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the payback on the bet

I sat at my desk as the 2nd e-mail of the morning popped up on the screen, she came again

My name is Joe and since Alexis and I hooked up a few months back we have had one sexual adventure after another. Today is Monday and we are both at work, we work together for a telemarketing firm. She lost a bet yesterday and has to do anything I say today which she didn't think was that big a deal till I showed her the wireless Butterfly masturbator. For those of you not familliar with them, this one has a 4" penis that slips into a woman as well as a vibrator that rubs the clit. After showering I told her she needed to wear a skirt to work and before she dressed I fitted the straps around her legs to hold it in place. We left the apartment with her commenting that this wasn't going to be all that bad, little did she know. We got into the car for the 10 minute ride to work and it probably a good thing I was driving because as soon as we were on our way I hit the button and brought the butterfly to life. Looking over I saw her eyes get big and heard a little gasp as it vibrated to life. She immediatly started to squirm in her seat as the little cock started to vibrate in her and her clit started vibrating too. Five minutes into the 10 minute drive she was gripping the handrests for dear life and screaming through her first orgasm of the day. When she had come down form her sexual high I hit the button turning it off. Looking over at me she could see the gleam in my eyes and knew shhe would be in for a long day. The only disappointment at work was that I wouldn't be able to see her face everytime she came. We had been there for about an hour when I hit the button the first time as I stood up to look over the cubicles to see her getting up and almost running for the bathroom. In less than 10 minutes I got an e-mail telling me she came while locked in a stal in the bathroom. At out 10 o'clock break we both headed outside for a cigarette and I'm guessing that after her last orgasm she way dying fro one. I watched her light her cigarette and as soon as she inhaled I hit the button again. I watched her eyes get big again as she smoked her cigarette. This one came real fast on her as she hadn't even finished her cigarette before I could see her body wracked with yet another orgasm. She finished her cigarette with a dreamy and far away look in her eyes, on the way back in she told me she would get even. feeling like I might be going a little far I waited till 11:45 before I hit the button again. This time she didn't leave her desk just rode it out right there and at 11:49 the e-mail popped up with only one word BASTARD. 11 minutes later we got up to go to lunch but before I could head to the cafeteria she grabbed my hand and dragged me out the door and into the parking lot. As we got to the car she pushed me into the back seat and climbed in right after me closing the door. Get this thing off me now she quickly spat out and by the look i was getting I knew I had better do as told. As I was undoing the straps I felt her at my zipper fishing out my already hard cock. I had no sooner gotten it off her and she swallowed my cock quickly sucking on me with wild abaondon. Thank god for tinted windows but then again I'm not sure she really cared who saw her right now. Popping my cock out of her mouth she quickly straddled me and plunged down onto my cock fucking herself one me. As she rode me fiercely she started in with the dirty talk telling me that she was going to fuck my cock till I couldn't move and her hot pussy wasoverflowing with cum. I don't think I've seen her this out of control and she was milking my cock with her muscles as she pounded herself down onto me. I was quicly racing to orgasm and she was too as we fucked like animals in heat. I felt the cum racing up my shaft and into her setting her own orgam off as I splashed the inside of her with what felt like the biggest load of cum ever. After catching our breath for a couple of minutes she pulled herself off my softening cock, smoothed her skirt down and got out of the car leaving me there as she walked away. It was then I figured out she did get even with me, somehow without me realizing it she had used my shirt to clean herself up and now I had a huge wet spot of cum on my shirt. I got out of the car opened the trunk and got out my spare shirt, putting it on I walked back to the office with the biggest shiteating grin

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