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The Neighbour's Daughter

Older man once again gets lucky, this time with the neighbour's daughter.
I was having two days off at home. My manager had offered me an extra two days of leave as reward for a job well done. It was leave in lieu and off the record, and she was leaving at the end of the month to return to working for another company. So I was taking off a Monday and Tuesday towards the end of the month, making it a long weekend.

My girlfriend was leaving for work on the Monday when I got out of bed, having enjoyed a ninety-minute lie-in. Slipping on my running gear I had gone for a forty-five minute run, returning home hot and perspiring. I left my running gear on as I brewed and drank a cup of tea while I cooled off, and then stripped, tossing my damp gear into the basket in the laundry before walking naked through the dining room and kitchen to the bathroom.

After a long and luxurious shower I towelled myself dry and pulled on a towelling robe before walking back through the kitchen towards the dining room, intending to add my towel to the damp clothes in the laundry. However as I glanced out the floor to ceiling kitchen window to the garden, I saw someone cross from the neighbouring garden into our back yard. I stopped, recognising Anna, the neighbour's daughter. As she began to walk towards the back deck, I continued through to the laundry, deposited my towel in the basket and opened the back door just as Anna stepped onto the deck. "Hello! Can I help you?" I asked.

She stopped, and gave me a somewhat crafty look. "I'm looking for my cat," she responded, "I thought it might have come to visit your two."

Our cats, a pair of Russian Blues, which were only let out on harnesses tethered to the deck as we lived both close to the beach and a road, were inside the house. However, despite being tethered they were very territorial and sent any stray cats packing, so I doubted that Anna's cat, if she had one, was visiting here. Testing her, I asked what sort of cat she had. The question caught her unguarded, and she had to think before she said it was a tabby.

I knew that Anna was sixteen, as she had been fourteen when we bought the house two years earlier. Close friends, whose daughter was friendly with Anna, had told us of the trouble her separated parents had had with the girl, who was then living with her mother, and how her mother had struggled to control her behaviour. Two years on and she was now staying more frequently with her father, our neighbour Greg. Whenever Greg was working late, or visiting his latest girlfriend, who by coincidence lived near his ex-wife, Anna would have girlfriends visit, playing music loudly and smoking on the balcony outside her bedroom, which overlooked our back deck.

It was late November, and she was probably at home on study leave before her exams, and I guessed that she had seen that I was home on my own. Wearing a tiny flared black skirt and a navy elastic crop top that hugged her big breasts, and sandals, she was not dressed to study.

"Where are your two cats?" she asked, although she must have known they were in the house, as they weren't out on their harnesses.

"Inside!" I responded, "Do you want to see them". She nodded, and I stepped aside, ushering her past me and indicating the way through the dining room as I called to the cats. As she climbed the three stairs from the dining room to the kitchen, from my position behind and below I could see almost to the tops of her thighs. Both cats ran into the kitchen from the hall. Anna bent to stroke them, not from the knees, but from the waist, exposing to my gaze her bare buttocks, split by the narrow band of a white thong she was wearing, and the bulge of her pussy pouched by the thong.

I sensed that her provocative action was deliberate; as she knew I was behind and below her and could see everything she was showing, and I could feel my dangling cock fill and swell to erection. For a moment I paused, to consider what my mind, driven by my cock, was contemplating. Greg was not only a neighbour, but also a friend, but then I thought, "What the hell!" While his daughter might only be sixteen she was a big girl, with big tits and bum and her cunt on show, and she certainly seemed to know what she wanted.

Stepping up behind Anna I stroked a full, bare buttock with one hand, and when she didn't flinch I slid my hand between her thighs to cup the mound of her pussy over her thong. She spread her legs slightly, improving my access, and I pulled the pouch of the thong to one side, sliding my fingers along her crease and slipping them inside her as the full lips parted readily. Her wetness revealed her excitement, and with a growing certainty, I sensed that she had had seen me home on my own, possibly walking naked to the shower, and had come over to see me with an anticipation of seducing me.

Taking my hand from Anna's twat I parted my robe and slid my stiff cock between her thighs as she bent before me. With a small moan, the little slut half straightened, closing her legs to trap my swollen cock between her fleshy thighs. I flexed my hips, pumping my cock in the junction of her thighs several times, feeling her weeping cunt lubricating my shaft before grabbing her by the elbow, steering her to the door to the hallway as I hissed in her ear "We're going to the bedroom! I'm going to fuck you!" I closed the hall door behind us, shutting the cats in the kitchen, stopping at the airing cupboard to grab a couple of towels before leading Anna up the hall to the bedroom.

For a sixteen year-old, Anna was a tall girl, and I barely had to bend my neck as I kissed her, pushing my tongue into her mouth as I pulled her elastic top up to expose her big breasts. Without the support of the top they sagged a little, surprisingly soft for a girl so young. I pinched and tugged her big, hardening nipples as I kissed her. My robe had fallen open and she had both hands on my stiff cock. Leaving her breasts, I reached both hands under her brief skirt to tug her thong down her thighs. "Let's see your cunt!" I told her crudely, shrugging off my robe before dropping to my knees as I pulled her thong down to her ankles. She stepped out of the thong and I grabbed her hips, pushing her back onto the edge of the bed. She fell back on the bed, raising and spreading her thighs to expose her pussy.

The bush of brown hair at the base of her slightly rounded belly was sparse and almost straight, with thin wisps running down along the full lips of her cunt, which were puffy, with pink, wet flesh showing between them. Slipping a towel beneath her hips I bent, fastening my mouth over her pussy. She writhed as my tongue probed the swollen lips of her pussy, plunging deep into her velvet channel, then withdrawing to slide up her slit to frig her hardening clit. As my tongue alternated between her swollen clit and her weeping slot, I reached beyond her thighs with both hands to take possession of her full breasts, squeezing and rolling her taut nipples, continuing my ministrations until she gave a thin shriek as her body arched in orgasm.

Not waiting for her climax to wane, raising my head from her weeping pussy I rose, pulling her hips closer to the edge of the bed as she struggled to push herself up on her elbows. "Put it in!" I demanded as I leant over her.

"Not yet. I want to suck you!" she pleaded.

"Later!" I responded, "There'll be time for that later! Now put it in!" I commanded fiercely. Reaching between us she grabbed my shaft, directed my knob to her wet opening. Pushing her knees back to her chest I pressed down on her, feeling my knob slip in easily. Although she had a large, fleshy and well-developed pussy and a long slit, her channel was agreeably tight.

I worked my thick tool in to the root with two or three good thrusts until my hips were resting on the backs of her thighs. "Has your mother got you on the pill?" I asked as I looked down on her. She nodded, slumping back on the bed.

Resting my weight on her thighs, my feet braced on the floor, I began to fuck her with long, slow strokes. Despite her youth she was experienced, her vaginal muscles clamping down on my shaft with practiced skill each time I withdrew, milking my cock. Too excited to prolong the action, I began to plunge into her vigorously, my balls slapping her buttocks and her body jolting with each thrust.

I felt the familiar tightening in my groin and suddenly my cock was spewing hot gouts of spunk into her tight channel as I came, continuing to thrust into her even after the last of my spunk was wrung from me by the rhythmic squeezing of her clasping notch.

Anxious to maintain my erection, I grabbed one of Anna's hands, jerking my cock from her cunt as I pulled her into a sitting position on the edge of the bed, stepping back in close to push my slowly drooping cock under her nose. "You wanted to suck me, well suck me now!" I ordered, more than half expecting her to refuse, but to my delight she opened her lips and bent forward to take my slimy tool deep in her mouth. I groaned with pleasure as she assiduously applied her lips and tongue to cleaning the blend of her juices and my spunk from my cock and balls. Satisfied that I was sufficiently clean, the little slut began to suck me, taking my broad knob deep into her throat. Grasping her head gently in both hands I began to pump my cock in her suctioning mouth, continuing for many minutes until I was achingly erect.

Releasing Anna's head I eased my cock from her mouth. "Turn over and kneel on the edge of the bed!" I ordered, "Get your arse up and your head down!" She scrambled to comply,

"Are you going to fuck me in the arse?" she asked, with a quaver of either excitement or apprehension in her voice.

"You bet!" I responded, although I hadn't yet considered it, but my heart and cock both leapt at the suggestion. Dropping to my knees I buried my face in the moist and sticky cleft of her buttocks, my nose pressed to the pucker of her arsehole, tasting the tangy flavours of our fucking as my tongue probed her slot. She was wriggling on my tongue like an eel on a spear before I slipped my tongue from her twat, to slide it up her cleft to probe her nether hole. The indentation of her large, pink-brown puckered entrance and the slightly spongy texture of the wrinkled flesh hinted at previous anal experience.

I elicited squeals of pleasure from Anna when I forced the tip of my tongue into her musky-tasting hole after carefully licking all around it. Reaching one hand between her thighs I frigged her swollen clit as my tongue probed her arse, and she began thrusting her hips back at me with whines of pleasure. My cock was throbbing and twitching as my excitement grew. Half reluctant to halt my oral titillation of the little slut, I nevertheless rose from my knees and stepped quickly for the bedside cabinet, reaching for one of the tubes of lubricant in the top drawer. Moving back behind Anna I paused briefly to allow my greedy gaze to feast on one of my favourite sights; that of a woman bent before me as if in supplication, ready to be mounted. Viewed from behind, as I looked down at Anna, she was displayed as are all women in this position; all rounded buttocks and flaring hips, the split pouch of her pussy and her puckered anus obscenely exposed.

Moving in close behind Anna with my cock in one hand, I slid my knob up and down the wet split of her pussy, seeking her opening, and finding it, lodged my knob in it and sank into her. In this position, her tight channel held me in an even more constricting clasp, and I groaned in pleasure at the exquisitely long, dragging sensation on my cock as I slowly slid into her until my belly was pressed hard against her rounded buttocks. Bending over her, I reached beneath her to fill both hands with her big soft breasts; my fingers seeking the big nipples, pinching and rolling them as my hips began to pump, working my cock in and out of her tight channel.

Having climaxed, I was in no hurry, and began to enjoy a long, leisurely ride.

After several minutes, when Anna's excitement began to grow, I dropped a hand from one breast, feeling under her soft belly until my questing fingers found her swollen clit, feeling my shaft sliding in and out of her wet flesh as I frigged her hard little nub. Her body heaved and jumped as she climaxed, but with my arms gripping her side I maintained the steady rhythm of my cock in her hole, the clamp of my arms holding her up to me when she would have slumped to the bed.

Once Anna's crisis had passed and she was capable of supporting herself once more, I released my hold of her and straightened up, reaching for the lubricant.

Squeezing a generous blob of lubricant over Anna's puckered anus, I worked a finger past the elastic iris of her nether hole, sliding it in and out in time with the rhythmic pumping of my cock in her twat. As her arse opened up to me, I slipped a second, and then, with a little more difficulty, a third finger into her, twisting and turning them as I pumped then in and out.

Another climax washed over Anna, and I stilled my movements and bent over her to hold her close as her body bucked and she shrieked out her pleasure. As her violent motions ceased I straightened once more. Easing my fingers from her arse, I withdrew my cock from her cunt, sliding the broad knob up her crease to her now-open arsehole. She stiffened as she felt my tip lodge at her opening, but I pressed forward. The elastic opening gave a little, then resisted, and then yielded again to let my knob gradually slip within the slowly expanding muscle. Reaching under her belly I frigged her clit with quick strokes of my fingertips; her body twitched and jerked, and as she pushed back at me my knob slipped past her sphincter, which held the neck of my shaft in a tight elastic grip. I continued to frig her, letting her movements slowly drive my cock deeper into her arse until I was all the way in.

Abandoning Anna's clit temporarily, I grasped her hanging breasts with both hands as I began to flex my hips, working my cock back and forth in the tight grip of her arse, initially with tiny movements, but gradually growing longer as her hole slowly relaxed to accommodate me, until I was pumping into her with long strokes, her cushioning buttocks rebuffing me with each thrust. The ring of muscle of her anus was so exquisitely tight that I wanted to prolong my pleasure, to enjoy the sensation for as long as I possibly could, but it was the exquisite tightness that overcame my resolve, the constant milking pressure of her sphincter around my shaft as I stroked back and forth inexorably drawing me nearer to the brink of orgasm.

Releasing her breasts, I leaned back for a minute or two, looking down with fascination as between the flaring sweep of Anna's bent white buttocks, my thick shaft stabbed over and over into the distended hole in her cleft, reappearing only to stab in once again. The highly erotic sight tipped me over the edge; with a shock of excitement I felt my balls tingling and knew I was about to blow. Grabbing Anna by the hips I pumped into her with short, fast thrusts, feeling my cock swelling in the tight grip of her elastic ring. Even as my cock twitched and spurted, spraying her bowel with scalding jets of spunk, she wailed and bucked as yet another climax hit her. I continued to ride her sinking hips as she slowly collapsed onto the bed, until the spasms of her clenching sphincter had wrung the last of my spunk from my hypersensitive cock.

We were both lay panting, fighting to control our breathing, my softening cock slowly shrinking from her bowel until expelled by the relentless pressure of her anal muscle. As my breathing returned to normal, and I pushed myself from Anna's prone body, I became aware that the room reeked of sex; the odours of perspiration and well-fucked cunt overlaid with something earthier and more primal. Moving to the window, I opened it wider, turning back to the bed to grasp Anna by the shoulder. "Come on, shower time!" I told her. She rolled onto her back and stretched luxuriously.

"Fuck, that's the best screw I've had in months!" she remarked, making me wonder how often the little slut was being fucked, and by whom.

Grabbing one of her outstretched arms I pulled her from the bed and led her to the bathroom, my flaccid cock slapping wetly on my thighs as we walked down the hall. I caressed her back and rounded buttocks as we waited for the shower to warm, and then ushered her under the stream of warm water, following her in and closing the door behind us. Grabbing the soap I began to wash her, relishing the soft, warm rounded curves of her wet body. Turning her away from me to face the wall, I used my fingers to spread first her pussy, and then her arse, to allow my spunk to escape her body and be washed away in the stream of water.

Slipping my hands up her body I cupped her large, wet breasts, surprised to find her nipples swollen hard with excitement. She thrust her hips back at me, gyrating her smooth, wet and slippery buttocks against my cock, which began to stiffen, pressing into her cleft from behind. Giggling, she lifted a leg to allow my semi-hard cock to slip between her thighs, and then clamped them together, trapping my hot flesh. Humping her hips, the little slut tugged on my cock with her thighs, and to my pleased surprise I felt my bruised cock responding, slowly swelling to full erection.

Clasping her close as she teased my hardening cock, with one hand I continued to fondle Anna's full tits, while I slipped the other down her softly rounded belly, running my fingers through the thin covering of hair on her mound until I could press them into her cleft to find and frig her swelling clit. With a little moan of satisfaction, squatting slightly, she reached down with one hand to grasp my cock as she spread her thighs and thrust her arse back into my belly. Bending my knees, I thrust forward as she guided my knob to her opening, and slid up into her slick cunt once more. I shuffled backwards a little as she pushed her hips further back, edging her feet back and bending to lean forward, bracing her hands on the shower wall. Knees bent, I grasped her hips and began to pump into her as the warm water streamed down over us. My belly clapped noisily against the full globes of her wet buttocks with each thrust, my swinging balls slapping wetly between her thighs. My fingers were busy on her swollen nipples, tugging them, pulling them downwards and stretching her breasts.

Fortunately my running and biking has developed my thigh muscles, but even so they were tiring when the erratic jerking of Anna's body and the clenching grasp of her cunt signalled the onset of yet another climax. Releasing her breasts I grabbed handfuls of her rounded hips, pulling her back onto me to meet my urgent thrusting. My hoarse grunts increased in volume, matching Anna's wails as she came. Tightening my grip on her hips, I held her close as my tired cock twitched and jerked inside her, spurting a final load of spunk into the depths of her pulsating cranny. Knees trembling, I continued to hold her tight, her full buttocks flattened against my belly, until my shrinking cock slipped from her twat, followed by a splash of spunk on the shower floor. She spread her legs to allow me to wash between them before turning off the shower.

As we towelled one another dry I offered to make Anna a drink before she returned home. The look of obvious disappointment on her face was so comical that I was forced to hide a smile. "Don't you like me? Aren't we having fun?" she asked. I had come three times in an hour; the best I had achieved in almost twenty years, and I didn't think I could manage it again in a hurry. However the little slut's obvious enthusiasm for more sex encouraged me to rethink, and a couple of possibilities sprang to mind.

"O.K.!" I responded, "I'm up for it if you are! Back to the bedroom with you! I'll get us both a drink and join you." My cock might have been unresponsive, but as I poured our drinks, I thought I knew what might restore it to action.
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