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The night I met Charlie

He wants her and she wants him.

Have you ever been swept off your feet? Been thrown over a shoulder? Felt the ecstasy of having your body ravished? I have and this is my story . (My first story.)

I was almost 19 and it was a cool autumn evening driving our friend Harry home from work. My friend Kate was in the passenger seat as usual. She could not drive a stick shift well on the wet valley back roads. So, I was driving her car and Harry chattering away about his older brother moving in w/ him for awhile. I didn't pay him much attention as Kate and I were too busy singing along to an old 80s song on the radio. I always like to take a different route to my destination just to mix things up. I chose to enter Harry's neighborhood through the back way and didn't notice all the cars parked on the side of his split-level Cars for guests of this residence.

Upon entering the house we were greeted by a large group of screaming sports fans. Most were gathered around a big screen watching a boxing match. Harry introduced us to a few people and directed Kate and I to go downstairs away from the rowdy crowd. But he ran off to call his girlfriend and left us girls to find our own way. This was the first time we were in this part of the house and were trying to find a quiet place to sit, wait for our friend, and figure out which movie we were going to see that night. A small group of guys were playing pool not far from our sofa. After repeatedly refusing drinks from these guys, we finally decided why not since we had a designated driver and a room to stay in if we so chose. Kate and I ended up joining in the pool game and were really enjoying ourselves hanging out with these four guys. In between Harry's phone calls he tried to play a game too.

We never noticed that most of the house had emptied we were so engrossed in 9-ball. I finally got to try out my skills from a billiard class and was actually winning against more experienced men. Apparently my skills, or maybe just my fat ass in my skin tight Calvin's, got the attention of a tall, dark and muscular guy in blue jeans and a white tank. His name was Charlie and he was about 6 foot tall to my 5 foot petite frame. I had to bend my neck to look up into his deep brown eyes when he stepped outside to chat with me. I thought he was gorgeous and could not stop staring at his muscular chest. (It's not my fault it was at my eye level!) He had the kind of mucsles that make a man masculine. Just right and not too big and bulky. But big enough to swing me around like a ragdoll if he wanted. I could not understand why this man would want to take time away from his buddies to chit chat with me. Sure I'm cute. But not beautiful. I'm small in stature with dark blue eyes, long wavy brown hair with red highlights. My breasts are small, but firm and perky. I've got a small waste too. But my best feature, besides my eyes, is my bubble butt. Whatever it is, I must be his type or he knows good things come in small packages!

A bit later it was time to catch a ride home. But where is my jacket? I went down to the pool table room to find it. It was strangely quiet and empty as I walked down the stairs and across the room. Then I saw him. It was Charlie walking toward me with this look in his eyes like he wanted to devour me. He walked right up to me, bent down and scooped me into his arms bringing my face up to his. He looked into my eyes as he kissed me. He kissed me hard and heavy. I felt those eyes look deep into me and I just melted into him. A feeling crept up from within my torso that made everything else stop and cease to exist. He set me down on table and leaned in to me softly as I opened my mouth to him. He reached around me and grabbed my ass hard with both hands and pulled me to him. He was so big and powerful. I wanted him just as much as he wanted me. I let him take control of me and felt him consume me as his tongue danced in and out of my mouth.I felt his hard cock pressed against my pussy He throbbed and I pulsed. I wrapped my leg's around his waist and pulled him down on top of me. He was leaning over as he unbuttoned my blouse and started kissing and licking my cleavage. Charlie tried to slip his hand down the front of my pants. But they were so tight he had to squirm a bit. He only used one finger and he placed it in between my lips. 

He moaned out load, "oh god!"

I smiled and he released me. He with drew his hand with his finger dripping wet with my juices.

"Mmmmm," he moaned as he sucked my wetness off his finger.

He tore his shirt off over his head and went in for my sweet spot. He kissed me all along my neck. Sucking and nibbling, he turned me to jelly. My nippled were so hard when he bent down to suck them. He made them stand out even more as he pinched them between his teeth. What good is no panties with tight jeans...why didn't I wear a skirt today! It was torture not to feel his hard cock up against my clit. I wanted him. No, I needed him inside me.
My stomach was creamy white in the dim light as he slowly kissed his way down to my pants. Teeth and hands nimbly undid my button and unzipped them. I was almost embarrassed at how wet I was between my legs at this point.

But Charlie just closed his eyes and whispered, "You are so fucking hot!" He slipped first one finger and then two inside my body. A big thumb found my clit easily and rubbed as his fingers moved in and out of my lips. I came twice when we were making out on the pool table. But then I can orgasm easily. It only seemed to make the bulge in Charlie's pants grow bigger and that wet dot on the front to appear larger.

I tried to sit up and bend over to undo his pants. But he grabbed my wrists and pushed me back down forcefully, but not too rough, onto my back. A soft caress down my naked torso lead to my pants coming off. Then I started climbing a mountain. Dark eyes looked into mine as they were bent toward my other mouth. A tongue darted in and out my lips, tickled my clit and dove deep inside me. I screamed out in pleasure as he brought me to orgasm again. My heart beat so fast inside my chest as lay there. But Charlie wasn't done with me yet. He ran his tongue from my pussy down the taint to my ass. Oh my ....what's this I thought. I was too spent to even twitch when he lifted my legs up higher and inserted his tongue in my other hole.

"uh...uh..uhhhaaaahh," I stammered.

He just laughed a little evil chuckle and started tracing little circles around my anus with that tongue of his. This was new and different for me. The sensation was good, but it started feeling really good and my nipples tingled a lot. A finger was inserted as he brought me to climax eating my pussy. I was grinding my wet hot cunt into his face and I came so hard it shocked me. This man was Awesome! He made me feel ecstasy and I hadn't even seen his dick yet!

When he finally came up for air he puled me up to a sitting position and wrapped his arms around me. Chest to bare chest, my breasts pressed tight against his, we felt our hearts cooling down beating together.

Leaning in he whispered, "I want you so bad. You just don't even know! But ...not hear ...not like this."

"I want you bad too," I said.

But we both were content to hold each other for awhile away from the others. He drove me home and walked me to my door. We kissed hard and long not wanting to part.
And that is my first encounter with a man who consumed my body and occupied my dreams!

( Will I ever see him again? Will we ever have sex? Stay tuned for my 2nd escapade to find out!)
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