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The Operation

When Marcia finds the right doctor.

Marcia walked slowly down the hallway holding a small slip of paper with the name and address of her new doctor. She checked the suite numbers as she continued to the end of the hall. Room 415, there it was. The door was bare except for the name of the doctor; Dr. Randall Walters, MD. Marcia double-checked the paper with the name on the door and stepped in.

The waiting room was small, with only a couple chairs and a coffee table. Back issues of National Geographic and Women’s Day were scattered across the table. A small window rested in the wall directly across from the door and Marcia walked up to it. There didn’t appear to be anybody there. She looked around the counter and saw one of those annoying silver bells sitting there. She gave it a hesitant tap and waited.

Almost instantly someone appeared from somewhere behind the counter. The man appeared somewhat in a hurry as he walked to the counter. His youth is what surprised her most, he looked to be somewhere in is early to mid twenties. He was tall and muscular, without being bulky. He seemed to glide up to the counter, a smile on his face. Marcia had butterflies in her stomach. Maybe this was the receptionist, and the doctor was in the back. Marcia was reluctant to bring up the reason for her visit with this handsome young man.

“Hi,” he said as he grabbed the appointment book. He glanced at it for a moment. “You must be Marcia. Sorry about the wait, my receptionist had to run so I have to run the place myself.”

A thrill went through her body as she realized that this was indeed the doctor. She suddenly got shy as she realized what she was going to have to tell this man. Marcia almost walked out the door, but before she could even turn around he was talking again.

“Well, you’re just in time, come on back.”

He walked over to the door that led to the back of his office and opened it wide. Reluctantly, Marcia walked through the door.

“Just go on back, there’s only one examining room, you can’t miss it.”

Marcia walked down the short hall and easily found the exam room; it was the only other door besides the restroom and a closet. She walked into the room and saw the table. It was one you would find in any gynecologist’s office with the stirrups pushed in for future use. She sat on the table and waited for the doctor.

He walked into the room a moment later with a clip board and a cup of coffee. As he went to set the coffee down, it spilled and splattered the front of his clean white doctor’s smock. He brushed at the coffee for a second and giving up, took it off and set it in a chair. He turned back to Marcia, and she saw that he was wearing a tight polo shirt. His chest muscles rippled with each movement and Marcia found that she was almost mesmerized by the sight.

“Now, Marcia, I understand that Cindy Jameson referred me to you?”

“Yes, she said that you had really helped her with her problem and that I should come to see you about mine.” Marcia said as she continued to stare at his chest and arms.

“Yes, well,” he said with a smile. “Let’s get down to that, your problem I mean.”

Marcia blushed a little and looked down to her feet. Her body was becoming excited being this close to a handsome young man. At 45, she didn’t get very many young men. They were more interested in younger women. She was very reluctant to go into it, but with a deep breath she began.

“Well, it’s my sex drive.” She said in a rush. “Or rather, the lack of one. For some reason, I can’t seem to become very interested in sex. Maybe it’s menopause.” She finished lamely.

He finished writing down his notes and looked up at her. Dr. Walter’s eyes traveled over her body, head to toe. He wrote another note down and came over to stand beside her.

“Well let’s see what we can find,” he said as he gently grabbed her wrist.

His touch sent a thrill through her body. His fingers on her wrist felt firm and warm. He took her pulse and made another note. He felt her neck and used his stethoscope on her back. After several minutes of routine examination he pulled away and made one last note.

“Well, I’m going to need you to go ahead and get into the gown. I have to grab a few supplies and I’ll be back in a minute while you change.” With that Dr. Walters turned and left the room, leaving the door open as he went to the front of the office.

Marcia looked down at the olive green gown that he had been talking about. She knew from experience that it wasn’t going to cover much, but it would be better than being naked in front of the sexy young doctor. She quickly changed, and as she pulled her panties down, she knew that she was getting horny.

It didn’t take him long to get back. He walked in and closed the door behind him. As he walked up to the table, he pulled out the stirrups from the end of the bed. A pillow was placed down at the head of the exam table.

“Go ahead and lay back. Put your feet in the stirrups.” His strong hands helped guide her feet up to the stirrups. In moments, Marcia was laying on her back, her pussy getting hotter as her imagination started to heat up.

“I’m going to do a brief exam, if you could just take a deep breath and relax.”

Dr. Walters moved to the side of the bed and put his hands on her shoulder. In just a moment, he had pulled away her gown and she was lying naked on the table. He started at her shoulders. His hands moved slowly around, almost like a massage. They moved down to her breasts. Slowly they kneaded and rubbed. Her nipples popped up like the tips of a pinky finger. They stayed hard and rigid.

Down her body they went, to her belly, then her pelvis. His thumbs rubbed the area around her now wet pussy and she gave an involuntary moan. Her eyes were still closed, she didn’t think she could take it if she saw his face right then. His hands felt like heaven as they pushed all the right buttons. She pushed her hips up a little, trying to get him to get closer to her sweet spot.

All at once, it was done. He had pulled away and was now sitting at the end of the table, his face less than a foot away from her throbbing pussy. She was definitely wet now; the juices were all over her labia. Marcia was breathing slightly heavily and her legs were spread wide.

“I have a new therapy that should help some, but it could take several treatments.” He said this quietly as he continued his exam.

Dr. Walters pulled on a pair of exam gloves and moved in. His finger lightly stroked her wet pussy, easily finding lubrication. It slid slowly up and sown her slit and Marcia moaned again. On the next up stroke, his finger brushed her clit. Her hips shuddered as she felt an orgasm building. She spread her legs wider, to give him easier access. Up and down it went again, this time he slid it slowly inside her.

“Yes,” she moaned.

In and out the finger went, first slowly, then quicker. In an out. Up and down. Marcia was moaning consistently now. Her hips were pumping up and down in rhythm with his finger. As she was beginning her orgasm, he pulled his hand away. He replaced it with his tongue. Quickly, his tongue played up and down her clit. He put his finger back in and started to finger her deeply. It felt like a thick worm inside her that with his tongue sent her over the edge. She screamed and grabbed his head to pull it tightly against her. She came. Hard. Her body shuddered with the intensity of the orgasm. It seemed to go on forever.

After several minutes of her buildup, Marcia couldn’t seem to stop coming. Dr. Walters had pulled away and Marcia was still coming. Her body writhed on the table. Finally, it seemed that it was over. She was panting on the table and opened her eyes. He was naked! His large dick was standing a full attention as he walked up to the table. He put his hands on her knees and walked right up.

He slid in easily, what with all the lubrication. His large unit filled her and Marcia moaned again. In an out he pumped. She reached out and grabbed his hips with her feet, pushing him harder into her. Faster and faster he went, his dark eyes staring intently into hers. He put his hands on her tits and grabbed roughly. Marcia screamed again as she came again. He pumped hard and fast, grunting with each in thrust.

Finally she came for the last time. She yelled loudly as she came. The doctor grunted loudly and pulled out. His hand grabbed his large cock and began stroking furiously. In no time at all he released. His hot load went all the way up her belly almost to her neck. As her orgasm wracked her body, Marcia took his still warm cum and rubbed it all over her chest and belly. The slippery feeling almost sending her into another orgasm.

She lay there slowly recovering. After several minutes, she had composed herself and looked up. He had already left the room. Marcia grabbed a towel and wiped herself off. She quickly dressed, feeling much younger than she had when she had first walked into the office. Composed, she walked to the front to schedule her next visit.

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