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The New Neighbor

Son comes home and meets neighbor, sees her crying a lot, and has sex with her.
He just came back from a job he’d done but he discovered they’d let him go once he came back from it. Why, he wasn’t exactly sure. In truth, he didn’t like the company but there were other jobs he knew he could get so meanwhile he’s stay with his parents while he worked at getting a new one.

Mitchell decided he’d think on exactly what he wanted to do. As he hung around his parent’s house he discovered a few things had changed. One of them being that the next door neighbors had moved and a new younger couple, a few years older then him, had moved into the house next door.

But something was up with them. He didn’t know either of them at all. They both seemed young enough but from what he’s seen she was attractive enough. He easily picked up on that right away. He liked her looks. However every time he’d see her she was crying for some reason. Why, he didn’t know, but she was always in tears.

She was a terrific looking woman he thought with her light brown eyes, her light brown hair, and what he thought was a body to “die for” or so he thought he told himself. Okay I’d do it with her he told himself, smiling on the inside.

Not really, he also said knowing that she was a married woman. But why is she always crying? He wished he knew more. He wished he knew her better. He wished he could get to know her but in truth it wasn’t his place. He didn’t know her and she didn’t know him.

There she was again. She was outside, working on her gardens, and…and again she was in tears. He wasn’t doing anything that day. He just so happened to be outside when he saw her. But seeing that she was crying, again, he wondered if everything was okay.

“Miss,” he said. “Miss…is everything alright?” Mitchell, the 28 year old inquired.

With tears in her eyes she happened to look up. He didn’t say another word. Instead he just waited for her to answer him. She smiled, kind of, but she had those tears in her nice looking brown eyes of hers.

“Yes, thank you,” she replied. She looked at him. Tears still sitting there in her eyes. He was a nice looking fellow or so she thought he was. “Pardon me,” she went on to add. “Do you live there?”

At that point he noticed her smile. It was a magnificent looking smile. It easily made an impression on him as her eyes appeared to light up. Wow, he told himself. What a nice looking and I mean a really nice looking woman. With that smile…wow.

“Oh uh yes…yes I do,” he said. “This is my parents place. I live,” and he told her where he was living.

“Ohhhhhhh really,” she said as the tears slowly disappeared. “I’ve been there. I spent a week there about three years ago.”

“Really,” he said as he walked over to her house. “So what brings you to this neck of the woods?” She told him. And then he said, with a smile on his face, “I’m Mitchell and you are?” he asked.

“I’m Bridgette,” she said as she straightened up to smile again as she shook his hand.

“Well it’s nice to meet you Bridgette,” he said as he held her hand in his. They held hands almost too long and as they did he stared at her as she stared at him. “It’s very nice to meet you.”

“You too Mitchell,” she said, again smiling into is eyes.

He wanted to know though. Why was she always, and it seemed always, crying? They talked some more. It was a nice, brief conversation. He said it again. That it was nice to her. She said the same. He went back to his house but he watched her from inside his house. She could see him. And that was when he noticed it again.

She started crying again.

An hour later he decided to go outside, again. There was no reason. He just felt he had to know. He’d get to the bottom of it, somehow. He’d take his time. Even if she was a slightly older woman. So what? He knew he’d get her to tell him why she was always crying it seemed.

“Hi again,” he said, smiling. Again, she “wore” those tears, and why she wore them he did not know. “Are you alright?” he asked. “I mean, I don’t mean to act as if I’m being nosey or anything but well every time I’ve seen you well you look as if umm you’re crying. A woman as beautiful as you are well you shouldn’t be crying so much.”

She looked at him. He was right. Not on the beautiful part of it all but that she’s is always crying. No woman should ever cry that much should they? No…no they should on and she knew that too.

“It’s complicated,” she said. “It’s just complicated,” Bridgette said as her tears again settled in her eyes.

“So have you told anyone about it all?” he asked anyway, still wanting to know.

In a quieted tone of voice she said “No, it’s just personal.” She was shaking her head.

“Well listen Bridgette,” he told her. “If ever you want or feel the need to talk about it or anything I’m here. I’ll listen if you ever want to let it all out, okay?”

She nodded her head as she looked up at him. He nodded back and smiled a humble smile and she said “Mitchell, that’s awful kind of you to say so. You’re a sweet guy,” the 34 year old long haired brunette said.

He didn’t say anything at that point and turned and slowly walked away.

Two hours later, the doorbell rang, and Mitchell who was not going out anywhere answered the front door. It was Bridgette. Again, she had tears in her eyes and he invited her into his house.

“Can you help me?” she said.

“As best I can Bridgette,” he told her.

“I have a big, big problem. And seeing as I’m from out of town and I don’t have anyone around here to talk this over with I’m coming to you. I know I shouldn’t,” she told him as tears again rolled down out of her eyes and into her mouth and elsewhere. “But…but I’ve got to figure out how to handle all of this.”

“Tell me about it,” he told her. “Here, come and sit down on the couch.”

She walked over to the couch. They sat down. He sat beside her. And she told him her problems, which were in truth pretty messed up. He was shaking his head. Her husband in truth was an asshole as assholes come. Everything he said or did, he could see, would and did upset her to the very end.

“I’m so sorry, Bridgette.” He was shaking his head as to how unbelievable her husband actually was and what he did or said to her. He wasn’t sure how to make her feel better. He had never been involved with a woman like this before. And he wanted her to feel a lot better then she was feeling at that point. “I wish there was something I could do that would make your life better,” he went on to say as she cried more.

He finally did something although most likely the wrong thing to do and probably the worst thing he could have done as well. Mitchell raised his hand, seeing that another tear was rolling down out of her eye, and he carefully and lightly wiped it away.

She liked that. It made her feel…special. She liked how a younger man such as Mitchell would be so bold, so manly that he’d step up, and make her feel so womanly. She looked at him once he did what he had and Bridgette smiled a meek, pretty, and womanly smile.

“Thank you,” she said. “It takes a real man to do something like you just did.”

“You’re welcome. I’d do that for almost anyone…especially you Bridgette,” he replied.

With tears still rolling down she said “I know we’ll argue again tonight and tomorrow but if you want to…feel free to stop by once he leaves. We can talk again, alright?” She stood up, smiling, and leaned over. Bridgette placed a kiss on his cheek and thanked him.

“Wow what did I get myself into?” he asked himself once she left.

He’d thought that thought almost all night long but the idea of going next door the following morning, once her husband ditched the scene of the crime so to speak, hadn’t left his thoughts as of yet, and yes, he was going to head over once everyone cleared out.

Everyone, including his parents too, had left. Mitchell showered and got dressed. He got something to eat, which really wasn’t anything, and he headed over by way of her back door and not the front door. He did not want people talking. He knew that. And she’d figure that out too.

He knocked, a couple times, and there she was. Still in a robe and whatever she had on underneath. She was not expecting him so soon but she told him to wait, and he waited, while she went up and showered and got dressed. She finally came back down after 30 minutes although she wasn’t smiling at all.

“Hi Mitchell,” she said. “I didn’t expect you this early but don’t worry. It is nice that you came over dear.”

Dear, he said to himself. She called me dear, really. Is that good or is that a bad thing? He wished he knew in truth. Oh well just let things fall where they will. “How are you?” he said as they sat down. She said she was okay but he could tell she wasn’t. “Did you two fight again?”

“Honey, we always fight. And when I say that I mean it,” she said.

“I’m sorry Bridgette,” he said. Out of nowhere he said “May I say something odd to you?” She said yes. “I really like that name, Bridgette.”

“You do, honestly?” she said and he said yes. “Awwww Mitchell, you have to be the nicest and sweetest guy I know.” She smiled a sweet looking smile and then added “No, you are a very sweet young man…unlike my asshole husband. Now he’s as big an asshole as they come.”

And with that said the tears again rolled out of her sockets. At first he watched but he couldn’t bear to watch her cry those tears she was crying. Mitchell reached out as the tears came, endlessly. He tried as best he could to wipe them away but they kept on coming. He wiped more away as she cried more tears. He felt terrible but they did slow down as he wiped them out of her eyes.

All of a sudden, these two were “close” to one another, and she watched him stare at her and she realized he had the softest and nicest features any man could ever have. His eyes appeared to sparkle too she thought. His lips, she told herself, were the nicest set of lips she had ever seen in her life. All of a sudden they were “inches” away from one another as he continued wiping off her face, gradually, and gently too.

She looked deep into his eyes as he stood in front of her with those handsomely eyes of his and the idea came to her all of a sudden. I wish he would kiss me. No, I wish I could kiss him. Oh…oh Lord, I wish we could kiss one another she told herself. A burning sensation suddenly ran through her once she thought that idea.

Her cheeks were as red as they could possibly be. He stared at her face, especially her eyes, cheeks, and then her lips. She stared back at him wishing he’d kiss her on her lips. All of a sudden she felt herself leaning forward. All of a sudden she felt herself as she leaned in and she kissed her neighbors son on his lips.

And heaven forbid Mitchell kissed Bridgette back and he did not stop once.

That seemed to go on for almost five whole minutes. Mitchell and his neighbor Bridgette kissed like forever. And they kissed more as their arms wrapped around one anothers body and her tears dried up and off her cheeks. And they kissed more and Bridgette pulled him closer then ever. He felt her all over as their bodies were tightly meshed up against one another while they kissed more and more passionately.

But then they stopped completely.

Breathing hard the two of them pulled away. They knew they didn’t want to but for some reason they did. Still breathing heavily, they looked at each other, wondering, and still wondering what just happened both asked themselves should we be doing this?

“I uh don’t know what just happened,” he said, “but uhhh I sure like it. However I know what I did was way, way out of line, and I’m sorry about doing it either way.”

“God no…not me Mitchell,” she said as an exhausted smile seemed to form on her face. “I loved that. I did. I’d do it again too. I would. I really would too.”

They stared into one another’s eyes and she smiled more and more as she looked at him. “I know something else,” she added. “I loved kissing you and to be totally honest with you sweetheart,” and she paused and stopped. Then she said “I’d love to make love with you. I mean if you feel the same exact way, Mitchell.”

He didn’t answer her initially. She was a married woman. He wasn’t married and even if she was an absolutely gorgeous woman in his eyes, she lived next door, and he also asked himself…what if her husband found out?

“I don’t know Bridgette,” he said, almost declining the offer to make love to her. “I just don’t know if we should.” Although he wanted to and as he thought about doing it later on, it bothered him more and more as the day went by.

Earlier she said “Let me text you at least. We can work something out. I won’t be a burden but being with you Mitchell…ohhhhhh being with you, passionately, already sounds to me like it would be and could be such a gratifying time. Doesn’t it?”

He broke down. He gave her his cell phone number. She seemed better at that point and although they kissed, which helped Bridgette of course, she still had visions of making love with him. Passion filled her soul as did her heart. She wanted him, terribly. She could feel him everywhere she told herself as the day moved on.

And then when he came home he opened the channels again. Again, he was a rip roaring drunk and he ripped into her complaining about this or that and she knew one thing. She had had enough of the asshole.

She knew at least one thing for sure. She wanted love and passion and what better way to get that then to call him. Call Mitchell and invite him over for the day. Invite him over for the night. Make him understand she would do all she could to make love so that he’d come back anytime and do it all again and again.

“Okay, when’s he leaving?” Mitchell asked via texting her back. She told him. “Then I’ll be there at 9:00 am sharp. Is that good enough?” he asked by way of texting her again.

It was although she said no, jokingly, and he understood. He was over next door the very next morning at 9:00 am he brought nothing but himself and preparations to make passionate love to her body all day and all night long.

No more tears as of that day but she remembered them and she was soooo happy to see him as he drove his car around the block and pulled it into her garage and he got out and went into her house via that back door again.

Once he got inside her arms were around him and Bridgette was kissing him on his lips and practically shedding her clothes for him as well. She wanted him to want her. She wanted nothing but that too.

“God Mitchell, I can’t tell you how much I want you and how much I want you to want me. Take me Mitchell and make love all over my body. Kiss me all over will you please Mitchell,” she said pleading to him.

He stood there, as she pleaded with him, and all he did was smile into her soulful like eyes. They were beautiful as she was and once she finished pleading with him he said “Where’s your bedroom? Let’s go and make love up there, alright.” She told him. With that he lifted her up into his arms and Mitchell carried her lightweight, slender, and curvaceous figure upstairs into her bedroom.

He undid her clothes almost completely. Without removing her bra and undies, he began kissing his slightly older neighbor all over her body. Then he lowered her to her bed. He got on it and climbed practically on top of her and Mitchell started to kiss her starting at her lips, down her neck, stopping at her bosoms, and then kissing her flat sweet belly before he went and kissed her sweet semi-wide hips.

She loved it. It was soooo romantic feeling his lips all over her almost but with that having been done she hoped he’d do a lot, lot more to her. She wanted his lips on her inner thighs too. She wanted his lips on her sweet succulent butt cheeks for that matter. She wanted him, as well, to even kiss the backs of her thighs, and she was ready for him to kiss back up them and start possibly nibbling at her pussy’s lips.

He took his time. But he did what she hoped he might do. He did all of it and he did it all in his sweet time too. Everywhere she wanted him to kiss her in fact he kissed. It was arousing and erotic and she could not believe he actually kissed her all over the place.

Seeing as he did kiss her everywhere, she returned the favor. “I love what you’ve done Mitchell. That was soooo great. Do you know that?” He said he hoped it was. “Well here, let me do something for you,” she said.

And seeing as she said what she did she reached for his cock, she undid his clothes, and Bridgette soon started to make love to him via first handling his cock and then she swallowed it down into her mouth for him.

She didn’t just swallow it. She licked and toyed around with the very tip of it too. She loved that. She licked it and she licked it even more. She toyed around with his chest and even his nipples as she licked his cock’s tip and shaft. She made sure she made him happy as she continued licking his hardened shaft but they both knew what was coming next. Both did in fact.

Without saying a word, he put himself inside her. She could feel it and for Bridgette it felt soooo damn wonderful that she told herself she could be like this every day for the rest of her life. In gradual time her began to fuck Bridgette. He went slowly so that she was sure she truly loved the impression he was making on her. He wanted this woman to fully and totally enjoy his cock.

He went in. He pulled out. He did it all at a very slow rate. Bridgette could not believe just how great it all felt. A smile settled in on her lips as she felt his cock go in her and then pull out. She told herself, as they “climbed” all over one another, she could do this every day of her life. And yes, she could she thought.

As for Mitchell, he wanted to make sure she was not ever disappointed. He went at it at a very, very slow pace, and as he did he made sure he kissed his lover as well. “Ohhh God that is soooo good Mitchell,” she finally cried out, numerous times. “Keep doing it just like that. Keep fucking me just like that baby will you? Oh God, yes Mitchell yes,” she continued to cry out. “Just keep doing it the same old way. Yes ohhh yes honey. Just keep fucking me like you’ve been fucking me. Ohhhhhh, I love it that way! I love it just like,” and then she stopped for a second.

“Just like that honey. Just like that,” she cried out. “I can’t live without you doing it like that to me honey,” she went on to say as her hands pulled at almost every corner of his body as the two continued fucking one another.

And so Mitchell kept on fucking her as if he was going to be able to do it forever. Yep, he kept at it. He continued going in. He’d pull it away. He’d go in and he’d go right back at her. She was a great woman to make love to or so he thought she was.

He didn’t know for sure but she must have orgasmed three or possibly four times he told himself. In truth it was only twice but neither was counting as she fucked him and fucked him more and more.

It total, it all lasted about two hours as they went about their foreplay and then they had their sex. But when it was all said and done, she was all ready to start over again. He knew he had to replenish himself but she didn’t care. She was ready, right then and there, to do it with this guy she barely even knew, to start all over right then and there.

“God honey, I have to uhhh ‘fill up’ before I go at it again,” he told her with a smile. “But I will say this. I loved doing it with you. That’s for sure. I mean that! And I’d do this with you all day long any day of the week.” He looked at her as she looked back and then he said “You’re perfect. Do you know how perfect you really are Bridgette?”

Naked, flat on her back, she was smiling, and as she lay there she thanked him for fucking her and making love to her like he did. He adored her body up and down and all over the place. He could not believe just how gorgeous she actually was. In truth what man could not look at her like he had and what man could not say to himself she was a very, very beautiful woman?

Laying beside one another, the two of them fell asleep for a couple hours. Neither even thought about it as they lay snuggling and sleeping but once they woke up they were at each other again.

They made love to one another as if these two were newlyweds. The kissing was phenomenal. He kissed her all over her body. He kissed it everywhere. There was not an inch that he did not cover it seemed. She loved it and later on hoped she would never loose him ever.

But she fucked him. And she made sure she fucked her lover harder then earlier because sex with this man was a gift from God, she told herself. Yes it was. So her lips, her pussy, and her body didn’t stop as she did it all with him.

“I’m going to make love to you again and again and again and…,” she said as she smiled. She rolled over and her naked body was all over his. She kissed him endlessly.

Mitchell was easily in seventh heaven as he began to make love to her again.

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