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The New Secretary

Boss tries out his new secretary for the weekend.
I'm glad that we hired you as the new secretary. You had been flirting with me off and on all week so I began to wonder, Hmm, do I have a chance?

The chance came up so I asked you, "Would you mind coming in and giving me a hand Saturday? We're closed, but I have some work to finish up."

You just smiled a big, shit-eating, grin. "Sure, I would love to. Anything to help out," you replied with a wink. For some reason that answer made my loin's stir.

Saturday morning came around and I met you at the door. You had on a short black skirt, low cut blouse and high heels. I was thinking, Damn, those smooth legs look hot, and that cleavage...Mmm. I could not keep my eyes off of it.

"There was no need to dress up," I told you, "It's just us."

"That's okay," you replied, with that same cute grin, "I wanted to."

I went in and began working while you pulled some files. I kept looking up at you, watching your seductive body as you moved gracefully about the office.

I kept wondering, Should I make a move? Would it be okay? The little devil on my shoulder kept nudging me, working to get my courage up.

I was lost in those thoughts when you walked over to the corner of my desk, a large stack of files in your hands.

"What'cha think'n?" you asked.

"Oh...uh...uh...nothing," I stammered in reply.

You nonchalantly brushed the files with your hand and they fell, scattering to the floor. "Oh shit!" you exclaimed.

I started to get up, but you placed your delicate fingers on my shoulder, pushing me back down.

"No, I'll get it," you said with a smile.

Damn, I thought, there goes that mischievous smile again. You turned and bent over. My eyes followed the gentle curve of your ankles, then worked their way up the back of your smooth thighs to...


You were wearing no panties! There, right underneath that black skirt, between those beautifully, rounded ass cheeks, was the damp and swollen lips of your sex. Unconsciously, I licked my lips. A rush of blood filled my manhood and it began to grow, throbbing against my inner thigh.

As if on its own, my hand reached out to caress the back of those smooth thighs. I half expected a quick slap on the hand but it never came. Still braver, my fingers rose up and I slid my index finger across the lips of your sex. They were moist and warm. I slid it in deeper, between the folds and into the tight opening.

"What are you doing, Mr. Steve?" you playfully asked as you pushed your ass back onto my finger.

My only answer was to curve my finger downward, feeling for that one special spot. Upon finding it, I pressed the fingertip down, gently messaging the rough, sensitive surface.

Placing your hands down flat on the carpet to steady yourself you moaned, rocking your ass back and forth towards me. I could smell your arousal. I watched the white cream, coating my fingers. The muscles of your ass twitched, making your rosebud open and close, winking at me.

Flipping the skirt over your back, I grabbed the hem and pulled your oval towards my tongue. Your knees almost buckled as my wet tongue playfully tickled over the opening. You bent over even more spreading your legs and opening yourself to my hungry eyes and tongue.

I took the opportunity to push another finger deep into your sex while licking my way down to meet the probing digits. Once there, I could pull them out, stick them into my mouth, savor your exotic flavor and slip them right back inside.

I took turns pulling them out, licking your engorged clit and worming the tongue into your opening, coming up to lick my fingers and easing them back into your tight love box. You were moaning louder, your sweet orgasms melting like cotton candy onto my sticky lips.

Needing, and wanting more, you turned and dove onto my lap. Your lips crushed down over mine and we kissed as long lost lovers. You straddled my muscular thighs with your legs. I could feel my pants' leg become soaked as you rubbed your naked sex over and over it. You nearly tore my shirt off as you feverishly unbuttoned it to kiss my hard chest. It was my turn to moan as those lips encircled my nipple.

While licking me, you slipped a hand down to my pants, fumbling with my belt and zipper. Releasing the beast, you felt your way around it, holding its length in your palm, feeling its thickness, its heat.

"Yes," you said, "Yes."

You moved down to your knees at the foot of my chair. Somehow, without releasing your hold on my stiff cock your removed your blouse.

Oh, my God! No bra either! How did I miss that fact?

My eyes were fixated on the beautiful orbs. You teasingly ran a long nipple over the tip of my shaft, then scooping up a drop of pre-cum, licked it from both my tip and your wet nipple.

I pushed back in my chair, gripping the leather arms. You took a hold of my shaft and pressed it between the cleavage of your large breasts. I moved my hips, forcing its length up and down, inside your warm pillows. On the top stroke you would bend your wonderful lips down and over its sensitive head.

It was my turn to say; "Yes, yes."

Your eyes, those exotic eyes, would look up at mine making me melt. They filled my whole soul with animal lust. There was no control,. I wanted you and I would take you.

I rose up and with one sweep of my hand, brushed everything off my desk and onto the floor. The papers, pens, and calculators scattered like a deck of cards. I effortlessly picked you up, placing you on your back, lengthwise, over the top of my desk. Standing naked at the edge of the desk, I took a hold of your thighs and slid your body towards my rigid shaft. You glared up at me with determined lust and met my oncoming thrust with your own.

Deep inside you, I felt how tight you were. Your sex squeezed me like a soft vice. Your interior walls throbbed and massaged my throbbing cock. I felt your dampness on the hairs above my shaft. Your moisture dripped like beads of sweat from my swollen balls. There was no stopping us. You met me thrust for thrust.

My head bent down to capture a nipple, tugging it into my mouth. As soon as I released it your mouth came back up, crushing mine in a passionate kiss. I shared your moan with mine.

The desk, slick from your sweat, allowed me to guide your body back and forth all along the full, swollen, length of my thick shaft. Somewhere behind our cries of passion I could hear the creak of the desk, and the crumple of trampled papers. I cared not. All I could think of was the endless rapture, of holding you tightly, looking into the depths of your eyes and savoring our orgasm.

I leaned over you, watching as you closed your eyes, opening your mouth in a small, "O". I felt my passion boiling, moving up the long length of my pulsing cock.

"Look at me!" I commanded.

You cried out, forcing your eyes to stay open, your hips thrashing beneath mine. The flood of hot cum sparked you into another intense orgasm, this one deeper and stronger than the last. Your face flushed as the blood rushed to your sex. The muscles inside you flexed, sending electric sensations back to your brain. A magical glow of pleasure covered your entire face. Your eyes radiated back at me.

My ass jerked one last time and I emptied the last rope of warm cum into your flesh.

"Aghhh," I groaned.

I helped you up from the desk and eased you back onto the chair and into my lap. How sexy you were, naked except for the short skirt and high heels. Your breasts pressed hard against my chest and we kissed. I could feel your small nipples, still erect, poking into me.

I moved my knee as it was before, back between your legs. Your wet sex rested on my bare thigh. Ever so slowly you moved your hips, dragging the damp lips of your sex up and down my leg. My cock was twitching back to life. You touched it, making it jump.

"Oh, boy!" you said.

I glanced at the clock then down to the papers, scattered about the room. It looked as though a tornado had struck.

"You up for working late tonight?" I asked.

"Sure thing, boss," you replied. You gave my now fully erect cock a gentle squeeze and tug, stating, "Looks as though you're 'up' for it too."

Pressing my head back into the soft leather seat, I closed my eyes and groaned. You straddled me, slipping the wetness of your sex down onto my stiff pole. "I foresee lots of overtime in your future, baby," I commented with a smile.

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