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The morning wake up kiss....for the girls

Tags: oral
One hot kiss to wake up to

You are sleeping next to me as I start to wake up and look over at you, feeling horny at the sight of your sleeping body.   I move my hand over to you, moving slowly across your belly.   You look so sexy lying there on your back with your legs parted slightly under the thin sheet.   I slowly crawl under the covers, sliding down your leg smelling the scent of your body as I go.   I reach out and pull your t-shirt up to your hips, exposing your sexy love box to me.   I slowly start to kiss the tops of your thighs, softly and gently, tasting you.   You moan softly but I can tell you are still sleeping for now.   I slowly kiss and lick my way down to your inner thighs, inhaling the sweet fragrance of what I’m after.   Unconsciously, you spread your legs a little more as I near your hot pussy.

I slowly trace my tongue up along the inside of your thigh, kissing and licking the skin just to the side of your swollen lips.   I move up and over the top so I’m not touching your sensitive lips or clit just yet and then back down the other side.   Softly I blow cool air across you and you moan softly again as you feel it on your wet skin.   I pull back slightly while looking down and admiring your beautiful pussy.   I can see your lips reddening and swelling and the juices starting to form at their crease.   I look up higher and see your hard clit poking out of its sheath.   I cannot stay away any longer and move forward very slowly and softly.   I gently lick your swollen lips and lick upwards towards your clit, flicking my tongue across the top of it.   I hear you breath in quickly and a light moan escape your lips.   I move up and start to run circles around your clit with my tongue and then clamping down firmly and sucking hard.


I lick and suck hard on your clit, stretching it back and flicking my tongue across it even faster now.   I stretch it as far as it will go and then release it, amazed at how much bigger it is now.   I then place my mouth completely over your clit again, swirling my tongue all around and then licking across slowly.   Drawing it between my lips once more and sucking hard again.   I can tell that you are still asleep and moaning even more now, gyrating your hips against me and gasping for breath.


I then move my hands in between your legs, spreading you even wider now so I can get my tongue deeper inside you.   I savor the taste of your sweet nectar, licking it all up without missing a beat.   I slide my tongue up and down your slit and then side to side, moving back to your clit and then back down again and again.   With the sweet torture that my tongue is giving you, I give you another surprise and slip a finger and then two deep inside you.   I arch up towards you belly button, thrusting my fingers inside you now.   You moan deeply and move your hips up against me as I find your sensitive spot.   I continue sucking on your clit and rubbing your g-spot, driving you insane with my sweet torture as you buck and grind against me.   Your juices are dripping out of you in a flood now, all over my hand and my chin and down towards your ass.   Oh baby, you taste so good I whisper.


Oh yes, I want you to cum so bad!    I pull my fingers from your pussy, dripping in your juices and rub them across your tight ass and inserting them in your pussy again.   You suddenly feel a new sensation as I slip the other two fingers into your tight ass.   You start to buck and moan uncontrollably now grabbing my head in your hands and pressing my face into your pussy.   I know you are awake now and urge you on.   Yes baby, that's my girl, flood me with your hot cum.   I want you to explode all over me!  Oh yes!!! Cum for me   baby!!!!   I continue to drive my fingers deep inside your pussy and ass, burying them to the hilt and sucking on your clit hard as I feel you finally go over the edge and explode.   Your orgasm intensifies with every thrust and I hold on for dear life, sucking and pumping my fingers in you and sucking on your clit.   Yes baby, Yes!!!!   I finally release your clit and begin slurping up your sweet cum as you erupt all over my hand and waves of pleasure wash over you.   That a girl I say, your cum tastes so goood!!!!


I continue to lick and clean you up till your orgasm finally subsides and slowly withdraw my fingers.   I crawl up and kiss you deeply with your juices still all over my face, whispering good morning into your ear as you catch your breath on this beautiful morning.


This is my first story published here and welcome any comments.  Hope you enjoy it.

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