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The new Design guy

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Working in the Marketing department of a company allows me the opportunity to meet and work with a lot of different people. A few months ago my company started using a new design company. Luckily our rep turned out to be tall and attractive. Scott and I hit it off right from the start and he would always make a point to stop and speak to me whenever he came into our office. At first there was something about him that made me uncomfortable when ever he was around. Over time we developed a friendship and spent a lot of time working together.

A few weeks ago at a function after work, Scott and I spent a lot of time hanging out and talking. After a few drinks, the topic of sex came up. I confessed to Scott that I had only been with my husband sexually and lately I was curious about others. Eventually our conversation turned to fantasies and I confessed to Scott I had always wanted my husband to take control of the situation and have his way with me.

Later in the evening he walked with me when I had to go to the ladies room. As I came out of the ladies room, Scott grabbed my hand and lead me into deserted hall way. Taking both my hands with his left hand, he pulled them over my head as he pressed me against the wall. Slowly he started kissing me and without realizing what I was doing I was kissing him back. His right hand slide up my waist cupping my breast as he softly started squeezing. Slowly his hand started moving and found its way to between my skirt. I soon felt his fingers slide into the front of my thong and touch my wet lips. He moaned as he realized I was completely shaven and wasted no time sliding his finger inside me. I started moaning as his finger was sliding in me while his palm, was now pressed against my clit. Once his second finger found its way inside me, my legs started to turn to rubber. Snapping back into reality it hit me what I was doing. Quickly I broke off the kiss and wasted no time in gathering my things and leaving.

After that night, I was a little embarrassed and decided it was best to avoid being around Scott. A few weeks later my manager came to me one afternoon and told me she needed me take the lead on a project. She informed me I would be meeting Scott the next day for a working lunch. I can't say if I was move nervous or excited. I tried to tell myself not to get caught up in meeting him but I can't lie and say I didn't. I ended up picking out a short skirt with heels to show off my legs and a blouse that I can always leave a button undone to show off my firm breast.

During lunch I tried to keep it professional and was surprised when Scott ordered us margaritas. I protested and told him we couldn't we were working but he just ignored me. We continued working for a while and were able to get a lot done. Scott told me we should take a break he wanted to show me something. After a short drive he pulled into a wooded area. We parked and got out of the car. He grabbed a bag out of the trunk and told me to follow him. As we walked down a trail I was really confused on why the Hell we were out in the middle of no where. After a short stroll Scott grabbed my wrist smiling as he told me to come this way. Not going much further into the woods Scott lead me to a tree. Once again I asked him why the Hell are we out here? He smiled and pulled out a set of handcuffs from his back pocket and clamped it down over my wrist. Not sure if I was just in shock of his actions, I just stood there with my mouth open while nothing came out. Before I realized it, he was pulling my other hand up toward my other wrist clamping it also in the handcuffs. I now stood facing the tree with my hands handcuffed around the tree about 6 inches above my eyes.

Before I could even get words out of my mouth he was already behind me pushing my long blond hair out of the way, exposing the back of my neck for his mouth. He was kissing and sucking on my neck as I felt his hands slowly slide around to squeeze my breast. I ask him what the HELL he was doing. He laughed and told me he wanted to help me realize my fantasy. I told him this wasn't what I had in mind as he continued kissing my neck. His hands were moving over my body. I started to protest when he pointed out that if I really didn't want this, then why was I so wet?

Glancing down I see that my skirt was now up around my waist as his hand was rubbing my clit. As he stood behind me talking softly in my ear, he informed me he was going to make me cum in ways I had never before without even having sex with him. By this point I was panting as his warm breath and mouth were all over my ear and neck. I closed my eyes and bite my lip knowing at this point I wanted him to touch me. No, I needed him to touch me!

I snapped back into the moment as I realized my blouse had been unbuttoned and was now open. He pushed the front of my bra down exposing my breast. The bra was now pushing my breast up and out. I felt his fingers massage my nipples before taking them into his fingers and squeezing. I let out a loud moan. Feeling his hands slide down my body, then slowly unzipped my skirt. A moment later I felt it being pushed down to ground. His hand moved slowly over my hips and bottom before he wrapped his thumb inside my thong and slowly slid it down my legs. I was in such a trance, standing exposed to the world while handcuffed to a tree. I knew this was something I should have stopped, but knew it was something I wanted.

His hand slowly worked its way to my pussy and slowly slid back and forth over my clit. Eventually he slid a finger in and out and then moving back up to concentrate on my clit. He pushed my legs farther apart. Catching me off guard when he started lightly and very quickly slapping my clit with his fingers. His body was pressed up against me and I realized he was now naked as his cock pressed in to my bottom. His right hand working my clit with his light slaps as his left hand moved back and forth on my breast, squeezing my nipples. The slapping on my clit took me completely by surprised and before I knew it I was cumming as I moaned out. Luckily he was holding me because my legs became spaghetti as I cried out. I could not believe how good this felt. As I was standing there being held up by him recovering I realized he was now lifting my hips and positioning his cock to enter me.

Could I do this? I pushed back accepting his cock as I felt my own wetness running down my legs. I was quickly caught by the surprise of his thickness. I moaned out as his cock slide into me filling me like I had never been filled. Now moving in to me slowly, stopping just enough to allow me to adjust to his size.

My breathing increased as his hands held my hips while he started thrusting in and out of me. The rawness of being outside, attached to the tree and being taken left me breathless. He continued sliding into me and I could feel another orgasms building up inside me. Scott was now telling me how great my tight pussy felt wrapped around his cock. I couldn’t believe how intense and hard he was now fucking me. Scott let out a load groan, yelling as he started cumming. Feeling his cum explode into me set off my own orgasm. My body started shaking as Scott continued slamming into me. Finally he slowed, stopping when he fell into me, pressing me up against the tree as we both tried to recover. Scott regained his balance and moved to the front of the tree and released my hands. I dropped to my knees not able to hold my weight as I tried to recover. I sat on my knees trying to catch my breath. I felt Scott’s hand slide into my hair as he told me to look up. Glancing up I came face to face with his cock. He told me to open up and clean his cock. He begins rubbing his cock against my cheeks and lips. I open my mouth tasting the mixture of our cum. I alternate between swirling my tongue around the head and sliding my mouth up and down on his shaft.

After a few moments he pulls me to my feet. Scott helped me get dressed and we started walking back towards the car. Walking back he asked if it had been every thing I had wanted. I told him it wasn’t exactly how I had pictured it in my head but I had enjoyed the experience. He just smiled and we kept walking. A few steps later I asked why he was smiling so widely. He laughed and said if you thought this was a great experience, just wait until next week when I tie to a desk in a hotel room!
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