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The New Guy Proves his Worth

Leah Lets Loose at the Firehouse
Leah was getting used to the changes around the firehouse. She had been promoted to Lieutenant a few months ago and everyone was getting used to her new position, even her. Most of the guys were fine with her promotion, and respected her the same way. She was relieved when she saw that her relationships with her coworkers weren't affected. Other changes included the loss of 10 guys from her department. They all had to quit due to political reasons tied to the Village. She was sad to lose some of them, as they were wonderful firefighters. Some, on the other hand, she was glad to see them go. They were arrogant and that type of attitude puts others in danger.

It was a Friday, the start of the Memorial Day weekend when Leah pulled into the parking lot of the firehouse in her yellow Jeep. The bay doors were open and she saw that the new fire engine had been delivered. She knew they were getting it in any day now, but she was sadly out of town the day it had been delivered.

The weather was hot and humid, and she had a stream of sweat between her tits after the 15 minute drive from home to the station. She knew right away, regardless of the holiday weekend, it was going to be a busy 36 hours. She was well versed in how things went at the firehouse. Winters were relatively mild, with a few good car accidents here and there... But once the heat set in, people got stupid and shifts were busy from start to finish.

She was right. Shift started at 1700, and by 1830 they were running their asses off. She was running on the ambulance that night, and at one point, she and her crew went lights and sirens from one call, to another, to another. All AMA's, but still tiring. They were so busy, they had to call another town for mutual aid to sit at their department with an ambulance. Finally around 0200, the tones stopped ringing and Leah sat in the garage bay, trying to relax herself from the remainder of adrenaline running through her body. She opened the bay door in front of Engine 20 and sat on the front end of the truck, lighting a Camel cigarette and leaning against the truck with her eyes closed, trying to relax.

She heard footsteps coming towards her through the bay, and knew most of the crew had been asleep. She opened her eyes and saw Johnsy walking towards her. He took a seat next to Leah on the front of the engine and lit a cigarette of his own. He leaned against the engine and closed his eyes, clearly wiped out as much as Leah was. She looked over at him and really studied him for the first time. He was relatively new to the department being on for only 8 months, and very good-looking.

He had dark, dirty blond hair with a cut that reminded Leah of the 1870's. His eyes were as blue as the sky on a cloudless day and his face was oval-shaped; mature, yet still young. Johnsy was 21 and stood at 6'0 and weighed 170 pounds. In his uniform shirt, compared to the rest of the guys, he looked scrawny. Wearing a wife-beater, it was different. His arms were muscular and reminded Leah of the muscles you earned working on a farm. He had a Maltese Cross tattooed to the left bicep. Needless to say, Leah would catch herself looking at him and afterwards her panties were always moist.

They smoked their cigarettes in silence. The sounds of exhaled tobacco smoke and crickets was all that could be heard, occasionally interrupted by the sound of the scanner and other departments checking in with dispatch. Leah was sneaking looks at Johnsy from the corner of her eye, and finally broke the silence with a cliché question. "So, how you liking the department?"

Johnsy opened his eyes and looked at Leah. She could feel his sky-blue eyes digging into her own pair of Hazel's. He let out a chuckle that echoed through the bay, causing him to cut himself off as to not wake up any of the guys sleeping inside. Leah didn't catch what was so funny at first.

"Seriously... This is the first time you and I are alone... and you want to know how much I enjoy the station?"

Leah looked at him and asked him to elaborate.

"I'm a guy... I'm not blind. I've seen how your treat me on scene as well as how you look at me. Your harder on me than you should be, but your eyes tell me that you feel bad about it. That only means one thing. You think I'm stupid... wasting my time here."

Leah was taken aback. She looked at Johnsy and gave him her side. "I don't think your stupid. Not at all. Quiet the opposite. I think you have a lot of potential. That's why I'm a bit harder on you."

Leah was slightly wet in her panties at this point. While they had been sitting in silence she had been thinking about the parts of Johnsy she never got to see... such as his bare chest, his ass and his cock. She was wondering how big he was, and how thick he was. She wondered if he was circumcised or not.

Leah looked at his face after her statement to try to read his expression. It seemed as her comment didn't make a difference to him, which as Lieutenant, pissed her off. Leah was irritated from the run-ragged shift, not to mention she was sexually frustrated as it was, and thought this may be a good opportunity to show him how wrong he was about what his Lieutenant thought of him.

Leah flicked her cigarette off to the side and climbed on Johnsy's lap. She sat on his legs, grinding her crotch against his and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She looked in his eyes and saw the surprised look, mixed with a bit of uncertainty and fear. She felt his cock twitch underneath her and start to stand at attention, and she took that as a good sign. She pressed her tired lips against his and pushed her tongue to his lips, licking them. They were soft and inviting, but she sensed the uncertainty behind them. Leah pulled away and looked at Johnsy. "I told you... I don't think you're not stupid or wasting your time" she said with a quiet giggle "so prove it to me."

Leah pressed her mouth back into Johnsy's and opened his mouth with her tongue. This time she felt some reciprocation. Leah reached her hands into Johnsy's locks of hair and starting tugging on it while increasing her force on his mouth. He seemed to relax, and she felt his arms slowly start wrapping around her waist. With that, Leah felt her pussy get a little warmer, a little wetter. She felt herself tingle and knew that her panties we starting to catch the beginning of cum puddle. Soon, she would need to have the mess licked up.

Leah pulled away and put her fingers to her shirt, slowly unbuttoning the buttons of her classic light blue Lieutenant shirt and slid it off her arms. Wrapping her arms around herself, she pulled her tank-top up and over her head exposing her tits. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her perky 32-B cup breast's popped out. Her pale-Irish skin seemed to glow in the moonlight and Johnsy stared. After what seemed like an eternity, he reached his face forward and inhaled her left nipple into his mouth. Like many others he was intrigued by the piercings, rolling them between his tongue and lightly tugging on them. Leah didn't care, she loved that feeling. She always thought that piercing her nipples was one of the best choices she ever made.

Johnsy made his way from her left nipple to the right, following the same pattern he had before. Leah bent her head back and moaned lightly, letting him know he was on the right path. As his tongue swirled around the jewelry, she ran her fingers through his hair again, tugging a bit harder. She pulled his head away from her tits by the hair and pushed herself onto her knees while continuing to straddle him, the skin digging slightly into the grooved metal of the front of the engine. She unbuttoned her tactical pants and slid them over her ass. She unmounted his legs and sat her thong-wearing ass on the cold metal of the engine next to Johnsy. The cold metal sent goosebumps popping up over her ass and down her legs.

She kicked her boots off and slid her pants down, letting them drop on the floor of the bay. As she did so, she looked out and was reminded that the bay door was wide open. She was glad the station was set out in the edge of the sticks. She looked back at Johnsy and smiled. Leah reached her hand down towards her panties, pulling the sheer material off to the side, exposing her swollen cunt lips. She stuck her finger into her panties, teasing her clit, causing herself to jump and gasp lightly at her own touch. After a few minutes of pleasing herself with her own skilled fingers she looked at Johnsy, who was staring at his Lieutenant in complete disbelief. Leah looked at him, demanding he taste her.

Johnsy looked turned on and still a bit scared. He slid off the front of the engine and got on his knees. Leah scooted to the edge of the engine and pushed her dripping pussy into his face. She felt his tongue slip between her cunt lips and she pushed her hips forward, almost suffocating him. After less than two minutes, he came up gasping for air. Leah responded by telling him to remember his oxygen mask training and shoved his face back into her pussy.

Soon after Leah felt her body start to quiver. She knew the signs well and felt her first orgasm coming on. She pulled on Johnsy's hair pushing is face deeper into her dripping pussy, her moans getting louder as she felt herself coming to the edge. His tongue was swirling around her clit and lapping up her dripping girl juice when she started panting. Johnsy looked up at his Lieutenant as he heard the noises escaping her throat and felt his cock harden more so in his Navy Blue 5.11's. He could tell she was enjoying his oral skills and that turned him on. He was a giver, not a taker.

Johnsy was enjoying the taste of her pussy when he suddenly felt a pain in his scalp. Leah was pulling on his hair hard, and suddenly he tasted a large swell of sugary-flavored juices burst into his mouth. Lieutenant Leah was dousing his mouth in her cum and Johnsy felt his cock stiffen to capacity. He could tell she was having an orgasm, and he never realized a girl could cum this much... just from his mouth! Leah pushed her fingers between her snatch and his mouth, pressing on her clit and causing a few more jets of cum to fill his mouth. After a few more moments, she was too sensitive and couldn't stand the feel of his tongue on her clit anymore. She pulled his head away from her pussy by his blond locks and told him to sit back down next to her on the engine. Leah sat catching her breath.

Leah got onto her knees, crawling towards Johnsy... the designs in the metal digging into her knees again. Johnsy was sitting on the front of the fire engine again, his back against the front of the truck. She grabbed his belt, undoing it and popping the button open on his pants. She unzipped the zipper and pulled it down,exposing his boxers. His boxers were a tent, and Leah slipped his cock through the hole in the front. She was pleased by what she felt in her hand and was even more-so when she saw his cock. By the look and feel of it, he seemed to be at least 8.5 inches and was nice and thick.

Leah slid her mouth down Johnsy's cock, taking him in as far as she could. She felt his head hit the back of her throat and she relaxed her muscles, slipping him down her throat another two inches. She could feel the stubble of his last shave growing in, and it scratched her nose slightly. Leah pulled up, tightening her mouth around his cock, sucking and lubing him with her saliva. She ran her tongue around the base and trailed it along the underbelly and up to the tip. She felt him shudder when she tickled the soft spot underneath the base of the head. Leah continued the motion a few times, making him jump with each flick of the tongue. She sucked the head back into her mouth, pretending it was a sucker and swirled her tongue around the tip pressing her tongue ring into the hole to lick up the pre-cum starting to ooze out. The sound of Johnsy's moans echoed through the bay.

Johnsy put his hands and Leah's shoulders and pulled her up. He hopped off the engine and pushed his pants and boxers to the floor. Finally he was starting to impress her. He stood in front of Leah sat her on her ass, the cold metal again sending shivers through her skin. Johnsy grabbed Leah by the hips and pulled her to the edge of the engine. Leah opened her legs and pulled Johnsy between them. He leaned in, biting and sucking on her neck while twisting her nipples in his fingers. Leah moaned when she felt his mouth on her neck. He had found one of her sweet spots.

Johnsy reached down and felt Leah's wet pussy. He poked a finger inside and couldn't believe how wet it was. He felt her pussy gripping his finger and slid another inside. He felt how tight she was and his cock was raging, standing at full mast and eagerly waiting to be shoved inside. He teased her cunt with a few more finger fucks and then grabbed his cock. While guiding himself inside her, he reached his other hand up and sucked her cum from his fingers.

Johnsy pressed his cock into her clit, rubbing it up and down a few times causing her to twitch before he pushed his hard dick inside her cunt for the first time. Leah gasped and Johnsy was blown away. He immediately felt like he wanted to cum, and strained to hold back to save face. He grabbed Leah's hips and started pushing his cock inside her. Leah placed her hands on the front of the engine and leaned back, spreading her legs wider. Johnsy started with a slow pace at first, pushing himself inside her until his pubic bone was pressed against hers. Leah felt like his cock was stabbing her in the stomach, and she loved it. "Faster" she whispered.

Johnsy obliged, picking up his pace and started pumping her pussy with vigor. She felt her cum streaming down her thighs as he fucked her harder, thrusting as deep as he could get himself. His cock felt better with every push, and Leah was having a hard time keeping her moans and gasps to a quiet level. He was fucking her so fast that his cock slipped out of her dripping pussy. Leah grabbed his cock and pulled him back to her, slipping him back inside her. A few minutes later, Johnsy's cock slipped out again. Leah took the opportunity to switch positions.

She quickly flipped herself over onto her hands and knees, suffering through the pain of the metal digging into her bony knees. She widened her knees to lower herself down to make it easier for him to reach her cunt. Johnsy stepped back up to her, looking at her perfect milky white heart-shaped ass. He reached his hands up and trailed his fingers across her skin lightly and watched the goosebumps raise at his touch. He grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them in his hands before giving her right ass cheek a small slap. Leah shot up for a quick second, not from anger but from surprise. She liked it.

Johnsy's cock reentered her pussy, making Leah moan in delight. Johnsy started his pace where he had left off, and was fucking her so hard she was being pushed into the rig face. As he pummeled her pussy, he reached his arms around and started squeezing her tits. They were bouncing in the moonlight with every thrust of his hips, and the shadows of her small mounds bouncing on the front of the engine was bringing on his urge to cum. He found her nipples and started pinching and twisting them, grabbing the rings she had recently put it, and tugging on them rather hard. The sensation sent waves of tingles down her body. Suddenly, Leah felt her pussy tense up. Without any warning, she felt herself squirting cum all over herself, Johnsy, and the engine. Leah's moans, as she felt herself orgasm again, started to turn into small screams and Johnsy reached his hand up and covered her mouth, suffocating the noise.

Johnsy knew he couldn't hold back any longer. Leah's cum was spraying all over him and he had reached his breaking point. He felt his cock tighten and start to jerk. He put his free hand to the base of his cock trying to hold back his load, but it didn't work like it usually did. Johnsy stood behind Leah bucking his hips and cock into her, his one hand still trying to muffle Leah's screams while the other tried to prohibit his cock from spitting its load. Leah's teeth sunk into his fingers lightly and let go with enough time to beg him to let off inside her cunt. He felt her cunt tighten around his dick as he let his load off inside of her.

His spunk filled her cunt and she felt it. Leah loved the feeling of being filled with a mans cum. She could feel every spurt burst from his cock and fill her pussy. Johnsy started grunting as his cum filled the Lieutenant's pussy. Leah was trying to yell, but Johnsy's hand kept her from doing so, which for her was only a turn-on. By the time she felt the third burst of Johnsy's mess inside her, she let out her third orgasm. She almost that was unfair, but the feeling of cum pump number five wiped that thought from her mind immediately.

Leah felt her orgasm subside at the same time Johnsy pulled his limp cock from her pussy. As she felt his last few inches slip from her cunt, and shuddered as she felt him slip out of her pussy. Johnsy put his hands on her back, trying to support himself, but Leah shook him off. She sat on the front of the engine and forced her cunt to push out any of the cum he let off inside her. A gush of cum came from her, spilling on the front of the engine. After a few minutes of catching her breath, Leah finally hopped of the engine and started collecting her clothes. She was gonna head right to the shower, so she wasn't worried about anyone awake seeing her.

"Clean up the cum from the rig. I'm taking a shower. I expect you in the captain's quarters by 0730. I'm tired, but not finished."

Leah stumbled through the bay, wiped from a mixture of being tired and getting fucked. She looked back at Johnsy, smiling and winking. The look of fear on his face had been replaced by pure surprise and satisfaction. After tonight's shift, he knew his position was safe within the firehouse.

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