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The Pianist

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It had been several months since I last saw Rob. He had rejected me but last time I spoken to him we had agreed to keep our frienship. He knew how to make me smile, nervous, comforted, confident, and all those positive feelings when my pessimism gets the better of me.

I walked past the music room to my own surprise. I heardan all too familiar piece.My heart fluttered just from listening. I placed my hand on the knob but hesitated to turn it. I watched through the window in the door. He hadn't noticed. He was so immensed in the piece. He had his formal suit and pants on. His hair was gelled-I preferred it otherwise-but it did not change the fact that my heart was going crazy from his imminent beauty. Luckily, today I did not wear my bummy clothes. I had my long pink skirt and white blouse. It was like the first day I met him in one of my college classes. A little intimidated, nervous, but all warm inside. I turned the knob and walked right inside.

He stopped playing for a moment to look up in mere surprise, but soon went back to playing. He had a hint of a smile as I walked over to take a seat. I watched and listened to him finish the piece. I clapped for a few seconds and waited him to speak. Instead, he moved his seat to the side and pulled an empty seat beside him. My heart dropped. He knew how nervous I got playing beside a professional.

"Come, Alice."

"I prefer you play by yourself."

He stood up and gently held my wrist. My body obliged as he took me to the seat. Memories flooded back as he started the piece yet again, and my right hand did its best to play along. He slowed down and let me play at my own pace. I jumped as his hand played a close key to mines. It was hard to focus. He always kept a distance from me and it killed me having his hands so close. After abrutly playing the wrong note, I held his hand. He stopped, shocked. His hands were so soft, warm against my cold hands. I pulled them to my mouth to plant a small kiss. His hands stiffened. Realizing I took a step too far, I let go and stood up flushed.

"Shit, I'm sorry. I'll leave."

But, as soon as I took a step forward, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me down. His usual calmness evaporated, and his eyes looked like pain. I looked back, deep desire in my eyes. He sighed, exasperated.

"I told you- I'm not the kind of guy you think I am."

Unable to take his excuses anymore, I pulled his tie so my lips were inches away from his ear.

"Rob, I can't hold back anymore.Please, just help me."

He stiffened as I sniffled from the tears that fell from my eyes. My obsession with Rob was killing me. He sighed in surrender and hugged me close. I relaxed at his embrace.

"Shit, Alice. I guess I have limits too."

To my immediate surprise, he stood up and picked me up onto the piano. I had never seen such a look of sadness in his eyes. He had been holding back too. He hesitated before slowly touching my cheeks. I closed my eyes to calm my beating heart as I felt his slow, gentle hands touching my cheeks, and down my neck. I held the tip of the piano.

"Can I kiss you?" he whispered.

I bit my lip and nodded. In a few moments, his lips pressed against my neck. I felt his tongue slowly, gently, making a trail down my neck. I moaned at his gently, slow kisses and his heavy breathing. I heard a moan fall from his mouth, strangely arousing me. Was I really turning on this beautiful man?

"Fuck, Alice I can't stop."

I let my eyes open as he pulled his lips from my neck. He loosened his tie and unbuttoned a few buttons from his shirt underneath. He raised my shirt up, his hand cradled my small breasts. He reached for the clip of my bra, waiting until I gave him a slight nod. He unclipped my bra off and watched intently at my breasts. I flushed red and turned my head.

"I prefer if you don't look too much," I mumbled.

He smiled and gently pinched my already hard nipples. I listened to my own heavy breathing as his tongue lightly brushed against my belly as he squeezed my nipples harder. I felt so warm and wet. I wanted him so much, but he was taking his time. After a few kisses down my belly, I eagerly pulled up my skirt. He stopped his kisses and watched with a smirk on his face.

He moved my hand away and pulled the skirt up himself. I gasped as his finger rubbed my thighs.

"Please, Rob, I'm losing my mind."

"Shh, patience."

He finally pulled my underwear off. He opened my legs apart. I moved one over his shoulder as he bent down to watch my throbbing pussy. Without hesitation, he licked and sucked my pussy. My body tensed at the sensations as he slurped my juices. I moaned and grabbed for his hand as he continued to suck and bite my clit.

He soon pushed two fingers inside my soaked pussy, making me moan even louder. My hands tightened against his held hand as I closed my eyes and laid down on the piano. Tears ran down my face at the intensity. His fingers delved deep inside me. His lips stayed on my clit as his fingers went in and out, in and out, matching my breathing and waiting for me. My body soon tensed from the build-up and his lips left my body. He watched my flushed red cheeks, hearing my screams and sobs, as his finger fucked me faster and faster.

"Rob," I let out.

"Relax, let go."

He gripped my hands hard as I finally cummed all over his hand. He pulled his fingers away and sucked my sensitive pussy. He moaned as I continued to cum and scream. When he finally let go, I relaxed on the coolness of the piano and listened to our heavy breathing. He gently placed a hand on my cheeks and bent over to plant a kiss on my lips.

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