she said, looking back over her shoulder at him with a look in her eyes that said 'don't be long'.

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