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The Office Series - Tasha

She would do anything to keep her job
My name is Peter, and I work in a medium size office in the city. There are about 50 people, most of whom spend about half their time in the office, and the rest of the time going out on jobs. Those people are supported by a group of about ten people, mostly younger ladies, who run the office on a daily basis: ordering, typing proposals and reports, receptionists, administration, HR, all that back office things without which a business could not survive.

I’m the division manager, but don’t be impressed, this is a tiny division of the much larger parent company. So while it might sound like I run the place, I am as bound by the bigger bosses in the upper divisions as any of the people working here are.

The field/office staff goes out on jobs to our client offices or their work sites, spend a few days or a week, and come back into our office to find solutions to whatever situation brought us out in the first place. Then they write the reports, and deliver them. Not terribly exciting work, but steady, pays the bills, and all the good stuff that comes with being employed.

Tasha joined the field/office staff 4 years ago right out of college. She was Asian, smart as anything, but was very quiet, and seemed shy. If you spoke to her one on one, she was a little more relaxed. But if she had to speak to a stranger, the panic on her face was clearly visible. When she spoke, people often asked her to speak more loudly, they could not hear her.

When these events took place, she was 26, but was somewhat naive, and still lived at home with her parents. Her English was very good for someone born abroad, but it was still clear that English was not her first language. And despite her intelligence, she made careless mistakes. And she made a lot of them. As the office supervisor, I was always gentle, spent a ton of time working with her, trying to get her to blend in better, and use her intelligence to advantage, but she just didn’t seem to be able to stop the mistakes.

She had straight dark hair, about shoulder length, and she dressed very professionally. She was taller than a stereotypical Asian. She about 5’8, but more true to form, had a slight build, probably weighed 115, with small breasts. A-cup would be my guess. She had absolutely no ass, but oh my, those legs!

She had absolutely gorgeous legs, very shapely with really well defined calf muscles, and she walked with a bit of a bounce in her step. She alternated between skirts and slacks. The skirts were always above her knee, tight, and even when she wore boots, guys would just stop what they were doing when she walked by, just to watch her walk away.

Once about a year ago, she wore a flowing, flowery blouse, not low cut, but with a very wide neck, pretty much from collar bone to collar bone. She put a report down on my desk to explain a concept she was trying to word. As she did so, I could see right down her blouse, all the way to her belly. As I said, not really big breasts, so not a whole lot of cleavage, either, but who would pass up an opportunity like that? Well, let’s just say I sure didn’t let the chance to look go past unused.

When she noticed where I was looking, she stood up, picked up her papers, and took a step towards the door. She then stopped, and bent over at the waist, sideways to me, trying to look down her top to see how much she had just shown me. She then looked at me, her face flushed, but then she surprised me by allowing a slight smile to appear. I didn’t expect that. Since then, she had allowed the occasional hint of a flash, but nothing close to that first time.

One day she made a really serious mistake. It was on a big job. She had spent four days there, and the client was very demanding. Luckily, I spotted it in review, before it went out in a report. I fixed it, and sent the corrected version to our client. But, I put her version on my desk, and called her in.

“Tasha, close the door, and stand right in front of my desk.” I used a very authoritative tone, no please or thank you. No smile. “You have made a very large mistake, one that could cost this company ten times your salary. If our client were to implement the recommendations in this report, based on your mistaken calculations, it could be disastrous. Look at page three. See what I circled in red.”

As she was looking, I continued. “We don’t have many choices here. Your mistakes have continued, and when I send this to Corporate, you will be terminated. I am sorry, but I just don’t have any choice.”

She stood, her eyes started to tear up, she was going to cry at any moment. As she looked up at me, she quietly whispered “Please, I will do anything. That would bring much shame to family and me.”

“Well, I don’t know what we can do. This is a huge mistake, and it is not your first one. What do you think we could do? I have tried to work with you but the errors continue.”

After a minute, when I folded my arms across my chest and again asked what she had in mind, she said, barely above a whisper, “I wish to stay on, be trained better.”

She knew I was interested in her, she had ever since the billowing blouse incident. I was sure she was reminded of that when she had to look at the report on the desk. Then she leaned over the desk, allowing the neckline of her blouse to come open a little. I looked, but couldn’t see much.

I wondered what game she was playing here. Letting me look down her blouse one time did not offset the mistakes, and if an error slipped past me, I could lose my job. I needed her to be specific, to tell me what she had in mind. “Tasha, this was a serious mistake, and I need a serious response. What are you proposing to do?”

She stood, our eyes met, and then she looked down at the ground. She slowly moved her hands to the buttons on her blouse. One at a time, she undid the buttons, and her black bra came into view, bit by bit. She never looked up at me. When all the buttons were undone, she crossed her arms over her chest.

To say that I was very surprised would be a great understatement. She really was smart, she knew that I wanted her, and she was evidently wiling to overcome her shyness to protect her job and avoid the shame of being fired.

I didn’t say anything, so she pulled the blouse off her shoulders, and to do so had to reach behind her to take it off her arms. And of course, when she did, her lovely little breasts, in that delicious black bra, with just a touch of lace around the cups, were thrust forward. I started hungrily; it was a very nice sight, so much of her smooth, olive skin showing.

She stood in front of me in her skirt and bra. I said, “Tasha, that is lovely, but surely you have to understand my position. I could lose my job if this office makes mistakes like this.”

She stood a little taller. Did I see determination in her eyes? She reached to the side of the skirt, undid the zip, and the skirt dropped to the floor. Matching panties, high cut on the sides, were revealed, and she seemed to almost shiver. I was quite warm, seeing those legs go all the way up to her womanhood. And I was hard, no denying that.

“I know you look at me, try to see down my blouse. Now have nice long look. You make that mistake go away, never happen, and I show you this every day. Deal?” I had a decision to make, and when I put the pages with the mistake into the shredder, we both knew what I decided.

The next day, I called her into my office, again instructing her to close the door, and where to stand. I said “I am just going to look at some of your work, let’s see if there is anything I have to, ah, deal with.” I used the word “deal” in the hopes that she would remember the deal she offered me.

She actually smiled this time, then slowly removed her blouse. Today she was wearing slacks, and those also came off. She folded them and put them on a side chair. She stood there in her pink bra and matching panty. Then, she reached back and unhooked her bra! She held it to her breasts, while maneuvering her arms out of the straps. I stared with wide eyes, and she allowed the bra to fall away.

Her breasts were small, but they were perfectly formed, such smooth, unblemished skin. They stood proud, no sag at all, topped by puffy smallish nipples, darker brown than the rest by a couple shades. I really wanted to reach out and hold, them, kiss them, caress them forever.

This went on for the rest of the week. Each day, I would call her into my office, or once she just walked in on her own and close and lock the door. She then stripped down to her bra and panty. It was plain to see that she was becoming more comfortable with this deal. On Friday, she came in, removed her blouse, and then the skirt. But, she didn’t stop there, the light blue bra fell away too, showing me her breasts for the second time.

She stood in front of my desk in just her light blue panties. “Mr. Peter, you have taken risk to save my job. I am grateful. I want to show you how thankful I am.” And with that, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, and slid them down her legs.

She kept her hands in front, and she kept her legs tightly closed, teasingly hiding herself from my eyes which were focused on her sex. I could see around her hands, and she was not shaved. There was something very erotic about her silky, wavy black hair covering her womanhood. I stood up, and walked around my desk, my cock again fully engorged. I gently reached out my hands, and put each on one of her wrists, and tried to nudge her hands apart. She hesitated, perhaps she had reached the boundaries of her shyness, so I didn’t push. I went back to my chair, but by the time I sat down, she had her hands by her side, a determined look on her face.

I told her, “You are very beautiful, I hope you know that. You have a stunning body.” After a few minutes, she dressed and left.

The next week followed the same pattern. Late in the day, she would come into my office, close and lock the door, and take off some clothes. On Friday of the second week, she made a minor mistake, not serious, but one that was very obvious. I wondered if this was her reverting to carelessness or an invitation for further deals, subconscious or not. Naturally, I told her to come into my office.

Within a minute of her coming in, she was wearing only her yellow panties, I showed her the mistake. I then said, “You have not learned from what we have done so far, and I thought we had a deal. Not only were you to, ah, visit me here, but you needed to stop these mistakes.”

She said, “The deal was I visit you, and you fix any mistakes. But let me show appreciation for this time.” With that, she remover her panties, and was again nude in my office.

Then, she did something else; she came around the desk and sat on my lap. “You can touch me,” was all she said. With that, I reached out and took her right breast into my hand, while placing my left hand on her lower back, to prevent her from falling or backing away.

Her breasts felt so good - warm and firm, while also soft and pliant. I took the nipple into my fingers, and pulled gently, and was rewarded instantly with both nipples growing hard and distending.

I looked at her face. She was clearly flushed, eyes closed, seemingly surrendering to the stimulations her breasts were experiencing. Leaning down, I kissed her left breast. After a few seconds of my oral ministrations, she moaned, evidence of her arousal.

Hearing that, I let my hand slide down her flat stomach, past her navel, and down to her hairy slit. She leaned back in my lap, and spread her legs. I lowered my other hand to her bum, just so I could be touching her tits, ass, and pussy all at the same moment. She said nothing, but her body was slightly trembling as I cupped her pubic mound. It was warm, and it was just a little wet.

I ran my fingers along her slit, and slowly allowed one to enter slightly, just for a moment. She shivered, and moaned more loudly than before. I traced my finger from the bottom of her slit to the top, entering her for just a couple seconds on the way, and then continued to find a very prominent clit begging for attention. I repeated this process, still nibbling on her breast, still cupping and squeezing her ass. I continued like that for a minute or two, developing a rhythm she could get accustomed to.

After a few minutes of this, it was time for more. I stopped, and she appeared somewhat startled. I asked her to stand, and with her back was to my desk, I nudged her back so she could lean against the desk. But I continued to bush her back, and she finally understood what I wanted. She lowered herself onto the desk. I looked into her eyes, as I sank to my knees, and lowered my face into her pussy.

The aroma of her arousal was evident. Bringing my arms around her thighs, I used my fingers to open her lips, and I licked the path my fingers had established. She convulsed slightly, said a single word. “Yes.”

I put my tongue right inside her. My fingers held her folds open, and I fucked her with my tongue. Then I switched to licking the length of her slit, while teasing all around her clit. After a few minutes, the moans started again, and she began to respond by getting very wet.

Her smell was intoxicating, and she tasted pungent. I slipped a finger into her, wondering how many had been where I now was. My knees were getting sore on the industrial carpet over the concrete, but I wanted to make her enjoy this, so we could repeat it often. I added a second finger, it was tight, but went in. Her moans increased, but not so loud that anyone outside the office could hear.

It was time to up the ante, so I let my tongue find her clit. This got a pronounced shiver and a little shriek from her. With two, and then three fingers working in and out of her opening, and my tongue bathing her clit, she was rapidly building to a climax. She started to whisper a series of moans, sighs, and “oh”, so I knew she was getting very close.

Her hands had been griping the edge of the desk, and her legs were just hanging over the edge. But, she brought her hands up to her breasts, and started pulling and pinching her nipples. Next, her legs came up and put my head into a vice grip from which I was not going to escape, even if I did want to. The “oh, oh” came faster and closer, and then her whole body shook as her climax reverberated throughout her entire body. I held on with my arms around her thighs, working hard to breathe as she tried to pull my tongue and head completely inside her. After what seemed like ten minutes, but was probably thirty seconds, she relaxed, spent.

I stood up, admittedly on shaky legs, and looked at the beautiful sight before me. My face was covered with her juices. I wanted more, and Tasha made no move to cover herself, or even close her legs. I undid my belt, and she watched, unmoving. I stepped out of my shoes and dropped my pants and boxers in one motion. My fully engorged cock stood at attention, all seven and a half inches ready to go. I moved closer to her, and said, “Tasha, I am going to fuck you now, alright? I need you to say yes, or nod your head, or something.”

She didn’t say anything, but ever so slightly nodded her head one time. I stepped right up and aimed my cock right at her opening, still wet and puffy, and pushed in very slowly. I wanted to really enjoy this moment. I only went about half way, and let it rest there, enjoying as warm and wet a pussy as I ever felt. I began to thrust and pull back. She started moaning again but this time I joined in and we made a series of moans and other pleasurable sounds as we fucked.

I reached up and took her tits into my hands, the nipples already hard. We slowly started a rhythm as she was responding to my steady in and out movements. I wanted this to last, but I was already getting close after just a few minutes. I needed a change.

I pulled out, and helped her to stand up. I took her hand and pulled her to my chair. I had sat in that chair in work clothes for years, and now I sat my bare ass down on it, and turned Tasha around so her back was to me, and pulled towards my lap. I stopped her before she sat, and told her to aim my cock at her pussy. She immediately reached right between her legs, and sat down, completely sheathing my manhood in her lubricated pussy. What an awesome sight as she started to bounce up and down on my dick!

Again I could feel the pressure start to build in my balls. I grabbed her tits, and told her to play with her clit while I fucked her. By pulling her back towards me, she rested her head on my shoulder and lifted and separated her legs, giving us both better access. The moans were louder, less coherent, as we both built toward orgasms. I couldn’t take it anymore, and felt the first pulse of cum start to rush down my cock. It exploded into her pussy, and she must have felt it, because just a few seconds later she convulsed again, her whole body shaking, as she had her second orgasm.

We stayed there for a few minutes, catching our breath. After we recovered, I turned her around, still on my lap, with both of our fluids leaking out of her pussy and onto the chair. For the first time, we kissed, acknowledging to each other that this would not be the only time.

And it wasn’t, we carried on for almost a year, while her work steadily improved, and she was given a promotion to another division. Seems the “deal” worked out well for both of us.

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