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The Plumber Calls

The Plumber Calls

Paul is a happy go-lucky Plumber with no job too big, no job too small.

He is fixing an old lady’s rusty old soap covered taps, which from the look of things had been dripping for months. He receives a call on his mobile. It’s a distraught woman crying and sobbing down the phone. She has a burst pipe and water is going everywhere.

“Now, try and be calm. Are you able to turn the water off?” he said, explaining where she should find the stopcock to isolate the water.

“Yes,” she replies, “I found it and now the water has stopped.”

“Good,” he said. “I will be with you within the hour. What’s your address?" 

She gives him the address. “Thanks,” said Paul. “See you soon.”

He quickly finishes the tap repairs and charges the old lady a small fortune. Well, she has a big house, a flash new car and has been rude to him. 

Paul gets back to his van and puts the address into his sat-nav. He realizes he never even asked the crying woman’s name. She sounded like she was ‘dog rough’ and probably really over weight. It’s only a few miles, just twenty minutes down the road.

He arrives at the large house. It is set back from the road, in a very respectable area, where all the well-off snobs live. He presses the intercom on the electric gates.

“Hello,” said a female voice.

“It’s Paul, the plumber,” he says.

“Ah, yes. Come in. I will open the gates, just come straight in.”

As he pulls up at the front door, she opens it. He is surprised to see a slim, very attractive woman. She has a well-endowed chest and is dressed in just her bath robe.

“Hi,” he said. “I’m Paul. I didn’t ask your name on the phone?”

“Emma,” she replies. “Come in.”

Paul quickly finds the burst pipe under the sink and gets straight to work. Emma talks to him while he works. He sees her admiring his biceps and six-pack, as he stretches to tighten the pipe.

“You work out then?” she asks.

“Yes," he replies.

He can see that she has spotted his large bulging crotch. She starts to come closer to him. Paul can now see her lovely legs from his position under the sink. He notices that she has no panties on. He starts to feel himself getting an erection, caused by the sight of her well-trimmed cunt, which she is making really easy for him to see.

He can tell she is feeling hot. He knows she can see how much he is turned on, his obvious bulge growing bigger by the second. She kneels down next to him and places her hand on his crotch feeling his huge cock and gently rubbing him through his jeans.

He can now see all of her cunt. She spreads her knees apart and removes robe to reveal her amazingly large tits.

“Fuck this,” Paul says, as he starts to touch her cunt, while cupping his hand on her beautiful tit.

Emma starts to moan in pleasure. She quickly starts to unzip his jeans. Exposing his large cock, which she starts to rub and caress.

He quickly starts to lick and suck her cunt, flicking her clit with his tongue. Teasing her clit, she starts to moan with pleasure. He can tell from her cries that she can’t believe how good it feels. He pushes his tongue deep inside her cunt.

She pushes his head hard into her cunt, “Yes, yes. Eat my pussy,” she cries. He pushes a finger up her arse. “Yes!” she screams. "Harder, harder,” she yells.

He can tell she is about to come, as she buckles with short, fast breaths. “Oh fuck, yes, I’m coming,” she screams. She comes all over his face, with big squirt of juice from her pussy.

He stands up and moves towards her face. Holding his cock in his hand he pushes his cock deep into her throat. Gently he begins fucking her mouth. She starts to suck and fondle his balls, while licking and sucking on his huge shaft.

“Ah, yeah. Suck it," Paul demands, while grabbing a fist full of her hair. He pulls her mouth further down his cock. She starts to gag and choke.

He tells her to get on all fours, and then he gently slides his cock into her pussy. She moans with pleasure, as he starts to pound that lovely, sweet tasting, pussy. Groaning with every push, he starts to gently rub her arse with his thumb.

“Oh yes,” she cries, grinding her arse on his thumb. “Fuck my ass,” she pants. He pulls out of her pussy and places his cock over her asshole. Gently, he pushes his prick into her ass. She lets out a small cry of delight, as she can feel him going deeper and deeper. He slaps her arse. 

“Yes,” she cries, as she starts to fuck his cock.

Paul starts to stroke her back and gently reaches around to feel her wet pussy. He rubs her clit with his fingertips. She places her hand on his pushing his, fingers into her cunt causing her to moan and gasp with pleasure.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum,” she cries. She lets out a scream of pleasure, arching her back and grinding on his cock.

“I’m coming!” shouts Paul, as he pulls out of her arse. She turns around to face his cock, opening her mouth to receive his cum.

He starts to wank his cock, groaning as he shoots his load on her face and in mouth. She quickly puts his dick in her mouth, not wanting to miss a drop of his hot cum. She sucks his balls dry of cum.

“Ah yes, suck it," he cries with pleasure, whilst thinking this is the best plumbing call out ever.

After a short time stroking each other, he gets dressed and finishes the plumbing job.

“How much do I owe you, Paul?” asks Emma.

He looks at her and just says, “Another call out soon?”

Emma giggles, “You can count on that.”

She holds him gently squeezing his arse, before kissing him good bye.

“See you soon.”

*Authors Notes - This is my second story and I would appreciate your feedback*

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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