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The Perfect Match

How one person's body can match another so perfectly
I used to think that wonderful, rewarding, and mind-blowing sex came with love, care and the time to understand the other’s thoughts as well as their body. One night stands, though satsifying in one sense, usually left me feeling vaguely dissatisfied. However, I think that some bodies work just so much better together than others, and this story relates one of my experiences that confirmed my belief.

I had just passed my 40 th birthday when I met Maggie. She was a final year student doing a year in industry before taking her finals, and was working in the company’s HR department, helping with graduate recruitment. All I knew was that my management team were due to go out to our local University on the Monday, and that this person was sent to help from her department, and was arriving by train on the Sunday. My boss had asked that I should pick her up, and bring her over to his place where he and his wife were having a lunchtime do.

Somehow, I don’t remember now how, we made contact at the station, but what I do remember was being totally bowled over by this young woman, not in any way classically beautiful, but tall, slim with curves in the right place, and a lovely smile. Anyway, by the time we got to Brian’s place, my wife was already there, and I introduced Maggie to her and then various other people, and managed to drag myself away to rejoin my wife and our other friends. My eyes however roamed the room to catch a glance of Maggie, a bit too obviously as my wife dug me in the ribs a few times!

Our visit to the University went very smoothly, and most of us adjourned to the pub at 6 for a well earned drink. By then, I think we split into two camps – those who were besotted with Maggie, and those who appeared immune to her charms. I went right against my real feelings and joined this latter camp, and one of my people took her back to her hotel, and that I thought would be that.

I think at that time I was probably a coward, but I was having a bit of a rocky patch in my marriage, mostly because I had dragged my wife and family from one end of the country to the other to take this promotion. So my lustful instincts were over-ridden by my sense of duty, my responsibilities, and probably too a desire to avoid all the mess that separation and divorce can create. Yes, I was a total coward, looking back.

A few months later, I had to go to a meeting organised by our head office at a large conference centre on the South Coast. I flew down on the Sunday night, checking in to the appointed hotel nearby and headed straight for my bed. The next day at breakfast who should I see across the dining room but Maggie, who when she felt my glance treated me to a brilliant smile. It turned out that she also was at the meeting, which was a three day, rather tedious, event, covering new product announcements and company reorganisation etc.

As we talked, it became clear that she liked talking to me and I felt less inhibited with her, away from my own surroundings. She asked me why I hadn’t taken her back to her hotel when she was up those few months ago, as the guy who had, tried it on and was, she said, firmly rebuffed. I’ll have to sack him, I said, at which she laughed, and asked whether that was for trying it on, or for failing. My reply was for failure of course, he’s supposed to be one of the best salesmen in the branch office. Too soon, we had to leave and get into the meeting room, where she left me to join her colleagues, and I mine.

At lunchtime, I bumped into her as I was leaving the company restaurant and we agreed that this was perhaps the most boring meeting we had ever been in. There must have been a hundred or more people at the meeting, and I was sure that I wouldn’t be missed, or if I was, I could always fabricate some kind of reason, the need to talk to a client suggested that we played hookey.

To my delight her eyes lit up and she said, "Oh yes , please." So we headed off to the marina where I knew I could use the motor boat of a friend who berthed it there during the summer. Wow, she said as she saw the gleaming white monster – well only a 38footer – and soon we were cast off, and out of the harbour into the open sea beyond.

The sun was out and it was warm, and the fridge had some cold beers and a rather nice Sauvignon Blanc, so I sat at the wheel, sipping my wine while Maggie lay back in her seat relaxing in the balmy air. The swell was slight, so setting the compass in a direction that would avoid any dangers, and engaging a slow speed on autopilot, I also sat back in my seat and we talked about many things.

Maybe it was the wine, maybe the heat of the sun, but somehow it seemed natural for our discussions to move to our personal situations. She talked about her ex-boyfriend, from whom she had parted six months ago after living together during her last two years at college. I talked openly about how my marriage was rebuilding and the difficulties we had been through, and mentioned that if she had found me a bit cold towards her when she was up helping us, it was actually because I was very attracted to her and that I had shut them off because of the state of my marriage.

I was a bit taken aback when she got annoyed at this, and said that now she understood why I hadn’t taken her back to her hotel. I asked her whether if I had tried anything on, she would have rebuffed me. Her response was immediate...she leant across and kissed me, her hand going behind my head to prolong the kiss.

The kiss went on and was one of those kisses that lets you lose yourself in the feeling, the sensation of her lips, the taste of her mouth, and the exhilaration of our darting tongues, fast at times, then slow and languorous. As our tongues entwined, our bodies merged together, leaning against the side of the bridge wall, every part of us touching, her firm breasts against my chest, my growing bulge pressed against her, our legs touching, our arms pressing us tighter.

The kiss endured as then our hands tried to free each other’s body from its clothes, but it soon proved easier for me to break off and quickly undress her, so there she stood in the early evening sun, naked, golden as an Egyptian goddess, her breasts proud and high, nipples hard, and long legs slightly apart. Wow, is all I could which she smiled, and her hands went to my belt to free my swollen member, and to let me kick off my sandals and trousers before she sank to her knees and cupping my balls in her hands, started to lick my cock.

Her tongue in my mouth had been delightful, but this was sheer bliss. Slow and deliberate, her tongue licked around the straining head of my circumcised penis, her hands on my thighs, and licked underneath my glans at which my cock jerked even higher and swelled to a greater length even before her lips encircled me. Resisting the temptation to grab her head and ravage her mouth and throat, I waited and before long her lips formed a perfect circle, and looking up at me, gently sucking in her cheeks, she took me in her mouth.

Working down the length of my shaft, her tongue wrapped around and stroked in time with her sucking, and gradually built up the pace, each time taking me deeper...until her jaw worked in such a way that I knew that I was about to go even deeper and sure enough my cock head was soon firmly embedded in the grip of her throat.

At this she paused, and her eyes grew big, not breaking our glance, and my hand went round to the back of her head. As soon as I touched her, she went to work with a speed and strength that sent exquisite jolts of pleasure coursing through my penis and throughout my body and brain.

Now I worked at her as well, and soon it was I who was fucking her mouth and throat rather than her doing me. I sensed that this was more how she liked things, and that she enjoyed taking a rather more submissive role than I would have thought, but that suited my mood very well.

After was seemed like an eternity of pleasure, I felt my balls tightening and as I flooded her mouth with eruptions of my creamy sperm, her body also convulsed in a hard and very quick orgasm. I soon discovered that she could cum after a hard oral, so this turned into a regular precursor to darker and more sensual deeds!

That first afternoon was spent discovering each other’s bodies, what was sensitive and what wasn’t and what gave more sensation that other parts, and I learned that she was without any inhibition and every part of her body was a pleasure zone. After our oral delight, I laid her down on the deck, and ate her to another orgasm, this time rather slower in building and much more prolonged, my tongue licking from inside her pussy to her clit, as my fingers gripped and squeezed her bum cheeks, finger tips just touching and stroking her tight puckered asshole.

This part gave her a great deal of pleasure, she confided to me that sometimes rather than touch her clit or finger her pussy, she would use a vibrator on her asshole and achieve much faster orgasms. It was good to confirm this later in the day!

However, the biggest surprise came before that, when after licking her to orgasm, I entered her, slidingmy hard again cock right deep down into her, and holding it there. It seemed that each and every nerve ending matched, any slight movement of my cock in her pussy causing us both great pleasure, as did any slight movement that she made.

As we lay, in the missionary position, though her legs were raised, gripping me tightly around my waist, the rocking of our bodies gave electric shocks, it was like being in a strong electric storm, with the hair on our bodies rising and little pulses of energy racing through our bodies. I had never experienced a feeling like this, either with my wife whose body I felt I knew so very well, or with any previous lover. This was beyond my experience, and it seemed beyond that of Maggie as well. We just lay there, rocking our bodies, saying over and over again, wow, oooh, mmmmm, and many other nonsensical expressions of pleasure.

After what seemed like a lifetime of pleasure, we built up the speed of our movements, my cock moving piston-like in her well lubricated and tight fitting love canal, until we simultaneously climaxed in an explosion of sensation. As that lovely bubble burst and subsided, we simply lay together in total amazement at what our bodies had achieved.

Later that afternoon, when both of us were recovered, we made love again. Naked on the desk, I spread Maggie’s legs and licked her still damp slit, savouring her taste, the texture of her pussy lips, and as her clit hardened, sucked it slowly. My fingers slid easily into her slippery cum drenched pussy, and as I curled and stroked her vaginal wall, was rewarded by a gush of her fluid all over my hand, dripping down past her pussy and onto the wooden deck.

She moved on my fingers and raised herself up a little, giving me total access to her, my fingers now moving away from her pussy and stroking the skin between there and her asshole, pressing my forefinger against the ring of muscle and aided by her slick juices, slipping it easily in through to finger fuck her gently there, stretching it as I moved it in and out, almost out and then down, my knuckle pushing past. She almost purred as I did this, and it was not long before I tried a second finger. She tensed slightly at this, but relaxed and pushed herself down onto my hand.

"Now fuck my ass," she whispered. 

I was only to eager to obey, and bending her legs back over my shoulders pressed my rigid cock against that prepared hole, and quickly through and in, my balls slapping against her pussy mound as I fucked her hard and deep, sensing that she wanted me to violate her thoroughly. Finding a short length of rope to hand, I used this to smack her bum cheeks as I fucked her faster and faster, her breath coming in rough rasps as she tensed and took me further and further in. I could almost imagine my cock was hitting her colon as I forced it in as far as it would go, my balls being squeezed between her ass cheeks as they tried to follow my cock into her.

My mouth sought and found her nipple, hard and tight, and sucked and bit it, my cock pumping in and out like a steam engine until she growled in her throat and started to cum, in the longest and noisiest orgasm I have ever managed to give to a woman. I couldn’t hold back any more and joined her in my own orgasm, my balls emptying into her, and my jerking cock continuing to pulsate long after the flow of my semen had ended.

We went down to the cabin to shower and clean up, and then I looked to see where we were, the GPS telling me that we were 10 miles off the coast, and it was time to return. The next two nights were spent in her hotel room, and thankfully the presentations at the meeting were done in a darkened room, so I could cat nap and regain some vigour for the following night.

She was very clear that she did not want a relationship, but we met regularly when I was down at head office on business, until the summer was over and she returned to college to complete her studies. That was fine by me, as I enjoyed her thoroughly, and managed to keep my rocky marriage alive. It sounds like a case of cake and eat it, which indeed it was. But I have ever since wondered what it was that made us just so compatible sexually, how our bodies managed to set each other’s alight, apparently without hardly trying. Never since have I found a woman with whom that has happened to such an extent, although I have to admit to keeping on trying!

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