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The Neighbors Repay a Kind Deed

A neighbor surprises me
The Neighbors Repay a Kind Deed Chapter 1

Debbie and Paul had lived next door to me for years. My daughter and their daughter were close in age and went to the same school together. We all got along well, and as a single parent I often needed help with transporting my daughter, and they helped. Debbie was an attractive blonde, well built, and while not a knockout by any means, I often let my mind fantasize about her. Of course, as neighbors and friends, I never did anything, but we did occasionally flirt a little, and more than once she caught me staring at her healthy cleavage.

Paul and I developed some health issues at about the same time. Fortunately for me, mine were treatable, and I bounced back to full health pretty quickly. Paul was not so lucky, and he was in the hospital or home recuperating for a long time.

Trying to be a good neighbor, I helped out however I could. I would cut my lawn, then do theirs, or I’d shovel the snow off my drive and do theirs too. It just made sense to me, since Debbie was busy with Paul, and she struggled with the mower or shovel when she tried. In return, she looked after the house if we went away or anything.

Unfortunately, at the start of the winter, we lost Paul to his illness. Everyone in the neighborhood pitched in to help and console Debbie and Alexia (her daughter) as best we could.

Towards the end of winter, we got hit with a late snow storm, and it was a pretty big one. It took me a while to clean off my own driveway, and by the time I was done, it was getting towards evening, so it was getting dark, and cold. And to add misery to a bad day, a biting wind picked up, making it really difficult to stay outside. But I kept at it, working on Debbie’s drive as soon as mine was done.

That’s when I saw that Debbie was already there, working from the house out, while I was coming from the street in. After about a half hour, we had it mostly done, but there was still a piece between us to go. Debbie stood, and arched her back like she was trying to work a kink out, and then huddled back into her coat. I walked over to her, and like always she started to thanks me. I held a hand up, told her to stop being silly, I considered it a pleasure to help.

She said, “I wish I could think of a way to repay all your kindness. You helped Paul and me so much, before …”, and her voice trailed off.

Then one of those innocent moments, that turns into something else, happened. Not wanting her to catch a cold, I said to her, “The best way to thank me would be for you to go in there and get out of those cold, wet clothes”. As I was saying that, I sort of tilted my head toward her house, and we just happened to be in front or her bedroom. She looked at me with a bit of a smile, and then stared right at me as if she was contemplating something, although I was clueless as to what was going on. I just wanted her to get inside and be warm, and for me to finish and get in my own warm house.

Without saying anything, she turned and walked into the house. I pulled my jacket a little tighter, and put the shovel into the snow and picked up the next load. In a few seconds, the bedroom light came on. The little light that escaped around the blinds helped, as it was getting dark out. But then, much to my surprise, much more light fell on the snow, causing me to look up. Debbie had opened the blinds, and stood there waving at me. I waved back, and she turned her back to me.

She had on her red sweatshirt which earlier had been poking out from under her coat, and her heavy black leggings. Incredibly, with the blinds open, and the lights on, she pulled the sweatshirt up and over her head, tossing it on the bed! From the waist up, only the straps of her while bra kept her from being topless. Then she turned towards me, the smile was gone, replaced by more of a determined look. She stood in front of the window, arms by her side, as I stood speechless outside.

A small smile spread across her face, as she reached behind her back, and after just a few seconds, dropped her hands to her side again. But she obviously had unsnapped the bra, as it hung lower on her chest with the weight of her breasts. She reached her arms up, crossing them, and her hands took the opposite side shoulder strap, and pulled the bra away from her breasts. And just like that, Debbie stood topless in from of me, exposing her full, lovely breasts to my hungry eyes. They were large (34C, I later learned) with hard brown nipples, and although they had some sag due to her age, those nipples still were aimed right at me.

The wind was blowing, some snow was swirling, it was very cold, but I was standing still, unfazed by any of that. I was staring at the object of many of my past fantasies. Well, not all of me was motionless, a certain part was rapidly growing, reaching full size faster than I could form the words to describe what I saw. After about a minute, during which time my brain took a million memory snapshots, she reached out and closed the blinds. I didn’t move. I was still staring. Only when a gust of wind blew snow into my face, did I shudder, and then I felt the cold. Wow, that was as unexpected as it was awesome.

With renewed vigor, I charged into the remaining snow. I think I had more energy than a man 20 years younger than my actual 52 years! When I got through the rest of it, I was looking forward to getting into my house, to a warm shower, and then taking care of a lingering urge between my legs, fueled by some of those delightful memory snapshots.

But that was not to be. The side door opened, and Debbie was there, in a robe, with a towel around her obviously wet hair, a beer in one hand, beckoning me with her other hand. After her previous bedroom show, this was clearly an offer I was not about to refuse. So I tossed the shovel, and headed toward her. She stepped aside, let me enter, and I took the beer from her as I passed. I took a long pull from the beer, it went down very smoothly.

“Take off your coat, and boots. Come in, I have something for you,” she said as she turned and went into the family room. As she said this, I thought I saw her blush a little, but maybe not. Maybe my mind was still seeing her topless a half hour ago. I put the beer down, shrugged off the cost, and struggled out of the boots. Retrieving my beer, I headed after her into the family room.

She was sitting on the couch. I had sat there many times before, sometimes with her or our daughters. But this time was different. This time she was nude!

I stood in the doorway to the room, stuck in one, unmoving spot. Her breasts, that I had so recently seen through the window, were now unobstructed, unrestrained, just a few feet away. Her face was a mix of anticipation and uncertainty. Her legs were held tightly together, but some pubes were showing – possibly a shadow, but I presumed unshaven. After staring for a few seconds, I tried to speak. “Debbie, ah, I mean, what are you doing?”

“Don’t say anything,” she instructed. She looked right at me, and continued “You have always been so good to me, to us, and I, well, I have tried to repay your kindness, but don’t know how.” She looked down at the floor, and started speaking again. “I also need this too, it has been so long, and I just, well.”

“Debbie, look at me, please. You don’t need to do this for me, to repay me,” I said.

She immediately raised her head and looked right at me, and said, “No, you misunderstood. I need this, for me. I want to repay you, but I also want this, for me. It has been so long for me, with Paul sick, and now gone, and I have to move on. Alexia keeps telling me to pick up and go forward. It isn’t that easy. But I trust you, and I want you to, well, there it is again, help me move on.” Then in a tiny voice, she said, “Please make love to me.”

She continued looking at me. I had a decision to make, and I had conflicting thoughts firing at me from every angle. I was her neighbor, a friend, like a father to Alexia, and she was like a mother to my daughter. I couldn’t do this.

But she was alone, way more alone than I previously understood. And I was alone, although maybe less so that her. And she was very attractive, and very naked, and my other head was screaming, “Do it, do it!” I walked over to her, and extended my hand to her. She put her hand in mine, and I pulled her up. She was every bit as desirable as I had imagined. She reached up on her tip toes, and kissed me. Decision made.

I reached out to embrace her, but she shivered and pushed me away. Had I misunderstood? She said, “Those wet clothes have to go, let me.” And with that she reached out and took the bottom of my sweatshirt, and pulled it up and over my head. It occurred to me that I had watched her do that to her sweatshirt just a few minutes ago. Then, she knelt down, unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my jeans, and unceremoniously pulled down the jeans and boxers.

And just like that, my hard cock was exposed to this lovely lady, who was nude and kneeling in front of me. She didn’t waste the opportunity, holding the shaft in her hand and kissing the tip of my cock. Then she looked up at me, smiled, and asked, “Is this okay?” I just nodded yes, and she continued kissing and licking my hard as iron dick. She would start at the base, lick the shaft up to the head, then pop the head into her mouth, not anything like a deep throat, just enough to get my helmet into her warm, wet mouth. Then she would pull off, and do it again.

After a couple minutes, I could feel that this would be a short session if I let her continue like that. I pulled back from her, and helped her to stand up. This time, kissing her was allowed, no cold and wet clothes to hinder us. I kissed her on the mouth, hard, and she responded by parting her lips and pushing her tongue into my mouth. We kissed long and hard, until I again pulled back, and told her to lead us to the bedroom.

As soon as we got to the bedroom, my need took over. I began kissing her again, and slowly backed her up to the bed. She got the message, and sat on the edge of the bed, then worked her way back so she was lying across the bed. I climbed on top, and took her breasts into my hands for the first time, thumbs on each nipple. They were already hard. I lay beside her, on my right side, and leaned down to kiss her left breast, licking all around the nipple, and flicking my tongue over it. Meanwhile, I let my left hand wander down to her sex, which was indeed covered by untrimmed hair.

She didn’t say anything, but her moans let me know she was quite okay with the proceedings so far. My fingers found her slit, while my other hand and tongue continued to tease and pleasure her left tit. Down below, she was getting wetter. I cupped her mound, which for some reason was always incredibly erotic for me. The heat from this woman’s pussy was intense, and I wanted to taste it now.

I started to ease my wan down, kissing her tummy as I went. I ended up kneeling on the floor, which put me at the right height to bury my between her legs, which is exactly what I did. Diving in, tongue first, I licked, kisses, and nibbled everywhere, on her thighs, mound, and slit. I held her labia apart, and put my tongue as far in as I could go. The aroma was alluring and the taste was sweet.

I love cunnilingus, and I like to think I was pretty good at it. My partners tended to agree. Since it had been a long time for Debbie, I wanted to really please her. I took my time, concentrating on her clit for a minute or so, but then leaving it to lick elsewhere while putting a finger or two inside her tight hole. On the next trip to her clit, my fingers came out to hold her lips apart, and I would do two minutes, then back off. I continued the pattern, increasing the length of clit stimulation each time.

Her moans were getting louder and longer. Finally, she spoke the first words either of us had said since we got to her bedroom. “Please, stop teasing. Make love to me, please”.

She was wet, but tight, and I had only gotten two fingers inside her. I wanted to continue with my mouth, and I felt she was not ready for penetration yet. Besides, I doubted that I could last very long inside her, so I was determined to get her off this way first.

So, I returned to her clit, and for the first time, I put my fingers inside her while licking and sucking on her clit. She squirmed and moved around a lot, and she got a lot more vocal. I stayed on her clit with my tongue, drawing circles all around, next alternating to a left-right tongue wagging motion. I added a third finger, tight at first, but was soon able to get a good in-and-out motion with my fingers going all the way in.

“Oh shit, oh shit, yes, yes, fuck me, yes,” began a steady stream of sometimes unintelligible mumbling, as her body shook and her ass lifted off the bed. I had to lift off my knees to stay attached to her clit while my fingers were thrusting inside her, and her orgasm approached, then crashed over her. Her entire body convulsed, as she let out a long guttural “aaahhh” sound. I managed to stay attached to her clit the entire time, with three fingers inside her. As her trembles subsided, I stopped my oral ministrations, and just held her. After a minute, I climbed up beside her, and held her tight, as she tried to regain normal breathing.

She said, “That was wonderful! But, I was supposed to be thanking you, and you did all the work.” With that, she pushed me onto my back, and reached down to grasp my still hard cock. “Oh, looks like he is ready. I like that,” she said with a mischievous smile. She threw her leg over my body, and still holding my cock, which was pointing straight up, she straddled my thighs.

Stroking him for a few minutes, she said, “I want this inside me, and I want him to splash my wet pussy with your man juice. I’m way past being able to get pregnant, so just let it go when you are ready. I want to feel him pulsing inside me, splashing my walls with you cum.” Then, she lifted up on her knees, leaned forward, and aimed me right at her entrance. I was so hard, and she was so wet and stretched out from my fingers, that it only took a few seconds for her to sit all the way back down, fully impaled on my painfully stiff rod. The feeling was incredible.

And the dirty talk didn’t end there either. “Come on, fuck my pussy. Use that beautiful fuck stick on my hot pussy, so long since she got any.” She rocked back and forth on my cock, and I was pushing up to meet her every time she came down from lifting up. It had been a while for me, too, and between her warm-up blowjob, the dirty talk, and being with this hot neighbor I had lusted after for so long, well, I was close in no time. Playing with her awesome titties helped, of course.

I wanted this to last, so I let go of her tits, and put my hands on her legs. Then, she reached back and with her left hand, started to caress my ball sack. A spasm went from my scrotum directly to my head (okay, both heads), and I knew I was a goner. I reached under her legs, and tried to lift her so I could push my cock in even further, arched my back and began to shoot rope of rope deep into her receptive womb. It was a very intense orgasm, maybe because it had been a while for me too. I must have shot eight times into her.

She leaned down, threw her arms around me, and kissed me very tenderly. She broke the kiss, sat back up on my legs, and looked me in the eye, saying, “I wanted to do that for a while now, and when you told me to go inside and take my clothes off, well, I just decided it was time. Did you really mean what you said?”

Like I said earlier, sometimes even an innocent comment can lead to very unexpected results. This was just one of the more spectacularly pleasurable results of all time!

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