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The Most Erogenous Zone; Part Two of Nine

Slowly recovering, Jon begins to explore his special new abilities.

Over the next few weeks, I gradually healed. The bruises and minor cuts and scrapes healed first, fortunately without incurring any infections or setbacks, and they were soon able to take the staples out of the massive wound across my abdomen, leaving me with an impressive red, jagged scar that would slowly fade to white. My own lightning bolt imprinted forever on my body to remind me of the lightning that had almost ended me.

The neurologist had re-tested me as well, running a new EEG, brain scan, and other tests. He said that he’d found “minor anomalies”, but nothing that should alarm me. I wondered if it might be better not to tell a patient that they had “minor anomalies” in their brain if you truly didn’t want them to be alarmed, but, as I now had a good idea what the effect of my anomalies was, I wasn’t especially concerned.

One thing he didn’t do was test me while I was in skin-to-skin contact with another person. I suspect that if he had, the anomalies might not have been so minor. I didn’t suggest it; until I was more comfortable with it and had a better understanding of what was going on, I wasn’t up for being a guinea pig.

The casts remained for a while, but my left leg, where I’d “only” dislocated my hip and ankle and broken my fibula, was able to be placed in a walking cast, though I still needed to take it easy on the hip. I couldn’t use crutches yet with my arms so damaged, but I was able to sort of do a little hop-shuffle thing with some assistance, someone to lean on. It felt good to be vertical again, and as a result, I got to display my bare ass to a whole new audience as I slowly made my way up and down the hallway, leaning on one of my angels.

They began to wean me off the various drugs too, starting with the painkillers. The mental fog began to lift but I felt pain more, and I think maybe I was starting to get a little hooked on the junk because I missed it viscerally at first, having been doped up for almost three and a half months.

I did notice, however, that the amazing ladies around me began to make my heart go pitty-pat in a way it hadn’t for a while, and that I took a keener interest in and had a deeper appreciation for their amazing physical differences. I was still a gentleman, but a much more sexually-aware gentleman, and it felt good – right up until Angie woke me for a bath and massage one morning and I realized that I had a rigid, throbbing, straining erection. What a time for Mr. Floppy to have a miraculous resurrection!

She was her usual disgustingly perky self, of course, something that’s always struck me as perverse for so early in the morning. “Wake up, lazybones. I just have time to give you a bath and a quick massage before they bring breakfast around.”

“Hey, Angie; how’s it going today?”

“Good, now that I’m with my favorite patient. You ready for a nice warm bath and a back rub?” She let the door drift shut behind her, to give me a measure of privacy for my bath.

“Uhh, any chance we could do it a little later?”

She frowned. “You can probably get a bath later, but it might not be by me. My schedule is pretty full most of the day. Are you feeling okay?”

She crossed and put a hand on my forehead to see if I felt hot. I sensed what I always did with Angie; caring, concern, a little frustration at always being so rushed and harried, and, that day, an undercurrent of sexuality and arousal which probably meant that she’d gotten laid that morning or the previous night. I’d known her long enough – and she joked about her sex life with her husband often enough – that I’d figured out what her various sexual moods likely meant.

“Yeah, Angie, I’m good. I just sort of want to lay around and be lazy for a while…” My erection chose that moment to make a little leap beneath the sheet, bobbing up with my tensing muscles before flopping back down against my abdomen, and Angie caught the movement.

She laughed. “Is that what’s worrying you, that you have an erection? Good lord, Jon, after what you went through you should be so happy to have morning wood that you should be showing it off to everyone! It’s a really good sign that your body is healing, that you’re getting well.”

“I suppose. Still…”

“Just relax. Remember, first, I’m married and have two sons, and second, that I’ve seen about every size, shape, and color of penis there is, in every configuration they take – although I will admit, this is one of my favorite looks for them.” She patted the bulge in the sheet and I jumped. “Relax, I said. It’s not a big deal – although it’s certainly not a small deal either!”

I blushed, but I laughed. “Jesus, Angie. Yeah, I guess, go ahead. Since I’m already humiliated in front of you, no sense risking going through it again later with someone else.”

“Don’t be embarrassed; it’s not the first time I’ve bathed a man sporting a hardon, I promise you.” She crossed to the sink and began to prepare the basin of warm, soapy water, and I admired her round, plush ass in her aqua scrubs, the floral pattern of her bikini briefs visible thru the thin fabric.

Angie had a generous bottom and somewhat wide hips, and large, heavy breasts; on some occasions, her big, nickel-sized nipples had been hard and had jutted visibly against her top, but I’d been safely disabled and never physically responded to any of it before, although I’d been an admirer. Now, watching her ass sway and then her breasts jiggle a little as she crossed back to the bed, my cock throbbed and my balls ached with arousal.

She tried to be matter-of-fact, following the established pattern for bathing me, but we were both aware of the elephant in the room – or at least of the elephant’s rock-hard, seven-inch trunk. She washed me gently with a washcloth, from my face and neck on down. When she got to my groin, she gently washed my erection, and then my balls. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel good – better than it should have - but she stayed professional and just bathed me. Except for when she paused for a moment and wrapped her bare hand around my cock, squeezing me firmly.

“Wow, you’re very, very hard. Are you going to be okay?” She was asking seriously, her concern as a caregiver apparent in her expression, but from her hand on my erection, I felt intense waves of arousal rolling off her and straight into my mind, completely overriding anything else I’d felt from her earlier.

I knew that simply seeing and touching my cock was not the cause of it, so I could only assume it was the “side-effect” that Eva had revealed to me. This time, with me also aroused, it was possible that I was pushing arousal right back at her, magnifying the effect. Whatever it was, she was trying to fight it but failing.

I lifted my cast and bandaged arms to the extent I could, shrugging. “I don’t guess I have any choice in the matter, so yeah, I’m sure I will eventually. After all, nobody ever died of a hardon – unless the husband came home and found its owner hiding in the closet.”

She laughed. “I wish I could help you, Jon, I really do, but I could lose my job.”

“I know, and it’s totally inappropriate. Plus, you know, you’re married and all. Still, if I’m being honest, I wish you could too.”

She smiled. “I can tell! You have a very nice – and incredibly hard – cock.” She squeezed it again before reluctantly releasing me. “I suppose I could bring you an ice pack, but it seems like such a waste.” She giggled, then fanned herself. “Is it hot in here, or is it just you?”

I laughed. “Great timing, Angie; wish I’d said that. But yes, it’s hot as hell in here, and I’m naked – and wet!”

She gazed longingly at my cock for several long seconds as it stood up straight and tall from my groin, bobbing slightly with each heartbeat as she muttered, “You think you’re wet…”

I think she surprised herself by saying it out loud and when I barked a surprised laugh she went beet-red. Pretty sure I blushed too, but we were both laughing so we shared our embarrassment and it removed the awkwardness.

She tried to move on. “Let’s get your massage done so I can get back to work before we both get in trouble, okay?”

When I agreed she moved on, finishing up toweling me dry before gently massaging lotion into my neck and shoulders, and my hips and legs to the extent she could. My erection seemed to be enjoying the process and so stayed around to watch but, alas, missed out on a personal massage.

Getting me rolled face-down was a challenge anyway, with my various casts and other accoutrements, but we’d worked out an only mildly painful method some time ago. My newly awakened penis, now acting as a kick-stand and possibly helpful for lying on my side, was just one more impediment to going belly-down. Somehow, we managed, and we chatted more easily as she massaged my sore back with my hard cock safely hidden beneath me. Still, the waves of arousal poured from her mind into mine as long as she was touching me, guaranteeing no peace in my southern hemisphere.

“Unnhhh, god, that hurts so good. You have talented hands, Angie.”

“I wish I could show you how talented, Jon.”

I laughed. “Now, now; I thought we were being good.”

“Oh, I am being good, but without all these silly rules I could be excellent.”

I laughed again, enjoying her bawdy humor. “Um, I don’t suppose there’s any chance that every nurse on the wing doesn’t have to hear about this, is there?”

She giggled. “Well, they don’t have to hear about it, but they don’t pay us a lot of money so gossiping about the patients is sort of one of our fringe benefits.”


Still laughing, she slapped my ass with a resounding smack. “Hey! C’mon, Jon, you have nothing to be ashamed of. First, it’s great that you’re getting healthy enough that all your body’s systems are coming back online, which will be great news to everyone, but also because what you have is… well, just absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! It’s really quite nice.”

“Fine, go ahead and blab; just keep it simple and avoid the details, okay?”

“But all the fun is in the details!” She slipped her hand between my legs from behind and cupped my balls in her warm, oily hand. The sensation, coupled with the waves of her own arousal that continued to batter me, was extraordinary and made my balls ache with the pressure of intense arousal. My thoughts were inevitably growing quite obscene, so if she was picking up anything from me it was purely carnal by then.

She went on, “Seriously though, if you’d rather I didn’t say anything I won’t; part of being a professional – and I am, although it may be tough to believe right now – is respecting your privacy. You say the word and I won’t mention a thing, but everyone really would take it as a positive sign… and enjoy hearing every juicy detail.”

“Great, just perfect. Okay, have fun, do your worst; considering what I’ve already survived, I don’t suppose a dash of embarrassment will kill me.”

“Thanks… hmmm, now, where’s my tape measure so that I can be sure to report accurate details?”

I groaned. “Never mind – just be sure you exaggerate rather than downplaying my attributes, okay?”

“That’s the spirit, now you’re getting with the program.” She gave my balls a quick squeeze and trailed an oily finger up my ass crack as she withdrew, earning a gasp from me. “Well, we’re done for today, although I feel like I’ve left unfinished business. You doing okay?”

“I’m good, Angie, and thanks for the bath and massage. I feel about a thousand percent better every time you do that; I really do appreciate it, in case I ever forget to tell you.”

“You never have yet, Jon, and it’s my pleasure. Glad it makes you feel better, although I really do feel bad about leaving you with that other issue…” She carefully helped me get back over onto my back, covering my still-jutting erection with a fold of the sheet and blanket.

“I completely understand and would have never expected you to. It’s not a life and death thing by any means, you know, and it’s really not your problem.” As her hands left me the waves of her arousal that had been inundating me retreated as well, leaving me with only my own arousal, which was plenty, but manageable.

“Would’a been fun though!”

I laughed. “I don’t doubt that for a moment. Have a great day, Angie. See you tomorrow?”

“Wouldn’t miss it! I think I saw Brad on your chart for therapy today, so he should be here in about an hour or so. Work hard, and don’t jab him with that thing by accident.” She laughed at her own humor as I shook my head.

“Any port in a storm, Angie.”

She roared with laughter. “I never realized that about you!”

“Me either; musta been the lightning – and that was a joke, by the way, so no need to report that comment to the curious teeming masses.”

“I figured. So long, Jon.”

“Bye, Angie.”

The remainder of the day was uneventful – boring, really. It had gotten to the point where I almost looked forward to the pain of the therapy sessions as a break in the monotony. Almost – although for some reason, I had begun to look forward especially to the days when Julia came. Maybe it was because she was something of an enigma, a closed book, the one person whose touch did not bring with it an unavoidable bombardment of feelings and emotions.

That wasn’t all, however; I was also very attracted to her both physically and emotionally, something I’d noticed more and more as I recovered. Her calm, quiet nature and gentle beauty seemed to have worked their way into my psyche, and I spent a lot of my massive quantity of spare time thinking about her, sometimes even imagining an “us”, although she’d never given me any reason to think like that.

I realized that it might just be the attraction that sometimes crops up between caregiver and patient, but it didn’t feel that way to me. Then again, as they say, denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. It’s also a river in Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea, Burundi, Kenya, The Congo, etc.

Brad’s session that day went smoothly, albeit painfully; just when I thought I was mastering something so that it became less painful, they inevitably upped the difficulty level. I guess that’s physical therapy in a nutshell, but I could feel and see myself steadily improving so I tried not to complain.

Near the end of our session when my entire body was sweat-soaked and humming, he remarked, “You’re making good progress, Jon – speaking of which, I heard you showed another positive step in your recovery today.”

It took me a second to realize what he was talking about, but when I did, I groaned. “Shit… what did they do, post something on the bulletin board or something?”

He laughed. “Exactly, with detailed descriptions, diagrams, and a blow-by-blow of the action. You have to go to YouTube to see the video though.”

“Absolutely no blow-by-blowing took place, Brad, so now I know you’re full of crap. I can’t believe it’s that big a deal, you know?”

“Mmm, huge, according to Angie; but don’t worry, I won’t burst their bubble,” he laughed. “I can’t believe it bothers you this much, not with people in this profession that are so jaded about the human body. Mostly they all look at it as one more sign that you’re getting healthy, which is not bad, considering you were dead a few months ago! Do you have any idea how few people can honestly say, ‘I was dead, but I got better’?”

I chuckled. “I suppose you’re right. Oh well, the wounds to my pride are the least of my worries.”

“You got that right. Hey, while we’re on the subject of erections, Eva said she talked to you about the odd effects we both get when we work on you. What the fuck do you suppose is going on?”

I shrugged, something I could now do without shooting pains. “I’ve thought about it a lot, and I really have no idea. It’s weird, I’ll admit, but I just don’t know. You sure it’s not just because I’m such a handsome, sexy guy?”

He grinned. “Well, it could be that, except for the fact that I don’t find you the least bit attractive.”

“Why do you people feel so damn obligated to keep telling me that?”

He laughed out loud. “No offense, Jon, you’re simply not my type. I’d think you’d be relieved to hear it.”

“I am, actually. Wish I had an answer for you, Brad.” Once again I wished I could tell him and explain my suspicions, maybe devise a couple of experiments to test the theory, but it still seemed so far-fetched in my head that I wasn’t about to share it.

He reached down and adjusted himself, the long bulge of his erection plainly visible through his white shorts. “See what I mean? It’s been like this the last five or six times we’ve worked together, and my libido is just as swollen and throbbing as my dick. It won’t end until I get some relief; fortunately, my girlfriend is always thrilled when I get home like this, although I don’t think she believes I wasn’t working with some gorgeous babe or something.”

“Well, you know… glad to help your love life along. Do I get a discount for that?”

“Mmm, no, but there’s no extra ‘spontaneous erection charge’ either. Do you have a girlfriend or someone that could stop in and help you with your new issues, maybe give you a hand…?”

“Sadly, no. Divorced about six years ago and none too amicable, so I’m not letting my ex near my tender bits with anything sharp, including her teeth. I had a friend, a woman, one of those friends with benefits things, up until about two months before the accident, but then she met a guy that she was serious about on a deeper level. She never actually said, but my instincts tell me that the benefits are no longer an option. We’re still friends, though; she been in to visit several times.”

“You ask her about a charity handjob?”

“I wasn’t yet functional last time she was here, but no. And no, I won’t be doing that; she seems happy with her new guy, which is good.”

He patted my shoulder before reaching down and readjusting his hardon. “Well, good luck with that, then. I’m going to go home and get a nice, long, wet, juicy blowjob, lick some horny pussy, and then we’re going to fuck like bunnies the rest of the evening. Try not to think about that, though, okay?”

“Yeah, I’m sure I won’t. Thanks, though; that was very helpful.”

He grinned. “Hey, no problem! I think you draw Julia for the next couple of days, so you probably won’t get any help there either, although you never know. She’s tough to predict.”

“Ah well, it’s not like I’d have had better luck with Eva.”

He shrugged. “You never know. If she chose to help out she’d make it some kind of a dom/sub thing, I’m sure, but for you, the results would be the same; getting your rocks off is getting your rocks off, no matter how you shake it, right?”

“If I could shake it, I wouldn’t need anyone’s help.”

He laughed. “Valid point. Good luck, and between sessions, keep working on the isometrics I showed you. You’re doing good, and when the casts start coming off, you’ll be ahead of the curve.”

“Thanks, Brad; have a good evening.”

He gripped his cock and gave it an obscene squeeze. “Oh, I plan to! Later, Jon.”

The rest of the day was routine, napping, watching a little TV, reading a book. I did a few of the isometric exercises they’d shown me until I exhausted the various muscle groups and had to let up. Shortly before 4:30 the sound of someone coming into my room and closing the door behind them roused me from a light nap. I was very surprised to open my eyes and find Angie approaching my bed.

I yawned. “Hey, Angie, what are you doing here? Don’t you usually head home around 4:00 or so?”

I was alert enough to notice that she was not in her scrubs, eschewing that look for blue jeans and a rose-colored t-shirt. The combo showed off her generous hourglass figure, the jeans tight across her lush hips and her large, unfettered breasts, nipples on high alert, swaying beneath the thin shirt. A Rafaelesque beauty in casual wear, she smiled nervously as she approached me.

“I’m off duty, but I need to talk to you before I go home.”

“You know I’m always happy to see you, provided you’re not wielding a syringe. What’s up?”

She smiled. “You, I hope. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you all day, about this morning.”

I grinned. “Yeah, that was a little awkward, and it’s been a recurring theme all day long. I’m glad to get that function back – extremely glad – but as always, I wish I had a little more control over it.”

“Yeah, that’s what I want to talk to you about.” She laid her hand on my right arm just above the cast and a powerful wave of her arousal washed over me; I’d say it battered me, it was that strong, but it was more a sense of being enveloped and submerged in a warm, luxuriant wave of carnal energy, as sensual and sensuous as being gently immersed in warm oil. My breath left me in a surprised ‘huff,’ as my own arousal surged.

In this case, despite my alleged ability to trigger arousal in others, it was solely flowing from her to me, perhaps an indication of the intensity of her arousal. There were tiny traces of nervousness and confusion as well, but my overall sense of her was excitement and pure, burning sexuality. My own ardor immediately and spontaneously ignited.

She went on, “I don’t know how you’ve felt all day, but this morning left me so incredibly turned on that I’ve been almost non-functional. I guess… I guess I was hoping that maybe we could explore this a little further, maybe figure out what’s going on.” As she spoke, her hand slid beneath the sheet that covered me and found my cock, which had quickly filled and grown, and closed tightly around me.

“Uhh, Angie? I think you’ve got a pretty good grip on what’s going on.”

She giggled. “I do, don’t I? If you’d still like that handjob we discussed this morning, I’m available now…”

“I think you can easily tell how I feel, but all the barriers we talked about this morning are still in place.”

She shrugged. “Sort of, but not really. I’m off-duty, so that frees me up some, but also I have Sandra keeping a lookout for us; she’ll buzz me if there’s any threat.” She was slowly stroking me as she spoke, and between her touch and the repeating waves of mental and emotional sexual energy washing over me, I was wondering if I was going to lose control even before she finished speaking.

“Sandra knows you’re doing this? Great…” Sandra, one of the late-shift nurses, was very nice, often bawdy, and had a filthy, outrageous sense of humor, but she was also known for being quite a gossip. “There’s still your husband and family to consider, and if Sandra knows, aren’t you afraid it will find its way back to your husband?”

“I have a get out of jail free card on that issue; this is, as far as he knows, all his idea.”

“What? How did you manage that trick?”

She laughed at my skepticism. “You’d have to know him, but I’d told him about you before, your accident, how you survived and how banged up you were. When I told him about this morning and how embarrassed you were about your morning wood he actually asked me if I had, as he put it, ‘helped you with your problem’.”

“I’m sure he was just teasing you.”

“Oh, he was at first, but when I teased him right back, I could tell that he was getting very turned on by the idea. It’s of one of his favorite fantasies, I think, me being sort of his x-rated nasty nurse-slash-hotwife. I was just kidding him about it, but then I realized he was very serious, and I was definitely interested, so here we are.”

“Amazing! Are you sure?”

“Totally; he did have three conditions though.”

I shook my head. “Kinky – I love it. What kind of conditions?” I didn’t tell her that if she kept doing what she was doing it was soon going to be too late for any conditions.

“First, handjob only. Ben was a little nervous about it going beyond that. Second, don’t get attached. My husband and I love each other, so this is just for fun and excitement.”

I was definitely excited and definitely not looking for any attachments, and I could feel the excitement radiating from her, both sexual and otherwise, so I knew we were cool on that score. “Yeah, I can understand that. What else?”

She laughed. “I have to give him a detailed account of exactly what we do, and I can’t leave anything out.”

My turn to laugh. “Your husband sounds like a fun guy!”

She smiled. “Well, Bennie is a pervert, but he’s my perv and I love him.”

“And what’s a little perversion among friends, right?”

“Exactly! You good with all of that?”

I was so aroused at that point that I’d have probably agreed to almost anything, but in reality, the three conditions were absolutely no problem for me. “Sure, no issues with any of it. As for the detailed account, are you planning to take pictures?”

“Ooohh, we didn’t think of that! I’m sure he’d have asked if he thought about it; he’s very visually oriented. Would you be okay with that?”

“Sure, I guess, or I wouldn’t have asked. Here, give me your phone and then wrap your left hand around me so your wedding ring shows.” My right hand was functional, and although I had very little range of motion due to the upper-arm cast and sling I was able to point the phone in the right direction and touch the screen to trigger the shutter.

She threw the sheet back so that I was fully exposed and then did as I’d asked; I shot several shots of her hand in various positions on my cock as she stroked me, and a few more with her also fondling my balls in her other hand. I even caught the glistening precum that was trickling down my shaft and slickening her hand. Concentrating on taking the pictures took my mind off what she was doing, and to some extent seemed to block her incoming waves of sexual energy, allowing me to regain better control of my own domain. The recovery of a modicum of self-control was welcome, but I continued to leak madly.

She also had me take a few ‘fake’ shots with her lips and tongue poised just above my cock, or with me between her and the camera so it looked like she was giving me head, but it was all camera angle and no contact as she was careful to abide by the rules.

She texted him one photo of her hand, diamonds gleaming, wrapped around the base of my extremely erect cock, texting, “More to follow” and then put her phone away, grinning broadly. “That’s going to have him going crazy. You’re a little larger than him and that shot exaggerates it even more; he’ll absolutely love it!”


“Oh yes; that’s one of his kinks that we play with, a more generously endowed ‘other man’, but this will be the first time it’s gone past the fantasy stage.”

“Well, you know… glad we can be of assistance.”


“Me and Mr. Floppy.”

She laughed. “You need a new name for him; he’s anything but floppy right now.”

“True, but I can sense that you plan to rectify that situation.”

“Indeed I do, and it’s time to quit goofing around and focus on that goal.” So saying, she took a small bottle of oil from her purse and lubed up her hands and my cock and was soon giving me a heavenly handjob, slippery and sensual and almost painfully pleasurable.

Angie’s touch was magical, almost too good, as if she was the one reading me rather than the other way around, and yet the warm, viscous liquid waves of her arousal continued to swell and wash over me. My own arousal coupled with my sense of hers was unlike anything I’d ever experienced; deep, intense, and rich, but nuanced in a way that’s hard to explain.

It was as if my arousal was increasing in its normal way, steadily climbing a steep slope like the line on a two-axis graph, while hers built and grew in pulses, each fresh wave of it washing across my brain an order of magnitude higher than the one that preceded it, far exceeding my own. Her level of arousal was breathtaking and awe-inspiring; I’d always known that women were the stronger sex in the overall world of sex, that’s just biology, but I’d never had a true sense of what they actually experienced, and how deeply.

Now, with her feelings and emotions laid bare to me, I was dumbfounded; first, I was stunned to realize that she was rapidly building toward a powerful orgasm, and I could read that she was as surprised as I. The only stimulation she was getting other than my brain possibly tickling hers was the tactile feeling of my hard, slippery cock and oily balls in her hands and the visual and aural stimuli that accompany a great handjob. There was no logical reason that she would reach orgasm simply from that, but it was undeniable that she was about to come, and she knew it too.

The second thing I was astounded by was the power and intensity of her arousal and of her pending orgasm. Compared to what I and other men usually experience, her orgasm was going to be a nuclear blast compared to my bottle rocket. I felt simultaneously awed and cheated by nature – until I realized that this time, for the first time ever, I was going to experience it with her! I briefly wondered if a man could survive something like that, but there was no way I could stop now, my need to know wouldn’t allow it; I was along for the ride, so I mentally grabbed the safety bar and held on tight.

I realized that my entire body was tense and that I was holding my breath and gritting my teeth and when her orgasm suddenly bloomed we both cried out at once. Her pleasure inundated me, overwhelming my senses like nothing I’d ever felt before, deep, powerful, and all-consuming, and my control was swept away and the dam broke.

Her focus now on her own pleasure, her hand closed tightly on my cock, jerking spasmodically, while her other hand squeezed my balls almost to the point of agony. I had the sense that she was barely aware of me, engulfed by the power of her own orgasm. Her thighs pressed tightly together, shifting and writhing as she tried to put pressure on her sex, her body thrumming, it took her a moment to react when my first blast of glistening white shot into the air.

When she felt the first powerful spasm of my cock her eyes returned to me just as my cum descended all over both of us. She dived forward and took me into her mouth just in time to catch the second powerful spurt partly on her face and part in her mouth, and she sucked avidly through it and each of the many, many spasms that followed.

I could feel her orgasm wane slightly and then flare anew as I pumped madly into her eager mouth, and then it felt like she was being hammered by one climax after another, chain-coming as I continued to spurt, flex and pump. When she had leaned in, diving mouth-first onto my blasting cock, her soft, heavy breast had landed directly in my upturned right hand, and now I squeezed and fondled it eagerly, pinching and rolling her big, hard nipple and eliciting a grunt of surprised pleasure from her as I continued to drain months of pent-up need into her greedy mouth.

I’m sure the well ran dry at some point in my ongoing spasms, but not before my semen had flooded and overflowed her mouth, escaping her lips to run down my shaft onto her hand. It seemed, at that point, that her orgasm in my head was driving my own, preventing it from running its course and ending, and that my throbbing, spasming cock in her mouth was driving her ever onward, a perpetual orgasm loop, a flame that would soon consume both of us.

She was still moaning, coming, sucking, almost vibrating with her extraordinary climax when I could take no more and managed to gasp, “Stop, my god, please stop. Angie, fuck… ohh, fuck!” I felt like I was about to black out!

She didn’t respond immediately, but when she did she let my still rock-hard and pumping cock slip from her lips and turned to look at me, my cum running down her chin. Her eyes were glazed with lust, and I could feel in my mind that she was still in the midst of an ongoing orgasm. We stared blankly at each other for several seconds, her hands still gripping and squeezing my genitals, before I felt her mentally shake herself.

She brought her fingers up to her face, pressing them to her lips to prevent any more cum from escaping her mouth as she swallowed; it took her three gulps to get down the massive amount of cum she’d managed to wring from me, and after the third, she muttered, “Holy fucking hell!”

She turned and sank down slowly onto the edge of my bed, settling alongside me as we both gasped for air. Her head hung down, chin on her chest for a moment or two, and then she turned to look at me. “My god, Jon! What did you just do to me?”

“Me to you? What did you just do to me? I’ve never come like that before, not ever; that was so intense I was afraid I might not survive it for a minute there. What the hell was that?”

“I don’t know! I… I couldn’t stop coming. Once it started, it wouldn’t let go, and all I was doing was jerking you off! I mean, yeah, I get aroused when I’m giving a handjob or a blowjob, but I’ve never, ever come because of it before, and I’ve never come like that for any reason. Never. My god…”

“Same here. I think if you’d kept sucking I’d still be doing my best to keep blasting, even though I’m sure I ran dry. That was incredible, but a little scary too, you know?”

“I do, yes.” She stood up and grabbed the desk chair, pulling it over to the bed. When she first broke contact with me, we both gasped, the sense of separation and loss palpable, but when she took a seat in the chair and placed her hand on my arm, I could feel that she was still experiencing aftershocks from her orgasm.

My cock was still rigid, still throbbing, and a small pearl of cum had gathered at the tip. When Angie saw it she leaned forward and sucked it into her mouth, and we both moaned, startled at the instantaneous spike of renewed arousal.

“Fuck, Angie, stop! Are you trying to kill me here? Not that it would be a bad way to go, but I’d hate to survive lightning and a four-story plunge only to die of a massive orgasm.”

She bent forward and rested her forehead against the edge of the mattress for a moment before raising her head and looking at me. “I can’t seem to get enough! I just want that to go on and on...”

“I think it almost did.”

“How am I going to tell Ben about this? I can’t tell Ben about this; it was only supposed to be a charity handjob, not the most amazing sexual experience of my life. I wasn’t even supposed to suck your cock, much less end up with a belly full of cum – and how the hell did you come so much anyhow? I thought it was never going to end… And you’re delicious, by the way.”

I laughed but blushed. “Thanks, and I don’t know. I don’t have answers for any of that.” I had pretty strong suspicions, but no proof and no desire to be thought a freak, so I kept quiet. “If it’s any consolation, I’ve never come like that before either; that was astonishing, mind-blowing.”

“You must have some idea how you made me do that, have such an explosive orgasm just from stroking and sucking you. You never touched my body at all!”

“Beg to differ; I did fondle your beautiful boob and play with your magnificent nipple.”

“You did? When?” She glanced down at her chest as if to see whether I’d left handprints, shaking her head at the several dark, wet blotches where cum had dripped from her chin onto her pink shirt.

“When you leaned forward and put it in my hand. I figured you put it there, so…”

She laughed, clearly embarrassed. “I don’t even remember that! I think I was so focused on you spurting into my mouth, the taste, the quantity, the sensations of you coming, me coming, that I guess I didn’t notice. That was all so weird… they say that the mind is the most important sex organ, and that felt like it was as much in my mind as anywhere, although my very wet panties say it was definitely elsewhere too.”

“It was all amazing, Angie. Thank you.” I was mildly disappointed that my teasing of her nipple had apparently not contributed to her orgasm, or at least not that she'd been aware of, but I’d been the proximal cause of it one way or the other, so my disappointment was tempered by that knowledge.

“No, Jon; thank you.” She stood, then bent down and kissed me. I could smell and taste my cum on her breath, and the contact of our lips seemed to sizzle through both of us. She broke it suddenly, staring at me. “Stop it!”

“I didn’t do anything!”

“You are. I don’t know how, but you are.” She ran her fingers up and down the length of my slowly-softening shaft, just grazing the surface, and I felt the jolt of arousal hit her again. She jerked her hand back and quickly pulled the sheet up over me, covering my groin. “God almighty! I need to get going before it’s too late, and I need to try to decide what I’m going to say to Ben.”

“Tell him; maybe he can figure it out.”

She laughed. “First… first I’m going to be all over him. I’m going to ride that man till he begs for mercy because I’m still so horny I could die. After that, I can probably tell him anything!”

I smiled. “Good for you! There are some breath mints in the top drawer of the nightstand, by the way.”

She grinned. “Oohhh, good idea, thanks. You sayin’ I have a little cum-breath?”

“Just a touch.”

“Your fault.”

“No doubt.”

“You act so proud…”

“I am!”

“My wet panties are your fault too.”

“I’ll gladly take credit for that.”

“Figured you would. You want them?”

“Are you serious?”


“Then yes, definitely!”

She laughed but quickly stripped out of her jeans and panties. Before she gave them to me, she paused for a moment, looking thoughtful. “I want to try something real quick.”

She stepped forward and lifted my right hand, guiding it between her legs. She had a neatly trimmed bush at the front but was smooth between her legs – smooth, hot, puffy with arousal and dripping, slick with her own copious juices. At her obvious invitation, I moved my fingers, feeling her. I slid one finger just a short way into her tight canal and felt her clamp down on me as she gasped.

My cock sprang back to life, hardening and rising beneath the sheet, and when my fingers found the hard nub of her clit she cried out and came instantly, bucking her pussy against my hand. The enveloping warm oil wave of her orgasm wrapped me again, and I felt myself climax, spurting another, smaller load of cum onto the sheet and my own stomach.

She was still in the midst of her orgasm when she wrenched my hand away from her sex and stepped away from me, her eyes wide. “God, my god! I have no idea how you did that, but you have to stop it. I can’t come every time I touch you, that's insane.”

“Angie, that was kind of an intimate touch, you have to admit. Besides, how do you think I feel?”

She looked puzzled, but then glanced at the sheet where there were obvious wet spots, and my cock continued to bob and leap with dry spasms. “Did you come again?”

“Yes – and while that’s fine for you to do, guys really do endeavor to last longer than ten seconds.”

“Wow.” She pulled the sheet back and bent forward again, proceeding to lick up every warm, slippery drop of my most recent orgasm. I felt her orgasm continue to thrum and throb through her mind as she licked and sucked up the streaks and droplets of my semen and knew she was enjoying every second of it. I was amazed, astounded by her capacity for sexual pleasure; again I felt inferior, as a sexual being and a man, relative to what women are capable of.

When she straightened, streaks of cum on her chin and lips, she smiled. “Fun! Crazy, but very fun, and now I really need that breath mint, and I really need to get home.” She tucked her panties, warm, wet, slippery, and redolent of her arousal, into my hand before pulling her jeans back on. “As promised. See you in a couple of days, stud; I’m off the next two, and I don’t plan to climb off Ben for a moment of it, whether I’m riding his dick or his face.”

I laughed. “Goodnight, Angie, and thanks again. It’s really good to know I’m actually a functional man again. That was an incredible gift you and Ben gave.”

She smiled softly. “Rest assured that in this case it truly was better to give than to receive. That was phenomenal, life-altering. I have no words…”

“Me either, so let’s just enjoy it for what it was.”

“Good idea, but if you ever figure it out, you have to promise to tell me.”

“I promise.”

“Then goodnight, Jon. Do you need Sandra to come in and clean you up some more?”

I smiled. “Oh, she’d love that! No, I’ll be fine. I just want to enjoy these.” I let her panties dangle from my fingers, and she laughed.

“You do that. I think I’ll tell Ben that I gave those to you and let you touch my pussy; he’ll go crazy horny if I tell him I came with your fingers in me!”

We were both grinning broadly as she went out the door, knowing we’d shared an amazing and unique experience and that we now shared some secrets. I could feel the slickness of her aroused sex on the gusset of her panties, and her musky, sexual fragrance was like ambrosia, remaining with me long after she'd left the room. For maybe the first time in a long time, I felt truly alive, like there was finally a light at the end of the tunnel that was not simply another train.






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