The Party Next Door

By MercyB

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The party next door relieved all of Jackie's frustrations.
Jacqueline, or Jackie as she was called by most, had justgotten home from work. She threw her keys in the bowl by the front door and hung her soaking wet jacket in the nearby closet. Her mind was so tired from the day. Meeting after meeting. It seemed that every Tuesday and Thursday was like this ever since she was promoted to Manager of Talent Acquisition.

The leadership staff was asking for the world from her recruiters while not giving them the budget to get it done. It was like trying to squeeze milk out of a turnip! She was so frustrated when she finally got home. To top it off, her husband of 15 years was out of town this week on a business trip. Normally, she would have gone for an evening jog after work to let off steam, but with the rain coming down in torrents outside jogging was out of the question.

As she poured herself a glass of wine the thought that had carried her through the day resurfaced. Her friend, and next door neighbor Anabel, was throwing a sex toy party tonight. If nothing else she could sit back and relax with a few friends while they had a good time.

Jackie took a quick shower, put on a light thigh length casual dress, threw on her rain jacket, some galoshes, and headed next door. Anabel’s house was gloriously warm and well lit. There were already three ladies drinking pinot noir and snacking on appetizers. She knew two of the ladies. They were also neighbors and lived at the end of the street. The third was the consultant.

“Hello, you must be Jackie. I’m Estella.” As they shook hands Jackie noticed that Estella was drop dead gorgeous! She always thought that toy party consultants were frumpy house wives who couldn’t find anything better to do with their time. Estella did not look like a frumpy housewife. She looked like a Latin goddess.

“Hey, Jackie. So glad that you could make it. Well, ladies,” Anabel said to each of them. “That’s it. Small party tonight. Let’s get started, Estella. I can’t wait to see what goodies you’ve brought us.” Anabel rubbed her hands together as everyone gathered in the living room.

Estella had set up a table in the living room with some of the usual toys that you would expect. Jackie was a little disappointed that there weren’t more toys on the table. The evening wore on while Estella demonstrated the use of all the toys on the table. She also had copies of her catalog out and often mentioned other toys that were available or complimentary to those that she demonstrated for us.

Finally, about 20 minutes into the party, Estella pulled a small bottle from her pocket.

“This, ladies, is our special lube.” The bottle was clear with simple lettering on it. Jackie didn’t think that it looked very special.

“What’s so special about it?” Jackie heard herself say before she could catch herself.

Estella had a special gleam in her eyes. “Well, this lube does a couple of things. It heats to the touch and has a faint tingling sensation that could only come from peppermint. There’s another feature that I’d like to show you, but I feel that you’ll really have to experience it yourselves.”

Jackie’s interest was piqued. She thought that maybe Estella was going to suggest that they squirt a little of the lube on their arms so that they could feel and experience the lube for themselves.

“I want each of you ladies to tie these blindfolds around your head and strip down, removing your panties.”

All the women’s mouths dropped to the floor. All except Anabel’s. Anabel had a very smug look on her face.

“What? I told you ladies that this wasn’t going to be your usual toy party,” She said just before her lip got pouty. “You didn’t believe me, huh?”

All the women looked around the room at each other. Wondering who was going to be the first to do as Estella had asked and tie the blindfold on.

“Come on, ladies. I promise you this is the best way to experience this lube. I know that you’ve all had a hard day. What you will experience tonight will wash away the day and leave you with a peaceful mind. You will have the best night’s sleep, I promise.” Estella shook the bottle slightly as if she was trying to sell a magical elixir to Dorothy from Kansas.

Jackie decided what the hell? She’d had a frustrating day and in lieu of her husband washing her frustrations away through his lovemaking, this had to be the next best thing.

Anabel had placed four of her kitchen stools in the middle of the room. It almost looked like they were going to play a game of musical chairs. “I want each of you to sit in one of these chairs and scoot to the edge with your legs apart,” Estella instructed.

Jackie removed her panties and placed them in her purse, tied the blind fold on noticing that the other women were doing the same thing, and stepped up on the end stool. Nervously, wringing her hands together, she waited for the next directions.

“From this point forward there will be no talking, only feeling.”

Jackie shivered with expectation. What could possibly happen? She was a little nervous in the presence of these other women with her cunt exposed. She had never experience sex with other women and wasn’t sure she was ready for this if, in fact, that’s what was about to happen.

“Ladies, I just want you to know there will be no touching tonight. I will be tying your hands behind your backs so that you won’t be tempted.” Estella said. She felt Estella tie her hands together with something that felt soft like a scarf. The stool offered no back support, so she sat up as straight as she could with her butt on the edge of the seat and her legs apart. Her hands rested lightly just behind her on the seat.

She felt a cool sensation drip down her cunt. Definitely peppermint, Jackie thought. She knew that, in her current position, the lube was probably dripping on the floor. Where was that warmth that Estella promised?

She heard the other ladies give an intake of breath. Suddenly, she felt a tongue lick her pussy and she also gasped. With contact of the warm tongue the lube’s temperature was definitely warmer. The tongue flicked back and forth as it teased her nub until it was nice and swollen. Warm lips suddenly consumed her clit, sucking and licking as if they couldn’t get enough. Jackie let out a low moan and heard three answering moans next to her. She knew that the other three women must be experiencing the same thing. Her pussy was dripping with her juices as the mouth pleasured her.

She felt the roughness of a beard that was a few days old. She squirmed when the rough chin massaged its way into the entrance of her hot channel. The tingling of the lube, the sucking, and the rough texture of the man’s chin was fast bringing her to the brink of climax.

The sucking stopped while the tongue applied firm pressure, slowly licking back and forth, up and down over her clit. She felt a finger enter her tight hole, moving back and forth while the tongue continued to massage her clit.

Jackie was in heaven! The mystery of who could be sending her to heights unknown was driving her crazy. She also felt a little guilt because it wasn’t her husband. But, really, could this be cheating if it was just oral sex? She didn’t think so. For now, she decided that she would forget about her husband and enjoy the moment. She could feel the stress of the day leaving. In fact, her team of recruiters was filled with hot young guys. Every day she found herself gazing at their tight asses as they left her office to go do her bidding. She only dreamed that her bidding was to do exactly this in her office. After all, her office door had a lock for a reason. Every day she was aroused, but was usually able to come home to her husband for sweet release. This week was different with her husband out of town.

She groaned with pleasure as the mouth went back to sucking.

“I want you ladies to feel the full extent of what this lube can do for you,” Estella said. Jackie was thinking that she was already sold on this miracle lube. She was ready to buy several bottles!

Suddenly the mouth and the fingers left. Collectively the ladies gave out a groan of disappointment.

“The only way to really appreciate this lube is in conjunction with a thick, hot dick in your cunt!” Before Jackie even had a chance to process what Estella said, she felt hands grab her around the waist and lift her off the stool. She felt a thick cock pump into her slick cunt and she wrapped her legs around his waist. She gasped as she felt strong arms hold her in place, lifting her up and down over the stiff cock.

At first, the position seemed a little odd with her hands tied behind her back, but soon she was able to lean forward against a rock-hard chest that was already slicked with a thin coat of sweat. Jackie felt her nipples stiffen beneath her dress as they rubbed up against his chest. She heard one of the other women giggle as they all shifted into these new positions. Soon, however, she only heard moans of pleasure as the men thrust their cocks powerfully. The lube intensified the sensations that each felt, taking their ecstasy to higher levels with each thrust.

Jackie couldn’t stand to have her hands tied behind her back. As her man pumped deep into her she worked her ties until they loosed enough to free her hands. She wrapped her arms around his neck giving him better leverage as he squeezed her bare ass in his hands.

As she drew closer to her climax she held on to him for dear life, delighting in the feel of strong arms around her, hugging her to him as he sent them both towards their release. She heard his breath quicken as he gave a moan of his own. His grunts told her that he was close to coming. That’s when she heard his voice for the first time. It was deep, throaty, and sexy.

“Come with me, baby!” His voice alone was enough to send her over the edge. She felt her cunt contract as she climaxed hard. Every other woman in the room seemed to reach their climax at the same time. She heard answering grunts from the other men in the room. Her man continued to hold her as her body continued to contract with the waves of her climax.

“Keep your blindfolds on, ladies.”

The arms gave me a gentle hug as he whispered in my ear, “Baby, you are amazing. I will be your demonstrator anytime.” Oh, god! His deep voice sent excitement zinging through my body again. I felt my juices and his cum begin to drip down my leg. Just that quick I wanted him again. He gave me a quick, firm kiss on the lips and then he was gone. My body ached to feel his touch again.

The room was silent as the four men left the room. One by one Estella went around the room, removing the blindfolds of each woman. The look in our eyes was the same for every one of us. It was a look of longing.

One of the women, I’d learned that her name was Karen, gave a short nervous laugh.

“Estella, that . . . lube is amazing,” Karen said with a big smile on her face. “I will definitely buy a couple of bottles.”

As Jackie went to get her checkbook all she could think about was that expert tongue, that deep voice, those strong arms, and that thick, hot cock.

When she pulled out her checkbook a small piece of paper fell out with the words “Call me” and a phone number. Jackie felt her cunt throb.