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The Nanny

After his wife, Laney, passed away giving birth to their fourth child, Austin needed help. His sister-in-law assisted him in a search for a live-in nanny, and posted an ad on The obstacle was finding someone willing to live with a single dad, most people found that a little unnerving due to the fact that there are so many creeps out there, and a single dad could take advantage.

After about a week, only one good candidate had applied, Megan. Austin and his sister-in-law, Ruby, set the interview up. The next day, Megan came over while the kids were at a cousins home. Ruby and Austin were very pleased by the way Megan conducted herself, she would be a great role model for the kids, and would be able to help them cope with the loss of their mother. Ruby and Austin stepped aside for a moment, and talked to each other, and agreed to hire the eighteen-year-old.

The following week, Megan moved in. The kids had met her over the weekend and had fallen in love with her. The kids were a six-year-old girl, four-year-old boy, three-year-old boy, and a newborn girl. Megan had a charm about her, and had a soft spot for the kids. She instantly took to housekeeper and nanny, even had a motherly touch to her.


The following year, Austin was missing something in his life. He missed the love from his wife. He and Laney had talked about the need to move on if one of them passed young, but he still wrestled with emotions. Laney was his true love, and while not his first, she was his high school sweetheart. 

He was also, struggling with the hot nanny downstairs. At nineteen, Megan was a knockout. With her dirty blonde hair, slender body, and, plump breasts, she was causing more and more temptation, especially when he saw her with his kids. She was a natural with the kids, and the kids all admired her. 

Megan was feeling attraction to Austin as well, even told her mom she didn't know what to do. She loved the kids, but wondered if it was appropriate to continue working for the family knowing her feelings were becoming inappropriate. Her mom assured her she should hang in a bit longer, and maybe something would come of it.

One day, that's exactly what happened. Bella, Zach, and Bentley were spending the night at school and Jessie, the baby, was napping when Austin walked in early from work. Megan was in the kitchen prepping dinner. Austin leaned up against the counter, and started to talk with Megan. 

Eventually, without warning, Austin wrapped his right arm around Megan's waist, pressed himself against her, his left hand tilted her face up, and he kissed her deeply. After a moment of kissing, Megan pushed back. She loved it, but said, "Austin, this is wrong."

"I know, I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself, you're just gorgeous, and I'm lonely. I'm sorry I shouldn't have."

"It's okay, I know you're lonely. I just don't want you to regret it later."

"I wouldn't have." He paused, "Maybe we could go slow, and start dating, but the whole thing might just weird, but I just want you. There's something about you, and I feel like we've been dating this year you've lived here, we know each other so well."

Megan kissed him back, and said, "Let's just take it one step at a time. I agree though, there's something between us."

Austin picked her up and sat her on the counter. They continued to make-out the next ten or fifteen minutes before the older kids ran in from the bus. Austin and Megan had tried to break the kiss, jump off the counter, and straighten themselves before the kids figured something was up but weren't quick enough. Bella dropped her backpack and asked, "What are you two doing kissing?" She glared at her father and finished with, "Glad you could forget about mommy and move on." Megan's heart sunk as she and Austin watched her storm off to her room crying.

Austin had tried to stop Bella, but wasn't in time. Austin kissed Megan on the forehead, "This isn't your fault. She will learn to adjust, it'll be a bit of an adjustment for her. I'll go talk to her." Megan gave him a half smile and nodded, saying, "I just hate that as a nanny, I was supposed to love her and make her pain go away, and I caused her pain."

Austin squeezed her shoulder and went upstairs. Knocking on his daughter's door, slowly opening it, he entered. Bella was on her bed, crying into her pillow. Austin sat next to her and rubbed her back. Austin took a deep breath, and spoke carefully, "Bell, I love your mom, and always will. I know it's hard for you to see me loving someone other than your mom, but your understands."

Through the sobs you could hear, "How do you know?"

She sat up facing him, her face still red and puffy, tears streaming down her face. Austin pulled her close to him, kissed her head softly. He took a second before responding, "Your mom and I talked before she passed. We agreed if her or I died young, and you kids were young, that we needed to find someone to make us happy, and who loved you kids. Megan and I have developed feelings for each other over the time she's been here, feelings I had with your mom, I now share with Megan as well. And I would think that Megan fills the one biggest thing your mom always wanted if I was the one who was raising you kids and needed someone to love again."

"What that, daddy?"

"Your mom always told me, if she died, she wanted me to find someone that would love and treat you kids the way she did."

A smile came across Bella, and she said, "I agree, if we can't have mommy back, Megan is a good choice."

Austin smiled at his daughter. He hugged her and said, "Go get your homework done. Megan will have dinner done soon."

After that conversation, the day went on as planned. Before the kids went to bed, Austin called his three eldest children to the living room, while Megan was upstairs rocking the baby to bed. The kids sat on the couch, and Austin pulled a chair up and sat down in front of them. 

Austin spoke to the kids, "I know today you guys all saw Megan and I kissing. I wanted you all to know, I love your mommy still, but have room to love Megan just the same. Your mom always wanted me to find someone if she passed away. I did make you guys a promise though after she died that we made decisions as a family. Are you guys all okay with Megan and I dating? If not, please tell me."

Little Bentley raised his hand to get permission to speak, which was granted to him. "Are you going to marry her? Will she be our new mommy?"

Austin replied, "Let's make this clear right now. Megan, or anyone else for that matter, will never take your mom's place. I might one day marry Megan, but not anytime soon."

The kids all agreed, and after the meeting, went to bed. Austin tucked all his kids in, and Megan followed. In Bella's room, Bella had something to say to Megan, "Megan, I'm sorry I got mad earlier. I hope you're not mad. I just worried dad forgot about mom, but now I know he can still love her and you both. Please forgive me, you make my dad happy, which makes me happy too."

Megan grabbed her, hugging her she said, "Of course, I understand your pain. I love you girly." 

Megan walked out and downstairs to her suite in the basement. Austin came down shortly after her. When he got down she was just getting out of the shower. Her body dripping wet, and only covered by a small bath towel.

"Oh! Austin, I didn't hear you," she said blushing red.

"Sorry, I should've announced myself."

He couldn't stop staring at her body. She was stunning, and he could feel himself growing in his pants, hoping it wasn't noticeable. He shifted uncomfortably, and Megan walked closer. She dropped her towel, leaving her totally nude. She placed her right hand on his neck, and the left on his chest. Leaning I'm for a kiss she said, "I don't think we ever finished that kiss."

Austin grabbed her and kissed her. His hands wandered her body. He walked her backwards to the bed, laying her down and getting on top of her. His body raised slightly above hers.

Never breaking the kiss, he reached his hand down to her pussy. He inserted his two fingers inside her canal, and pressed and rubbed his thumb on her clit.  "Mhmm. Austin that feels so good!" Megan moaned.

Austin moved his mouth to her neck. Megan continued to moan until she was close to climax. Austin stopped a minute. He stripped himself naked and got on top of her. He kissed her deep and passionately. He teasingly rubbed his cock across her crotch. Megan begged him, "Austin, please give me your cock!"

Austin heard her plea and agreed, but in a different form than she had expected. He turned his body around. He placed himself in a sixty-nine position, placing his cock down her throat, and wasting no time starting to lick and eat her pussy. After a few minutes of rubbing and stroking his balls, and sucking on his cock, Megan was moaning more than working. Austin was giving her the best oral she had ever received. Megan started cumming and squirting her juice.

"Ahh. Oh. Mhmm."

Austin removed himself from her body. Turning to face her, he laid on his side next to her. Wrapping her close and kissing her. They laid on their sides, kissing. Megan pushed him to his back and got on top of him. Megan sat up and guided him inside her. Making ling slow strides. It felt so good for both of them. Austin was convinced he had the best view around, watching Megan's medium, plump breasts bounce. 

After a few minutes, Austin took control. He flipped Megan to her back and began thrusting deep into her pussy. Her moans filled the air once more, as she begged him not to stop. Luckily he had no plans to do that. His climax was approaching, and Megan could sense it. She grabbed her breasts in one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. Megan started her climax, and in the next three thrusts, Austin unleashed his load into her tight pussy.

Austin cuddled up next to her in bed. Kissing her, he had a flood of emotions. Megan seemed to sense Austin didn't know how he was supposed to feel. She apologized for coming on so strong, Austin quickly told her it wasn't her, that he just hadn't done it with anyone but his wife in so long, he didn't know what to think. Megan kissed him, grabbed her robe, and said, "I'm going to check on the kids. You can sleep down here, or up in your room, it's up to you, but I'd suggest your room so you can gather your thoughts."


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