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The Piano

The teacher becomes the pupil
He is standing behind his pupil, studying his pupil.... her form.... her posture... her shape... he smiles inwardly. She is quite pretty. Doris is having trouble with this passage. He leans in with his head next to hers, his arms extended around her showing her how to finger the keys... and he is mesmerized by her smell. A quick glance down and he sees ample cleavage........ He is instantly aroused and misses his keys! Standing up he can feel the bulge straining in his pants and he is shocked at himself! 

Quite unlike him.....

He continues to instruct Doris but his mind is obviously elsewhere. Doris can't help but notice something is wrong and turns only to come face to face with her instructor's apparent distraction. She smiles and remarks that she plays that instrument well and proceeds to unzip his pants and let loose his cock.

He stammers and sputters but he is rooted to the spot as she proceeds to lick and suck on his cock. Rolling her tongue around his swollen member she can feel it growing larger and harder in her mouth. She is making loud slurping noises as she sucks on his dick he relents as he is enjoying this ... improper as it is. Her hands are on his firm ass she deep throats him and she knows that now she is the teacher and he the pupil...... and it turns her on.

She stands up looking him in the eye as she unbuttons her blouse letting it fall away. He can't peel his gaze from her lacey bra and all they contain. Unhooking the clasp in front she grabs his head and shoves it between her breasts. He feels like a mannequin all stiff and hard, but as if something inside him snaps he comes alive like somebody had flipped a switch. He is kissing and sucking on every inch of her tits like a man on fire. He is pulling on her nipple with his teeth. His hands start to roam and she slaps him down. Doris tells him "No, not yet" ...... gaining control. "You may bite lightly on my nipples, as this pleases me....." Doris proclaims and he complies immediately. The shock ripples through her as he bites down on her tender pink nipples and her skin prickles. The pain courses through her but it compares little to the power she is holding.

Pulling off his shirt she was surprised to find such a nice looking man beneath, she has him step out of his pants before instructing him to kiss her neck just so. She tells him to use his talented fingers to play with her clit as he is nibbling and kissing her neck. She can feel his hand trembling as he parts her delicate lips and he strokes his lean fingers up and down her dampening slit. Doris moans lightly as he plays with her clit, he truly is a master with his fingers, rubbing her sensitive button she can feel her pussy really start to get wet with anticipation.
Doris smiles as she reaches down and strokes his manhood, she can feel him start to gyrate when she smacks him down yet again. "I didn't tell you to do that! Hold still.... do as you are instructed!" Pushing him away Doris waggles her finger at him as he tries to close in on her again. "No! You will do as you are told and only what you are told do you understand?" "Yes" he replies with a glimmer in his eyes and slight smile on his face. He finds this... intriguing. 

Hopping up on his grand piano Doris displays herself... playing with her open sex for him and she tells him to suck on her honey pot. He moves in obediently and starts to tongue her clit and lick her pussy... he does it ferociously at first... devouring her just like the way he attacks any piece of music. Doris instructs him to slow down and take it easy. She wants to enjoy it. For minutes the former instructor does as he is told before deciding to finger fucker her while nibbling her clit. Doris is squirming at his attention and sighs when he inserts two of his fingers deep into her. She instructs him on the speed and depth of his strokes and she revels in the moment, the control she has. Doris smiles inwardly she is relishing the frigging she is getting and idea of charging him for his lessons.

Telling him to stop she hops down to suck once again on his organ, she is licking his balls and taking them into her mouth and rolling them on her tongue. Getting up she instructs him to fuck her from behind, no hands are to touch her until she commands otherwise. Bending over the keys the piano responds with some broken chords and she smiles.... the music of fucking. He comes in behind and carefully buries his prick into her pussy, no touching like she said. It is difficult for him... he is always off balance. His penis pistons in and out of her at a steady pace filling her completely, stretching her before pulling out and repeating.
"Harder, faster!" she demands and he can only comply.... The piano sounds off again punctuated by grunts and groans. On her command he grabs her hips and starts to pump faster and faster until she breaks away. Pushing him onto the piano bench she quickly straddles him as he leans back against the piano. She lowers herself onto him and rides him fast and furious up and down... grinding down hard.

She is gripping his dick with her muscles pulling at him as she rides him... faster and harder she rises and falls on his dick.
She looks at his face and can tell he is about to cum. "Not yet you fuck!" she screams. "Not until I fucking tell you that you can cum!" Standing up her pussy is pulsing and she knows it wont be long now... laying down on the floor Doris calls him to her. She pulls his head to her chest so he can suck and bite her swollen nipples before guiding his dripping manhood back into her waiting pussy. "Now fuck me hard and fast" she instructs him and she hooks her ankles around his neck. Rolling her back, pinning her knees to her chest so she can be penetrated deeply he penetrates her and buries his pecker up to the hilt. "Fuck my pussy hard!" she demands and he starts to fuck her with all he has got! Hard and fast the way she has instructed. Her juices are starting to really flow and he is concentrating.... careful not to cum yet. Doris pulls his head closer yet and like a bolt of lightning coursing through her she knows its time. 
She feels his dick slamming into her in an unrelenting pace. She grunts and shudders as her orgasm hits and she tells him through gritted teeth to cum! She screams as she cums on his dick. Spasms rack her entire body as she releases. A handful of strokes and he slams his dick home a final time and cums deep into her already gushing pussy. She can feel his cum splashing against the walls of her vagina. Hers legs slip down his body wrapping themselves around his waist. She holds him there for a moment or two until her orgasm is complete and the waves subside.

Pushing him off her she quickly dresses in front of his speechless form and she informs her former instructor that she will be back next week to continue his lessons........


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