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The Note...

An exciting meeting in a 20' ocean container at the work place.
The note was on my keyboard when I returned to my office. I asked my assistant who had left it there and she shook her head saying, “I don’t know, didn’t seen anyone go into your office”. I would not have thought anything about it but the paper was all wrinkled and smudged so I was hesitant about touching it. Since I am the H. R. Manager and need to handle the verbal warnings and the terminations you can imagine what I was thinking and my need for caution. Probably nothing, but even a nasty hate note would have upset me. There are over two hundred employees, and with me being the one that hired the majority of them I still thought I had a good working relationship with most of them. I have to really be a hard-nosed bitch when dealing with some of them and my imagination has always been pretty “out there” so just in case, I closed my door and sat down before picking up the note and opening it. My heart was beating double time and I know my face was flushed.

The words I read did not help my heart rate either, they were cryptic and said only “Meet me at dock 15, in the empty orange container”. You see we import natural stone from around the world and the container referred to in the note was a 20’ ocean container. My heart speeded up even more but it was not out of fear this time, it was excitement because I did not feel threatened by the note, only felt a tingle of adventure. My husband works there also and even though it was not his handwriting, maybe he was setting me up for some fun. He is the Security Guard there and at 6’5” and 285 pounds, not too many would mess with him, or with me for that matter, because of him.

Walking down the hallway with a sexy sway to my hips I left the offices and gave those I passed a very small smile, making some look at me funny because my usual smile is very open and friendly. Guess my inner thoughts were being portrayed on my face as I was already thinking about being in that container and what might happen. My steps faltered as I realized that I really did not know who would be inside that container to meet me, but being an optimist and also very excited at this point, I continued walking.

Out in the warehouse I waved and said hello to a lot of the guys, giving some of them a quick line or two when they joked with me. It was the middle of the day and everyone was very busy so they did not bother to stop me on my way to my adventure. Dock 15 is way in the back of our 13-acre property and it was kind of deserted so I slowed down and almost chickened out but instead lifted my head and walked over to the orange container. There were three other containers nearby, all with open doors, but this one was the orange one and the doors were closed but not completely. Just before pulling it open I glanced back and saw my husband driving around in the golf cart, heading in the opposite direction. I almost stopped then and there, my heart almost bursting out of me when I realized that it would not be him inside. It was not “safe” anymore, but maybe dangerous and that thought seemed to arouse me even more so now that there was an element of danger to it.

My hand on the door, there was a two-inch gap between the door and the other closed door and still not knowing if I was going to go through with this, I felt another hand, large and warm cover my hand. I stilled and my breath caught in my throat, I might even have whimpered, but the hand was gentle and a voice whispered from the inside very softly, “Ah Sugar, please, it’s me Jim, come inside”. Letting him bring me inside, my legs shaking because Jim was one of the new warehousemen that I had felt attracted to during his interview. A big man with a nice smile, he had always had a way of looking at me and making me feel very sexy. I stuttered and told him that I had thought the note was from my husband and he chuckled and asked, “Are you disappointed”? Not saying anything, I calmed down and looked around noticing that it had been fixed up inside, a pallet size crate was covered with a blanket and a light was there, covered with a red rag causing it to be very dim but not completely dark.

He came closer and took my hand saying, “Baby, I have been dreaming of this for the past two months, knowing this was the only way to get you alone.” My excitement grew and my pussy started to tingle and I let him get closer, as he moved my hand to his shoulder and started to dance slowly, nuzzling my neck. I am a sucker and this just melted me into him and knew that I was lost. Stopping all motion, he took my face in his big hands and moved in to kiss me, a kiss that started out softly but soon grew with passion. Sucking on his tongue, my big tits being crushed against his chest, I moaned softly and his hands started moving downwards. “Oh yeah baby, that feels so good” I murmured, wanting more, always more. Feeling his hard cock pressing against me I reached down and encircled it, squeezing it and stroking it. Walking me backwards, I felt the back of the crate and he lifted me up onto it and got between my legs without breaking one of the hottest kisses I have ever had. He reached up under my skirt and his fingers grazed my thighs as he went right for my pussy. It was so wet already that I push against his hand and moaned.

Spreading my legs he bent down and when he tried to move my panties to the side I said, “Rip them off, now!” which he did quickly making him even more excited. He pushed me back and lowering his head started licking my snatch, holding me open with both hands and making me go crazy. I lifted up and grinded my throbbing pussy into his face and he loved it, moving side to side, licking, sucking and even talking, all at the same time. The wet heat of his tongue and the pressure of his fingers were about to make me explode and as if he knew this he shoved two fingers deep into me and I did erupt, squirting all over his face and crying out loud with the intensity of my orgasm. He lifted his head and said that he had never before been with a woman that squirted and damn; now that he knew I gushed and squirted he was going to make me do it until I screamed, “Mercy”! I smiled weakly and said, “Baby, I do not ask for Mercy” and with a gleam in his eyes he laughed out loud at the challenge.

My legs trembling and my breath coming quickly, he reached up and unbuttoned my blouse, opening the snap on my bra and letting my big tits free. Taking them in his hands, pinching my nipples, he had me squirming and bending over me, his face still wet with my sweet pussy juices he started sucking on first one then the other as he reached down and finally unzipped his pants. His hard cock was pushing at my wet pussy and when he reached down and took it into his hand, rubbing it up and down my wet slit and round and round my swollen, sensitive clit, I moaned, pushed and squirted again. He groaned and thrust deeply inside of me, making my pussy stretch as he filled me up. My strong inner pussy muscles were clenching around his cock and he was really ramming into me, hard and fast. I was pushing his cock out and he was pushing it back in, sucking on my nipples and biting down on them, making me wild.

My hand slid in between us and my fingers sought out my clit, rubbing it quickly, gasping and before I could tell him I was going to explode, my body started shaking and I stiffened, digging my heels into his ass, pulling him even deeper into me and let loose with a scream of delight as I gushed and gushed, my hot pussy juices squirting all over his cock and balls, making him fuck me faster and deeper, harder and harder. Losing all control he threw back his head and slammed into me one more time spurting his load of hot, hot cum over and over and over deep inside of my pussy, as it milked his cock making sure it got every drop, he groaned deeply and fell on top of me quivering.

Lifting his head he grinned at me and said, “Damn, feeling your hot pussy juices splashing against me just made me go crazy, I have never felt anything so incredible”. I smiled and said, “Leave me a note next time you want to get wet with me”.

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