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The Perfect Stranger

One day I was taking a solitary walk when I found this little deserted bay with a beautiful stretch of beach, empty apart from this girl with short dark hair and a wicked glint in her big brown eyes.  The first thing she said to me was, ‘Do you want to go skinny dipping?’

I’d never done it before and I had no idea who she was, but if it gave me the opportunity to see her naked, then I was all for it.  She was petite with a lithe, toned body.  Her breasts were small and pert, the perfect handful.  Two weeks on Bali had given her a healthy tan, which I soon discovered was all-over.  She clearly sunbathed nude.

The next thing I know, we’ve both stripped off our clothes and run naked into the warm ocean.  As we tread water, she moves closer to me until our faces are inches apart when she pulls me in for a kiss.  Her lips are soft and she finishes each kiss with a little nibble on my lower lip, which drives me wild.  That, and her hands running down my back, over my ass and then around to grasp my cock.  God, she was forward!

I move behind her and start to kiss her neck and run my hands over her perfect body.  It feels as good as it looks.  I take her breasts in my hands and gently tweak her nipples.  Her gasp lets me know that she likes it.

We both want more, so we swim back to shore and I lay her down on the beach.  Suddenly she rears up and pushes me onto my back in the warm sand and straddles me.  Her kisses become hard and fierce.  She pins my arms by my side and I let her, even though I’m strong.  Letting her dominate me really turns me on and I’m becoming hard.

She leans forward and places her nipple in my mouth.  As I suck it, I can taste salt from the sea.  I feel it grow under my tongue with each circling motion.  As I suck harder and bite gently, you cry out in bliss, your pussy grinding against me and your body writhing.  With her hands she reaches back and strokes my shaft and cradles my balls.  As she strokes me, gently at first but becoming firmer and faster, my cock becomes harder and harder. She climbs off me and takes my penis into her mouth.  Her mouth is warm and wet and I can feel her tongue licking all the way up the length of my cock and then circling around the head.  As she slides her lips up and down, up and down she is sucking on me like she can’t get enough.  It feels so amazing that I don’t ever want it to end, but she is so good at giving head that I find myself getting carried away and thrusting into her mouth until I know that I am going to come.  I shoot a stream of hot liquid straight down her throat and she swallows every last drop, licking her lips.  I collapse back onto the sand, breathing heavily.

Leaning over me and cradling the back of my neck she pulls my head towards hers and we kiss passionately. Her moist lips feel wonderful, her fingers delicate but firm. My hands stroke her head, pushing wet hair from her face and gradually work their way down her back, feeling her athletic body beneath my fingertips.  Finally I find what I’ve been waiting for, her warm wet pussy.  Now it’s her turn.

I take control and roll her onto her back and lower my face between her legs.  My tongue finds her engorged clit and flicks lightly and rapidly over it.  She arches her back and moans with pleasure.  I place one hand on her bum, its shape perfect, and press her to my face.  With my other hand I put two fingers inside her and go for the G-spot.  I can feel the muscles inside her spasming and tightening around my fingers.  As my fingers work faster and harder and deeper, she bucks her hips and grabs at my hair.  With my tongue, I touch her in a way that makes her beg for more.  My cock begins to swell again; her obvious enjoyment was turning me on.  As I lap my tongue over her sweet cleft, I marvel at how tight and wet she is.  Suddenly she cries out, ‘Fuck me now!  I want you inside me!’

I thrust my cock deep inside her, harder and harder.  After only a few thrusts, I feel her convulse and her muscles clench around me as she comes.  It feels so incredible that I cry out in pleasure.  I run my hands gently all over her body as I slide in and out of her and I feel her shiver beneath me.  I hear her breathing becoming rapid and shallow again and I can tell she’s not finished with me yet.

She grabs my ass and forces me deep inside of her, with her legs wrapped around me.  Our bodies entwined, I fuck her faster, her soft moans turning into loud screams. With each thrust I can feel every part of her; warm, soft and enticing. We look each other in the eyes; me fucking her body, her my mind. She screams, ‘I'm coming!’ and my eyes feast on the rest of her perfect shape.  The feeling of her coming whilst I’m inside her excites me and makes me come so hard that my arms go weak and I fall to nuzzle her neck once more. Our bodies now one, we shake furiously from our orgasms, just wanting them to go on and on.

We both lie together for what seems to be an eternity, hearts pounding, skin sticky from the sweat and passion. She lays her head across my chest, her hair tickles my neck. I hold her in my arms whilst we both just lie there in the sun, the sea crashing, the breeze cooling. I take in a deep breath of the moment, absorbing what we just had together.  This I hold for a few moments, before releasing it in one deep sigh. My breath cools her as she rests on my chest. She lifts her head, we look at each other for a few moments, stretch to a kiss, and then just lie there in total silence, together, perfect.

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