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the night we both needed

Tags: affair, lust
Giving into the lust
This is my first story. It is half fiction, half non-fiction.

Her name was Amy. I'd noticed her straight away, working behind the bar, flirting for tips. She seemed to be the girl every single guy wanted, including me. She was short, about 5'1, with jet black hair finishing at her middle back, dark skin and big brown eyes. This girl was stunning and no one could take their eyes off her.

So there I was, waiting to order when it just so happened that Amy was the one to serve me. The bar was quiet so I got my drink and stuck around to talk with her a little, try and crack the barmaid no one else could. She was doing her usual "flirting for tips" routine which I must admit had me spending. After a few minutes of talking and flirting between us, we exchanged numbers and began texting as our generation does.
Months went by as I was in a relationship at the time and tried my best to be faithful. But one night things went a little too far.

My girlfriend at the time was starting to seem less and less interested in me and in our relationship. She knew that Amy and I hung out but had no suspicions as to the thoughts I'd had and the lust brewing within me, so she had no objections to Amy coming around while she was away for work.

The clock ticked on and the drinks were going down quite easily, so easily in fact that after a while we had both started spilling them all over ourselves. Amy decided she needed a shower and helped herself while I was getting another drink. I could hear the water running and all I could picture was her naked body all slippery and soaped up.

My cock was beginning to get hard at the thought, it took all my will power and strength not to open the bathroom door and make my move. Let me explain the finer points of this girl. Her body was incredible, the flat stomach every guy loves, her tits were a 34e, her legs were long for her height and perfectly brown, but her ass was the thing that always had my attention. It was the kind of ass you want to smack just to watch it bounce, and bounce it did. It was half way between the tight, firm ass of a jogger and a perfectly round bubble butt.

Somehow I'd managed to drag myself away from the door and go back to getting myself another drink, but as I did I heard a call. Amy's voice from the hallway, but when I turned around to see what she was after there stood the sexiest barmaid I'd ever seen, sopping wet and completely naked.

She threw me a wink and walked back into the bathroom, leaving the door open. I knew what she wanted and I couldn't resist it any longer. I followed her in, taking my clothes off as I did and joined her in the shower. Not a word was said, as soon as the shower door shut we were all over each other. Our hands exploring each others bodies and our lips locked in the most lust filled kiss I'd ever experienced.

Her hands found my cock which was obviously rock hard already and she began to softly stroke the entire length while at the same time my hands found their way to the ass I'd fantasized about for months and I must say it was exactly as I'd always imagined...perfect!

My lips couldn't help but move to her neck as I backed her against the shower wall. She let go of my cock and wrapped her arms and legs around my body. This was it, we were about to give in to the lust that had been flowing between us for the past months.

I slowly lowered her down around the head of my cock and her eyes lit up. It was Christmas and this was the gift she'd asked for. I couldn't take it any longer, the build up between us was too much and I dropped her onto my entire length. She let out a loud scream which echoed throughout the entire house.

I began lifting her up and down my cock, slowly at first until were both certain that we wanted it raw and lustful. So as I let her down onto her feet she dropped to her knees in one swift move and took my dick in her beautiful lips, not even teasing my head, just dropping it down her throat as far as she could get it, not breaking eye contact even for a second. She looked so helpless with a mouthful of cock and knew it.

I pulled her to her feet and with the water cascading down our bodies I turned her around, thrust my cock to hilt, pulled her head back by her hair and went straight at her without a second thought. Her pussy felt incredible and within minutes I was ready to explode, but determined to make sure she got what we both wanted her to have, I held out.

Not only was I fucking her as hard and fast as I could, she was pushing her hips back onto me trying to get my cock as deep as it could possible go before I felt her knees start to buckle, her body shudder and her pussy tightening around my cock, draining it for all it was worth. We were truly satisfied, it was worth every single second of waiting and there was nothing else we could do to each other. We washed ourselves off and then spent the rest of the night fucking each other silly.

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