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The Party

It was a pretty small party. Twenty or so people. It was Jane's birthday and she'd just invited a few friends round for some drinks. We were all around 17 but Jane's parents were out for the weekend and we had some stoner buy us a load of spirits. As we all lounged around her house drinking I noticed Alex had decided to come along. Alex has bleached blonde hair, green-grey eyes and a tightly muscled body. He was wearing a pair of jeans that didn't quite fit and they kept slipping down, showing off his trunks clinging to his perfect bum. I have had a crush on Alex since the first day I saw him in the common room but I'd never had the courage to ask him out. I'm a brunette and he's well known for being a sucker for blondes. All of his girlfriends have been tall, gorgeous types and all five foot four inches of me was petrified of being rejected.
          As we all lounged around in Jane's living room, steadily reaching a state of alcohol fueled inebriation, Alex swaggered over to me, holding up his jeans as he did. "Hey" he said, infuriatingly self assured, "Alice, isn't it?" I felt so small, only just able to reply, telling him he was right. He wasn't nearly as drunk as most of the others so I offered him the bottle of scotch I had been sipping away at. He took a deep drink and smiled his cheeky smile. There were far more attractive girls at the party than me, why was he paying me so much attention? We made small talk for a while, joking about tutors and friends. He put his arm around me pulled me into his chest. "You are far more beautiful than you think." he whispered in my ear. I turned towards him ready to fall into his lips when Jane crashed over us, running for the door.
          She rushed outside just in time to throw up in a plant pot, we followed her knowing that we were the least drunk there and probably the only ones who'd noticed her. I held back her hair, secretly hating her for ruining what had been an almost perfect moment with Alex. He stood a little way off. I apologised to him and told him to rejoin the party, but he declined, taking my hand in his. Jane suddenly stood and rushed back inside screaming something unintelligible, leaving me with the guy of my dreams. I mustered the courage to suggest a walk and he led me into the fields surrounding Jane's house. The walk only lasted a minute, as soon as we were out of sight of the house, he pulled me into him, pressing his soft lips against mine. I pushed into him, feeling his gentle kiss. I ran my fingers through his hair and his hands followed my body down to my waist. We kissed with renewed passion, his tongue dancing with mine.
          We fell to the floor gently and he held me, our forms surrounded by tall grass, our lips still connected, moving in harmony. I was on top of him my thighs escaping my skirt. He ran a had up my leg until he met my bum. His hand moved over my bum and up my back, lifting my top. I pulled it off, our kiss broken for just a moment. He undid my bra and slid it off. As we kissed, his fingers surrounded my breasts, circling my nipples. He rolled me over and I closed my legs around his waist. He pulled off his shirt, revealing his chiseled torso. I ran my hands over his chest, down his toned abs to his belt, unfastening it in one fluid movement. I undid the top button of his jeans and he pulled away, kissing my neck and then my breasts. His tongue flicked over my nipples, making me writhe in pleasure. He kissed down my stomach to my skirt. He pulled it down and moved his head down to my panties. He kissed my pussy through the fabric, hinting at what was to come. I pushed down my pants, willing him to take me there.
          He ran his tongue over my pussy, circling my clit. It drove me crazy, My hands on the back of his head pushing him into me. His hands on my hips, holding me down. He pushed his tongue inside me and then returned to my clit, no longer swirling around it but flicking it, sucking it, licking it. My hips bucked in his strong hands as my orgasm rushed through me. I lay on the grass, out of breath. Alex kissed back up my body until our lips met once again in passionate embrace. I could taste my pussy on his lips and it made me want him inside me. I rolled on top of him and pulled off his jeans, pausing for a moment to admire the bulge in his boxers before pulling them down. He was around seven, maybe eight inches and it was rock hard. I ran my tongue from the base to the tip of his penis, kissing the round head and taking it into my mouth. A tiny bit of his pre-come emerged and I licked it off, savoring the saltiness, knowing I was pleasing him.
          He pulled me up into another kiss and rolled me onto my back. He slid his length into my pussy and I let out a moan of pleasure. He felt so good, so big, inside me. He started gently, caressing my breasts and kissing my neck as he thrust his length into me. He got faster, pushed into me deeper, held me in his strong arms as I came, my juices covering his member. I kissed him, running my tongue over his teeth. I rolled him over. It was his turn to come. I lifted off him and dropped back on, forcing him deeper than he'd been before, feeling my tight pussy grip his massive cock. I bit him gently on the neck and whispered to him "Spank me". His palm struck my cheek, firm but not painful and I threw my head back, screaming in delight. He took my nipple into his mouth and sucked it, nibbling it slightly, driving me on. I rode him, his hips meeting my downward thrusts. A look of longing crossed his face and he gritted his teeth, he was about to come. I lowered myself over him and whispered "I'm on the pill, I want you to come inside me. Please come inside me." He thrust upwards once, twice and came, filling me with his semen. I came on his quivering cock, my hands on his chest, my face a portrait of intense pleasure. I lifted off him, a string of come, both mine and his, stretching across his stomach and up my leg. My thighs were coated with our juices. I placed my head on his chest and we lay, gazing up at the stars, feeling as close as two people have ever felt.
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