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The Orderly

A hot young extern spices things up for a bored overnight orderly
“Rob, Mr. Littleton’s diaper needs changing. Could you please take care of that and clean him up?”

Rob cringed at the sound of Nurse Baker’s awful voice, for there was seldom anything positive uttered from her lips. Rob had been an overnight orderly at The Peaceful Valley Hospital for almost two years now, and the head nurse had been more like a jailer than a supervisor. She loved to dole menial tasks and impose petty torments, knowing there was nothing he could do but her bidding. He had dropped out of nursing school and had no other skills or education. He was going nowhere and she knew it.

“Yes, Nurse Baker,” he responded in a submissive voice. “I’ll clock back in now. I’m finished with my break.”

She flashed him a wry, condescending smile and walked away. He could hear the clippity-clop of her hard-soled orthopedic shoes on the tile floor. He hated the sound. He watched her fat ass waddle as she moved, shifting cellulite sacks this way and that. He thought of the woman’s poor husband trying to slip his dick into that blob of flesh once a week – poor bastard.

Rob stood from the tiny breakroom table, cluttered with the day’s used cups, fast food wrappers, food crumbs and various trashy celebrity magazines. He pulled his timecard and punched it on the clock. It was 2:13 A.M. - nearly four more hours left on his shift. Fuck! He sighed, catching a glimpse of himself in the finger-smudged mirror. All these looks going to waste, he thought.

Rob was indeed a good-looking young man. At 27, he had jet-black, wavy locks extending just over his ears. He was just over 6-feet tall with a muscled, athletic build. His perpetual three day old beard and emerald green eyes drew stares from women all the time. He hated his job as an orderly in the Alzheimer’s wing of the suburban hospital. He spent his hours mopping piss, emptying bedpans and wiping the asses of elderly, bed-ridden patients who were just there waiting to die. He had few coworkers; just older, bitchy nurses who would be patients there themselves soon enough.

He walked to the supply room at a casual pace to retrieve a diaper for Mr. Littleton. He was in no hurry. The poor man suffered from advanced Alzheimer’s disease and no longer spoke or communicated in any fashion. 

The supply room was a dark, dreary room about the size of an average living room, with rack shelving slicing the room into smaller bits of space. He knew it well, though. He’d jerked off in the back corner on many occasions when Nurse Baker was on her break or otherwise unable to track his every movement.

He first caught a glimpse of the new girl as he opened the door to the supply room. She was petite with long, silky auburn hair pulled back into a pony tail. Her waist was tiny and her ass looked shapely and tight even in grey hospital scrubs. The sound of Rob’s entrance startled her momentarily and she turned to face him, “Oh, you scared me for a second,” she said. “Hi, I’m Amanda.”

She walked toward him extending her hand. Her eyes were green, like his, but the first thing he noticed was a huge smile displaying a mouth full of perfectly placed white teeth. Her lips were thick and covered with a soft shade of peach-colored lipstick. Her perfume was light and sweet smelling. She wore very little makeup and just a touch of rouge, adding a little pink to her cheekbones. His eyes wandered south to her breasts, shapely and perfectly sized for the rest of her body. In the colder air of the supply room he could make out the outline of both nipples. She could not have been more than twenty-two, Rob surmised.

“This is my first night,” she continued, shaking his hand. “I’m a nursing extern from City College. I’ll be here six weeks.”

“Well, there’s nothing like working on the grave yard shift in hell for free,” he responded.

The smile disappeared from her face, “I’m sure it’s not all that horrible,” she said. “Can you tell me where the paper towels are kept?”

“Behind you on the top shelf,” Rob said, regretting making such a negative remark. He watched her as she stood on her tiptoes to reach the towels. As she stretched, her scrub top raised over the top of her pants revealing her tanned, tiny waist. Her scrub bottoms were hip-huggers and hung a little loose, exposing two and a half inches of the crack of her ass. The top of her pink thong protruded above the pant line.

The sight of her ass made his dick twinge a little. She glanced back and saw that he’d been looking at her. She smiled a bit nervously and quickly pulled her scrub top down. “I need some counter cleaner, too,” she said.

“I see Nurse Ratchet has already engaged you in some stimulating activity,” Rob said. “This will be quite the learning environment for you. Tomorrow, you’ll be promoted to unclogging toilets.”

“Her name is Nurse Baker,” Amanda responded.

“Yes, I know,” he said. “Nurse Ratchet was a character in an old movie… never mind. Come this way. I am intimately familiar with where the counter cleaners are along with any toilet brushes, plungers, mop buckets or glass cleaners you may need. We even have a selection of counter cleaners to choose from.”

In the cramped space of the last aisle in the supply room, Rob pointed out the counter cleaners. Amanda brushed by him to get a closer look. Rob backed into the rear rack to give her space to pass, but the aisle was tight and she had to slide sideways. As she moved past, her ass made light contact with Rob’s crotch, causing his dick to twinge again – half mast this time. She pretended she hadn’t noticed the contact but through the thin scrubs he was wearing Rob was pretty certain she had to have felt the swelling of his dick.

“Excuse me,” she said.

“No reason to apologize,” he responded. “That may have been the highlight of my day.”

Ignoring the comment and pretending to compare two of the cleansers, she lingered, looking at the labels.

“How long have you worked here?” she asked.

“Way too long,” Rob responded. “You smell nice, if you don’t mind my saying so.”

She smiled, “It’s called ‘A Hint of Vine,’” she said, leaning forward a bit to offer him a closer sniff of her neck. “Are you going to school?”

“No,” he said. “I’d love to tell you differently. I was going to nursing school but washed out – couldn’t handle the math.”

Amanda picked up one of the cleaners and turned to Rob, moving by him, this time passing him face to face. Their eyes met. She stopped. Rob expected her to look away after an awkward second or two, but she didn’t. Slowly, Rob moved his face toward hers. Amanda tilted her head up slightly. Their lips met, ever so lightly at first. They kissed very gently.

Rob’s dick began to immediately stiffen as her moist lips covered his mouth. He moved his right hand to her waist and gently pulled her to him. He felt her tits touch his chest as the kissing became more passionate. He slid both hands around the small of her back and moved them over her ass. It was just as he expected, firm but ample. He pulled her even closer. His dick was now fully erect and through his scrubs it was pressing between her legs. He began to move his hips slightly rubbing his dick over her pussy through their scrubs.

His tongue entered her mouth and he heard her moan softly. He put his hand between her legs and could feel her soft bush through her scrubs. She pulled away as he began to slip his hand under her scrub top.

“I have to go,” she said, and whisked away, leaving Rob with a rock hard boner tenting the front of his pants.

Rob saw her again thirty minutes later, walking from room to room with Nurse Baker, holding a clipboard, performing routine rounds. The noise from Baker’s shoes cut through the otherwise silent hospital – clippity-clop. Amanda seemed reluctant to make eye contact with him, fearful of the judgmental eye of the old cunt, who seemed extraordinarily pleased to have another minion around to do her bidding.

At 3:15 A.M. Rob walked past the breakroom and saw the old battleaxe sitting at the table eating her frozen dinner. He knew her routines well. She’d be in that room until 4:00 A.M. when she’d re-appear at the nurse’s station looking for some degrading task for him to perform.

Rob walked down the east wing of the floor looking for Amanda but she was nowhere to be found. Just as he turned the corner of the wing he saw her, fifty feet away, walking down the corridor of the west wing. He peeked around the corner and watched her momentarily. She was moving from room to room, reading the charts of each patient she passed.

After a few minutes Rob saw her heading to the restroom. There was an ‘out of order’ sign on the door. He saw her reading the sign. After another few seconds she moved toward Mr. Littleton’s room. She paused for the briefest of moments, and turned her head, making eye contact with Rob. There was no smile, no acknowledgement of any kind. She opened the door and entered. After she disappeared into the room, Rob followed slowly.

Rob entered Mr. Littleton’s room about ninety seconds behind Amanda, and as he suspected, she was in the patient’s restroom. Probably taking a piss, he thought. He took one last glance down each side of the hallway. He saw nothing. He held his breath and listened. He could hear nothing. He closed the door to Mr. Littleton’s room as quietly as he could and saw that the old man was fast asleep. He looked to the restroom door which was cracked open, leaving a three inch gap. Through the small opening of the bathroom door the light beamed into the otherwise dark room. He silently made his way to the bathroom door and peeked through the crack.

Amanda was sitting on the toilet; her pants and undies were pulled down to her knees but she wasn’t urinating. Her eyes were closed, she was leaning back as far as she could with her legs spread as far as her clothes would allow. Her left hand was rubbing her pussy slowly and methodically. The sight of the act was causing Rob’s heart to race. Her pussy lips were parting as she rubbed herself. The pink flesh stood out from the brown bush surrounding it. Rob’s dick was getting hard as he watched her for a few seconds. If she knew he was watching, there was no indication.

Rob reached into his own pants and grabbed the shaft of his dick, stroking it gently. Rob opened the door a few more inches to get a better view and as he did so Amanda opened her eyes and saw him watching her. She did not seem the least surprised. She whispered, “When your cock brushed against my behind earlier, it made me horny,” she said. “I had to find a place to rub it out. Come in. Close the door.”

As Rob entered the restroom her eyes wandered to his crotch and she could see he was fully erect. The sight of his bulge caused her to rub herself harder, “Pull your pants down,” she said. “Let me see your cock.”

Rob pulled his scrub bottoms down over his cock and showed it to her. She moaned at the sight of it, continuing to rub her pussy. “Mmmmm,” she moaned. “Your cock looks tasty. Move closer.”

The sight of her masturbating was getting him more and more aroused. He began jerking off lightly as he moved toward her. As he neared her she raised her right hand up to touch him. When he reached her she took her thumb and her first three fingers and began to lightly play with the tip of his dick.

“That feels good,” he said, moving his own hand onto hers and guiding it over the length of his cock. “Stroke it.”

She sighed and began to jerk on his dick, gently. Rob used his right hand and touched her belly, sliding his fingers down her stomach and onto her pussy. He ran his fingers through the thick, downy pubic bush before reaching the flesh of her pussy. It was dripping with moisture. The clitoris was swollen, moist and hard. She moaned louder as he began to rub it. “Faster… harder,” she said.

Rob rubbed her pussy as she continued to stroke his cock up and down. “Take your top off,” he implored. “I want to see those tits.”

She raised her arms and he reached down to pull her scrub top off. He pulled her bra off over her head as if it were a t-shirt, exposing a perfectly shaped pair of tits. Her nipples were fully erect.

Amanda scooted forward on the toilet seat, positioning her ass on the very edge, opening her knees as wide as they could go. She used her fingers to spread her pussy lips apart. He could see how wet her pussy was and the sight of it almost made him come then and there.

Rob now stood between her legs and bent to his knees. He glanced at her face; her eyes closed, her lips parted. He began licking her pussy. As his tongue touched her, she moaned and used both hands to pull the flesh open. He began gently licking her clitoris, moving his tongue to the opening, circling the warm, wet flesh, tasting the fluids.

She began to move her ass in slow, gyrating motions as Rob’s tongue entered her pussy, licking harder now. Her pussy became wetter and wetter and Rob was turned on by the taste and the smell. He alternated licking deep into her pussy with light nibbling of the clitoris and the soft, fleshy lips around it. The motion of her ass increased. Fluids began to drip from her pussy and down to her ass. Rob licked at the wetness and moved his fingers to her asshole.

He touched her asshole with his right forefinger, not penetrating her ass but rubbing the opening, gently at first, then more vigorously. She moaned louder and moved her ass forward slightly, encouraging Rob to do more.

He slid his finger, wet from the fluids, ever-so-gently into her ass as he licked her pussy. His face was covered with the fluids from her pussy and the warm wetness was exciting him even more. He began a rhythm, licking her pussy and finger fucking her ass, over and over.

“Don’t stop,” she cried out softly. “I’m going to come.”

Rob continued to use his tongue and fingers on her rhythmically and frantically, moaning himself and making soft noises that turned her on.

“Fuck yes,” she whispered, “Fuck yes. That feels so fucking good. Lick me. I’m almost there, baby. I’m going to come.”

As if on cue, Amanda lunged forward as the orgasm overcame her. She started to scream but squelched the noise. Her pussy released more wetness onto Rob’s face as she came. After a few seconds, she gently used her hand to push Rob’s forehead away from her pussy. His finger was still up her ass. Breathing heavily she looked spent but came to life again as Rob slid his finger from her ass.

“It’s your turn now, lover,” she said. She reached down and began to pull her pants off, his cue to do the same.

Once fully naked, she moved to him. Her body was warm to the touch as her mouth found his. He tongue began to explore the inside of his mouth; her tits rubbing in his chest, her hand finding his cock again. He squeezed her ass used his own tongue on hers.

“You have my pussy juice all over your face,” she said, smiling and kissing him.

“Does that turn you off?” Rob replied.

“No, I like it,” she said, licking his mouth, chin and cheeks.

After a few minutes of deep kissing and touching, she said, “What do you want?”

“I want you to suck my cock,” he responded.

She smiled and sat back on the toilet, drawing him closer by tugging on his dick. She squeezed the base of his shaft, causing his cock to swell a bit, and lightly kissed the head several times. He moaned and the sound caused her mouth to open wider. She began licking the head of his dick as she continued to squeeze the shaft.

Rob loved the feel of her hand on his dick, of her tongue licking the head but was ready for more. “Go down on it,” Rob implored. She opened her mouth and took in three inches of his cock, moving up and down his shaft, jerking him off at the same time.

“That feels great,” he said. “Suck harder… faster.”

Amanda continued to take his dick into her mouth. She’d run her tongue up and down the length of his shaft, nibble at the head, and go down on him again. She’d spit on the head to keep it well lubricated, which further turned him on. She’d stop long enough to jerk him off and speak. “Do you like my mouth on your dick?” she’d say. “Do you like watching me suck you off?”

“Yes,” he’d say. “Suck me deeper… faster.”

Rob grew more and more excited as she continued to suck him off, moving deeper still, taking in four to five inches of his cock into her mouth, making slurping sounds. He was just about ready to explode when he stopped her.

“I want you to come again, before I do,” he said.

She stopped sucking his and looked into his eyes, “Really?”

“Yes, really. Can you?”

“Oh, fuck yeah,” she said, jerking on his dick.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“Doggie style. Fuck me doggie style,” she said, standing up.

They moved to the sink, in front of the mirror. She faced her reflection, bending over with her hands positioned on each side of the sink. She watched Rob through the mirror as he moved behind her. She sighed as he rubbed his dick all over her butt cheeks. She moved her ass from side to side heightening the pleasure Rob felt rubbing his wet dick up and down the crack of her ass. Finally he slid his cock into her pussy slowly… slowly… until it was all the way in. He moaned.

Rob moved his hips pumping the length of his dick into her, slowly at first, over and over. “Harder,” she called. He placed his hands on her hips and used them for leverage thrusting himself into her harder and harder. His body was making slapping noises on her ass as he slammed his cock in and out of her.

“Don’t stop,” she cried out. “Fuck me harder! I’m going to come.”

He took both hands and grabbed her tits, continuing to plunge his cock into her again and again. He felt her nipples for the first time. They were taught and hard. “I’m coming,” she yelled, trying to squelch the volume of her voice. “I’m coming!”

Amanda stiffened as she cried out with pleasure. Rob put his hand over her mouth to stifle her scream as he slammed his dick in and out of her the final three times. Within seconds her body seemed to melt into a relax state. Rob slowed the pace, but didn’t take his cock out of her. He continued to fuck her slowly. After several moments of slow recovery Amanda lifted her head and made eye contact with him. Rob smiled. Amanda returned the smile in silent communication.

Rob slowly pulled his cock from her and bent to his knees, pulled her ass cheeks apart. He lightly kissed the flesh of her ass and allowed his tongue to find her asshole.

“You want more, still?” she said, breathlessly. Rob didn’t respond; he was busy. He licked her ass lightly at first as his mouth produced more and more saliva. He tried to slide his tongue deep into her ass dripping saliva into the opening.

“This way,” she said. “I know what you want.” As Rob stood, she walked to the door. She opened the door a crack, put her forefinger to her mouth and waved him to join her. Still naked and now covered with perspiration, Amanda and Rob walked to the empty bed next to Mr. Littleton.

“Lay down,” she said.

Rob lay down on the bed. His cock was still at full attention. Mr. Littleton was snoring just a few feet away. Amanda mounted him facing his feet and grabbed his knees sliding her hands down he legs to the ankles, “You can fuck me in the ass, now,” she whispered.

From the angle Rob could see her ass, her asshole and her pussy. The view was the hottest thing he’d ever seen. He guided the head of his dick to her asshole and allowed her weight to drive it up her ass. She sat up, forcing his dick deeper into her ass. She then began to move her ass up and down. He moaned as her tight asshole slid down around the base of his dick. Picking up speed she began a quick rhythm, sliding her ass up and down on his cock, until Rob was about ready to pop.

Amanda stopped to reposition. She stood, straddling Rob, still facing away from him. She squatted onto his crotch. She reached around and found his dick and guided it into her ass. Once his dick was all the way in, she leaned back. Rob placed his hands on her back for support and she used her legs to move up and down, forcing Rob’s dick up her ass as she moved. It was the most pleasurable thing Rob had ever experienced.

“I almost there,” he called to her in a whisper.

“Wait,” she said. “I want you to come on my face and in my mouth.”

“Oh that sounds so good,” Rob replied.

“I’m glad.”

“But I think I should warn you.”

“What? Warn me about what?”

“I come a lot.”

“What do you mean, a lot?”

“I mean, I produce come like a fire hose when I’m especially horny. And I’m horny as fuck right now.”

She smiled, “Mmmm, she said. I think I like that.”

She pulled her ass off his dick, and hopped off the bed. “I’ll be right back,” she said. Seconds later she returned with a warm washcloth and began to wipe his dick down. She looked at him and smiled as she stoked his cock with the wet washcloth. “Are you ready for the grand finale, Tiger?” she said.

Rob sat up and in less than a second she was sucking him off again. Just about the time he was ready to pop, he heard the all-too-familiar clippity-clop of Nurse Baker’s orthopedic shoes getting louder from a distance.

“Fuck, here comes Nurse Baker,” Rob said. “She’s coming this way.”

Also hearing the noise Amanda pulled the curtain around the bed as quietly as possible and moved the opposite side of the bed, “Stay on the bed,” she said. “Maybe we’ll get lucky.”

Nurse Baker opened the door to Mr. Littleton’s room. Rob and Amanda froze in position. “How are we this evening, Mr. Littleton?” she said. There was no response, however. Rob suspected that was the way Nurse Baker liked most conversations.

Rob looked at Amanda who was smiling at Rob as they both listened to Nurse Baker flipping through the pages of the charts and talking to Mr. Littleton.

“Looks like you’ve made another mess of your diaper,” she said. “Where is that useless fucking orderly when you need him?”

Rob smiled. He looked to Amanda who flashed an evil grin and began pulling on his dick again, getting it hard. Once it became fully erect Amanda put her mouth on it and started to silently suck it. She gobbled his dick all the way down her throat, taking the entire length of it. The possibly getting caught was making her hotter.

Rob worried about getting caught, too. He worried about losing his job; he had bills to pay and obligations to meet. He worried that the mistake would follow him forever and he’d never get another job. He thought of all of this. But mostly, he thought of Amanda’s sweet lips around his dick; he thought of coming all over her face. He thought of using his dick to spread the come all over her. He thought of her licking jizz off his dick.

“I think we’re going to have to lower your medication,” Baker said, unaware that Rob was now jerking off into Amanda’s mouth a few feet away, “I don’t think the doctor will like your blood pressure readings.”

I’m sure the doctor would show concerns about my blood pressure readings too, Rob thought as Amanda had pulled his dick up and was now licking his balls and moving her tongue toward his ass.

“Let’s see what time your doctor’s going to visit you,” Baker said, flipping pages as Amanda drove her tongue into Rob’s asshole, still jerking on his dick.

“I don’t see a medication order anywhere,” Baker continued, “It’s probably that damn insurance company again.”

Rob was ready to come as Amanda started to jerk him off again while nibbling lightly on the head of his dick. He could hear Nurse Baker clippity-clop around the room as he spilled his spunk all over Amanda’s face and into her mouth. Rob suppressed a scream by holding his breath but he had never come so hard in his life. It seemed like a never-ending flow of jizz gushed from his cock. Amanda was smiling with her tongue out as the white come squirted in her mouth and on her face. She pulled back a little and allowed a healthy dose of the jizz to cover her tits.

“Well, I’ll see you in the morning, Mr. Littleton,” Baker said, “If I can’t find that good-for-nothing orderly, I’ll send in the new extern. She should know the pure pleasure that comes from wiping your ass.”

Amanda had been rubbing Rob’s come all over her face using his dick as the rubbing instrument and was now squeezing the head of his cock to get out the last few drops of come, licking and swallowing it.

Twenty minutes later Rob saw Nurse Fat Whore lecturing Amanda on who knows what… probably some minor transgression like fucking an orderly in the room of a comatose patient.

At 6:00 A.M. Rob clocked out and headed to the parking lot. He got to his car and pulled away. As he passed the front door of the building he saw Amanda emerge and head straight to a convertible Porsche where a 30-ish year old man was waiting. She hopped in the car, smiled and gave the man a big wet kiss. As they pulled away Amanda made eye contact with him, smiled and waved.

He shook his head and drove away, thinking to himself that he couldn’t wait until his next shift.

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