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The Next Morning

Last night was the beginning... this morning the story continues
My eyes slowly blink open taking in the morning sunlight shining into the bedroom. I immediately smile and turn my head sideways and watch you sleep next to me, my mind thinking back to last which was night filled with such passionate intense lovemaking and great sex. I flip to my side resting my head in my hands, I can't help but reach out and touch your sleepy face. I let my hand trace down your nose to the tip of it, poking you slightly, making myself smile, wondering if I am waking you up. I let my finger trace the outline of your lips, you suddenly take my finger into mouth, sucking on it for a bit before releasing, while opening one eye at me. I can't help but smile at you.

"Hey you. Did I wake you?" I ask innocently.

Your eyes darken as they gaze into mine. "Woman, you know damn well that you did."

Letting my eyes hold your gaze as I lower my face to yours letting our lips meet in a soft, sensual kiss that sends a jolt throughout my entire body. I moan softly into your lips as the kiss naturally deepens. Your arms wrap around me pulling me over on top of you. My lips parting slightly as our tongues meet and dance and mingle, your hands sliding up and down my still naked back, making my skin tingle with each and every touch.

Feeling the thickness of your hardened shaft against me, I slowly start to grind my hips against you, both of us moaning against each other lips as the kiss grows in intensity. Sitting up, I let my legs straddle on each side of you as my pussy rests against your shaft. My wetness growing from the anticipation of your shaft filling me up, making me groan out with need.

"Mae..." I hear the pleading and need in your voice as your hands slide down the side of my curves and rest on my hips. Your intense gaze bearing down on me. "Do something before I do it for you."

"What would you do Eric?" I asked sweetly, my eyes meeting yours.

A groan of frustration is my answer as you whip the sheet off us, flip me over and onto my back, with your body hovering over me all in the matter of seconds. You pin my hands down with yours stretched out to the sides of us as your knee parts my legs, allowing your shaft to rest against me. You face lingers right above mine as you lower your lips and capture mine once again as you push your hips forward, your shaft finding my entrance in one push, filling me completely. I gasp against your lips, preventing me from crying out in pure relief of having you connected to me completely.

Our bodies stay perfectly still against one another as I feel my pussy stretch around your shaft. My breathe becomes shallow as my heart keeps racing. My body beginning to cry out to move, not able to as you keep me pinned under you. You rotate your hips, making me moan out loud. Your shaft buried so deep in me. Lowering your head you kiss me again, the feel of your lips so tender and sweet on mine. I can't get enough of tasting you.

With a moan releasing from your own lips against mine, you arch your back withdrawing your shaft from the tight wet confines of my pussy. The slow agony of retreat. Almost completely withdrawn from me, I feel the tip of your shaft at my pussy edge, without warning, you slam your shaft back inside me. I cry out in ecstasy as I feel your balls slap against me with the force. You begin a onslaught of taking me over and over with your shaft, the sounds of your balls slapping against me filling the air and mingling with our groans of passion. You keeping me pinned to the bed as your hips forced me down into the mattress with each thrust. My hands gripping yours tightly.

The rise and fall of your hips as you keep up the high pace rhythm of pure need and pending release. Moaning out with you, I lay there almost completely helpless and loving the feel of your shaft sliding in and out. The wetness of my pussy, slicking your shaft making it slurp with each thrust. My pussy walls rubbing against your shaft with each thrust. Feeling my body begin to tense, I scream out my release, my body trembling under you. Hearing the low grumble begin in your chest, I feel you tighten over me as you give one last hard shove of your shaft into my pussy, releasing your cum, filling me up. The groan of release as you toss your head back, pounding your shaft into me.

You collapse on my chest, trying to catch your breathe as you release my hands, I wrap them around your back and hold you tight against me. Kissing your cheek and neck. I feel you start to chuckle on my chest as the sound reaches my ears.

"Yes?????" You lift your head, gazing into my eyes, laughter evident.

"Good morning beautiful. Looking forward to what the rest of the day holds."

I smirk at you and simply tell you "Guess you shall have to wait to see......"

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