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The Picnic

“Where are we going?” I asked you, again.  Again, all you did was laugh and tell me to be patient.  Smiling, I followed willingly behind you as you led me along the path, my hand safely in yours. 


I woke up this morning, snuggled securely in your arms, with you just waiting for me to come to life again.  “I have a surprise for you today,” you had told me, with a mysterious smile.  Dressing in a cute summer dress that showed off my tits and legs to perfection, I waited patiently in the car until you came out and slide behind the wheel.  Laughing at the CD I played on the drive, I asked where we were going.  “You’ll just have to wait and see” was all you would tell me, and then laugh and tell me to be patient.  It was a nice drive, out into the country, nothing but woods around us.  When you had pulled over the car on the side of the country road, I giggled, thinking surely we were going to have sex in the back seat like a pair of teenagers.  There was nothing in sight besides trees, and I was curious about what you were planning. 

I was surprised when you told me we were going for a walk.  Looking down at my dress and strappy sandals, I laughed and hoped we weren’t going far.  As we climbed out, you reached in the back and grabbed a bag that I hadn’t seen you put in the car.  Taking my hand, you led me to the mouth of a trail that led into the woods.  Feeling a little like Alice in Wonderland, we walked along the path.  I’ve always loved the woods.  I always felt at peace surrounded by the smell of pine and grass, the sunlight trickling through the leaves, the sounds of birds singing; and now with your hand holding mine, and your fine ass in view, I knew I loved the woods even more. 

Not long into our walk the trail opened up into a meadow.  It was beautiful.  The sunlight and long grass were swaying in the breeze, my skirt was gently floating around my legs, and you were smiling down at me.  I loved this place instantly.  Walking out into the middle of the meadow, you set down the bag and pulled out a blanket.  Spreading it out, we pulled off our shoes and sat down.  You began pulling out containers of food and out of the mysterious bag came a bottle of wine, strawberries, grapes, and chocolate cake.  I was amazed.  I couldn’t believe you had planned this all for me.  Pouring some wine, we started with the cake, of course. 

It was getting warm in the meadow and you pulled off your shirt.  Unable to resist, I laid my hand on your chest, softly stroking your nipples.  Seeing the heat in your eyes and feeling the heat rising in my cheeks, you leaned down and kissed me.  Softly at first, so sweet, so gently.  Then more passionately, our lips parting and your tongue invading my mouth.  You tasted like strawberries and wine and you, such a heady combination.  Becoming needier, I raised up on my knees and got closer to you, my hands wrapping around your neck, your hands coming to land on my hips, helping steady me as I enthusiastically kissed you back, my hard nipples rubbing your chest through my bra and dress. 

Moaning, I leaned down and nibbled my way across your jaw, gently sucking on your earlobe, as I felt your hot mouth land on the upper swells of my breasts, bared by my dress.   Arching into your mouth, I felt your hands sweep up the backs of my thighs under my dress before both of your large, hard hands pushed into the top of my panties.  Sliding them down, you firmly held my ass, your finger tips so close to where I needed them, yet so far away.  I needed you so badly.  I tried to push you down onto the blanket, but you had other ideas. 

Laying me back against the blanket you quickly stripped my panties down and off of me, leaving me bare under the soft, light skirt of my dress.  Feeling the breeze against my soft pussy lips whilst still being almost fully dressed was so erotic, I could feel myself growing wet.  Bending my knees, I drew my legs up toward me, spreading them wide.  As my skirt slid up my legs, you inhaled sharply at the picture of my bare pussy, just waiting for you.  Running your palms up the insides of my thighs, you stopped just as your thumbs began to tease my outer pussy lips.  Moaning, hips rocking, I was so wet and I needed you so badly. 

Suddenly you leaned down and slid your tongue right up into my hot pussy.  Crying out, my hips came up off the ground until your hands landed on them, pushing them back down.  Holding my hips down, you withdrew your tongue, and teased it up to my hard, throbbing clit, gently flicking it before taking it between your lips and sucking on it.  My hands let go of the twisted blanket to come down to you head, holding you to me.  Then, just as I was about to cum, you stopped and pulled away.  Begging you, pleading in frustration, I laid there as you grabbed the bowl of grapes and came back to me.

“I’m still hungry,” you told me.  “I think I’ll have a snack.”  I was so frustrated, so embarrassingly needy, I wanted to cum right now.  My hand slid down to my wet pussy, but before I could get even so much as one good rub in, your hand shot out and grabbed my wrist.  Shaking your head, you pulled my hand away.  Roughly parting my legs even further apart, you sat and looked at me for a minute.  I knew my cunt must be a mess right now, so wet, so red and hot and swollen.  Picking up a big fat grape you popped into your mouth.  Pulling it back out, I could see its wet skin shine in the sunlight.  Before I could guess what you were doing, you took it between your fingers and pushed the fat grape deep into my pussy.  Crying out, I nearly came.  Slowly you pushed another one in.  And another.  Finally, after I had half a dozen grapes inside me, you leaned down and laid your mouth on me.

I could feel you sucking gently on the entrance to my pussy, pulling at the grapes inside me.  Feeling them shift inside me, I was wild with pleasure as one finally came out of my pussy, popping into your mouth.  Slowly, you repeated it, sucking and digging with your tongue, pulling them all out, one at a time, until, as the last grape popped out of me, I came, so hard.  

Gently you licked up the juices, cleaning me up a bit, before sliding up and kissing me.  Wrapping my arms around your shoulders and my legs around your hips, I could feel your hard cock pressing up against me through your jeans.  Rubbing against it, I felt you groan into my mouth.  Reaching down I unbuttoned your pants and pulled the zipper down, shoving your pants down, I felt your cock spring forward.  You were so hard, so hot.  Pulling you to stand up with me, I stripped off your pants and briefs, leaving you naked, in all your glory, in our sunshine filled meadow.  Your cock harder and bigger than I ever remembered it being. 

I told you to sit down and as soon as you were sitting, I climbed into your lap, facing you.  Wrapping my legs around the back of your hips, I felt the swollen head of your cock brushing against my wet pussy lips.  Your strong hands swept up my back to unzip my dress then quickly pushed the straps down my arms, followed by my bra straps.  Gently you pulled the cups of my bra down, until my nipples popped free.  They were already so hard, and then your mouth descended on them, wetting them, and then leaning back, watching them pucker even tighter in the breeze.  Moaning, I slid closer to you, and your hands quickly went down to my ass to help steady me.  Grabbing your shoulders, your hands firmly on my ass, I gently slid the tip of your cock into me. 

The grapes had felt good popping into my pussy, but nothing like this.  Feeling your cockhead gently but firmly press inside me, as it stretched me, pushed at me, until it my pussy took it in past the tight entrance, was unlike anything else.  Kissing you, I squeezed you hard with my pussy muscles, feeling your body tense below me.  Pulling on my ass, you pushed further up inside me. Rolling my hips forward, I took you in, deeply, wanting all of you.  Feeling my nipples graze against your chest with each rock of our hips, I knew I was going to cum again.  Reaching down, I gently pinched my clit, stroking it in time with our thrusts. 

Your thrusts were getting harder and quicker below me, and my hips were struggling to take you as deeply as possible on every thrust.  Suddenly, my pleasure broke and I came again, juices flooding over your cock as I clenched around it, and the feeling was too much, as you started cumming right after me.  I could feel your body trembling and shaking below me, as you drove your hard length up into me, quicker and quicker.  Feeling you spray your cum inside me felt amazing.  Gently we laid back and I sprawled over your chest, your cock still inside me.

Snuggling in close as your arms came up to wrap around me, I could feel the warm sunshine and the cool breeze on my bare ass as your lips brushed a kiss against my cheek.  

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