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The Perfect One - Chapter 2

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It was Monday, 5:30 am. Lana burrowed deeper under her quilts, trying to find the perfect spot to sleep in. But she couldn't fall asleep, her heart wanted AJ. Ever since their encounter two days ago, Lana couldn't stop thinking about him. She masturbated to him every night, more than she had masturbated in her entire life. Lana had even bought a dildo! She cringed, remembering the embarrassment she harbored while purchasing the sex object.


The day she bought the dildo was one night after the encounter with AJ. She had woken up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, and masturbated herself into a frenzy. When she was done, her bottom half was covered with slick musky juices, and her legs were jello-like. Then, she fell asleep, only to wake up and discover she was 3 hours late for work! It was her worse day on the job; Mr. Swanson chewed her out in front of his family and the other bookkeepers regarded her coldly for the remainder of the day. When she got off at 7pm -she worked overtime to make up for the three hours- she passed by Erotic Dreams, a sex shop. Funny how she never noticed it until now. Curiosity got the better of Lana's common sense and she hesitantly walked in. The worker was a sexy, young vixen, dressed in a slutty French maid outfit. She obviously was expecting male customers, because her red lips turned into a sulky pout. Not only was the worker rude, but she embarrassed Lana. She absently gave details of each dildo and their function, and overcharged her. Much to Lana's chagrin, another young female worker arrived and started teasing her too. Red-faced with humiliation and on the verge of tears, she snatched up the large pink dildo and left the store.


Lana sighed and shook her head. She couldn't allow herself to dwell on those thoughts. She was tempted to bring AJ in there and bask in their envious reactions. Oh, AJ. He was the reason for all this trouble, all this heart ache. Lana was dying to call him, but she wasn't sure he felt the same way about her. Sure, he was a knight in shining armour, but he probably only did it out of the kindness of his heart. She couldn't risk a broken relationship now, especially not after the blowout with her sister and the traumatic experience with Eric. Right, Eric. He was the core of the problem too. If only Lana was able to break them up. And she knew AJ was the right person to go to for help. It was already 5:50, and Lana had to be at work by 7. Getting up, she showered, then carefully dried her hair, flipping the ends and using her new straightener. She hastily grabbed a cold roast beef sandwich from the fridge, and quickly applied her makeup. 5 minutes later, she was on her way out.


A few miles away, AJ was sitting in the lovely brownstone townhouse he once shared with his younger sister, Rebecca. He couldn't understand why Lana hadn't called. I made it pretty obvious I like her, he told himself. Why? Just why? Was she afraid of him? No, it couldn't be that. Perhaps she was afraid of a relationship, well he couldn't very well blame her - she had just gotten out a relationship with that vile Eric Patterson fellow. But the more he thought about Lana, the harder he got. AJ grabbed his stiff cock through his sweats and moaned. Fuck, yeah. If only Lana was here to make me cum. AJ moaned again; he wanted her to suck his thick cock, then he would eat her out, and finally fuck her. The thought of Lana's juicy pussy made AJ harder. He couldn't wait to get his hands on her. First, he'd kiss her, oh those soft sweet lips. He would stick his tongue in her mouth, and taste the very depths of her. His hands would rove over her body, feeling up her soft breasts and round firm ass. Next he'd push aside her panties - hopefully deliciously innocent white panties - and stick in a finger in her love hole. AJ imagined her to be tight, and wet, gushing with love juices. He'd stick a second finger in there, and a third until she begged him to stop. Then Lana would succinctly suck his big cock, wrapping her small hands around his shaft and bobbing her mouth up and down, up and down. She would tease his balls and nuzzle the small fine hairs there. Then he'd lay her down, and fuck her senseless. Her cunt would be so tight, his dick would be at home in there, nestled deep inside. AJ groaned to himself, god this woman drove him crazy. He'd been with countless girlfriends, but never thought about them the same way he did about Lana. She was more than beautiful - she was perfect. The perfect person his mother was always lecturing about. But first, he would call her. Tonight. She had to respond. Had to.


The clock struck 4 pm, and Lana hastily grabbed her purse, laptop, and book bag. Today had been hectic. She helped Mrs. Swanson with her bookkeeping, then had to finish another spreadsheet since Melissa's computer died. Then she went to the Johnsons and did their bookkeeping. Beep, beep, beep. Beep, beep, beep. Lana groaned, who was calling her now? And what did that person want? She didn't need a shitty call that would be the icing on her already chaotic day.


"Lana, it's me. AJ."

"OMG. AJ, what a surprise. How are you?"

"I could be better. Yourself?"

"Erm, not so good. My day has been pretty crappy. So yeah..."

There was an awkward pause.

"Look Lana, I really need to talk to you."

"Yeah. Um, ok. What about?"

"Stuff. I want us to be friends. And I feel like you're avoiding me. You haven't called, and I know I sound like a desperate stalker, but I miss talking to you. These past two days have been hell. I was supposed to leave for Manchester on the plane this afternoon, but I canceled because I wanted to talk to you. So can we talk? Or you can tell me to shut up and I'll leave you alone."

Lana was stunned. What the hell was going on!?!!? He missed her? He canceled the plane ride for her? What was this????

"Lana? Yes or no."

"Oh. Um, sorry. I was thinking..."

"I won't push you. I want you to know that. Don't feel obligated."

"No, AJ. You don't get it. I did want to call you. So many times, my hands drifted over my phone and I wanted to call or text you, but I couldn't. I just don't have time for a relationship right now. Especially since I was in a traumatic one with Eric. Besides, I have to get Elaina out of the relationship now. I'm sorry...I want to be friends, but can we postpone the relationship?"

Lana squeezed her eyes shut. She couldn't believe she was having this conversation right now! With this gorgeous male.

"Wait, I never said anything about a relationship. I simply want to be friends."

"Oh. I didn't...OK. Friends. Great. Bye."

"Wait! Lana...."

The rest of his voice was cut off as Lana shut off the phone. How could I be such an idiot? He doesn't like me! He only wants to be friends. Probably so we can be fuck buddies, Lana thought miserably. She couldn't believe she was such a failure at relationships. She was 25, and didn't even have a proper boyfriend.


AJ sighed. He tried calling her back, but the messages went to voice mail. The phone conversation had gone all wrong. He meant to say he only wanted a friendship now because he was afraid she was still traumatized after the whole Eric situation. But, she misinterpreted his meaning and it went all wrong from there. I guess that's why phone conversations never work, AJ thought sadly. He was tempted to go to her apartment, but knew she'd probably put up an argument. He sighed. Best to forget this and go to Manchester. He knew his parents were going to be angry when they found out he canceled. I'll just leave tomorrow evening. Perhaps she'll talk to me before then, AJ thought unhappily.


A few miles away, tucked in her cozy apartment, Lana needed someone to talk to. She had showered, shaved, exfoliated, ate, and watched tv. But she needed a distraction from the disturbing conversation she had with AJ earlier. Lana couldn't believe he only wanted to be friends. I guess my intuition was wrong this time, Lana thought sadly. She needed to call a friend. Usually Lana called Elaina, but she couldn't bother right now because her sister was involved with that...scum. She reached over and dialed the number of her best friend, Anna.


"Anna, hey. It's me. Lana."

"Hey girl! What's up? You sound down."

"I am down. Oh Anna, so much has happened. And we need to talk. Now."

"OK. You can't tell me over the phone? It's kind of dark now, and I'm feeling very comfortable in my bed."

"Oh alright, I'll tell you now. OK, so Elaina and I had a fight at the bar a couple of nights away."

"No way! About Eric?"

"Uh huh. So anyway, we almost got physical, when this gorgeous stranger pulled me away. He led to me to a quiet street corner and introduced himself. Now listen. This is the interesting part."

"I'm listening. Go on."

"His name is AJ, and he said his sister used to date Eric!"

"WHAT!?!? No way!"

"Yes way! He said that Eric nearly got her in a car accident and he found out Eric has some bad criminal background. After his sister and Eric broke up, he continued following him around and that's how he found out I was Eric's new girlfriend."

"Un-freaking-believable. That's all you wanted to tell me about?"

"No! Anyway, we exchanged numbers and he's Detective Bertson's son!"

"Holy shit. Congrats, Lana. You scored! You know Detective Bertson's son! OMG! I need to meet him! Why didn't you tell me you guys were dating?? When were you planning to let me know??"

"Whoa, Lana, slow down. That's what I'm confused about. Before he said goodnight, he told me to call him. I didn't because I wasn't sure how he felt about me. So after I got off work, he called me and we had this horrible conversation where he said he only wanted to be friends. Now, I feel like a complete idiot because I thought he wanted to go out or something! Ugh, just thinking about it makes me feel like a loser."

"When did you guys meet?"

"A couple nights ago. Why?"

"Lana you're so stupid! You should've called him the next day! Or at least last night or something. He probably thought you were traumatized about Eric so he didn't want to rush anything. Being friends with him is a start."

"I guess you are right..."

"I am right! Tomorrow, go and talk to him. It's Saturday. No work tomorrow. Do it. Or I'll go over and make you. I'm serious Lana. You can't let him get away. He may be the perfect one."

"Alright. I'll see him tomorrow. Thanks for the advice Anna. I love you, bye."

"Yep. Love you too best friend. Now, get some sleep. You have a big day ahead of you."

"Ugh. Bye."


Lana hung up and went to bed. Well this was it, the moment she had been waiting for her entire 25 years. Time to find the perfect man.

To be continued.
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