The perfect night with my boss

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Aki has an incredible night with her boss
The perfect night with my boss

Two days ago, I had the perfect night with my new boss. I changed jobs in April after a few weeks of personal turmoil (more on that in another story?). I t wasn’t the first time that my boss and I spend the night together, but it was the greatest one up to now.

Call me a slut for sleeping with my boss, but I can’t help being attracted to older men. They are so gentle, careful and experienced. They treat me like a princess, so I can’t help treating them like a king.

But let me begin to tell you what happened.

After I had started my new job, I had some time and thoughts to write a story for Lush about a taboo encounter in Okinawa last year. I uploaded it and the response was amazing. One friend (let’s call him ‘N’) poked me and we chatted about the story. ‘How r u?’ ‘Hot and horny’. ‘Why?’ ‘Because of the responses to my story.’ ‘Great story!’ ‘I ‘ll have a date with my boss tonite.’. ‘Will u fuck?’

I know that N is an older guy about 50 and chatting with him about my boss made me even hornier. I became wet and couldn’t wait to get out to be with my boss. He showed up in my cubicle and told me to finish working. I saw that he was eager for a hot night, too. So, I said goodbye to N and off we went.

Even though I started just three weeks ago, boss and I had immediately started a relation. We have been out for a few times, and knew his ritual before and during sex.

First, we have something light to eat. My boss doesn’t like to engage in full body contact with an empty stomach. Too much eating is bad, too, so we always go to a tempura place close to our company.

That night we were sitting in our favorite corner, away from the busy entrance and hidden from too many views. After chatting with N, I was so hot. I opened the first two buttons of my office uniform blouse, and when my deep fried shrimps on a rice bowl (Tempura donburi) arrived I opened the third one. That gave my boss a glimpse of my pink bra. He loves that I wear new underwear on each date.

His eyes nearly popped out when he saw that. I further increased the heat by slowly raising that shrimp to my lips, slowly opening my mouth and playing with it using my tongue. He breathed harder by the minute!

He gulped down his meal and couldn’t wait to pay the waiter. On my way out I could feel his eyes burning through my tight office suit skirt. His eyes were glued to my butt.

In the hotel (Oh, how much I love those Japanese Love Hotels. They are so spacious with a big bath and a big bed. Many mirrors on the walls and even in the ceiling give a view from different angles. Men are so easily aroused by visual cues!)

Our ritual in the hotel is the following:

I start running the water for a bubble bath. Then I sit on his lap and we French kiss, during which we slowly undress each other. We have our hands all over each other’s body. Jackets, necktie, shirt, blouse, shoes, skirt, socks, stockings, trousers, come off one after one in that order.

Finally, we only wear our pants (mine were pink that night!), I rub my Venus mound against his hard cock. The water stops, (isn’t Japanese technology wonderful? When the tub is full, the water stops automatically!) we pull down each other’s pants, and jump into the hot water for an equally hot kissing and fondling session. We clean each other from the day’s stress and sweat. During the shower we pleasure each other’s private parts. We take turns blowing and licking.

That night was especially intense, because I had promised N to think of him while being with my boss. My hotness was contagious and I had never seen my boss’s dick so hard and red.

After toweling each other off, we jumped onto the bed for a first round of fucking. My boss can delay his cumming quite a bit, so I always enjoy his hot rod in my pussy for quite a while. But usually he cums before me, which is okay for me, because he is an amazing fellatist.

For exactly that reason, he prefers to pop onto my breasts or into my mouth. He wants a clean pussy to lick afterwards.

So, two nights ago was no exception. He fucked me standing doggy while we watched each other in the mirrors. I was shouting and moaning the dirtiest words I knew. My chat with N had made me so hot. I can be anything my lovers want me to be: the cutest little girl, the sultry secretary, or the cock hungry vamp. But that night I did not play at all. It was the real me who wanted it all.

When I felt that my boss was about to cum, I turned around and was ready for his hot cum. When my lips engulfed his cock, I tasted my thick pussy juice. I had never seen a cock covered in such a thick layer of white cream. I was extremely horny that night.

He had a huge load, which I all swallowed. He then threw me on the bed for a long and passionate fellatio session. He took his time to lick me clean and explore my pussy and her surrounding flesh. I came, and came, and came. My orgasm was endless. After a short relaxation, it was my turn to command him. He lay on the back and I rode his face, make him squeeze my tits and spread my butt cheeks.

I came again and he enjoyed the sweet taste of my pussy juice. We went 69 and I got him hard in no time. I rode his rod, jumped off before ha came, went back into 69 to lick his cum off his belly while he cleaned my pussy again.

The water was still hot and we relaxed cuddling and kissing in the water.

I felt that he was able to cum a third time, and after a new round of humping in various positions, and while watching a group sex porn vid on the big plasma screen (oh how much I loved that N would be here, too. We could have a nice threesome), he finally shot his load into me.

While my boss was cleaning himself in the shower, I quickly chatted with N about my incredible night. It was past midnight when we finally went to bed and I dozed off in by boss’s arms.