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The Pleasures of Three

Hi beautiful. God I never thought I’d be seeing you like this.”
John is a long time friend who I used to swing with, when still married to the ex. He is older than me, has salt and pepper hair with a beard and mustache to match. His favorite features are his blue eyes which attract me like a moth to a flame. His body has just enough padding to make him look sexy.

Mathew is my boyfriend from the New York. He is in the process of moving here. He should arrive in about six weeks. Although being apart is difficult our late night phone calls and yahoo chats are hot enough to burn down the house.

My name is Deana, I’m also a swinger, and I am dying to play with both men. Well my dream came true recently. Here’s my account of one wild, hot, sexy filled night.

John sent me an email and it reads, “I’ll be there on business two hours away from you next weekend, is there any chance you can join me?”

“Sorry I cannot baby, as you know Mathew and I are heavy, and every night we talk via yahoo or the phone.”

There was a silence on the phone, then, “Maybe I can come there. We’d have to be discrete I would not want Mathew to hear us and you get into a lot of trouble.”

“Now that’s an ideal that I haven’t thought of. I know, but right now, that’s easy as his phone card ran out and we chat using Yahoo.”

“Oooh splendid, I’ll be there around five pm, see you then baby.”

“Do you remember where I live, if not I can give you my address again?”

“No, I have it on my laptop. I’ll see you Saturday for one hot sexy night.”

I worried for a moment, feeling guilty then figured what the hell I do not belong totally to Mathew till he gets here. God the prospects of what would happen had me so damn hot, I had to rush to the bedroom find my toy, nickname ‘Mathew’ and cum a few times.

Right on time an hour before my chat with Mathew, John knocked on my door.

I opened the door, smiled and purred, “Hi stranger.”

He pulled me close and kissed me hard, "Hi beautiful. God I never thought I’d be seeing you like this.”

“Me neither. Can I get you anything? Mathew and I will chat about an hour from now.”

“No baby, I’m fine. However lead me to the bedroom so I can strip and we can get ready for a night of sexy fun.”

I led him to the room so we could get ready for the hot chat with Mathew. As usual I am wearing something easily removed, a dress and pantries, Mathew would always be in his boxers and t-shirt. He also had to be careful and not wake the other guy he shared the room with.

You strip and sit on my bed naked licking your lips like a hungry pup eying a bowl of kibble. You winked at me and suggested. "Take everything off baby, will save time. Besides I want to see how wet he makes you."

I did and giggled, "Men have to things in their head's; naked women and sex.

"You guessed that right especially when I think of you."

It was time to chat with Mathew; I put my finger to my lips. "Shhh, let me log into yahoo."

I go online and Mathew and I chatted about the usual stuff for about ten minutes. Then I typed, "I'm bored and horny!"

"Babe you're always horny!"

"Yeah, just like you."

"Remember I have to be careful don't want caught, would never hear the end of it. Right now everyone is asleep and it’s dark so I can play."

"I understand. Oh baby, I'm hot and I’m going to take this dress and panties off. After all I can't play with them on. God I wish you were here!"

"I wish I was too darling, those fingers would be mine. Fuck, my dick is hard already. Hell all you have to do is say hi and it gets hard. LOL. "

"From the word hello, my cunt juices started flowing and my nipples are swollen. Wish you could suck them."

"Me too baby I love those big beauties, and you already know I love that big sexy body of yours, you're so fucking hot."

You moved up closer to me and started sucking and nibbling my nipples as your fingers slid beneath the velvety folds of my pussy.

"MMMMM Mathew, I love masturbating for you."

"I know honey and I love wanking for you. Oooh my sweet darling, your voice is so hot, and a big turn on."

"MMM, thanks baby. Mathew, eat my cunt!"

You got up and proceeded to get between my legs, you were going to do to me, everything Mathew typed. I opened my legs and you dove in eagerly.

Your mouth tantalized me as I continued the chat. "I can't wait to feel your lips and tongue eating me for real! Mmmm feels so damn good."

You worked your tongue all over my cunt inside and out. Hot-damn, I was hotter than a firecracker on July 4th.

I looked at you, and typed, "Ooooh Mathew, fuck I'm going to cum soon and fill your mouth with my honey."

Mathew knew when he whispered, "cum for me," in my ear via the phone, it would make me climax like hell.

You sucked on my clit, shoved three fingers in my hole, and start finger fucking me hard.

Mathew typed, (Whispering) "Deana, cum for me."

“Cccuuummmiiinnnnggg,” so hard I damn near peed.

I then read Mathew’s words. "Ooooh fuck, yeah, cccuuummmiiinnngg! Deana you're so fucking sexy. I cannot wait to come for a visit and make love to you all night, and more."

"Well then get your sweet ass over here then."

"Just my ass? LOL. "

"No smarty pants, the whole man. God I wish we were fucking!"

"Me too, I'm still horny! Baby, suck me hard so we can fuck."

Both men know darn well I cannot resist sucking a cock. . As I chatted, you moved so I could suck your cock and still see what Mathew was typing.

I then typed, "Feel me baby, as my tongue flicks the sticky precum covered head, while my as my fingers toy with your balls. Mmmmm yummy!"

"OMG girl, you sure know how making this dick spring back to life. Did I tell you that you'll be the first woman to suck me till I cum, the dumb ass ex never did lol."

"FUCK HER you're mine now. We're going to have a lot of fun!"

"I know and I can't wait. I want to fuck you so bad.....Damn I wish this was real!!"

"Me too!"

You moved down and got between my legs and I guided your cock. Doing the actions Mathew typed as if it was him fucking me.

"Fuck me Mathew."

You fucked me, with hard, deep thrust. My cunt muscles holding your cock like a vice milking it hard.

"OOOH I love the feel of your hard cock in me. I'm rubbing my clit as you nail me. OOOOOH FUCK MMMMAAATTTHHHEEEWWW! I'm going to cover your cock with cum!"

You then spoke up knowing Mathew had no idea what was happening. "Do it Deana cover my dick with cum!"

Mathew typed, "Cum with me! Damn I'm close to blowing!"

Your actions and Mathew's words sent me over the edge. I shrieked and typed,"CCCCUUUMMMIIINNNGGG!"

Mathew followed.

You could not hold back. "Deana I'm going to fill your hot cunt with cum then eat you!"

"John if you do that and I might cum again! Let me say Goodnight to Mathew then I'm all yours.

"Oooh I like the sound of that."

I bade Mathew goodbye. I lay back moving my hips in rhythm as you fucked me. It wasn’t long until you filled me with so much cum it dripped down the crack of my ass.

Your blue eyes met mine, "Now then let me help you cum a third time!"
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