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The Pickup

What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

A light breeze hid the fact that it was 90 degrees. He took a long drag on his cigarette and let his eyes wander around the shade of the mall. From each of the Casinos, a melange of music and clattering coins filtered out onto the street.

He saw her a few feet away, enjoying the shade, watching the people and his eyes wandered freely over her.

Tall and slender, her high heels peeked from under emerald green silk pants that caressed her legs and clung to her hips. Perfectly pedicures toes completed the picture and his eyes moved slowly upwards enjoying the swell of her breasts beneath the matching silk of her camisole. Her jacket hung gracefully and the color of her beautifully manicured nails matched her toes.

"Very nice" he thought to himself, "classy". On upwards his eyes moved, over the single strand of pearls that accented her long neck. The color of her lips matched her nails making the blue of her eyes sparkle.

He realized, too late, that she was watching him also and a tiny smile crept over her lips. Her long red hair was piled loosely on her head covering tiny streaks of gray that matched her years. "About 55" he thought, "Perfect age."

She stepped out slowly. Moving towards him with a fluid motion that made her look as if she had been born in 4" heels.

"Would you be terribly offended if I asked for a cigarette?" She whispered. "Not at all" he replied reaching for the pack and extending one to her. He flicked the lighter and the flame jumped, her fingers brushed the back of his hand as if to steady it and lingered. She wore no rings but a tiny indentation of a long worn and recently removed band showed on her left hand.

"Would you be terribly offended if I asked you to have dinner with me?" he asked. "Not at all," she whispered as she slowly inhaled the acrid smoke. "My name is Roger." He told her as he dropped the lighter into his pocket. "Catherine" she breathed. "I'm very pleased to meet you Catherine" he said trying to smooth the waver in his voice. "As am I Roger." Her voice was soft and melodic like wind chimes.

They turned slowly and strolled up the mall towards the towering hotel at the end. "Where are you from Catherine," he asked.

"Los Angeles, and you?".

"Denver." Was his reply. "Are you married?"

"No" she faltered, "I lost my husband last year after a very long illness. And you?"

"I'm so sorry to hear that. My wife died two years ago. I know what you're going through."

The sky darkened as they entered the hotel and the lights of the mall flickered on.

"Where are we eating" she asked? "Upstairs, in the gourmet room... It has an excellent view down the mall."

Together the rode in silence up the escalator, entering the restaurant at the top. "A window table" he told the Maitre'd and quickly they were seated. Their eyes lingered over each other as if exploring.

Throughout dinner they talked about everything they could think of and their eyes continued to linger on each other. Her skin glowed softly, showing none of the strain that she had been under for the last five years. His eyes moved from hers, slowly down along her neck to the swell of her breasts, small, firm, showing the faintest outline of soft lingerie.

Her cool fingers reached out to caress the back of his hand, "This has been a wonderful dinner" she whispered as the waiter brought coffee.

"Owing totally to my beautiful companion" he laughed and he saw the first hint of the hardening of her nipples. Gently they pressed against the silk... slowly growing.

"Would you like to go somewhere for a drink?" he asked, terrified that she might say no. "I would love it" she replied "Anything to keep this evening from ending". "Why don't we go up to my room?" She whispered, "I'm staying here and I have a small suite overlooking the mall.".

His voice caught... "Fine" he whispered, never removing his eyes from hers.

"It's been a long time since I went out with a man" she said as the elevator doors glided shut. "I'm not sure how to act anymore" They laughed together easing the tension.

"You're acting perfectly" he laughed. "Don't change a thing."

Quietly, he made them a drink from the well stocked wet bar as she opened the drapes. The lights of Las Vegas twinkled in the darkness below them. Her jacket slipped from her shoulders and she tossed it on the table. Their eyes never left each other and her nipples showed tight against the silk.

They sipped slowly from their drinks, standing close by the window. Her voice was small and soft as she whispered "I'm so nerv..." And his mouth covered hers gently. She melted against him, allowing her lips to part and her tongue to seek his timidly. The kiss lingered. Growing in intensity as their tongues danced. Then relaxing, then, growing again.

"My god," she whispered, "I haven't been kissed like that in so long." Their lips met again hungrily and he felt her press her body tight to his.

His hand lingered in the small of her back, pressing her even closer to him and her left hand slipped around his neck, lingering,. holding his mouth to hers.

Her hips thrust forward, pressing her stomach against him and she felt him harden. Her other hand encircled his neck as she raised on tiptoes to return his kisses. Their tongues danced and chased and explored.

Both hands pressed against her back and slowly slipped down to feel the gentle swell of her rear and she raised first on one foot, then the other, slipping her shoes off. His fingers gently kneaded her rear and her arms tightened around him.

Mouths twisted together, tongues caressed and she pressed her breasts and stomach tight against him.

His fingers slowly glided upwards, slipping beneath the silk of the camisole to caress the velvet of her back. His mouth moved to her cheek, kissing away the first dampness as her eyes filled with teary passion.

Then back again to cover her mouth and taste her tongue.

Her hands dropped to her waist. Grasping her camisole and raising it slowly over her head. She cast it away and his eyes moved down. Her breasts were covered with the finest emerald green lace brassiere. Her nipples pushed eagerly against the material.

His jacket slid to the floor followed by his tie. He fumbled at the buttons of his shirt.

Their eyes locked together, passionate, wanting. Her fingers hooked in the hem of her silk pants, sliding them slowly down, enjoying the fact that his eyes followed her hands.

They slipped softly to the floor, pooling at her feet. His eyes stopped at the sheer emerald green panties.

A slight darkening covered the vee of her thighs and she reached behind her to unfasten the clasp of her brassiere. Her breasts were firm, her nipples the color of caramel... hard... inviting.

Their eyes never wavered. Her hands followed the brassier down, pausing to push the panties over her hips.

His pants dropped to the floor. His hardness grew even harder as the soft hair emerged from her panties. His hand reached out to her, fingers entwined lightly, moving constantly together as if their hands were making love.

He drew her to him... Their bodies pressed together each feeling the heat of the others nakedness...

Her nipples pressed into his chest and he felt her back arch to press her mound against his hardness.

Mouths pressed together, soft moans escaped. Their breath melded together and he picked her up in his arms.

Gently he placed her in the center of the huge bed. He slipped slowly in beside her. His mouth moved down, lips caressed her stomach, then moved down slowly over the soft hair of her mound.

Gently passing hi mouth over her thighs, caressing her ankles. His lips brushed against the thin gold chain. Then down along her arch, brushing softly over her toes. His tongue encircled each one and he drew each, in turn, into his mouth.

Her back arched and gentle moans escaped her lips... her legs moved, rubbing gently together.

Her hands pressed tight against her stomach, slipping slowly down, entwining in the hair of her mound.

His mouth lingered on each toe and a tiny whimper of delight escaped her lips.

Slowly he moved upwards, over her ankles, kissing the inside of her knees, brushing tenderly against the softness of her thighs, higher, slower. Her fingers pressed between her soft lips and gently caressed the hard pearl in anticipation.

He was there, his tongue parted her lips, following her finger, encircling her clitoris, drawing it between his lips.

Her hands moved to his head, clutching at his hair, pressing him tighter to her.

His tongue darted down, brushing the rim of her opening, tasting her perfumed wetness.

Her knees drew higher, her feet pressed against the bed, pushing her hips up, tighter against his mouth.

His tongue drove deeper into her and she writhed beneath him.

Her breathing hotter and faster, her hips rolling to meet him with each thrust.

His tongue moved across her lips, circling her opening, then down, caressing the soft silk below her opening. It brushed across the quivering muscle of her ass, then up again. With each movement, a moan escaped her lips and his tongue moved up and down... In and out...

He moved back away from the soft scent of her wetness and slid to his knees. His hands grasped her hips and drew her to him. Up the slope of his legs, closer to his hardness. He pressed it down, to brush her lips, tease her opening. Then entered her, his hands grasped hers, drawing her up and onto his cock.

Her legs wrapped around his waist as she allowed her weight to force herself down onto him. Their mouths met as he slid deep into her and her arms encircled him. Crimson nails bit gently into his back and she gasped in pleasure as his movements rippled against her inner walls... Breasts pressed to chest... Mouths pressed tighter together... His hands slid down her back... Fingers gently parting the cleavage of her ass and she tightened her legs... Drawing her down onto him...

Their movements were slight. Every tiny quiver was magnified and his finger pressed against the quivering muscle. Lightly at first, then harder, he felt it tighten then relax... Then tighten again and his finger gently entered her.

She gasped in surprise as well as pleasure and ground her body against his. Tightening her arms around his neck, she raised herself then lowered onto him... over and over as he thrust up into her.

Harder and deeper he drove, his finger pressed inside her. He swelled, feeling the throbbing deep inside himself. Her moans of pleasure poured out.

"NOW!!!" She screamed and he exploded inside, spewing how white liquid deep into her. Her stomach rippled against him as wave after wave poured through her and a cry of pleasure followed each one.

Together they collapsed on the huge bed, gasping for breath and a giggle escaped each at the same time.

They rolled together, he surrounded her slender body until they fit like spoons in a drawer and sleep threatened to overtake them.

His hand caressed her stomach, wrapping her soft hair around his fingers. He slipped easily between her wet lips and she opened her legs in welcome. His finger found the hard slipperiness of her clitoris and gently circled it. "OhmyGod" she whispered "that feels sooo good." Her hips began to move with him gently and his finger caressed the waiting pearl.

"Oh shit" she screamed and wetness engulfed his hand... And sleep overtook them.

The sun pierced through the window and stirred him from his sleep... She was gone... He could feel it... On the dresser lay a tiny pair of emerald green panties holding a small piece of paper.

"I'll pick them up next time" and below that a phone number.

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