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The Photo Session

How could he know taking pictures of his best friend and his wife could be so hot...?
My third story. It got a bit shorter this time. As always,don't be shy to criticise me in any way. Enjoy!

My Name is Tom, I’m 35. I’m a professional porn and erotic photographer. I’ve taken sets of any kind of acts; straight sex, gay couples, lesbian couples, BDSM, whatever. Anything enhancing my already quite thick portfolio was great. My own favorite sets were straight sex, without any supposed-to-be-sexy or any fancy accessories, just the ‘classical’ fucking ceremony.

I was no unknown name anymore. I had never disappointed any of my clients and they seemed to recommend me to their friends. I had taken shots of real celebrities as well so I had also quite a great reputation in all kinds of magazines or websites. Throughout the years I’ve kept my modest and reasonable conditions and price as well as my business strategy though. I had never had the intention of getting millionaire by taking pictures or getting too greedy. Sometimes I even turned down real good offers just to keep my agenda half empty and being able to have some leisure time.

One day, one of my closest friends, Joe, asked me on the phone if I could make a whole set for him and his wife Jenny. They both wanted to have a professionally developed sex set. Since I had turned down two offers for the weekend I proposed to do it on Saturday afternoon. He agreed to meet up at my private studio at 2 p.m. He was very happy about it.

The next Saturday I prepared my Nikon D5000 SLR and slid a 10 GB memory card in the slot just to be sure to have enough capacity though I didn’t think I’d use more than barely one single gig. I was somehow excited about the coming happening. It was the first time in a long I was taking amateur pictures.

I arrived a bit early, early enough to adjust floodlights and the furniture in the studio. I had a few sofas as well as a dark purple carpet that would fit with any kind of furniture. It was my favorite piece in my studio and I had used it on almost every model I had taken.
I made a few shot samples just to check the angle and the light.

Joe and Jenny stepped into my studio by the time I had just finished the installation. I had chosen a pitch black leather sofa and a snow white background. First I was a bit afraid my camera couldn’t handle the extreme contrasts and the strong lights from the floodlights but it turned out to be no problem at all.

I greeted my guests and offered them a drink first. Jenny hugged me closely as she had always done. I could tell she was turned on by her smile and the odor of lust coming from her. So was Joe. They both took a fresh coke before getting ready for the shooting anyway.

After having drunk their drinks both of them got to the dressing room and came back five minutes later. The sight of Jenny in a tight black corset showing willingly the crack between her large breasts, suspenders, black stockings and high heels almost took my breath although I usually didn’t find her very sexy. But THIS was a total eye catcher.
Joe on his part was wearing a business man costume that was really masculinizing him. Suddenly they didn’t look like amateurs anymore. They were like experienced models.

“So let’s get to action” I said.

Both of my friends nodded as if synchronized. I got behind my camera and started clicking the button every few seconds.

As soon as I had given the starting signal they slowly walked towards each other. Suddenly Joe stayed were he was and Jenny walked around him meticulously examining his body from top to bottom. Then she took him by his neck tie and pulled him hard to her. He followed her motion and got very close to her but didn’t do anything. She put a hand on his cheek and he closed his eyes on her touch.

I was quite surprised not to have to give commands. They were like a couple that had practiced that scene at least one thousand times in perfect harmony. I started taking pictures in a quicker rhythm

She kissed him on his lips. I got a few close-up shots of their tongues dancing together. The natural lightness made it very easy for me to take good pictures. They all seemed to have a special sparkle.

To my surprise seeing them French kissing got me hard somehow which was really unusual for I am used to taking shots of erotic scenes all the time. I tried my best to concentrate on taking shots. Doing that got my hard-on to calm down a bit.

They started undressing starting with stripping off his black blazer. He kicked off his shoes and kissed her neck. She was squirming like a cat from it. He opened clasp after clasp of her corset releasing more and more her natural D-cups. As he took off the corset I got a close view of one of the largest nipples I’d ever seen through the display of my SLR. I HAD to get them on camera!

Joe took one of those nipples in his mouth and pinched the other with his hand. Jenny got like totally nuts on this. She started moaning and pressing her husband hard in her chest.

As I took a few full-body-shots I thought I’d see something glistening slowly running down the inner side of Jenny’s thighs. I swallowed hard on that view. I had a feeling that it was going to take every inch of professionalism I could come up with not to let me distract by that damn hot scene right before me.

Jenny unbuttoned Joe’s light blue shirt’s two top buttons and almost ripped it off his head. I was really wondering how his shirt could support the force with which Jenny had ripped it off.

She fell on her knees and opened his pants. She didn’t bother to take them off; she just took out his hard shaft of his shorts and ran her tongue over its full length while softly massaging his balls. Then she took him deep in her mouth stroking the shaft with her hand.

He was breathing heavily. “Ooooh! Jenny! Oh yeah! Gimme that head of yours…”

Dammit! They’re pretty good!” I thought.

I already started having cramps in my index finger. I wasn’t aware of having taken so many pictures already. So I decided to set the camera on automatic so that I could just adjust its position and zoom.

As Jenny let go off her husband’s raging hard-on she pulled down his pants and lay on the sofa spreading her legs. Now I could tell she was dripping wet for the whole area around her crotch including her thong was SOAKING WET!

Joe got on his knees and pushed her thong to the side. First he started licking the pussy juices off her thighs. She was making pleased sounds on that. Then he slid two fingers with ease in her willing cunt and ran his tongue over the whole length of her slit. She was moaning like wild. He took his fingers out of her pussy and wet the index finger of his other hands in her juices to stick it up her ass after wards. At the same time he dug his two fingers back in her gash while keeping on licking her clit. Jenny almost cried on those pleasures.

“Oh fuck yeah!! Oh fuck yeah!! Gimme more! Ah your fingers!! YYYYEEEEEESSSSS!!” She screamed.

“Wanna cum on my fingers, babe?” Joe asked nastily.

“OH YES! Pleas make me CUUUUMMMMMM!”

It took only seconds for him to make her cum franticly. I on my part felt really lucky to be able to hide my face behind my camera. I was blushing red and my mouth was wide open. I sure DID look stupid in that very moment…

Joe tore her thong off. She still had her black high heels and her stockings as well as her suspenders. She looked smoking hot in that dress.

He stood up and lowered himself upon her. He pointed his erection on her pussy mound.

“Oh please. Stick that hot prick in my pussy” she moaned.

He targeted the head of his cock on her pussy entrance. Then he thrust his cock with full force in her. Jenny opened her eyes widely and let out a loud guttural moan. Joe slowly slid his entire length in and out of her cunt causing her to gasp and groan.

After a few more thrusts her slid out of her and sat on the couch. She instantly kneeled between his legs and began another oral assault on his cock. She stroked his cock while sucking it and pushed two fingers in her dripping cunt. She moaned on his cock causing him to groan out loud.

She let go off him and sat on his lap lowering her hips onto his cock. He grabbed her ass cheeks firmly.

I started having a headache from the effort of concentrating on my job. I got a few shots from Joe’s glistening cock coated with Jenny’s pussy juices sliding in and out of her pussy.

Jenny gyrated her hips on Joe’s prick. He was lost in his pleasures moaning in delight. I could tell he was about to cum inside her as she lifted her hips and let him out. His nearing orgasm subsided. She turned around and sat back on his lap. This time she pointed his prick on her asshole. She parted her ass cheeks in order to widen her tight hole a bit. He didn’t have much trouble sliding in for his cock was well lubed by her moisture.

He sat up, put his left arm around her and slid two fingers of his right hand in her pussy while she was rocking her hips up and down his cock.

Both of them screamed and moaned in delight.

“Oh yes! Get your fingers deeper in my pussy!” she commanded. “Yes! Right there! Keep rubbing right there! This feels so good! Aaaaah!”

“Your ass is so tight! It’s squeezing my cock! Oh yeah!” He moaned.

The shots I got were getting hotter and hotter as if I was actually catching the atmosphere caused by my two models. I felt like I was about to jizz in my pants.

Suddenly Jenny’s entire body started to shiver. She didn’t let out a sound except a mute moan eyes and mouth open wide.

She took Joe’s cock out and kneeled in front of him. He stood up and jerked off his cock. He needed only a handful of strokes before shooting five thick spurts of cum on her tits. After that he lay down on the sofa, totally out of breath. Jenny stood up smiling happily and walked towards me. I couldn’t make a single move. She took my face in her hands.

“Thank you, Tom” she said in a sexy voice before giving me the hottest French kiss I’d ever had.

I blew my load into my pants on that. She smiled cheekily as she noticed and pinched my cock.

“Naughty boy…” she said playfully as she walked towards the dressing room picking up her exhausted husband.

I was in mental ecstasy for having taken the best photo possible. My expectations weren’t in vain; as I looked at the shots on my computer they were just perfect. No editing was needed at all. They were perfect as they were.

From that moment on whenever I applied for a job, I showed this set to demonstrate my skills and thanks to those pictures I could get ANY job. Suddenly the magazines and websites depended more on me than I did on them. This shooting session with Joe and Jenny had definitely changed my business life for the better.
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