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The Player Falls

Matthew has a reputation with sleeping round - until he meets Susie
Matthew is late for his class and it isn’t the best morning for him; since being dumped by his childhood sweetheart, he is making the most of his freedom (while hiding his broken heart) by sleeping with a different hot girl almost every night for two weeks. He had to leave his latest conquest half naked in her dorm to quickly shower, go back to his room to get his stuff and run to his class.

Skimming in the back of the lecture theatre, he slides into an empty seat and gets out his notebook. As he scurries to get his pen uncapped, he drops it on the floor. He quickly dips down and moves his hand round, only to see his pen held in front of him. His green eyes skim to the hand's owner and it suddenly becomes hard for him to breathe.

It is a Chinese girl - as he had only lived in small towns, she is the first one he had ever seen in his 21-year-old life that didn't exist in film or TV shows. She had long glossy black hair, wide round eyes with the colour of dark chocolate and the gentlest smile he had ever seen gracing her pale pink lips. He briefly takes in her appearance - a light blue V-neck jumper that accentuates her ivory skin and slim waist, tight jeans and half-done black Converses with a pink trim.

Matthew mouths ‘thanks' as he takes his pen and smiles in the way that makes women normally quiver at his feet. But this girl tightly returns the smile and turns back to the teacher without a wandering look, stunning Matthew and captivating him at the same time.

The following few weeks for Matthew are torturous. It is difficult for him to focus on theory when all he wants to do is just talk to this girl. He finds himself watching her every so often, and her mannerisms start to fascinate him. The way she lazily smiles with a slight smug when she understands a complex problem, how she rubs her arm as she concentrates, the way she tucks her long hair behind her ear…it is beyond frustrating; he is used to girls swooning over him, but not this one - she is a stone cold fox and she intrigues him more than anyone.

By the end of the fifth week, the professor releases a project that the class needs to complete in pairs. Most of the class soon pair up but not Matthew - it seems that no-one wants to work with someone who they thought wouldn't put in the effort. At the end of that particular class, Professor Blythe calls Matthew to his office for a private chat. His expression is that of concern.

"Mr Stone, I notice that your work is not as….high a standard as the other students in the class. Is there something the matter?" he asks, leaning on his desk.

Matthew is stunned. He didn't think he was doing too badly - and what can he say; 'I'm sorry but I'm infatuated with this girl in the class'? He shrugs, feigning indifference.

"I'm going to give you a chance to get your grade up,' Professor Blythe continues.

"I see that you have not got a partner for this project. So, if you don't mind, I'm going to pair you up with one of the stronger students. Here she is now," he says as he looks up to the person waiting by his door through the window.

There is a quiet knock on the door, and as Blythe motions for them to come in, Matthew stares down, trying to process that he has to be teamed up with someone involuntarily.

"You wanted to see me, Professor?” a gentle female voice asks.

“Yes, I have come to ask whether you had a partner for the project assigned today.”

“No, not yet.”

“Well, I was wondering if you would be willing to partner with Mr Stone here. I think it will be mutually beneficial. Mr Stone, this is Susie Chen.”

Frowning, Matthew turns round and his mouth drops open to see the same Chinese girl who picked up his pen all those weeks ago.


They arrange to meet up in the library the following day to start planning, and she is going to go in guns-blazing - she isn't going to let one guy bring down her grade because he can't keep it in his pants. Matthew is already there, sitting with a pile of textbooks.

"Hey," he greets her with a wide smile.

Don't smile at me in that way, she thinks, you don't know what that does to me.

"I made a list of some books that might be useful and started making some notes. You wanna check them?" he offers. This surprises Susie; looking at the books and a quick glimpse from the references, they are the kind of things she'd look for.

"No, no, that's fine. I trust you," she mutters as she got her notebook out.

Oh, I wish you would, Matthew thinks as he discreetly watches her.

He couldn't stop smiling after the meeting with Professor Blythe. Sure, he was shocked he wasn't doing so well in class, but surely he could have thought of another person to pair him up for this project with besides the prettiest girl in the class! But at that moment, Matthew is just relishing the idea of spending time with her, regardless of the circumstances.

That night, Susie looks outside at all the girls dressed up the evening. Clubbing all the time is not her thing; though she would not deny herself the odd night out, getting drunk every night doesn’t appeal to her.

She decides to make some instant noodles and head to the communal kitchen. As she puts the kettle on and prepares the cup of noodles, she selects one of her favourite songs on her iPod and starts singing and swaying her hips to the rhythm of the soulful tones. She is lost in the music, singing out loud with no inhibitions, until she feels a tap on the shoulder. Pulling out her earphones, she twirls round, only to see Matthew smiling at her, carrying some dirty plates.

"Don't mind me," he continues to smile.

"Matthew, you live in this block?" she asks, frowning.

"On the fifth floor, but this is the nearest kitchen that isn't always full of giggling girls. No offence," he comments as he lathers up his plate and cups.

"None taken," she mumbles, keeping her eyes down.

"There's no need to be embarrassed, Susie," he insists.

Hearing her name in his smooth, sexy voice makes her blush, glancing at him through her long eyelashes.

"I don't sing, let alone dance, in front of other people."

"So, if we were on a dancefloor, it would be okay?" he smiles, now methodically rinsing the dishes.

"I guess, not the singing part though. That stays between me, the shower...and now, you," she says, fumbling with her fingers while biting her lip. A slight smile crosses Matthew's lips. He is obviously making her nervous, he thinks, but why?

"You're very nervous," he muses out loud.

"That's an acute observation, Matthew," she retorts, the sound of his name coming out of her lips like a gentle caress, making his heart skip a beat.

"You could call it that. Why are you nervous?" he asks, leaning his back against the counter as he dries his dishes, looking into her wide brown eyes.

"I always am…with people I've just met," she murmurs.

And who I find really damn sexy, she adds in her mind, stirring the pot now filled with boiling water.

Drying the last of his dishes, he puts a plate down and turns to face her - vaguely smelling a sweet smell from her skin, which makes his mouth water.

"I don't want you to be nervous around me, Susie. We have to work together, and I know you have been hearing stuff about me in class and how I won't put in the effort, but I want to set the record straight: that's not me."

The chopsticks still in her hand, Susie catches his gaze - soon, they are staring straight at each other. Her surprised chocolate brown eyes start to drown in Matthew's anxious, slightly darkened, green eyes. They find themselves holding their breath for a moment, which is all it takes for their hearts to beat slightly faster. Thinking about earlier, Susie can't fault Matthew's efforts towards the research he did; he made all those useful notes today and knows what they have to do — so there is no denying that he had some brains.

Mmm, brains and good looks, she starts to dream, but his voice soon pulls her back into reality.

"I just want you to know that I am not going to let you down."

"Thank you, I appreciate that," she gently smiles, causing Matthew's heart to skip a beat.


The pair soon find themselves spending time together in the computer lab, not to mention during lunch, the odd dinner and late night session in each others' dorms, focussing their efforts on the project. As the weeks go by and they work through the different stages, Susie begins to relax and allows herself to enjoy Matthew's company and talks more about her life before college, as well as her hopes afterwards. She has started not to care about the rumours about Matthew's promiscuity and dismisses the curious looks everyone is giving her — she is not getting to know 'The Player', but the guy who was fumbling around for his pen in a darkened lecture theatre. She finds him to smart, funny and charming, not even in the lustful way that other girls in college warn her about.

In turn, Matthew starts to develop a deep admiration towards Susie as he learns more about her — the personal fascination with foreign cultures, her worldly travels and her dreams to work on solar power technologies. She is unlike all the gorgeous yet shallow girls he has been with in the past. Intelligent, inspiring and understatedly lovely - she is more than hot, she is beautiful, and in Matthew's eyes, Susie is the perfect package. So much so, he didn't sleep, date, or even kiss anyone since the start of the project, because he is already with the girl he wants to be with.

Two months into the project, the pair are working late in Matthew's dorm and are hunched over the computer, finalising the programming. They are nervous but excited; if the project works as they predicted, they will be the first pair in the class to complete it and get additional points for early submission. Matthew glimpses nervously at Susie, who is biting her lip.

"Here goes nothing," he murmurs and presses the Enter key to run the program.

It doesn't skip, and the results matches their predictions. They jump out of their chairs in joy. Matthew punches the air and smiles.


Susie lets out a deep breath and her face breaks into a wide smile, sharing her partner's enthusiasm. They unexpectedly envelop each other in a huge hug. Realising that the girl he has wanted for weeks is in his arms, Matthew deeply inhales her sweet smelling hair and tightens his arms round her. In turn, Susie tentatively strokes the nape of his neck before running her free hand into his messy dark blond hair.

As Matthew gently breaks away from her, he looks deeply into her eyes and strokes her soft cheek with his knuckles. Susie is hypnotised under his intense stare, unable to breathe. Matthew slowly dips his head and presses a soft kiss on her parted lips, sucking gently on her bottom lip.

Oh, her lips are so soft. They taste of black cherries, he thinks.

She tastes delicious.

But as he starts to deepen the kiss, his emotions begin to overcome him, his arms go round her, burying a hand into her hair, wanting to relish in her feel and taste. Susie quietly moans as they continue to kiss. As she feels herself pinned against the wall and his lips by her pulse on her throat, she realises what is going on - and remembers who this is, and her promise not to have her heart broken again. She breaks off the kiss and pushes back a confused Matthew, who breathlessly steps back.

"What's wrong?" he anxiously asks. Taking a deep breath, Susie grabs her bag and makes to leave.

"I have to go," she stutters and heads to the door. Without a glance at her partner, she hastily leaves the room.

Matthew can't believe it - she walked out on him. Running his hands through his hair, he tries to get his thoughts straight. Should he go after her?

Perhaps she likes you too. But what if she doesn't? He thinks.

Her kisses, they are sweet like cherries.

He stops for a moment. He realises something. All of his thoughts point to one thing, one person. The penny drops, he now knows what feels for the quiet, unassumingly enticing Chinese girl that he had wanted the moment he first saw her. It isn't lust, it is something he has never felt before…He snatches up his phone and calls Susie. As it goes to voicemail, he barely has a moment to think before the words start tumbling out of his mouth.

"Susie. God, I don't know how to do this. I'm not going to apologise for what I did; I'd do it again and I won't regret it, because I've wanted to do it for so long. You are constantly in my thoughts, Susie. So much so that - I think I am in love with you," he breathes, the final words a mere whisper.

A musical knock on the door startles him, his breath catching in his throat.

"And I pray to God that you're outside my door right now," he hurriedly says as he hangs up and rushes over to the door to open it.


"Well, you're pleased to see me."

Susie had already walked down two flights of stairs, before listening to Matthew's voicemail. She is stunned.

He loves me? she thinks to herself, causing her to stare at her phone for several minutes before realising she is kidding herself - she desperately wants Matthew too.

She runs up the stairs to his floor, only to notice a blonde bombshell dressed in nothing but a skimpy satin gown in front of Matthew's dorm. It is Tasha, his stunning neighbour. Susie realises why she is there, dressed like that - she is there for a booty call with 'The Player'.

Angry tears begin to pool in her eyes.

How could he? I had just left! But perhaps if I didn't leave, it would be me with him now instead of her…

She turns to leave with her upsetting thoughts when she hears Matthew shout.

"I said no!"

Susie pauses on the stairs but hides so that she can hear what happens next.

"What is it? Is it that geek you've been hanging round with?" Tasha says with contempt.

"Her name is Susie," he darkly murmurs.

"Whatever. I know you Matt - you don't want her. She can't give you what you want, what you need…," she huskily says, her hand moving towards his groin. Susie's mouth drops.

"Well, you're wrong," Matthew firmly replies as he grabs Tasha's wrist and pushes it firmly back towards her, holding it away from him.

Susie holds her breath.

"Susie is gorgeous, smart and unlike anyone I've ever met before. I don't care what you think but right now, I don't want you; the only thing I want - what I need - is her. And no-one else. So get lost."

Tasha doesn't have the chance to reply to his outburst before he slams the door in her horrified face. Susie quietly and quickly runs down the stairs before Tasha sees her. She can't believe it - Matthew has genuine feelings for her.

She looks at her watch - it is 11:30pm. She decides to go back to her dorm and think about what she is going to do next, there is still time…

Matthew keeps tossing and turning in his bed, as he is unable to sleep. Her beautiful eyes, her soft skin, her cherry tasting lips, her lovely smile…he can't get Susie out his head. But seeing as she hasn't called him and he doesn't even know if she had gotten his message, a deeply upsetting thought crosses his mind. He has blown it - she doesn't want him.

Suddenly, his phone starts ringing. Hesitantly, he picks up the receiver.

"Hello?" A soft voice comes from the other end.

"Matthew?" He knows who it is and sits up immediately.

"Susie, hey."

"Listen, I need to talk to you. Can you come over, please?"

Matthew pauses. He desperately wants to see her, but if she wants him to come over only to tell him to back off, he definitely is in no rush for that.

"Can this wait until tomorrow?"

"Well, if you look at your clock' - Matthew glances quickly - 'it is past midnight. So technically, it is tomorrow," she gently says. Somehow, Matthew senses a slight smile on the other end of the phone. Oh, she's good, he muses to himself.

"You have a point. I'll be right over," he smiles before hanging up. He pulls on his jeans and a T-shirt before practically running to Susie's dorm. Who is he kidding - he really doesn't need a reason; he just wants to see her.

Susie answers the quiet knock on her door and peeks out to see Matthew's anxious face.

"Hey, you okay?" he murmurs. Susie shyly smiles, making his heart skip a beat.

"Uh-huh. Come in," she whispers before opening the door wider.

Knowing that she has a thing about wearing shoes in her room, Matthew slips his flip-flops off as Susie continues to softly smile at him. He enters the room and looks round. His eyes widen - it looks different to how it normally looks. Gone is the immaculate study den, it has been transformed with lit candles on her desk and window sill, with the sweet smell of lavender and jasmine in the air. The room looks soft and romantic, with dream-like music quietly echoing from her stereo.

He turns to look at Susie - she is in her fluffy robe that she normally wears when she is relaxing. She flips the latch on her door, effectively locking it before taking a step towards him.

"Ummm, did you get my message? I called you right after you left…,” he nervously asks, running a hand into his messy hair, but Susie softly puts her fingertips to his lips, silencing him. She turns him and gently presses him against the wall. Matthew's gaze burns into her as she replaces her fingers with a soft kiss, causing him to inhale sharply at her touch.

Oh, she smells heavenly, he thinks as she pulls away, her own eyes looking deeply into his.

She is so close to him, he can feel her soft breaths.

"Yes," she whispers.

"Yes what?"

"Yes, I did hear your message. I came to your dorm afterwards and I also heard what you said to Natasha. Did you mean it?" she quietly asks.

"Yes, I did, Susie. Every word," he whispers hoarsely, his hands cautiously running into her hair to lock his gaze with hers.

She gently urges his arms down and, taking a deep breath, she slowly pulls up the hem of his shirt; realising her intention, Matthew raises his arms so she can take it off, their eyes never breaking contact. As soon as his shirt hits the floor, she then pulls the knot of her robe and it falls, pooling at her feet. She reveals a tight pale blue slip, trimmed with red ribbon and dotted with red cherries and pale blue lacy panties.

Cherries, he thought. How fitting.

Matthew's eyes darken - the sight of her scantily clad, with so much of her creamy, pale and flawless skin exposed - it is hard not to stare. His eyes take in the lovely girl in front of him and he swallows loudly. He keeps his hands on the wall behind him, fisting tightly - it is all he could do to stop himself from pouncing on the most beautiful girl he has ever laid eyes on and ravishing her.

Susie is almost panting - leaning into him, her eyes travel from his trim belly up his body as she lightly runs her hands up his toned chest, before reaching up to caress Matthew's face. Her touch is gentle, and she takes her time to admire the breathtakingly gorgeous man half naked in front of her. In the short time they have known each other, Matthew has become so dear to her, and it shows through her soft gaze and sweet smile.

"Then say it. Say what you said in the message - if you mean it," she murmurs, slowly moving closer to him, feeling his arms wrap round her before she delicately brushes her lips over his. This pushes Matthew over the edge - he has wanted this moment to happen for so long.

"Susie, I’m in love with you," he groans, closing his eyes.

He suddenly crushes her against him, a free hand into her hair, and captures her lips in a hard kiss. Surrendering to him, Susie fervently kisses him back, running her hands down his chest and around his back. Weeks of waiting go into this moment. Pushing away from the wall, they kiss passionately, not getting enough of each other. Susie falls into one of the most incredible kisses she has ever experienced as Matthew gently moves his tongue inside her mouth. Sensitive yet ardent, it has the fire that she always read about but never experienced.

She begins to feel lightheaded as each kiss takes her breath away. A hand fisting in his hair as he pulls her closer, her toes barely touch the floor. She tugs gently on his bottom lip with her teeth and Matthew moans into her mouth in response.

"I've wanted you for so long," he whispers as he moves his mouth down her face and places soft kisses along her jaw down her neck. Tilting her head back to make it easier for Matthew, her eyes roll closed in pleasure.

"Oh, Matthew,” Susie quietly moans as Matthew continues to kiss her while holding her close, his hands now spread open on her back before one entangles in her silky hair.

This is new to him; normally, Matthew rushes sex; hitting all the hotspots before fucking the girl senseless and ditching them afterwards. But not Susie; everything about her is wonderful - the touch of her skin, the sweet smell of her lips and hair, and even how the slip is tight against her perfect figure under his fingertips is blissful, and he wants nothing more than to hold, touch and love her for as long as she will let him.

Their lips now reunited in passion, they back towards the bed and Matthew pulls the duvet off before gently laying Susie on top. He moves on top of her, nestled between her legs. Running his nose against hers, he looks at her with adoration.

"You're so beautiful," he whispers before deeply kissing her.

Susie's arms lie round his neck, allowing him to lightly stroke the smooth skin of her arms before resting on her shoulders. He proceeds to kiss her chin, jaw, neck - everywhere her skin is exposed. The familiar smell of sweet cocoa butter on her skin is intoxicating. He slowly pulls down a strap on her slip and his soft, sucky kisses follow from the crook of her neck along her shoulder. Hearing a soft moan, Matthew is surprised when Susie sits up, immediately stroking her cheek. Wanting more of Matthew's heavenly touch, Susie tentatively raises her arms to allow him to remove her slip.

As he peels it off, Matthew’s gaze moves to her full breasts and erect, soft pink nipples, as they are willingly revealed to him. As he lowers her back onto the bed, he cups and kisses her breasts, suckling softly on one nipple before turning and giving the other the same treatment.

Susie moans softly, her arms resting by her face to allow Matthew to worship every inch of her body with his hands and mouth, and she is loving it - he doesn't need to hit many of the usual places to turn her on; he is already there with such simple caresses. His touch is light and gentle, and he begins to slowly run his lips down her body, kissing as he goes. His mouth rests on her belly, slowly sucking and licking her tender skin by the edge of her pale blue lace panties, while he gently strokes the soft creamy skin of her thighs. His own arousal is driving him crazy, straining almost painfully against his jeans.

Susie feels his touch turning her on by the second and loudly moans his name in pleasure. Matthew groans and pulls away, before gazing at the girl panting underneath him. He repositions himself so he is face to face with her. He moves to stroke her face, his expression serious.

"Are you sure you want to do this? We don't have to, if you don't want to."

Susie caresses his face once more, him leaning into her hand before kissing her palm.

"I do want to. I guess I'm just scared; I haven't done it in a while and I don't want this to be just sex," she murmurs as her insecurities about a guy like Matthew wanting someone like her take over. He softly presses his lips against her, interrupting her thoughts.

"Susie, anyone I've been with before, it was nothing - it meant nothing. But you, I…I need you so much, you make me feel so vital. Please let me love you, Susie," he begs in a breathless whisper, resting his forehead on hers. He closes his eyes, revealing the depth of his sincerity.

Susie can't believe his declaration - this is no longer the player she originally thought him to be. He is someone else; someone she has fallen for. She grasps his face with both her hands, forcing him to look into her dark chocolate eyes.

"Please. Make love to me," she quietly begs. His face freezes in hesitation.

"What's wrong?" she murmurs, her brow slightly frowning.

"Ummm, I’ve just realised I don't have any…,” he starts but Susie's eyes soften.

"It's okay, I'm on birth control."

Matthew still hesitates, knowing his colourful past would have crossed Susie's mind. His thoughts are interrupted as she gently kisses him with tender sweetness.

"I trust you," she whispers. Her faith in him swells his heart as he realises she has the same deep feelings for him.

Letting out a slight relieved breath, he groans and places a chaste kiss on her lips before standing up and quickly removing his jeans and boxers. He is gloriously nude, and strong legs, beautiful ass and substantial length are exposed to Susie.

As he takes her outstretched hand and kneels between her legs, he slowly pulls down her panties, briefly feeling the soft cheeks of her fantastic ass and smelling her overwhelming arousal to him. He moves up her body so he is lying on top of her, before devouring her tender lips once more.

His tongue stroking hers before flicking round the edge of her mouth, Susie passionately returns his kisses. Both of them hold each other closely and are finding it difficult to control their panting. She can't wait anymore - she runs her hands down Matthew's toned back, her fingertips lightly stroking the groove of his spine towards his fine ass, pulling it towards her as she tilts her pelvis upwards. Knowing that she wants him as much as he wants her, Matthew slowly pushes his whole length into Susie.

Both moan loudly at the contact and throw their heads back - Susie grabs the back of Matthew's shoulders as he supports himself on his arms, curled underneath her. Capturing her lips to quiet her moans, as well as his own, he begins to move in a slow and deep pace, savouring each inch of Susie while clasping her body against his. He closes his eyes at how tight she feels around him; each movement he makes is heavenly.

"Are you okay?" he whispers, concerned. Nodding, Susie can't think straight - she is hopelessly lost in him filling her so perfectly. Her breaths become shorter and quicker as he continues moving in and out of her at a controlled yet sublime pace. Each searing touch makes Susie feels cherished and desired by this blond god.

"You feel amazing," Matthew murmurs as he gently bites her lower lip.

Unable to control himself, he subtly quickens his movements as he kisses her face and jaw before burying his head into her neck to stifle his audible breaths. Susie begins to buck her hips to match the faster rhythm and moans even louder. Her orgasm is quickly building up inside her - she can feel it. One of her hands weaves into Matthew's hair and she raises her legs so that they are round his waist, allowing him to go deeper inside her. Closing his eyes, he succumbs to the pleasure of him inside her.

"Susie, oh, Susie," he loudly moans as he runs his hand down her body, worshipping her, with her name like a prayer from his lips. He holds her more tightly against him as his thrusts become harder and quicker. He reverentially kisses her chest, panting against her overheated skin.

"Matthew, I love you," she moans incoherently, unable to keep her emotions to herself; scrunching her eyes closed and tilting her head right back against the pillow, trying to control the sensations of a powerful orgasm.

Groaning loudly at her words, Matthew runs his lips and the tip of his tongue up the length of her throat and recaptures her mouth in a hard kiss while continuing to move inside her.

"Susie, I love you too. Come for me, please….baby," he breathlessly begs, and he sucks her tender lips as his rhythm becomes erratic, trying desperately to hold off his own release.

Susie cries out as it hits her, strong and hard. Her mind and body comes undone by Matthew's sweet words. He follows her immediately, stilling and calling out her name as he pours himself deep inside her.

Collapsing on top of her, he rests his head on her chest and holds her close as she runs her fingers through his hair. Both of them struggle to calm their racing hearts. Their bodies are drenched with sweat, their minds and souls lost in each other. Matthew lifts himself up to meet Susie's tender expression. Returning her look with a soft smile, he gently kisses her on the lips.

Oh, I could kiss her forever, he dreamily thinks.

Keeping a hold on her, he rolls over so Susie is now sprawled on top of him. Matthew trails his fingers along the soft, damp skin of her back and places her hand on his chest, before raking his hand into her hair, holding her so intimately. He closes his eyes in bliss as Susie plants a kiss on Matthew's chest and sleepily smiles - this man loves her and in return, has made passionate love to her. That simple thought is all she can think of before drifting asleep in Matthew's arms.

Susie awakens slowly to the soft morning light beaming through the gap in closed purple curtains. She looks around, the candles from last night are blown out. Her stereo has been switched off. She slightly frowns - did last night really happen? She stiffens slightly as she feels light strokes on her bare back.

"Morning," a soft voice whispers in her ear.

She turns her head to see Matthew, lying on his side, smiling lovingly while brushing the loose tendrils off her perfect face before running his hand down the pale, flawless skin of her back.

He stayed the whole night with you and was watching you sleep. It must be love, she smiles to herself.

"Morning," she whispers, blushing oh-so-slightly.

Shifting so they lie side-by-side, she softly smiles at him. He gently caresses her face before brushing his lips against hers.

"Sleep okay?" he anxiously asks.

"Mm-hmm," she sleepily smiles. "You?"

"Best night I've ever had…and I'm not talking about sleep," he grins at her.

"Matthew!" she mockingly admonishes him, but she soon squeals as he suddenly moves on top of her, pinning her underneath him. Even with his smile, he deeply looks into Susie's soft eyes and rests his forehead on hers.

"Last night was incredible - I meant every word I said to you," he murmurs. Her eyes slightly widen.

"I know it’s crazy when I haven’t as much as held your hand, but I love you, Susie. I've fallen in love with you," he whispers, running his fingertips down her cheek.

Gently smiling, she strokes her nose against him before lightly flicking her tongue against his lips. Matthew closes his eyes at the gentle sensual touch.

"I love you too," she quietly replies. Matthew groans and captures her mouth in a deep and loving kiss, his arms wrapping round her once more.

"So, what classes do you have today?" he sexily smiles at her. She bites the corner of her her lip, shyly.

"Actually, I have Thursday mornings off, why….what did you have in mind?" she suggestively smirks at him.

"Well, I have one idea…," he purrs, sitting up to throw the duvet over them as he covers Susie's body with his.

Giggling like a schoolgirl, she holds him close as his lips meets hers once again.

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