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The Numbers Game

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As he accepted the chat request he certainly didn't know what he had agreed to...
The past weeks had been terrible. My wife Suzie – well I should say ex-wife at that point – and I had just passed through all that divorce crap. It had taken us several months to get it all settled. It felt as if we had wasted more time fixing all that rights-stuff than during our three years of marriage .

Well, at last it was over yet but I didn't really know how to feel about it. I couldn't say whether I was sad or happy or whatever... The only thing of which I was really pissed was the fact that I had lost a huge amount of money to my wife and my lawyer right before my 35 th birthday.

Of course most of my friends wanted to know if all was right, if I needed some help or if I felt the urge to talk it over. But I felt alright. It was more a relief than a burden to carry on my shoulders. So I had decided very soon not to answer the phone or open the door for some time.

I kept working full time. I had a good position in the management of a huge chemistry company. So I had my own desk that was in the upper third of a skyscraper in the middle of Manhattan. From there I could see the facade of another skyscraper – property of a medical drug company.

One day during work I had not very much work to do for once and was a little bored. So I started up my notebook and logged in my favorite chat room. Of course I had a desktop workstation but I'd never ever use the company's computer in my office to do some private stuff.

To my surprise it didn't take more than five seconds until a window flashed asking if I'd accept a private chat with a user called Moonface. I accepted the chat request with raised eyebrows.


Hi there!
Who are you?

How are you? I heard you've just had a terrible time.

Very funny. I thought I could be safe here from those type of questions. Goodbye Moonface!

I was about to put Moonface on my blacklist as another message popped on the screen:

I was pretty sure you'd react that way. Well, it's my fault anyway I guess, right? But before you put me on your blacklist, listen to me.

I couldn't make out what to think about that but I was just curious to know what Moonface had to tell me. I didn't have to wait too long.

You can't waste your evening time on those old computer games. The SNES was cool when we were 15, not now that we're you're 35.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I had absolutely no idea how Moonface knew that I had spent most of my past nights with Donkey Kong Country and Mario Kart. My heart was pounding heavily. I could hear every single stroke. I stood up and swallowed hard before typing a few lines.

How do you know all that? Who are you?

I didn't have to wait too long for the answer.

Call me Moonface, I told you that already.
Anything else doesn't matter...

For now...
How about a little game?

A game?

Yes a game! You have to find out who I am.

Blah blah... Very funny!

Just read the rules and tell me if you agree.
I'll send you hints and directions from time to time. All you need to do is follow them to track me down.
So? What do you say?

I took my time reading these lines. For some reason I almost desperately wanted to know who was the mysterious person standing behind the nickname Moonface .

Count me in.

That's what I expected you to say.
Take the binoculars you hide in the upper drawer of your desk and tell me how many times the lady in the room right opposite of yours on the other side of the road is waving her hand. I just want

Listen, that's ridiculous. This 'lady' is Jennifer and I've known her for quite some time now. And where do you know from that I store a pair of binoculars in my desk? Are you observing me?

Don't you want to know who I am?

Alright then. I'm in.

I reluctantly took the binoculars and did as ordered. I could see Jennifer sitting at her desk. I couldn't really make out her face for the reflection of the window didn't allow me to. And there she really did it! She turned to the window, raised her hand to the air and waved it three times.

I quickly returned to my notebook typing in the number and pressing the enter-key. The answer came as quick as all the answers before:

Well done.
That was just a test to see if you got the principle.

You'll hear from me. Good bye Dave.

Before I could type anything Moonface had logged out. I checked my watch. Almost lunch time. I decided to take my lunch break a little bit earlier today.

I almost ran to the building my office was facing. The five minutes to get to Jennifer's office felt like five hours. I did my best to catch my breath and knocked at her door. She opened it surprised to find me standing in front of her.

“Hi Dave, what can I do for you?” she asked with raised eyebrows.

“Um... Did you just turn to the window and wave your hand?” I replied causing her questioning look to change to amazement .

She laughed “Yes but why are you interested in that? I had a woman on the phone who told me to.”

I was really puzzled. “Okay. Got the number?”

“Yes here it is!”

Jennifer showed me her cellphone. I knew that number. It was the number from the reception of the building I worked in.

“Alright, thank you” I said and got back to the reception the c all had been made from.

The receptionist greeted me: “I'm glad you came back already, Mr. Burton. I've got something for you.” He handed me an envelope that contained a letter. “I got it from a mysterious lady who asked if she could use the phone for a minute or two.”

“Did she carry a computer with her?” I asked.

“Yes and she was typing while talking.”

“How did she look?”

“She was wearing glasses and a hat, I couldn't really see her face.”

“Ok. But thanks anyway.”

I got to the next fast food restaurant and ordered a burger. I read the letter while eating. It consisted of a few lines only.

Well done again. I knew you'd like the game. Remember the number I asked you? Write it on a piece of paper, you'll need it. Let's meet in the chat room again at 8pm sharp. And then you'll tell me how many street lamps there are from the beginning of your street to your house.

Yours, Moonface.

I slightly shook my head. What the hell was I even doing there following someone random stranger's instructions who apparently was a female stalker. This game began to get creepy and I started regretting my approval to it.

Nothing particular happened during the rest of my labor time. I got home and did as ordered. I slowly drove through the street I lived in, counting the lanterns with meticulous attention: eighteen.

I parked my car in the garage and took one last glimpse of the street before I got into my house.

At 7.55 pm I turned on the computer. I was logged in the chat room at 7.58 precisely. I had a cup of coffee next to me that was sensed to keep me awake just in case of long conversations.

The clock on my screen turned to 8.00pm and a message appeared almost simultaneously:



You're a very good player. I like being your game master.
Write that number down too.
Have you seen the wonderful night?


Look outside the window.

Moonface was right. It was a clear night. I could make out more stars than I'd normally see from the room I was in. The moon was full. It seemed to be brighter and bigger than usual.

I can see the full moon.

I know you live next to a tiny grove .
Meet me there when the moon is highest. I'll make sure you find your way.

And she was gone. A meeting in the woods at midnight...? I did not wonder anymore what game I had been dragged into. I quickly hammered down the coffee and got dressed to get out. I wouldn't be that much longer before the moon would be reaching its zenith .

As I arrived, I still had some fifteen minutes to go. The lamp I had taken along didn't to a proper job so I was kind of blindfolded . I looked around for some hints and found a tree with a freshly engraved arrow that showed me the way to another similar tree.

After a good quarter of an hour I came to a small treeless area where I found a person sitting next to a fire.

For some reason it took me quite a lot to raise my voice. “Are you Moonface?”

Some kind of disappointment flooded my body when I heard a male voice answer. “No, but she gave me a letter for you. Here it is.”

He handed me the letter.

“And of course you can't describe her because – let me guess – it was too dark?” I asked ironically .


I wished the man a good night and headed straight back home where I read the letter.

Congratulations Dave, you've already made it through the first half of the game.
Here's the next part, it's a little brain teaser :

This number is a prime number. Its cross total is divisible by five. It is bigger than its neighbor which is divisible by six and smaller than it's other neighbor which is divisible by four.

Good luck. See you tomorrow at 8pm sharp. You know where.

The next day, I couldn hardly concentrate on my job. My head was busy with thoughts and I was tired from my nocturnal promenade . But the worst was that I hadn't been able to sleep until 3am because of the coffee I had had earlier. At least it was already Thursday and I only had this and the next day to go.

Again around 7.55pm I turned on my notebook. Like the time before that, I got my first message from Moonface at 8pm sharp.

Did you solve the riddle?


Hahaha... Pretty easy, huh?
Write this number down as well.
Ready for round four?


You can't get enough, can you?
There's a book waiting for you in the library. It's already paid.
Good night, Dave

“Moonface has logged out,” the next caption said.

For some reason I was very amused by that little game. I really liked chasing after Moonface, who seemed exactly to know who I was. My gaze rested on the smallish sheet of blank paper where I had written down as ordered all these numbers. 3 – 18 – 19. What could these numbers possibly mean. I started playing with my imagination picturing how Moonface would look like. Soon my mind drifted away and lost itself in the depths of my own noumenal realm.

I woke up in the night realizing I was still sitting at my home desk. I stood up still dizzy from my sleep and tried to walk the few steps to my bedroom. A noise – I was petrified. Something somewhere was terribly wrong there. I tried to make out if there was another similar noise. All my senses felt totally over-activated. And there it was again. I was damn sure that someone had profited from me falling asleep and had entered the through the front door I hadn't locked properly.

I ran downstairs making sure to produce as much ruckus I could possibly do for I didn't want to get shot or something like that by surprising a burglar . My idea was very effective. As I opened the door to my living room I could identify the silhouette of someone who was running away. I went right after them but as soon as I stepped outside the house, a car drove off and away.

I went back in and turned on the lights. Everything was in its place, no valuables gone. It looked as though I had woken up just at the right time. Or could it possibly be another task from Moonface – one that had obviously failed? I decided not to call the cops for I hadn't noticed any damage and couldn't really say that it wasn't my fault, could I?

The next morning I quickly made a detour to the library to get the book. And there it was waiting for me. It was a neat and simple black agenda. This time again, the letter accompanying the agenda wasn't missing. Even though I had been eagerly yet almost impatiently looking forward to holding Moonface's present in my hands, I decided not to come late to work and take a few better looks at it there.

Sitting in my office, the first thing I did was tearing the thin cellophane packaging off the agenda. I opened it at the first page and I was pretty stunned : Moonface had filled in every single fact about me. Name, birth date, nationality, phone number, address and even my blood type. There was even written something on the as a reward -line: Don't you dare lose this agenda!

I smirked and steadily shook my head. I put the agenda aside and opened the letter. It was very short this time:

Happy 35 th birthday, Dave!

I had turned 35 barely two weeks before all this game had started. I was amazed and a little bit frustrated at the same time. There was no hint I could find, when or where we were meeting the next time.

I turned on my notebook to see if she was in the chat room – nothing. My disappointment grew a little stronger. Did I miss something? There had to be something I hadn't seen.

After a few instants of desperate yet nervous brainstorming I gave up and decided to turn back to work. But I kept thinking about it a little bit.

I looked out of the window, took out my binoculars and scanned the building vis-a-vis f or any peculiar activities. Most of the people where sitting in front of their computer screens, some of them working, some of them playing games, I even caught one watching porn on his office computer.

I kept on looking from window to window. I saw Jennifer talking to a guy sitting on her desk. Her boss, I guess. She had often enough told me, that she was afraid that guy was lusting after her. I could only approve her worries by the way they seemed to be talking. What an idiot, I thought.

My scanning process went on to a window that caught my full attention. A guy a smoking hot lady where obviously having a great time together. I could see their hands stroking their bodies leaving no doubt about what they were about to do. That guy unpacked her ample breasts and was going down on them like crazy. She unbuttoned his chemise to free his body. He looked well built, I have to admit. The scenery went on for one or two minutes until the door of that mentioned office flung open and another very important looking guy entered the room open mouthed, visibly shocked about what he was seeing.

I couldn't retain myself from laughing out loud. Oh boy, what a scene! All of a sudden my mind raced back to the letter I had got from Moonface.

Didn't she mention my age in her wishes? Usually you don't say how old someone got in your birthday wishes, right? Why would she do that? I opened the agenda once more and looked for my birth date.

The corners of my mouth raised from themselves as I saw what Moonface had written on my birthday.

Me, Myself & I 35

Sorry to make it look as if you were such an egocentric person. I just thought it would be fun to write it that way. And I have to apologize too for mentioning your age in my birthday wishes. I know that from a certain age you don't count them any more but you celebrate them. (I had to laugh on that line). The next number has to do with your age. As a little hint: 35=3+5 or am I wrong?

I had found the answer to my questions. I scrolled through the agenda to see if there was something else written somewhere – and there was! Another few lines where written for the next Saturday which would be in less than 24 hours.

Meeting Moonface in person – 8pm it said.

I was going to meet Moonface in person and finally know who she really was? But why do all that effort to meet me? She could have phoned me or shown up at my house, couldn't she?

The more I approached d quitting time, the more I became inpatient. Due to this, time seemed not to pass. At 5pm I felt released from my bond and headed back home... Finally.

One more time I turned on my notebook just before the clocks where striking 8pm. As soon as I could read the caption “Moonface has logged in” a few seconds before the usual time, I sent my welcome backs:


I see you're enjoying this game as much as I do.
8 is the right answer.
Write it down, will you?

I already did, mysterious lady.

You seem to know more than I was willing to show you.
My “helpers” told you, I guess.

Yes, they did.
And you're doing a great job keeping your identity hidden.
I'm looking forward to seeing you. I'm getting more and more curious about who you might be.

You know, that you're gonna meet me tomorrow, don't you? You did read it in the agenda, right?

Yes I did.
And I can hardly wait!

That's what I thought.
But the game has not finished yet and you won't meet me unless you find out the last number I'm asking you.
I expect you to be on time tomorrow.

I waited for further instructions – in vain.

What do I have to do?

Take a look in your mailbox. I think you haven't taken out today's newspaper.
Good night, Dave.

Once more, I was staring at a caption telling me that Moonface had logged out. So I decided to do as asked from me; I emptied my mailbox and found another letter.

Go to your favorite address and meet me there. When you're there, ask for me, and you'll find me. They'll know who I am.

My favorite address? What a good question. I wasn't sure what it was. I couldn't make out which address was asked. And who were “they”? I decided to sleep on it. There still was enough time to solve that problem.

My night was sleepless and long. I often woke up from sordid dreams. Pieces of memories came to my mind keeping me from sleeping. As I woke up, it was almost noon already and I didn't feel recovered at all. I was stumbling to the kitchen and tried to fill my belly without success. Although I was really hungry, I couldn't eat anything.

I turned on my notebook and checked for any unread messages. My inbox was filled with the usual stuff: newsletters, mail from work et cetera, nothing too important.

I tried to solve the last part of the number game I had got into but I couldn't get my head clear. I was somehow still caught in my dream world. I checked the time again and guessed it would be better to have another nap before going to my favorite address.

The next time I woke up, I felt hell of a lot better. I checked my alarm clock to see that it was off – empty batteries. My heart started pounding hard. I took out my cellphone of my bag. 6.30pm. Holy shit!! It was getting late and I still didn't have a clue where I had to go.

I quickly got dressed and prepared a coffee. Now I had to eat something. I opened the fridge and it was empty save for some leftovers I usually keep for Sunday. I used to go to the diner on Saturdays. Of course! THE DINER!!

I threw everything left everything at its place and jumped into the car. 7.10pm. That left me enough time to get there and find her. And her name? I still hadn't figured out anything about the last number! And her name! Oh my god! I drove fast... Way too fast.

I arrived at 7.30 at the diner and parked my car. I stayed in the car for a while trying my best to gather my thoughts and to clear my head. At 7.40 I stepped out of my car still wondering how I could find out the last number and her real name.

The air was very kindly warm. It was a beautiful midsummer evening and there still where two hours to go before sundown. I could hear the creek flowing right next to the diner. The owner – Luke had even put some benches right next to it to allow some customers to have a nice and romantic evening.

My eyes fell on the banner of the diner. It said NINER DINER. Because the number of the house was number nine. The diner had the number nine! 3 – 18 – 19 – 8 – 9. These were letters: C – R – S – H – I. Pictures flashed through my head, memories, feelings.......

7.45 – I entered the diner restraining my excitement.

“Hi Dave, are you looking for the usual table?” Luke said, “Someone's already sitting there.”

“ Hi Luke, that's right,” I replied, “And I guess she goes by the name of Moonface , right?”

Luke grinned. “Yes she does.”

It was 7.47 when I sat face to face with a long haired blond beauty that was just a few weeks younger than I was. A drink was already waiting for me.

“Hi Chris,” I said.

“Hi Dave,” she replied, “It has been quite some time.”

“Exactly 18 years today.”

Chris – actually Christine – and I had been best friends for a few years back then.

We had met in school at the age of ten, and we had been inseparable children ever since.. As time had been passing by, our feelings towards each other had started to grow stronger beyond the limits of friendship. We had been a couple at the age of 16. Both of us had known that it should have been made forever.

But one day she had come to me with tear filled eyes telling me that her parents had decided to move out of the country. They were going to Europe. We had decided to cut every possible contact to each other to ease the pain.

We had passed our last evening together here in this very diner where we would take one last picture of each other with an instant camera. One last piece of memory.

Back to the diner...

“Exactly 18 years today,” I heard myself say.

“And it was at the exact same table. It has become your favorite table, right?” Chris asked.

“Yes, it has. I come here every Saturday for dinner, but you know that already, I guess. Anyway... I don't want to know how you came to know all these details about me.”

Chris laughed. “I wouldn't tell anyway.”

“How long have you been around here?” I asked.

“Long enough to know you,” she replied.

I smirked. “Obviously you did, yes.”

She raised her voice as if to tell a story: “I came back here ten years ago, I had just graduated. The first thing I did right after having settled down was to track you down. It wasn't hard to find out what you had become and where you were living. You already lived in that same house you still live in. But as I had made my way to your place, I had to realize that you weren't living all alone. Suzie had just moved to yours. You weren't married by then. Knowing that I wasn't able to gather enough courage to ring on your door.”

I swallowed. “You were very disappointed about the fact that I had found love...”

She nodded looking on the table. Two Cesar salads were brought to our table. She had ordered them to be served as soon as I had arrived.

“Yes I was. It was a huge shock for me. I had come back to find you. To be with you” she said.

I was petrified for a moment or two. I didn't quite know what to answer. I decided to be honest and go for the direct way: “Listen. You were gone. We had decided to cut all ways of communication. And my life went on.” I had to chose my words with meticulous care. “Tell me... Didn't you try to find a new lover?”

She sighed. “Yes I tried. And I tried hard, believe me. But it turned out to be very difficult. It wasn't that easy to get over you. And as I saw you and your ex-wife being such a happy couple, I realized that I still had feelings for you.”

I took a deep breath. “Well, I can't even say I'm sorry.”

“But you don't have to. It's not your fault, it's just the way life is.”

I was really eased by her reaction. “And that's the reason why you only contacted me that Wednesday.”

“Yes. As soon as I had heard you're gonna get divorced, I started working on that little game. Luckily the end of the divorce procedure was set around your birthday which is just before the time we got separated 18 years ago. You made it very easy for me. I have to thank you.”

I laughed. “At your service, my lady.” I made a bowing gesture.

She started laughing too. “Cut it out, will you?”

We had a nice little dinner for two with quite a lot of chit chatting and talking about past times. I took the opportunity to ask if she had been in my house as well, but she denied. This means, that I had been really lucky that other night when I got an undesirable guest coming over to my house.

I was getting a bit tired so I leaned back in my stool and let my body slide down a bit. My stretched bare legs touched hers skin on skin. I quickly took mine away and apologized.

Chris bit her lower lip. “Put them back there.”

I did as asked and soon felt her legs pressed to mine again – this time on purpose. We both took a sip of our drinks. I wanted to take the dessert menu although though I already knew it by heart. As I tried to grab it, I felt Chris' hand under mine. She looked deep into my eyes, and I looked into her blue ones. Some kind of uncomfortable tension raised between us, and was broken by a waitress who was asking if we wanted a dessert.

“Um... yeah, I'll have a piece of the chocolate cake,” I replied.

“And for the lady?” the waitress asked.

Chris smiled. “I was actually hoping this handsome young man over here was going to share his piece of cake with me.”

I blushed red and both of them were laughing.

“Do you need anything else?” the waitress asked.

“Yes please, a milk coffee for the both of us,” Chris replied.

We weren't talking until the waitress came back with two cups and a generous piece of chocolate cake.

Before either of us was dipping their lips in the brown liquid, I said, “Why don't we go out and sit on the bench beneath the old oak?”

Chris smiled put her hair behind her ears and nodded her approval. I put my cup on the little plate I had got for the cake and carried it all in one hand while my other hand softly enclosed Chris' free hand. I could feel her familiar gentle grip and smooth skin.

We slowly walked outside both exactly knowing which of the benches to sit on. The night had fallen already and we were alone outside.

I offered the first bit of my cake to Chris holding the fork up to her lips. She eagerly ate it.

“Damn good cake, Dave,” she said.

“Best in town,” I replied.

I took a sip of my coffee. So did Chris after swallowing a small pill.

“Are you on the pill?” I asked.

She nodded slightly. “I have troubles with my hormones. I have to take the pill because it regulates my menstrual cycle. The doctor said it would pass as soon as I have a child.”

“Oh I'm sorry for you,” I replied, “that makes me think of back then when we had our last night right here. Remember? We had checked in right here at the diner. It was still managed by Luke's father by then. We were acting in such an imprudent way. You could have got pregnant.” I laughed lowly.

She smiled. “And my cherry was my birthday gift to you. You had just turned 17 and I would celebrate my birthday own just a few days later. You were a good lover that night. It didn't hurt at all.” She took a deep breath before keeping on talking. “Actually I was hoping I would get pregnant. I was so desperately in love with you back then. I wanted to raise our child and come back to you some day.” Her voice had become heavier. She put aside her cup. So did I.

I tried to catch the look of her eyes. “Do you still feel that way?”

She seemed very uncomfortable about this question. “I... I...”

My index and my middle finger kindly landed on her lips. She looked into my eyes and I returned the gesture. We were slowly moving to each other, closing our eyes at the same pace. It took some good five minutes until my lips finally sensed her sweet breath.

Past feelings came over both of us. First we were letting our lips carefully touch each other to let them remember the feeling of these long time gone sensations. A few minutes passed by before we mutually started caressing these sensitive part of each other's face. The kisses were shy at the beginning becoming more and more sensual. It felt just like the very first kiss we had shared back then. We were like these shy teenagers again.

I was the one to break the kiss. As soon as we had parted from each other she had a faint expression of horror in her face.

“I'm sorry,” I said, “I shouldn't...”

I got cut short. “No, it's alright. It's all my fault. I mean... I shouldn't have dragged you into this.” Her insecure eyes were desperately looking for anything to look at but mine. “I have overstepped the boundaries. Your divorce at your birthday, that confusing game, me coming back... That's just too much for you, I guess.”

I took a deep breath. “Alright, I think I should go now,” I said rubbing my forehead.

She disappointedly looked at me. “Why do you say that?”

“I need to clear my head.”

I felt the warmness of her hand on my cheek, and I forgot about my plan to go home. My eyes were fixing hers. Hers were almost glowing with passion. My facial muscles relaxed at her gaze. The silence was comfortable. Neither us felt the need to talk.

I grabbed her hand in both of mine and began stroking it. She came a little closer to me. And lay down her head on my chest. I held her in both my arms.

“I can hear your heart,” she said, “it's very soothing.”

I nodded slightly.

“Take me with you tonight, just for one night,” she whispered almost inaudibly .

“Yes I will take you with me,” I whispered back, “but for now, I'll just hold you in my arms.”

“It's the place where I belong right now.”

She mumbled something incomprehensible that sounded like I love you but I couldn't say I if I had heard right. She looked at me. I smiled and bent over for another kiss – bolder this time. As our tongues met for the first time after 18 years we repeated the same procedure as for the kiss earlier before we let them freely dance together.

This time it was Chris who broke the kiss. “Let's go home, I'm starting to feel tired.”

With home she meant my place like we had agreed on earlier. We stood up and made our way to my car. During the whole ride we were rolling back time and talking of the time we'd had together. It was so much that we weren't even half way through by the time we arrived at my place.

Chris took me by my hand as we walked to the front door. Her grip felt just the right way. My whole body wanted her to be mine again. It started remembering every piece of hers. We didn't bother to do any detours through the living room or the kitchen; we went straight to bed.

We both lay down in the fluffy sheets of my bed fully dressed. The room was dark save for the faint starlight that entered through the windows. Chris' hair were a mess over her face; she had let it fall over it at she let herself fall on my bed. I pushed her hair aside to find happy smile in her expression. I hadn't seen such a sincere smile in ages and it certainly had been coming from her face as well.

I approached her slowly as if to kiss her, and gently pulled her towards me. She snuggled against me. I could hear her absorb my scent with her nose. She too was slowly getting overrun by past sensations and feelings.

Her hands found their way under my shirt and were touching, fondling, caressing me while I was stroking her cheeks and neck with mine. Her breaths were getting deeper as she was enjoying my touches.

I let my hands travel over her back to her hips. She pressed her buttocks into my hands. I returned the gesture by pulling her towards me more. Her hands were rolling up my shirt and revealing my bare skin underneath it. She lightly pushed her head in my stomach and kissed me there before taking off my shirt completely. Once it was off, our lips locked again.

My hands made their way to her blouse. I unbuttoned it without haste uncovering more and more of her belly. She approved my touch by lowly moaning into my ear. Her blouse had barely left her body as she pressed my face into her chest. Her decent scent flooded my nostrils. Her breasts were smooth like a pillow – a heavenly sensation. My hand quickly found the clasp of her bra while I kept on digging my head into her.

Before I took her bra completely off her, I first peeled the straps down her upper arms and kissed her there. Her body was lightly moving from my caresses. I could only see the outlines of her orange sized breasts in the dim light after pulling off her bra completely. My left hand found one instantly while I was stroking her neck with the other.

She was grinding her body more and more into mine. We raised our speed a bit to get all naked faster. As soon as we had got rid of our clothes, I slid my right thigh between hers. She immediately began grinding her crotch onto it. I could feel her juices where already moistening my skin where she did that. She grabbed my cock in her hand. Her grip on my manhood released waves of lust in my whole body. I decided to return these feelings and slipped my hand between her buttocks towards her slit. She was so wet that I could effortlessly insert two fingers inside her pussy.

After a while we let go of each other. I turned around and pushed my head between her legs. I kissed her left inner thigh, made my way up to her belly button and came down to her right inner thigh again. I repeated this several times before going down on her honey pot. During all that time, she remained stroking my cock. My tongue found her clit and started playing with it. I reinserted my two fingers inside her. Meanwhile I could feel her soft lips engulf my thick shaft. The pleasures I was giving her were sending shiver through her entire body and so were hers in mine. It was a slow and passionate foreplay where both of us were raising to the verge of a powerful mutual orgasm again and again.

We only got off each other from exhaustion. Both of us needed a short break. I was the one to come to recover first, so I made sure she was lying on her back with her legs spread widely apart. She anticipated what was about to come next and wrapped her arms around me.

“Before you impale me with that nice cock of yours, I want you to know that I'm gonna cum the second you're fully buried inside me,” she whispered.

I looked at her face to see a kind happy smiled I returned. My cock immediately found its way inside her and she came as predicted. I could hear her whimper my name over and over during her climax.

As soon as it had subsided I started moving my hips. She didn't need much time to rally. She was moving in unison to my every motion. Her insides clenched around my cock as if to milk it. She was drenching my cock in her juices that flowed freely from her sex.

I realized how much I had missed these sensations through all these years of being separated from her. We where both clenching each others bodies as though we were one. And one we were.

We remained in that position for quite some time before Chris pushed me to lay down on my back, making sure my cock would never leave her pussy. She sat on my hips.

“This time... I'll... uummm... be taking... oh my god... care of the thrusting,” she tried to say between her moans.

I grabbed her firm ass cheeks and helped her guiding her hips. She let fall her body above me and supported it with her hands. Her breasts were bouncing right above my face so I took her nipples in my mouth one at a time. I sucked on them like crazy. She was going wild by my suction.

I could feel her pussy snatching my cock harder as if she was about to come again. Only this time I would come with her.

“Oh yessss! I'm gonna cum real soon, Chris!” I hissed.

She lowered her body on mine. “Cum inside me, Dave. I'm gonna cum too,” she whispered.

That was all it took for my cock to erupt inside her lewd pussy: “Oh my god! Chris!”

I clutched her and pressed her body on mine.

Her orgasm followed mine by the pulsations of my cock.

“Oh god, yes! Give me your cum!!” she yelped.

We were screaming obscenities through our entire mutual orgasm. She collapsed on top of me and my now limb cock slid out of her letting our mixed juices falling on the sheets drop by drop.

By that time, I knew that Chris was mine and that it was right this way.

She lifted her face as I took it in my hands.

“I love you too,” I whispered referring to her confession earlier on the bench beneath the old oak.

She kissed me one last time for this night before we both fell asleep from total fatigue.

The next day, it turned out that she wouldn't stay for just one night only – she would stay for a long time and that's the way things were supposed to be.

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