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The Pleasures of Three; CH 2 Bisexual threesome

John was just as anxious as they were, about wanting more of the pleasures of three! once more.
Over the past few months, Deana, Mathew and John had been talking about doing a threesome. It was the kind she’d always fantasized about; two Bi males and her, it fueled many a masturbation session.

In his last email John told her, he would be near their place in a couple of weeks. He confessed that he was just as anxious as they were, about wanting to experience the pleasures of three once more.

Finally, the day had arrived, the day they had been waiting for, a threesome with Mathew. This time they weren't going to meet at a motel, no, John was going to come all the way to their house. She could hardly wait. When she woke up she realized she'd dreamt of watching John and Mathew sucking each other off before devouring her. Her pussy was already drenched and she was in such a state of arousal she felt no pain from her bad back. 'Fuck this, she thought to herself. If I could bottle this, I could make a fortune selling it as a cure for pain. I could charge whatever I want and people would pay to substitute pleasure for pain.

John was scheduled to arrive by 2:00 but had asked Deana to check her email mid-morning in case there was a change in plans. When she logged on at 10:00 she smiled when she saw she had an email from John.

All it said was; "Find some excuse to get out of the house and meet me at the grocery store. I'll be waiting in the parking lot. Wear a skirt and no panties. I need some pussy."

The email sounded deliciously naughty. She looked over at Mathew. "Mathew, I'm going to run to the store to get a couple of things before John gets here."

"Did he write?"

"No," the little fib slipped from her lips before she knew it. “I'm sure he'll be here by 2:00. I'll try not to stay too long."

"Do you want me to go with you?"

She had to think quickly. "No, but I do need you to do me a favor and vacuum the living room floor?"

"Sure, but I vacuumed it yesterday."

"I know, but the dog shredded a newspaper sometime last night, and it needs it again."

Mathew shrugged his shoulders while she went into the bedroom to put on the dress, and yes to take off her panties. Her heart was beating as she drove to the store, and she could feel her pubic hairs getting wet as she gushed from her aroused pussy.

She looked frantically for his blue Highlander and saw it parked at the far end of the parking lot under a tree in the shade. Deana pulled alongside of his car and watched as he got out of his vehicle. She hurried to him and his kiss made her toes curl. He opened the car door so their lower bodies were hidden behind it, and then puts his hand under her skirt. He started kissing her and didn't stop as he finger fucked her while she stood there in broad daylight, hidden only by the car door. It didn't take her long to cum.

Before she knew what was happening, John turned her around. "Arch your back and present that cunt to me."

She immediately obeyed and felt his cock slide up inside of her. She braced herself against the door while John pounded her from behind. She was so on fire she came again in a matter of moments and then John filled her cunt with his hot cum.

He kissed her again and suggested. "You better go inside and get something so that you can take it in the house without alerting Mathew."

She was in a daze, but nodded her head and went into the store. She picked up a couple of items and could feel John's cum running down the inside of her leg. After paying for her groceries she was surprised to see John's car was gone. Wondering what was going on she hurried home only to see John's car parked in the driveway.

"Oh no," she said out loud. "I wonder what he said to Mathew."

When she entered the house, she heard Mathew say, "Guess who got here early?"

She walked into the living room just in time to see Mathew lower his head into John's lap and take his cock into his mouth.

'What if he tastes me?' She thought starting to panic a little bit.

But the smile on John's face and the slurping sounds Mathew was making made it a moot point. She looked at Mathew's face and he seemed to be enjoying it, totally unaware of what she and John had done.

John motioned with his finger for her to come close. When she did, he lifted her skirt and positioned her so he could eat the evidence of their earlier copulation out of her pussy while she watched Mathew suck John's cock until he came in his mouth.

His climax triggered hers. She smiles and chirped, “The fun is just beginning, let’s go to the bedroom.”
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