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The Perfect One - Chapter 3

Tags: friends, love
AJ and Lana reconcile their friendship. Please read chapters 1 and 2 first! Thanks!
Lana's eyes flew open. It was Saturday morning, 8:40 am. Lana had fallen into a restless sleep the previous night; dreams and images of AJ and Anna were taunting her, leaving her in a cold sweat. It was time to confront AJ. But Lana felt so confused. What were AJ's feelings toward her? He never mentioned anything about a girlfriend, and she wasn't sure if he was hitting on her that night. He had been the perfect gentleman - walking her home, asking for her number, engaging her in interesting small talk; but he never mentioned anything about himself. That bothered Lana, because she enjoyed knowing someone on a deeper extent.

 She sat up quickly and went into the bathroom. Turning the hot water on till the hottest point possible, Lana brushed her teeth and examined her face in the mirror. She didn't think she was particularly bad looking. Sure, she was a bit on the small side - 5'2- but didn't the greatest gifts arrive in small packages? Lana examined her breasts; she thought they were too small and her nipples weren't the nice dark brown she wanted them to be. Her butt was small as well, with no tone or definition. And her legs needed to be longer, but wearing heels was such a pain. She jumped in the shower and started massaging in her favorite sweet pea body gel. Next she washed her hair carefully and put in conditioner. Finally, Lana cleaned herself thoroughly - probing and poking to make sure all the right spots were squeaky clean.

Lana jumped out the shower and checked the time: 9:20. She had time to grab a quick bite of breakfast, update Anna about her current situation, and AJ.

At 10:10, Lana picked up her phone and nervously dialed AJ's number. Her hands were shaking so much she was afraid she'd drop the receiver.

The phone rang once, twice, three times.

Oh god, why doesn't he just pick up Lana thought to herself. This was completely humiliating. After the tenth ring, I'm hanging up she told herself firmly.

On the seventh ring, AJ picked up. "Hello?"

His gruff, masculine voice made Lana's knees go weak. Hearing that voice made her heart throb. Her pussy was already wet, and she knew another masturbation session was in need.

"AJ,'s me. Lana, the girl you met at the club a few nights ago...You know..the whole Eric thing," Lana hesitantly ventured.

"Of course I remember you." His voice was cold and collected.

"Can we talk? I really need to talk you. And not over the phone...if that's ok?"

"Yeah, it's fine."

"So...can I come over?"


"OK, well what's your address."

"877 Bethan Court. It's not far from your place."

"Thanks, I'll be there soon."




Lana hung up and breathed a sigh of relief. It was such an awkward conversation. But she didn't understand why AJ was so upset with her. He hardly answered her questions and only shot out one word responses. He was angry, but why? Did he not want her over? Lana sighed in frustration. He was so difficult! Why did he have to choose today of all days to be in a mood?


At 11:30, AJ heard knocking on his door. It was the moment he was dreading, and he hated himself for it. He felt like he truly loved Lana, ever since he saw her that night at the club, he had the feeling she was his girl. She was beautiful, and radiance ebbed from her. Even though they had hardly known or talked to each other, he was deeply enthralled with her. She had hooked him from her first words, and he knew he would be in deep trouble afterwards.

AJ hurried to the door and unlocked it. Lana stood there, wearing a figure hugging pair of yoga pants, and a cropped pink tank top. He could see her soft cleavage and it took his entire will power to force himself to stand back and smile at her. She's so damn beautiful, AJ thought. She was a goddess, his personal goddess.

"May I come in?" she ventured timidly.

"Yeah of course."

She stepped in shyly, and looked around his clean apartment. AJ shut the door, and looked her over. Fuck, she was making him hard already. Her tight little butt was accentuated by the yoga pants and he saw the tanned expanse of backside that swelled into her arse. He inhaled deeply and she turned around.

"I came here to talk," Lana said, her cheeks pink with embarrassment and lust.

"Uh huh, you said so over the phone."

"So can we? You sounded angry. I thought you were angry with me," she said softly.

AJ stood rooted on his spot, staring at her. He willed himself not to engulf her mouth, palm her ass, and grope her breasts. But she was so soft, and so sweet. Just standing there and staring up at him with large green eyes.

"I'm not angry with you Lana," he said tenderly. "But yes, I believe we do have some issues to talk out. Here, sit on the couch."

Lana sat on the plush velvet couch gingerly, her eyes scanning the expanse of the room. It was incredibly neat. Neater than her sitting room. Her eyes paused on a picture sitting on his windowsill. It was his family -Detective Bertson, Mrs. Bertson, Rebecca, and him. They made such a comely family.

"Wow, your family looks great in that picture," Lana croaked out.

He smiled, and those dimples formed again. "Thanks."

"OK, so I think you know why I'm here. I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions, but I thought you liked me in that manner, and assumed you wanted to be in a relationship. I really didn't mean to rush anything, I'm generally not like this....," Lana trailed off.

"Lana, I want you to be my girlfriend. I know it's soon, but I have feelings for you. Not just sex and lust, but you...make me happy. When I didn't talk to you, I felt like crap. You're special, you really are. And this is no sweet talk; it's genuine and from my heart. I assumed you had a traumatic experience with Eric, because my sister did too. So that's why I didn't want to jump into one, cause I wasn't sure you were ready."

"Really? You mean all that?"

"Yes! That phone conversation was completely messed. It went all downhill, and I never intended for it to turn out that way. I truly care about you Lana. I want you to know that too, alright? I didn't mean to hurt you last night, I just jumped to conclusions too."

Lana smiled at him hesitantly. "So we're good now?"

"Actually...not quite. So what are we? Friends? Lovers? Enemies?"

"Ha, I would like to hope we're not enemies. Friends? For now? I really need to deal with Elaina and Eric first...."

"Right. That's what brought us together in the first place," AJ echoed.

"So now we're good?"

"We're good."

Lana jumped up, a smile of relief on her face. "I'm so happy we talked this out! AJ, you're great!" She rushed over to where he was sitting and gave him a huge hug. "Thanks for being so helpful and understanding," she gushed.

AJ felt his cock stir to life. Just the feeling of her tight little body against his was enough to stimulate his male desires. He gently pushed her away. Lana stood back, hurt and confused.

"You turn me on, Lana. You're sexy and gorgeous, you know? I'm fucking hard right now from one hug," he said huskily.

Lana stepped back, and her cheeks flooded red. "Ah.... AJ, I'm sorry. I really..Uh..I didn't mean..," she trailed off.

AJ laughed. "You're so cute when you blush. I didn't mean to push you away. I just didn't want to jump you. Then our friendship would be over and you'd be in a hospital."

Lana smiled at him, "I don't think I'd mind being in a hospital as long as I see your handsome face everyday."

"You flatter me too much."

"Well, you are quite the looker, you know. I'm sure you've hooked a lot of women."

AJ smiled guiltily and glanced at the floor, "Guilty as charged."

Lana shook her head and feigned anger. "You're impossible. How are we supposed to be friends now?"

"Ever heard of friends with benefits?"

Lana slugged him and laughed, "Yes I have, but lets not go there."

He shook his head, "OK...but if you come back begging for more, don't say I didn't offer."

"I'm outta here. I'll call you later, friend," she teased.

"Get out," he laughed. "Before I really do jump you."

Lana smiled teasingly back at him and hurried out.


Lana was bursting to tell the good news to Anna. She giddily jumped up and down and could not believe AJ actually accepted the friendship! Lana thought he'd only want to be boyfriend/girlfriend, but now that she actually thought about the entire situation, he seemed genuinely sweet and considerate. Now, that is a knight in shining armor, Lana thought.

She hurriedly picked up the phone and dialed Anna's number.


"Anna! OMG! I have good news! You were right about AJ!"

"Ha, what did I tell you? The guy is obviously in love with you. Are you two dating now??"

"No, but we settled on a compromise. He knew I'd probably be traumatized after Eric, so he didn't want to rush anything. It's so sweet of him! We're friends now. Funny thing is that he told me he was hard from one hug...weird."

Anna burst out in laughter, "What do you expect?? He's horny for you Lana! Of course one hug from you will send him into heaven! But congrats, on scoring with the detective's son! You're so lucky! Wait until everyone finds out!"

Lana groaned, "Please, don't do that. Come on Anna, just be nice. He's a great guy."

"Huh, alright. Well, if he's that great...then you won't mind showing him off at dinner tonight to Brandon and I."

"What?!?! I am not doing that."

"Yeah you are. Unless you're chicken. What do you say? I wanna meet your boy toy."

Lana clenched her teeth, "He's not my boy toy, Anna. And fine. Dinner tonight. Don't forget to pick me up. Bye!"

"Love you, bye."

Lana hung up and groaned. Of course Anna would want to meet him. Just wait until word got out and everyone wanted to meet him. She shook her head and sighed. Time to call AJ.

He picked up on the first ring, "Hello?"


"Hey. So what, you wanna become lovers now?"

Lana blushed, then remembered he couldn't see her. "No, not yet. Um, my best friend Anna wants you to meet you..."

"OK, that's fine. I'll pass the new friend test."

Lana smiled, "I'm serious. I was gonna have dinner with Anna and her boyfriend Brandon tonight, but now she wants to meet it'll be all four of us at dinner. Can you come over to my place at 7:30? Anna is picking us up."

There was a pause.


"I'm thinking..."

"Oh. I don't want to pressure you, but yes or no?"

To be continued.

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