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The Patient Cures the Nurse

Nurse Kelly gets the attention she deserves while discovering her husband is likely a cuckold.
It was that time of year again, my annual physical. I hated going to the Doctor’s office, but Dr. Weeler and her staff made it as painless as possible. I had been going to Dr. Weeler since moving to town about ten years ago. She and the staff were great.

I arrived at Dr. Weeler’s office, signed in, and sat down to check some e-mails. After a short wait Kelly opened the door and called me back to an exam room. Kelly has been one of Dr. Weeler’s nurses for about five years and the one I always see when at her office.

We go into the exam room and begin the cursory pre-exam questions. I’m sitting in a chair and Kelly is standing with her laptop on the exam table.

Kelly looked different. I asked her if she had changed her hair. Kelly explained that she had curled it today and was wearing it down.

Kelly has sandy-blond hair and it was about shoulder length. "I always wear it up," she told me. As I thought back, I don’t ever remember seeing it this way. It looked great, so I thought I would have recalled if I had.

She told me that it could also be the forty pounds that she has lost since the last time I was in. I looked up at her, and as I did, she lifted her scrubs just above her waistline to show her stomach.

It was tan and lean. I told her congratulations and that she looked great.

Kelly is about five foot three with nice 34C breasts, I suspect, glowing green eyes and a cute tight behind.

She has two children that were born over the last few years and that was the majority of the weight that she lost.

I told Kelly her husband must have a hard time focusing on anything else when she was around. Her hair down and new look must drive him nuts.

Kelly and I had always been flirts with each other and didn’t think twice about sexual innuendos.

She walked over, took my arm and started taking my blood pressure. As she did, I noticed a strange look on her face. I asked her if everything was okay. She told me that she was angry with her husband. I questioned why, and she said, he didn’t notice her looks or either didn’t care.

I responded that surely wasn’t the case. I conveyed she was sexy as hell; and that maybe he just had a lot on his mind.

Kelly commenced to explain that their sex life never had been great. Dale, her husband, just never seemed to be that interested in sex, even when they were newlyweds in their early twenties. She went on further that the only time they had sex was when she pushed the subject and was the aggressor. Kelly also said that she knew he was interested in sex because she would catch him watching porn on the computer. She said it is always the same, a guy watching another guy and woman having sex.

Unknowingly, as Kelly had my arm extended taking my blood pressure, I had begun softly rubbing the back of her arm as she talked. I guess, between the conversation and her checking my blood pressure, neither of us realized I was doing it.

She removed the blood pressure pump and stepped back, telling me to remove my clothes and put on the gown. She said Dr. Weeler would be in momentarily to perform my physical.

I put on the hospital gown, climbed onto the exam table and sure enough Dr. Weeler entered to perform my physical. After all the probing and checking, she gave me a clean bill of health. The only thing she mentioned was having a few skin tags removed. I agreed.

Dr. Weeler stepped out for just a minute and then she returned with Kelly. They had a tray with some instruments and other items. Dr. Weeler spread some Iodine around the areas, injected a numbing agent and then removed the tags. She said Kelly will clean you up and then you are free to go.

Kelly got a wet cloth and proceeded to wipe the Iodine and blood from where the skin tags had been removed. As she was moving around the exam table, she must have caught my gown on her stethoscope that was hanging from her pocket. My gown was just covering my waist area by this time and as she moved it fell to the floor.

My cock is about eight inches when soft, and as I looked up at her surprise, I could see her eyes were glued to my groin. She started to apologize for the accident. I stopped her and told her it was okay. She reached for the gown, but as she bent down she once again was staring. Our eyes made contact and she paused. She said to me she was sorry for staring. I told her it was fine.

She mentioned that she had heard Dr. Weeler mumbling to herself about how big I was, but she never knew for a fact. I told her she was fine and not to worry.

I could see she was enamored with the size. I questioned Kelly about her husband and if he wasn’t this size. Kelly responded to me that he was nowhere near this size. She told me that even if he did have one this big, she wasn’t sure she could handle it. I told her I thought she could handle this size if she tried.

She looked in my eyes and asked how big it got when hard. While asking, she reached out to take hold of my cock. Her touch was soft and she slid her hand up and down. It was only seconds before my cock grew hard.

Kelly’s eyes grew big again. I asked her what she thought, and she said it was huge.

I knew, after the way her husband had been acting, that she was starving for attention. I extended my arms, reached down to her waist and started pushing her top over her head. She stopped me.

Kelly moved over to the door and quietly locked it. She removed her top and walked back to me bending over and started licking the pre-cum that was beginning to show on my cock. As she was licking, I reached over, unfastened her bra, and threw it to the floor.

I reached underneath her and started rubbing her stiff nipples. It was then that she opened her mouth and began sliding my long, thick, shaft into her mouth. She was moving up and down over my head quickly, slowly moving more and more of my cock into her mouth and throat. She seemed as though she was starved for a cock.

She was really beginning to pick up steam and I could tell she wasn’t going to have any trouble with the size of my cock. She wasn’t swallowing all of it, but she was amazing.

She looked up at me, I smiled at her and she pulled off my cock. I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your huge cock inside me.

Kelly stood and dropped her pants to the floor; her panties were soaked. I moved off the exam table and walked behind her. Kelly bent over the table, giving herself to me completely. I pushed my cock up to her swollen lips; she was dripping wet. I rubbed my cock against her pussy and slowly pushed in.

She grabbed the sides of the table and squeezed. I was only part of the way inside her soaking pussy. She buried her head down and moaned, trying to muffle her sounds. I pushed further in, I was half way inside and I could see her squeezing the table harder. I was sure she was going to cum. Her fluid flooded around my cock as she had an orgasm. She made such a noise I thought the Dr. would come running. Her tight pussy clinched my cock as she finished.

She could barely raise her head. She turned, looked at me, and demanded more.

I pulled out a bit and then pushed back inside growing into a rhythm. Her tight, wet, pussy was swelling around my large thick cock. Finally, using the fluid from her orgasm, I pushed all the way in. I started pumping harder. Harder she commanded. I was now starting to slam in to her ass and legs driving her and the bed forward. She was moaning, face down in the bed trying not to let the rest of the office hear.

My throbbing cock was surging deep inside her. I could feel the fluid from her first orgasm running down her legs as mine banged into her. I told her I was going to cum and started to pull out. She twisted her head and said no, cum inside me. I want to feel you to flood my insides with your cum.

I loved hearing that. Her lustfulness was encouraging me. I pumped harder, blasting load after load deeper inside of her wet pussy than I know anyone ever had.

I finished cumming, pulled out and backed up to let Kelly up from the exam table. Kelly pushed herself up and quickly turned to me falling to her knees. She grabbed my cock and shoved it into her mouth. She started sucking and licking, almost slurping every ounce of fluid left in and on my cock. It was like someone with food who hadn’t eaten in days. She reached down and was rubbing her clit with a fury. She was ravenous. Kelly had my cock in her mouth licking, sucking and cleaning my cock, as my erection was subsiding.

Kelly’s finger was like a machine on her clit and the noise from her was growing. I think she was using my cock as a muffler at this point. Her body tensed and I knew she was having her second orgasm. I watched as her juice, mixed with some of mine, was running down her thighs. She was a mess with cum down her legs and her face wet from devouring my cock after I filled her insides.

Kelly pulled away and slowly stood, leaning on the bed. I think it was helping hold her up, as her legs seemed weak.

Kelly looked at me and told me, she had never been fucked like that in her life.

As we dressed, I suggested to Kelly that her husband maybe a closet cuckold. I recommended she try and watch some of the porn with him tonight. If the porn was a husband watching another man fuck his wife and then he cleans her up, he likely was a cuckold.

Kelly agreed. She would watch the porn and if it were cuckolding she would try and get him to go down on her tonight. She wanted him to suck my cum out of her and know that she had been fucked by a huge cock at work, while telling him about our tryst.

Kelly wanted to know if I would be willing to fuck her again in front of her husband if in fact he was a cuckold.

Smiling, I expressed my delight in helping her out. Truthfully, I couldn’t wait to fuck Kelly again. Watching those deep green eyes look at my cock with lust and knowing her husband would be there to lick and suck my cum out of her drenched pussy. She might even have him sucking my cock before all was said and done.

To be continued……

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