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The One

This is a true story, it might not be for everyone but, the facts are real.
The One

It was a cold January night in Michigan. It was about 9:30PM all the kids were in bed and asleep. That was me every night, 5 kids to take care of ranging from 5 to 16. My wife and I are in a rocky marriage at best. We both have our faults and what makes things worse is that we work split shifts. I work days she works afternoons. It’s been like that for the last ten years. At first we made the most of our weekends. Early Saturday morning bubble baths, candles and massages when she got home from work. Making love to the wee hours in the morning, trying to find ways to sneak off during the day for a quickie and making love again on Sunday morning. That lasted about 2 years and has gone downhill ever since. We are at the point where we hardly notice each other now.

So, now it’s about 9:30 and the usual daily ritual starts. I get online, find a porn site and a chat room in another window. The chat room has about 10 people in it. Most chats are flirty and I toss my little comments in when the time arises. I go check out a vid on the porn site and when I returned to chat, a private message window had popped up form someone named Angel. She told me she wanted sanctuary from the chat room and thought I was a safe bet. She told me she was married and had 2 girls and that she lived in Boston.

We talked about 2 hours that night and were basically inseparable after that. We started off talking about our lives and how unhappy we were, then about sex and we started to cyber. That got old real fast so we went to talking on the phone every day and most of the night. We spilled all of our feelings out during those phone conversations. Some were real emotional and others real passionate. I couldn't believe how fast we “connected” with each other and how nothing was boring or “hum drum” when we talked, there was always something to talk about. We eventually moved up to sending each other written letters and pictures, cards, articles of clothing, small gifts, etc. Both of us secured a P.O. box for that purpose.

I have never considered myself an overly attractive man (average at best) and when I got the pics of her I knew I was way out of my league! Here was a picture of this stunning brunette (9 years younger than me) in a teddy with long curly hair, big brown eyes and the fullest lips with the greatest smile you could imagine. She was about 5’ 6” ,trim and very well proportioned! I thought for sure after she saw my pic our relationship would turn towards the “we can just be friends” side.

To my surprise and utter amazement she was even more interested! With all that we have said and done, we both decided it was time to meet. My wife was planning a trip with the kids to Chicago in late July to see her family. I never go to Chicago for that reason, ever! So, it was easy for me to bow out without an excuse. I booked a flight to Boston (actually it was to R.I). The plan was that she was going to meet me at the airport, take me to my hotel, go home for the night and come back the next morning and stay the weekend.

I landed at Green Airport in Warwick R.I. at 5:10 PM on a Thursday. I actually wasn't nervous about anything until the wheels touched the ground. Once the plane landed and came to a stop to deplane, I was having a tough time getting out of my seat! But! the thought of what was waiting for me at the end of the tunnel took over and I managed to get up and shuffle through the plane and out to the tunnel. “Head up, shoulders back, just be calm.” Breath Mike, Breath!” I said to myself.

Down the tunnel and walking into the waiting area, there was a small group of people waiting there. The plane was only half full so, that made sense. I was looking around the area, looking for that face, those eyes, hopefully looking for me. Nothing. No one. Nada. She wasn’t there! I waited until everyone left that area and stood there for about 10 minutes hoping she would show up but, she never did. Talk about male insecurity! Well, it hit me like a ton of bricks. That high level of excitement was replaced by all the doubts about myself along with where, how and why? It was almost like the “Mommy I’m lost” feeling. Damn!!

I found a rest room and went into a stall just to gather myself. I sat there and thought “What the fuck was I thinking?” “Meeting someone from the internet?” “Long distance relationship?” “ I gotta be fuckin’ nuts!” I was probably in there about 10 minutes beating myself up before leaving the stall. Going to the sink and splashing some cold water on my face. I looked myself in the mirror and said “Fuck it, I’m here until Sunday, might as well make the most of it!” “The hotel has a shuttle service. I’ll grab my luggage, call them to come and pick me up and do the best to enjoy my stay.” “I mean, I’ve never been to Boston or Rhode Island, I’m sure there’s tons of things to do.”

Walking down the corridor, looking for the signs to pick up my luggage. I was basically the only one there. Green Airport is very small and the signs pointed to an escalator going downstairs for luggage pickup. Rounding the corner to get on the escalator I looked up and leaning up against a pillar was my vision! She looked astounding! Dressed in a orange , red and green sundress, leaning against that pillar, legs crossed at the ankle, and a great smile. She had that sultry sexy look in her eyes. I walked up to her and without even a hello, I took her in my arms, kissed her on the cheek. Then our lips found each others and that kiss was like magic! All the senses woke up in my body and I could feel it in hers too.

We walked arm in arm to get my luggage and walked out to her car. We didn’t say much to each other but couldn’t keep our eyes off of each other either. The 10 minute ride to the hotel was all small talk about my trip and if there were any problems getting out of the house and were our reasons to our spouses concrete. I checked into the hotel and we drove to my room. She reminded me she had to leave to get home and told her I understood.

She walked me to my door, I tossed my bag in the room and turned an kissed her. She held on to me a little longer then pulled away and said “I’ll be back here at 9 in the morning.” I closed the door as she turned to walk back towards her car. Just before the door got completely closed, I felt it pushing back at me. I opened the door and she literally flung herself at me! She wrapped her arms around me and started kissing me. Deep long soft kisses, kissing my cheek and neck, even my nose! “I’m so happy you’re here!” she blurted out.

She continued kissing me and as I was trying to find a rhythm she started unbuttoning my shirt licking and nibbling at one nipple then over to the other. I managed to get the zipper of her dress half way down her back and I pulled her up and wanting to return the favor, pulled the front of her dress over her breasts and massaged them through her bra finally pulling one out and started licking and sucking on her nipple. Standing in the middle of the room tasting her, smelling her, feeling her react was more than I could have possibly imagined!

As I got her other breast out and started sucking on her nipple, she reached for my groin. She started stroking me through my jeans and my cock was rock hard in an instant! “Oh Mike!” “I’ve been wanting this for so long!” “You said you were thick, but I never though you were this thick!” With that she unzipped my jeans and started stroking me through my boxers.

This pace was way too fast for my deliberate and methodical lovemaking style. This woman was on go! Not wanting to be behind, while still sucking her nipple I slid my hand down her leg and up her inside dress. I felt the band on the top of her panties and slid my hand inside. She was now palm stroking the underside of my cock inside my zipper and I slowly started moving my hips to her rhythm. As I slid my hand inside her panties and down to her pussy I felt smooth skin except for a thin patch of hair just above her clit.

Sliding my hand down further, I could feel heat coming off of her pussy. She started stroking me a little faster now (I knew I wasn’t going to last long at this pace). Without any teasing or preparation I slid my hand down and thrust my middle finger inside her pussy. Just as I did that a low moan came from her lips, she threw her head back and pushed her hips up towards my finger. I moved over to her other nipple and took in between my teeth and tongue and started sucking hard on it, grating the nipple with my teeth. She moaned louder and slowed down her manipulation of my cock.

I was pushing my finger in and out of her faster and faster and harder, when I was pulling it out I would bend it just a little, trying to stroke her g - spot. This would cause her hips to shake. I was switching from nipple to nipple biting and sucking them with my finger sliding in and out of her. She was just holding on to my cock now, not moving her hand but kind of using it as a base to steady herself. Pressing my palm flat against her pussy, I started moving it up and down, massaging her clit along with my thrusting finger.

“Oh FUCK!!” she moaned and took step back and braced herself against the back of the couch, freeing my cock as she did. Feeling the liquid run from her pussy I started massaging harder and faster. She spread her legs and screamed “Oh God Mike!! , Oh FUCK!!” With that she bent back further against the couch and started lurching her hips hard towards my hand. My lips locked on her nipple and I started sucking it hard and fast. I felt her pussy spasm around my finger and her clit pulse on my palm. Juices started shooting out of her pussy against my hand, into her panties and then down her leg. I quickly pulled my finger from her pussy and found her clit with my index finger. Moving my finger from side to side flicking her clit as I did, it brought another level to her orgasm and she literally shook from head to toe as her hips bucked fast and hard.

Pulling my lips from her nipple and still flicking her clit, I looked up and saw her leaning back against the couch, legs spread, eyes closed tightly and her face contorted in orgasm. Not to mention that the top of her dress was pulled down below her breasts and her nipples were sticking straight up and hard while the hem of her dress was pulled up to her stomach with my hand still inside her panties. Her body was shivering. As her orgasm slowed she managed to grab my wrist and pull my hand from her panties and even more so, her extremely sensitive clit. “Enough, that's enough” she whispered.

She pulled herself up holding onto my arm, grabbed the sides of my head and gave me a slow soft kiss. She looked over at the bed and smiled and looked back at me. Before I could even think of lifting her up and carrying her to the bed (that's how I took the look). She looked back at the bed ( or more the alarm clock by the bed) again and screamed “ Oh my God!” “I am so fucking late!” As she started putting herself together she looked at me and gave me another kiss. “Look Mike, if we are going to spend the weekend together, I need to leave right now!” she said. “He’ll never let me go if he has any suspicions”

“Shit!! My panties are soaked, I can’t wear these home.” she said. With that she slid them down her legs, wiped the juices from her orgasm up, and tossed them to me. Then she looked down at my crotch. A small stain was on the front of my jeans from my precum. My cock was still rock hard. “Damn!! I really hate to pass that up right now!!” “But I have to.” she said. With that she gave me a kiss, gave my cock a squeeze and started walking towards the door. She turned and said. “Try not to do anything with that tonight.” looking at my cock. I promise it will be worth it when I get back here tomorrow.” “See you around 9.” Then she walked out the door and left.

There I was, standing in the middle of the room, with a hard on poking out of my jeans and a pair of soaked panties in my hand.

to be continued …....

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