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The not so first time

Tags: party, teens, fling
Steamy, young and sexy.
Fiona sat on her desk, in a clean white button down shirt and her house shorts, staring at the rain drip off the ends of the leaves of a giant Mango tree outside her window. She hated the rain, it was always the heat that turned her on. Yet, the drops of rain running down the windshield of her car outside reminded her of the droplets of sweat originating from Vivian's brow and running down his neck and athletic firm body.

Fiona met Vivian at  her classmate Racheal's 16th birthday party 4 years ago. Vivian was Racheal's cousin and the centre of attention that day. His athletic build and smiling eyes, complemented by thick eyebrows and a seductive pout only made him more attractive. After exchanging shy glances with each other for about an hour, Vivian, 3 years older than her, approached Fiona. The only thing Fiona remembered after that was getting into Vivian's car backseat. It was a hot summer's night and the heat between them was also rising.

" You look beautiful" Vivian had complimented and leaned forward and touched her lips with his. He could feel her lips tremble and backed up. "First time?" he asked, reassuringly

"No, you're just too hot to handle" Fiona lied convincingly.

What followed only made Vivian believe she was saying the truth.

Fiona pushed him back, while biting his ear and sucking the lobe. She kissed his neck as she unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his hard body all hot and sweaty. Vivian gave in, allowing her to take over. she guided his hands to her shirt which he instantly removed, revealing beautiful, perfectly round breasts in a strapless bra. He undid her bra with great ease  and without touching her breasts while she sucked his nipples and kissed his chest. Just as her bra came off to reveal the most amazingly, firm breasts Vivian had ever seen, Fiona slid her hand down to his cock. She could feel his male hardness through his denims and she gladly rubbed it. Vivian was on his initiative sliding his hands inside Fiona's skirt. He took only her panties off, again taking care not to touch her pussy. Finally he slid her skirt off. He wanted to get her naked completely before enjoying every bit of her body.

Fiona had simultaneously removed Vivian's jeans to reveal a hard cock, all erect and wet, throbbing to push inside her. She groped behind his balls to find the famed g-spot and turned him on. She gently cupped the balls in her hand and licked them. She was a teaser. She wasn't going to give it to him easily. Fiona could feel his strong palms squeeze her breasts and rub her nipples which were already peaking. He moaned and begged her to take his cock in her mouth. She licked the inners of his thighs and teased him a little more, and then at one go she took his cock in entirely, deep throating it on first instant. She licked the tender areas after that, withing hte folds of his foreskin and he moaned in pleasure. She gathered saliva in her mouth and sucked and licked his cock like a hungry, sex-starved bitch. She tasted his balls andate every inch of his genitals easing and increasing her pace on his tool with expertise. She masturbated for him while blowing his cock and he ejaculated hot, wet sticky cum all over her without warning.

Vivian was on cloud nine, he smiled weakly at Fiona.

 "You truly are an expert. Time for your reward," he said and flipped positions with her.

He parted her lips with his tongue and felt her tongue. He moved in her mouth succicintly and her lips, sucking them from time to time. His hands worked with him, one rubbing her breasts and the other sliding down her navel to her pussy. She had already cum and was all wet. He touched her clitoris and felt her moan while kissing. He started inserting his fingers into her slit and fingering her. Her legs were spread apart and he was rubbing her pussy with force giving her pleasure liuke she had never felt before.

Vivian withdrew his tongue gently and kissed her neck, then her breasts. He suckled on the breast, gently biting the nipple and licking it with the tip of his tongue. He sucked on her pale skin near the aereola , almost immediately leaving a hickey. Then he made his path down to her pussy, kissing her body and could smell the sweet cum. He licked her clitoris and spat into her pussy and Fiona moaned loudly. She touched her breasts and squeezed her nipples. Vivian was working magic. He rapidly fucked her with his tongue and sucked her vaginal lips. She began to cum and he could taste the juice in his mouth.

He lowered her body and saw her touching herself. He felt his dick go hard even more. He lay on top of her, raised her legs and rubbed his cock on her pussy. IT was so slippery, he went in with ease. He moved slowly at first, enjoying the wetness of her pussy, then squeezing her  ass, he started to bang her. He went on with an ease in pace, his athletic stamina helping him work his muscles and Fiona's screams of "Rape me, I'm your slave" turning him on and taking him to another land until he came in her.

He slid out of her, kissed her lips once again, wore his clothes and slid back into the house.

The rain had stopped. Fiona could feel the wetness in her shprts.She laughed. All tha erotic reading did do her a lot of good.


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