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The Neighbor: Part II

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Frank is beginning to understand his feelings toward Jill once he takes a trip to her bedroom.
Her bedroom was nothing close to fancy, but he couldn't argue with the fact that it was a cosy little space, and her bed was the springiest bed he had ever sat upon. Moments before, they had exchanged wet and fervid kisses in her sitting-room and now, Frank found himself aroused not by her naked body waiting for him upon the bed, stretched out in pose, as if waiting to be photographed or sketched, but the numerous posters she had plastered on her sea-blue walls.

"You like Kiss?"

"I guess."Jill's eyebrows narrowed as she watched him with his hands on his hips, staring at her very worn out posters she'd purchased during her teenage years.

"I like Kiss. Well, I used to. It's been a while since I've heard their music in a proper environment."

"Oh. That's too bad."

Frank turned to face her and sensed she was irritated by the look on her face."Are you mad?" He smiled lightly, but she did not return the gesture. Her face was stiffened by the sudden frown. Frank blinked, feeling slightly addled.

"I thought.... I thought we were gonna do it."Her voice was soft, anxious, and she did not look at him when pronouncing these words.

"We are going to," he rushed to her side and sat roughly next to her. The bed bounced. "But I think we should get to know each other better first. I mean.... it's been four months since I've moved here and I only know your name. And age," he pointed to her posters. "And your music preferences. We share a common like."

"What does it matter anyway?"

"Don't you want us to get along?"

"We can get along in bed, Frank. What's got into you?"

"How do you mean?"

"Minutes ago you were kissing me and touching me and now.... you wanna talk about... us?"

"I was once married," he mentioned abruptly. "We were only married for two years, until she left me for somebody else."


"We were engaged for three."

"So, you were---"

"That serves as a lesson, you know."

"Not to get married?" Jill pulled the sheets to conceal her body. She was at last uncomfortable.

"Of course not. You have to know a person better before you spend the rest of your life with them. I knew Anna for five years, and that still wasn't enough."

"Excuse me but... why are we talking about your marriage?"She was attempting to say this in the most descent and polite way she knew of. Frank sensed her unease, and he finally looked down to find her body hidden.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she muttered.

"We can talk about something else if you like,"


Frank shrugged his shoulders and his eyes wandered around the room again. In the corner of the bedroom, he saw a large rag doll with no eyes, slumped against the wall and bewildered, it seemed.

"Did a boyfriend give that doll to you?"

"My dad."

"He was special, your dad, wasn't he?"

"I guess..."

Frank looked at her only to find a lost stare in her eyes, an angry stare which she tried to disguise with her fake smile. His hand reached out and he gently stroked her cheek with his thumb. She did not look at him.

"I'll go now."He stood on his feet and walked to the door. He then heard a silent, pleading voice.

"Don't go."

He turned around and found himself staring back at the eyes of a troubled child, not a sexually experienced young woman. His heart ached with pity and longing, and his mind did not wonder for a second when he sat back beside her and took her in his arms. She rested her head against his chest and she hummed an unfamiliar tune for a while, a while which seemed like forever, until finally she remained silent and her breathing became heavy. Whenever she stirred in her sleep, she pressed her body against Frank's, her naked and vulnerable body underneath the stiff white sheets. Though her breasts were not heavy and her nipples were as soft as the petals of a flower, he felt them pinching him.

She was surely aroused, even in her sleep. Frank thought it over twice and then, with his unease no longer existent, his hand slipped beneath the sheets and he felt her between the thighs. He did not introduce any finger into her entries, he just felt it, with a slight timid action. Her flesh was moist and sticky, just as he'd predicted, and he could not ignore the warm feeling that he was commencing to feel between his own thighs.

Frank gasped in horror and and sat up to conceal his half stiffness once Jill's eyes fluttered open and looked right at him. She murmured something incoherent, barely audible.

"What?" he said, and held his hand over his groin, sure that she couldn't see past his shoulder.

"Lay the fuck down, Frank,"

Her voice sounded still deep in dream, but her strength was not half gone. She grabbed his shirt collar from behind and tugged him downwards, and Frank's head hit the pillow forcefully beside her. Wide awake and fully aroused now, she mounted him without a second to spare and took his hands and led them to her breasts. Frank stared at her wide-eyed, unable to believe it wasn't a dream. Though something in the back of his mind assured him that something was not right, his erection said otherwise. She placed her hands over his and massaged them, rubbed them against her breasts and she gave out loud moans.

"Jill?" Frank said in an almost cracked voice.

"Shut up!" she hissed and with an iron fist, she grasped his groin.

Frank groaned aloud and squeezed his eyes shut. She was vicious in bed; a savage creature who knew no mercy.

"Say you're sorry, fucking bastard," she almost screamed it in a blinding fury that Frank knew nothing of.

"Jesus Christ."

"What did you say?" she uttered loudly.

She leaned her face into his, their lips inches apart and without guessing her next method of torture, Frank felt her polished fingernails digging into his earlobes. He winced in pain, trying to block out the sudden stinging sensation that ran through his ears. He didn't know himself to have sensitive ears.

"Ah-- I'm sorry, I'm.... Jesus-- I'm sorry, Jill..."

"Good boy,"

She did not release his ears as her tongue ran down his face, stopping at his lips where she bit down for a second and then slipped her tongue inside of it. Though he was hurting and did not particularly enjoy being the one pinned down in the situation, his own tongue played along with hers; twirling, twisting and exchanging spit as they went on.

"Now, are you really sorry you touched me?" she asked playfully and gave him a grin that seemed perverse.

Frank stared at the grin with his yellow-green eyes in mistrust,suspicion. It was an an odd and eerie smile of satisfaction and he could not help but wonder of her intentions. She asked again, her tone darker and fairly more vicious than before and he couldn't help but nod quickly.

She pulled off the buttons on his shirt, every last one of them, and tossed the shirt aside like an old rag. She passed her tongue all over his chest and then she proceeded with biting his nipples with the edge of her teeth. Frank sighed; at last she was slowing down her ferocious pace. He was suddenly taken by surprise when she pulled his chest hair with her teeth, with enough force to make him wince, but with the right amount of delicacy to keep those hairs in place.

Her hands did not fumble when loosening his belt buckle. Frank could see that they were skilful hands with enough experience; they did not need any light for assistance. She left his pants on, but opened his zipper and her small hand slipped into his boxer shorts and she pulled out his hardened penis. Frank looked up into the eyes that read desire and malice and he rested his head on the pillow. He waited for the pleasure, the pleasure he knew that felt wrong somehow. He did not want to be one of many that devoured her in this very room; one of those nothings that left her to catch her breath after pumping her until she felt no more desire to be satisfied. He wanted her to think of him when her lovers abandoned her to be alone with her thoughts of repulsion and self-pity. He did not wish to leave her like so......

Frank groaned softly as her skilled hand moved his shaft up and down in a slow but steady manner.

"You like that?" she murmured and increased her pace only a little.

"Don't stop," he whispered and clenched his fingers against the palm of his hand.

She did not stop. She sped up her pace and yanked and jerked his penis with an almost supernatural rapidity that did not seem usual. He groaned, like never before, as a sensation tinged with pain and pleasure ran through him, beginning at the tip of his pole and spreading all over like an active circuit. When the time finally came for his release, he gave a final grunt of ecstasy before shooting his juices into Jill's wide-opened mouth.

For minutes, Frank did not speak. His breathing was slow and heavy and his mind was elsewhere. He could hear Jill breathing heavily too. The quick movement of her wrist had left her somewhat drained too, and she lay next to Frank, her hand now stroking his softening penis.

"Do you wanna do it later?" she whispered in her regular chaste voice.

"Later," he answered wearily and before he knew it, his eyes were closing on their own.

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