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The Pastor's Sin, Chapter 5

Pastor John and Ashley Finally Give Themselves to Each Other...
The Pastor’s Sin, Chapter 5

I told my wife I had to take care of a few things at the church, when, in reality, I was going to be meeting with an 18 year old girl in a hotel room. The irony didn’t escape me as I drove to the hotel, my stomach churning, my guilty conscience telling me to turn back. But thoughts of making love to this girl kept me going.

She texted me the room number: 201. I swallowed hard as I parked my car, and looked up at the second floor. This was it. This was my last chance to turn back. As I walked up the stairs, my conscience kept fighting me, but I just couldn’t let myself turn back now. I needed to have this girl, something inside me just couldn’t let this go.

I knocked on the door three times, just the way she told me to, and I heard her shout for me to come in.

I turned the knob slowly, and opened the door, and that’s when I saw her, laying on the bed, her petite figure, her smooth, milky skin, in black panties, sprawled out on the bed, ready for me to take her.

I approached the bed, looking down at this beautiful girl.

“Are you sure you want this?” I asked her.

She paused. “Take off your shirt, Pastor John.” she said lustfully, and I felt myself grow even harder.

I obeyed, pulling my shirt over my head, and tossed it on the floor. I looked down at her as I smiled.

“Baby, this is so wrong,” I told her.

She nodded. “I know. But then again, it’s so right.”

As she said that, I leaned down to kiss her passionately. She kissed me back with equal force.

“Oh, John,” she moaned.

I groaned into her mouth as I continued kissing her, and soon I felt her hands unbuttoning my jeans.

She fumbled with the buttons for a minute before she finally undid my jeans and slid them down, revealing my boxers, where my hard-on was poking out.

“I finally want to see it,” she said as she bit her lip, her hands rubbing my boxers as I begun to slide them down.

As my boxers slid down, my cock sprung out. She smiled as she begun to rub my penis with her soft hands. My cock grew even harder.

“Can I tell you something?” I asked, and she nodded. “No other woman besides my wife has touched me there.”

This seemed to turn her on as her eyes widened, and she decided to go even further, smiling at me.

“Oh really?” she asked. “What about this?”

And that’s when she took my dick into her mouth, sucking hard, and with more passion that I could have imagined. This girl wanted me, she wanted me bad. And I wanted her just as much.

I groaned as she pumped her mouth back and fourth on my cock. “Ooooh, Ashley. You are a naughty girl…”

She looked up at me with those sweet eyes as she sucked me off. At that moment, I don’t think I ever felt as turned on as I did right then.

It was right then when I motioned for her to get up, and bring her lips from my dick to my mouth. All of a sudden, we were at each other’s level, kissing each other like two passionate lovers, which is what I guess we were.

My hands roamed around her body, caressing her as I pushed her down onto the bed, with me on top of her. She ran her hands through my hair as I unclasped her bra, letting it fall onto the bed, revealing her breasts to me again.

Immediately my mouth went to work on her breasts, as I kissed them, moving my mouth to her increasingly hard nipples, where I began sucking. She moaned loudly, and pulled my head to hers. I gave her a tender kiss before she said to me, “Fuck me, Pastor John.”

I didn’t need any encouragement as she slid down her panties. I positioned my cock at her pussy, her beautiful, tight, shaved pussy, just as I had imagined it.

Before I plunged myself into her, I asked her one more time.

“Are you sure?”

She smiled. “More than anything I’ve ever known.”

That was all I needed. I felt my cock, harder than it’s even been, plunge into her pussy. She squealed at first, having to adjust to my size. As she got used to my cock in her, I held her tight, kissing her tenderly. She smiled back at me, and I slowly began to thrust.

I heard her moan under me as she began to tentatively thrust with me. It took us a minute to get into a rhythm, but once we did, it was beautiful.

I moaned as I felt her pussy massage my thick cock, and I kissed her hungrily as I began to thrust harder, knowing that she was getting used to it.

“Oooh John,” she moaned. “You’re so big.”

Hearing that got me going, as I pumped my cock inside her harder, and I felt her wrap her legs around me.

“Ooooh fuck me, John. Fuck me baby,” I heard her shout as I thrust harder and harder into her.

I kissed her passionately now, fucking her harder and harder, causing her to moan louder and louder.

“Ooooh John, you’re sooo good. Fuck your naughty little girl.”

I looked at her and smiled. She knew exactly what to say to get me off.

As we continued to thrust together, I moved my mouth to her neck, kissing her neck, and biting just a little. This turned her on even more, as I heard her moan,

“I’m gonna cum baby.”

Hearing that made me thrust faster inside her. As I felt her pussy begin to milk my dick, I moaned loudly.

“Baby, I’m coming too.”

She looked straight at me. “Come with me baby”, she said as she kissed me hard, and all of a sudden, I felt my hot seed shoot into her, exactly at the time she screamed,

“Oh, John! I’m coming! Yes!”

I gave one final thrust into her as several strands of my semen shot into her pussy. When I was done, I looked at her, my cock slowly softening but still in her pussy.

“That was amazing,” she said. “We came together.”

“I know baby”, I told her, kissing her tenderly. “I don’t think I’ve ever had sex that great.”

She smiled. “You should break out of your moral code more often.”

I laughed at that, but I found myself come to a frightening realization: I didn’t use protection. But as if she read my mind, she said,

“Just so you know, I’m on the pill.”

I threw my head back in relief, and she laughed.

“I bought birth control the day I met you…” she said, smiling that sexy smile of her, tracing her fingers along my body.

We cuddled for a while longer before we both decided we should go home. Before we went our separate ways, I pulled her in for a kiss.

“I want to do this again”, I told her.

“I do too”, she smiled. Next week, same hotel?”

I thought about this, and nodded, my guilty conscience fading.

“Deal,” I told her as we walked out of the hotel room together, going our separate ways for now, but knowing that next week, we would be right back where we just were.

To Be Continued…

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