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The Plan in Formed

The second installment of The Conference Room
My driver and I weave our way through the streets of Philadelphia. After my meeting with Luke and Jada I couldn’t concentrate, so I decided to call it an early day. I adjust myself in the back seat trying to hide the strain of my cock. It has been a long time since a woman has affected me this way; I mean I’m at least fifteen years her senior. There is just something about this young woman, something I fully intend to explore.

Jeff, my driver, asks if I have any errands to make before we arrive at my apartment. I tell him to stop by a supermarket. I need to grab some items for dinner. He gives me the thumbs up before he puts on the blues. I love blues music; it’s just the perfect music to listen to while in a car. Now I know what you’re thinking. Blues is depressing and sung by old black men who really can’t sing. For most people I think it’s maybe one step above country music; the only difference is more people actually listen to country music. It really is sad because all people would need to hear is one truly great boogie, and they would see blues in a different light.

John Lee Hooker comes blasting through the speakers. My foot just starts tapping to the simple beat of the music. We stop at the super market, getting a couple New York strips, a bundle of asparagus, and a good French bread. After the super market, we head to my penthouse apartment in the Penn Trinity Village on Brown Street overlooking the Delaware River. Philadelphia has been doing more recently to pull itself up as a city. The complex is completely brand new with some of the areas still in development. Besides being a waterfront property and minutes from the new Sugar House casino, it was the view that sold me on this place. I can see all of downtown Philly just by looking out my window.

Being raised in New York, I’m a city boy through and through. The never ending pulse of the city calls to me; no matter how many times I venture out, there is always something new to find. I greet the door man as I make my way through the lobby to the elevators. I pass the time in the elevator humming away on another John Lee Hooker song. Once inside the sudden smell of toffee excites my senses coating me like a warm blanket. Candice must be making toffee bars for desert tonight. Candice is my wife; we’ve been married for about ten years now.

Candice and I's relationship isn’t exactly monogamous, but we’re not swingers. We’ve gone to sex clubs and swingers parties, but for us they’re kind of like wine tastings. A voyeur’s paradise where one can peruse a menu of debauchery and sample its many wonders. That’s how it is for us; every person is a new flavorful aphrodisiac to be treasured and explored. Candice loves to work the rooms, teasing and flirting with everyone just like the minx she is. I tend to find myself a chair, this way I can sit back, indulging the voyeur I am while enjoying the spectacles that play out before me. Every once in a while we’ll actually bring someone home with us, just like that one bottle of wine you walk away with after sampling so many. I know it seems complex and maybe even a little cold.

Letting my nose lead the way I wander into the kitchen, where I see Candice bending in front of the oven. Her athletic figure is dressed in a pair of black leather pants with a black midriff halter top. The darkness of her Nubian skin adds to the veil of her sexiness. She pulls the toffee bars from the oven, giving them a wave as she places them on the burners of the stove. The sweet aroma is intoxicating; it will pair well as a dessert for our dinner.

“I know you’ve been staring at my arse this whole time, Drake. Come give me a proper spanking, you perv.”

“Maybe I will, slut.”

“You keep saying nice things like that and I’ll shag you on the counter.”

“Tempting, but I’m hungry.”

“I guess I will have to go find another bloke to give me a proper fucking.”

“Tell him to make sure he cleans your mouth out with his cock, it’s filthy.”

“Oh you know just what to say to a girl.”

We both smile as Candice walks over to me, wrapping her arms around my neck. Candice gives me a sweet kiss with a bit of an edge, letting me know that she is truly wanting a good fucking later on. She always falls back on her English slangs when she is horny or really pissed off. She moved to the states with her family when was she sixteen. After graduating high school she enlisted into the army where she joined the Military Police; ironically that is how we met. She was stationed at Fort Brag in South Carolina which is where Delta Force is based. I had just come back from a really bad mission and the boys and I decided to hit some of the local bars. Well one thing led to another and I ended up in a bar fight. I guess we made quite a ruckus, because the next thing I knew this beautiful woman was throwing me around.

Now I don’t remember most of that night, but Candice was burned into my mind. Once I sobered up I tracked her down. I guess I made some pretty lewd remarks; she about punched me on sight. It took a remarkable amount of effort, but finally I won her over enough to give me a date. The rest is history; she now runs the investigator division of Trident & Dagger.

“So, Drake, did you shag anybody at the office today?”


My usual answer to the question, but the investigator in her picked up the signal. I thought her eyes were going to bug out of her head. I don’t ever mix business and pleasure, always remaining professional. Once she composes herself the corners of her mouth form a wicked smile.

“Oh I got to hear this; you finally shagged that hot piece of ass you call a secretary. You have to tell me everything right now.”


In a small apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Ah why can’t I get Drake out of my mind? I’ve been home for a couple of hours now and I’ve masturbated three times already. I even called one of my on and off again FWBs to come fuck my brains out. He is pounding away on me right now, and all I can still think about is Drake’s cock in me. I don’t understand, he barely even touched me, but god did he make me cum. I have never experienced anything even close to that before. The moment I saw Drake, my entire body just screamed to be fucked by him.

It wasn’t his physique that drew me, but he sure wasn’t lacking in that department. Standing at 6’2 the man was lean and strong. His sandy blonde hair was cut short, but his eyes completely stole my breath away. The ghostly blue like the soft mist of an ocean morning, that’s what his eyes reminded me of. He moved with deadly grace. Everything about him screamed alpha male. I can’t even put my finger on exactly what drew me in. Drake walked in the room, and honestly if he had told me to just drop to my knees and suck his cock, I probably would have. Eric ‘the guy fucking me’ is starting to grunt. I can tell he is getting close, and although he’s made me cum twice I still feel unsatisfied.

Twenty minutes later, Eric leaves. I’m sitting on my couch in a cami and sweat pants. I keep flipping through channels on the TV looking for anything to distract me. Growing frustrated, I turn to my Netflix selecting my favorite show, Scandal. I love the character of Olivia Pope; she embodies everything that I want to be as a woman. She is always in control, knowing exactly what she wants and making it happen. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not spineless, but I’m still searching, just not sure exactly it is I’m searching for.

 I go to the kitchen to grab a wine glass. Ever since I started watching this show I’ve become somewhat of a wine-o, with pinot noir wines being my favorite. I take a large gulp, the fruity complexity flooding my mouth.

I sip my wine on the couch, my mind still wandering with thoughts of Drake; the TV's really doing little to distract me in my thoughts. I can still feel his arms around me, his voice like a siren, calling me, asking that I join him in his land of debauchery. I have never had a man so in control like that. It was like he knew everything I wanted with a look, and knew just how to take me there. The thought is exciting and terrifying all at the same time.

Most of my boyfriends have been disappointing to say the least. There are good guys on campus and most of them are pretty cute, but they’ve always been lacking something. Mostly it’s because I have to draw them a road map in the bedroom. Boys either just want to stick it in so they can pound on me like we’re in some porno, or worse yet they fumble around clearly not having the first clue what they’re doing. I thought Eric was amazing when I met him. He didn’t stumble around and he makes a valiant effort in pleasing me. Now that I’ve met Drake, I’m curious as to what is really possible in a bedroom.

Finishing my glass, I walk to the kitchen for one more. The more I think, the more questions I have with no answers in sight. I really know nothing about the man, just what Professor Cage told me before the meeting. Drake and Professor Cage were best friends, having grown up together in New York. Drake was Special Forces and he started Trident & Dagger Security after leaving the military. That was the extent of the information Professor Cage provided about Drake; instead he chose to ramble about the other woman, Katie.

Do I jump down the rabbit hole as Drake suggested? The thought is beyond tempting, but I’m afraid of what may await me once I make that leap. I’m going to have to think on this some more later; it’s getting late and I really need to get some sleep. Maybe after a good night’s sleep the answers will come to me. Downing the last bit of my wine, I rinse out the glass before placing it back in the cabinet.

I take off my cami and sweat pants, wanting to feel the sheets on my naked skin. I’ve been making a habit more and more of sleeping naked. It just feels so naughty to be naked under my covers, the thought of someone sneaking into my bedroom and ripping them off to have their way with me. I tried to get Eric to, but he is too much of a sweet guy. He said he didn’t feel comfortable with the idea. I bet Drake wouldn’t be too scared. Oh the thought is making my pussy ache even more.

I wake up in the middle of the night. A dark figure stands in the corner of my room. Why can’t I scream? I should be screaming right now. I can feel the danger surrounding him, but it does not scare me. On the contrary it excites me. He moves toward me, always staying in the shadows, I can feel my pulse quicken with each step he takes. What does he plan to do with me? Does he want something from me?

He reaches for the covers, his face still hidden in the shadows, as he pulls them off of me. I can feel the weight of his gaze as he roams the plains of my naked body. The cool night air hardens my nipples while my pussy grows wet. Why is my pussy wet? I shouldn’t be excited by this, but I can’t help myself. I can hear the sound of a zipper my heart leaping into my throat. I watch as he pulls his cock from his jeans the sight stealing my breath away. Why is my pussy getting wetter at the sight of his cock?

Oh my mind is doing overtime tonight. Why am I so horny? I have never been this way I just can’t get enough. I decide it’s time to pull out the big guns, my Lelo smart wand. I found it one day while in a local sex shop with one of my girlfriends. She was looking for some sexy lingerie and I spied this thing in a glass case at the counter. I was intrigued so I asked the woman behind the counter what it was. She got a really big smile on her face as she went through the different features. I was surprised to find out that it was water proof and how it increased its vibration gradually the longer it was in contact with skin. I did about fall over when she told me the price tag, but she swore by it saying that it was the best vibrator she had ever bought. I decided to buy it and I have been happy ever since.

I pull the wand out of the drawer in the nightstand by my bed. I turn it on low teasing my nipples with the gentle vibration. I tease my clit with my fingers as I work the wand around my nipples the vibrations sending my mind back to my fantasy.

He just stands there stroking his cock in front of me. I’ve never seen a man stroke his cock for me before. The sight is strangely empowering. I would have thought it to be gross. I’ve never understood how a man would like to see a woman masturbate. However, at the sight of this man, I am beginning to see its appeal. Is that what he wants me to do? Maybe I should start to play with myself as well. My hand starts to move down, but I still myself. I can’t really explain why, it’s like he is projecting his desires to me, without even speaking a word. I don’t understand all I want to do is please him. But he broke into my place; why should I want to please him?

His cock is growing hard and very thick. I’m not the expert on cocks but his is impressive. My pussy is an overflowing river between my legs. I want so badly for him to touch me. As if he reads my mind he utters one word, but there is so much power in that one word.


I can’t take it anymore as the first orgasm rocks my body. The fantasy playing out in my head is so intense. I have had this fantasy before, but it has never played out like this. Where is my mind at? Why am I having these thoughts, and why am I so turned on by them? My hips grind against the wand demanding more. I move myself on my side letting my other hand trace along the cheeks of my ass. God only knows what a man like Drake would do with an ass as big as mine. Would he spank me, or roughly grab a hold of it, as he pounds his cock into my tight Latin pussy? I slip three fingers into my dripping pussy needing something to fill me.

I hesitate only for a moment; I need to know what this man desires. I crawl towards the stranger waiting to see just what he wants. He takes his free hand, caressing my cheek as he guides me to his cock. He gently feeds me his cock, overriding all of my senses. The feel of him is so unique, every ridge and vein a new sensation assaulting my lips. His smell is purely masculine, a wonderful mix of earth and power. I never try to fight him off or protest. I want this; I fall completely into his control. I try to stroke his cock, wanting to feel him against my skin.


He continues to slowly fuck my mouth, keeping his pace gentle and controlled. I can tell he is enjoying my mouth, hearing the small grunts of pleasure from his throat. A great feeling of pride overwhelms me, knowing that I am pleasing this man. I don’t know why that is so important to me. I reach between my legs teasing my clit trying to ease its growing need.


He isn’t going to let me touch myself or him. I am here solely for his pleasure, to use as he wishes. Why did that thought just about make me cum? His pace quickens, his control starting to slip. Is he going to cum for me? I want to feel his seed fill my mouth, the utmost satisfaction knowing that I’m able to grant him that pleasure.

I cum like a rocket, my fingers pounding my pussy driving my hips against the wand. I scream out Drake’s name, my orgasm hitting its peak. Just like when I was in his arms in the conference room. The man is not even here and he makes me cum harder than any other. My body has turned to mush; I feel completely weightless; even the simple task of breathing seems to take an extraordinary amount of effort. The veil of sleep takes me as I put the wand back in the drawer of the nightstand. I don’t know what awaits me at the end of this rabbit hole, but I have to call Drake.


Back in Philadelphia

Dinner was perfect tonight, a good steak cooked medium rare with roasted potatoes and asparagus. The toffee bars were fantastic, but they always are when Candice makes them. After dinner we moved out to the living room, enjoying the sight of downtown Philly. I changed out of my suit before dinner, wanting to relax in a pair of blue jeans and t-shirt. I make myself a Manhattan while Candice pours herself a glass of moscato. Curling up on the couch, we resume our discussion about Jada.

“So, on an impulse you just decided to have her do the kit kat shuffle in your conference room?”

Raising my eyebrow, I clearly have no idea what she is talking about, but I make a guess given our conversation. I can understand her fascination. What happened is clearly out of my normal behavior; especially since I have never made a pass at my secretary. Which in the words of Candice, my secretary is one of the finest pieces of ass I have at the office. She would be the expert on the subject always beating the men in the race to check out the new hottie. Candice made me go into great detail as I described Jada during dinner. I felt like I was giving her a target profile instead of talking about a beautiful woman.

The more I talked about Jada the greater Candice’s curiosity grew. Once I said what a beautiful rack and ass Jada had, Candice was hooked. She proclaimed that she had to meet the woman who broke her husband’s office cherry. I’ve never done anything with Candice in the office, but I would always tease her. I’d send her dirty text messages and IM’s, saying how I would fuck her in the office, or how I was stroking my cock thinking of my secretary. On more than one occasion I would come home, only to be thrown against a wall so Candice could relieve her frustration.

“I guess you could say that. I’m not really sure what came over me.”

“I know what came over you. You saw a hot piece of Latin ass and couldn’t help yourself.”

“Maybe, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to see her again.”

“You better see her again! I want to see this little slut.”

“How do you propose to do that? It’s not like I broadcasted I have a wife when I met her.”

“I know exactly what we’re going to do and it’s going to be so naughty. When she calls you, because let’s face it she is going to call you. You’re going to take her out. I want you to wine and dine the pants off this woman. I’m going to sit at the bar, and watch you the whole time. When you take her to the hotel room, I’m going to hide in the closet. So I can watch you fuck this slut senseless.”

“Sounds like you have it all figured out.”

“Oh don’t you even try to play it off, Drake. I know that cock is rock hard right now thinking about it.

I couldn’t really argue with that. My cock is agonizingly hard thinking about Jada, and staring at my wife. I asked her at dinner why she decide to wear the leather, not that I was complaining. She said she had just got back from a ride on her Yamaha FZ1 motorcycle, and decided not to change afterwards. I love her tattoos on display with the midriff halter. She has a rosary that wraps around her hips with the cross falling in the crease. She also has a chest tattoo of a Gothic cross lying in a bed of hibiscus flowers. Along with full sleeves on each arm, she is completely covered in tattoos. Honestly the tattoos are more intricate than I have described them, but to go into greater detail could take a few days.

The sight of Candice is completely stunning, her hard body toned to perfection. Add in her C cup breasts combined with her apple bottom, and she steals my breath every time. But more than that, it’s her fire that I love the most; always saying what’s on her mind, and usually in a very crass manner. I think it’s her ability to be so crude that I enjoy. The first time I heard her rip me up one way and down the other when I was sober, I couldn’t keep the smile of my face.

“Hey stop thinking about that little slut.”

“Actually, I was thinking about what I said earlier. You know about rinsing your mouth out with cock.”

“Oh, you think I’m going to suck that pathetic thing you call a cock?”

I lunge toward her, pinning her against the arm rest of the couch as I devour her with a kiss. My hand moves up grabbing her breast. She’s not wearing a bra; how did I not notice that before. No matter. I palm her breast roughly, my fingers digging into the soft flesh. She growls into my mouth as her hips grind against my cock. I pull down the zipper of my jeans freeing my cock, sweet relief filling me. I grab the back of Candice’s head as I climb up shoving my cock into her hungry mouth.

“Oh fuck, you dirty slut that feels fucking good.”

She grabs my ass pulling me forward as I continue to bounce her mouth on my cock. She is such a good cock sucker, always needing more. Taking my cock from her, I jerk myself working all that spit on my cock before I slap her face with my cock.

“Oh that’s it you perv, slap this dirty slut with your cock.”

I give her a few more good slaps before I shove her back on my cock. Her hand works in tandem with her mouth, jerking my cock as she twists her hand up and down the shaft. God I love it when she does that, I’ve been so fucking hard all day thanks to Jada. It just got worse when I came home to see my leather clad wife. I need to fuck something and Candice is going to get a pounding.

Pushing myself off the couch, I grab Candice by the arms pulling her with me. I give her a passionate kiss as I work on the button of her leather pants. It takes me a minute, but I finally am able to push the simple button through that hole. I peel those pants off her, nipping at her ass on the way down. She runs her fingers through my hair trying to shove my face in her dripping snatch. I have no intention of eating pussy; I want my cock buried in that cunt. I push her into the corner of the couch, her ass sticking out demanding to be punished. Not being able to resist I give her ass a good slap.

“Oh fuck yeah! Spank my arse harder you fucking bastard. Come on spank me like a man.”

“You talk too fucking much.”

My hand fires from my hip, each slap harder than the last. Candice cries out; a string of curses falls from her filthy mouth, goading me to take her. My cock is so fucking hard listening to this little slut’s mouth. I move up behind her, grabbing her hips as I drive my cock in balls deep. I fuck my wife with wild abandonment. Grabbing her hair, I force her to arch her back, pushing my cock deeper into that hungry pussy. At the same time, I pull her arms off the couch keeping them pinned behind her back with my other arm.

“Oh that’s it you bastard, fuck me like the slut I am. Don’t you hold back; give me that fucking cock.”

I cannot help myself as I fuck this dirty slut. She always knows just what to say to drive me fucking crazy. I pound the shit out of her fucking pussy wanting to claim every inch of her. I release her arms, but I move my hand to her throat making the arch of her back more extreme. I can feel the vibration of her screams against my hand as she pushes against my cock. Candice cums on my cock with a roaring scream, her hips thrashing violently against me. I keep up my pace, fucking her right through her orgasm. After another minute or two I rest my head against her shoulder, trying to catch my breath.

Not granting my wish, Candice pushes me off of her throwing me to the other side of the couch. She crawls between my legs attacking my cock, swallowing it to the base. Coming up for air, the strings of Candice’s drool hang from her lips. She spits on my cock as she viciously jerks me off. She doesn’t wait long before swallowing me again. Her hand jerks my cock as she sucks me off, the wet slurping sounds filling my ears. Deep throating my cock again, her tongue flicks out teasing my balls. God, she drives me fucking crazy. She gags and spits on my cock before releasing me.

“You better keep this cock nice and hard you perv. I’m going to fuck the shit out of this dick."

Liking the sound of that, I grab her by the arms shoving my cock back into her waiting cunt. Leaning back, Candice unties the straps of her halter behind her neck before removing it completely. Bracing herself against my chest, she rides my cock, her ass bouncing high before slamming back down. God her pussy is so fucking tight. My cock is being squeezed in the velvety vise of her cunt. Grabbing her hips, I take over driving my cock in as deep as I can. Throwing her head back, she lets out a string of curses, each word filthier than the last.

“Oh fuck, that cock feels good in that pussy. Come on baby fuck me; make this slut take your fucking cock.”

Flipping us over, I lift her feet behind her head, driving me cock in her exposed cunt. Holding on to her feet, I brace myself while I pound her pussy. I keep my thrust hard and deep, her nasty words goading me, begging me to fuck her harder. With each thrust I can feel her cunt squirting on my cock, that pussy is fucking wet. She rubs her clit telling me how she is going to cum and I better not stop fucking her. My balls so fucking tight I’m going to explode at any minute.

“You want some cum you fucking slut?”

“Oh fuck! Give me that fucking cum; I want you to cum all over my fucking face.”

I hold out for as long as I can, but her pussy is just so fucking tight. Pulling Candice off the couch and putting her on her knees, my cock explodes. Jerking my cock, she milks every last ounce from my balls. With her face completely covered in my cum, she fingers her pussy to another orgasm, while she sucks my softening cock. The aftershocks of my orgasm pass through my body, almost making me collapse on the couch.

“Oh no, you don’t old man; you got more spunk left in these balls of yours. Now fuck this cum covered slut again. My pussy is still hungry for cock.”

Finding reserves I didn’t know I had, my cock rises to the challenge. I throw her back on the couch, giving this little slut what she wants. She wraps her legs around my waist, pushing my cock deeper into her fucking pussy. God, this woman is going to be the death of me someday, looking sexy as hell covered in my cum. I fuck her with everything I have left as Candice continuously cums on my cock. I can see her pussy is red and swollen from all the abuse. She is such an insatiable slut, never getting enough of my cock.

Getting down on my knees, I attack her swollen pussy with my tongue lapping, suckling, and soothing the tender flesh. Running her fingers through my hair she holds my faces in her dripping snatch, fucking my tongue while she pinches her nipples. Her pussy tastes so sweet; I cannot help myself as I feast upon this delicious meal before me. Caressing and swirling my tongue inside her, the sweet nectar of cum fills my hungry mouth. Proving the dirty bastard that I am, I start to lick out her ass, my reward a string of filthy curses.

“Oh, that’s it lick my fucking ass. You’re going to fuck my ass you dirty pervert. That’s right you’re going to stick that fucking cock in my ass.”

“Is that what you want? You want this big fucking cock in your ass you fucking slut?”

“Oh, shut up you bastard and put that fucking cock in me.”

Moving back on the couch, I spit on my cock as I sit down, getting it ready. Candice climbs on top of me, her back against my chest. Looping my hands beneath her knees, Candice spits on her fingers, lubing her ass. I nudge the head of cock against the tight muscles of her ass; being the slut that she is my cock slips in with little resistance. I fuck her ass with no remorse, driving my cock in as deep as I can. She shoves three fingers in her ravaged pussy, loving the feeling of having both of her holes filled.

“Holy fuck! Keep fucking my ass baby keep giving me that cock.”

My body has turned into a complete fucking machine, pounding my wife’s ass with ruthless aggression. We both work in tandem with my cock in her ass and her fingers in her pussy. Looping her arm around my head for balance, I suckle her nipple flicking the little bud as my teeth clamp down. She screams, the pain sending her over the edge to another orgasm.

Shoving her back on the couch on her hands and knees I fuck my wife’s ass, not giving her time to adjust from her powerful orgasm. Unable to hold herself up, Candice falls to the couch keeping her ass high in the air. She is completely spent; the insatiable need for my cock the only thing driving her. My hands grip her hips holding her in place; I can feel myself getting close.

“I’m going to fucking come.”

“Yes, give me that fucking cum in my ass.”

I can’t stop myself as I pound her ass with uncontrollable fury. With a fucking cry, my cock fills her ass, emptying every last bit of cum from my body. She roars against me, the feeling of my cum in her ass sending her over the edge. I slump against her, my strength leaving me in a weightless abyss. Minutes or hours go by, I’m not really sure which, before we are able to roll off the couch. Candice is completely radiant, the glow of good sex pulsing off her body. We both stretch, trying to sooth our aching muscles.

“You should try working out more old man; the corporate world is making you soft.”

“I would say fuck you but I don’t know if I have anything left.”

“You’re such a sweet talker.”

I finish the rest of my Manhattan, the burn of the alcohol feeling wonderful to my parched throat. Staring out the window, I can feel my body being dragged off to the land of sleep. After doing something in the kitchen, Candice returns to the living room, wrapping herself in my arms.

“When do you think she’ll call?”

“I don’t know she may never call.”

“Well I hope she does, I really want to see this girl, and watch you fuck her like a true slut.”

“Me too babe, me too.”

Making our way to our bedroom we both fall into a pile of tangled limbs as we cuddle with one another. We both fall asleep with thoughts of Jada, each one of us using her for our own wicked pleasure. I’m not really sure what Candice has in stored for Jada, but I know it will not stop with her hiding in a closet. Candice will have Jada, and it will be a wonderful sight to watch, the voyeur in me growing excited as I fall asleep.


The following morning in Philadelphia

The smell of coffee and bacon lulls me from my slumber. I grab a pair of shorts and a t-shirt as I make my way to the kitchen. Candice has prepared a lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and assorted fruits. Taking the coffee from my wife’s lovely hands, I give her a good morning kiss. The bitter taste of the coffee hits the spot as I walk over to the counter checking my phone. After glancing through my emails for the morning, I see a message from an unknown number. Opening the message, I cannot mask my excitement. Sensing something, Candice turns to me giving me a quizzical look.

“What it is babe?”

“It’s a message from Jada. She says she wants to meet.”

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