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The Plumber - part 1

A simple guy who can't fix anything around the house
First, a little bit about me, “whyusearealname”. I am very good with computers but don’t ask me to do anything around the house. I wasn’t born to be one of the “handyman” guys you see on TV fixing or building things. Nope I’m all thumbs when it comes to stuff like that. Thank god what I do allows me to pay people to keep stuff around my house in working order. Sure, I can handle the simple stuff but as you will see, I can’t handle anything that requires water.

On a recent day off I got up late and was taking my time getting ready for the day. I LOVE my showers. I climb in and turn the water on and literally soak for as long as I can. The best part is that I love REALLY HOT showers. I mean hot to the point that the whole bathroom is steamed up and I get out to a virtual steam room. The day started out with me sleeping in, something I love to do when I can. I finally coaxed myself out of bed and headed for the shower.

I walked to the bathroom naked and shut the bathroom door as always; better to keep the steam in. I walked to my full glass enclosed shower (I have a separate Jacuzzi tub for those fun times when I have company) and turned on the water. As I did this the handle broke off in my hand, water cascading out of the shower head. “Shit!” I said to myself. There I stood, looking at my shower running, COLD water at that, and no way to turn it off.

“What the hell now?” again talking to myself, which is something I do when I get frustrated. I grabbed the towel off the rack, wrapped it around my waist and walked down into my basement. I knew where the water shutoff was and shut the water off to the entire house. “Great,” I mumbled to myself, “What next?”

I walked up the stairs, put on a pair of sweat shorts and a t-shirt, and reached for a phone book. In this age of technology, why use a phone book, especially a guy that lives and breathes computers? For me, it’s the ability to walk away from what I do for a living. I found plumbers in the listings and started calling. The first few I called all said I would have to wait up to 12 hours before anyone could be here; of course that was not acceptable. Frustrated, I hung up the phone. I looked out the window at the day wasting away, and then, in a last ditch effort to not lose my entire day, I just dialed a number in the section.

“Morning. CIM plumbing how can I help you?”

I explained my dilemma and the young lady on the other end of the phone, polite as can be, said, “Sure, we can have someone there in, say, 30 minutes. Is that OK?”

I was sputtering, “30 minutes? Really? Sure. Please!” With that I hung up the phone and waited.

I thought I was going to be waiting an hour for the plumber to arrive, so I took the time to read my email on my laptop. All of a sudden, there was a knock on the door. I looked at my watch and it hasn’t even been 25 minutes since my call. “Wow! Already?” again, to nobody but myself (I really have to work on that). I walked to the door and opened it.

There before me stood a young woman, to whom I questioned, “Yes?”

She then replied, “You called for a plumber?”

I stumbled for a moment and then realized I had been looking into her eyes the whole time; I hadn’t even looked at the rest of her. She was indeed the plumber here to solve my shower problem.

“Yes, I did. Thank you for coming so quickly,” I said.

She replied “It’s just how we do things at CIM Plumbing”.

As I opened the door all the way to let her walk in I took her full frame into view for the first time. Around 5’6”, maybe 120lbs, long dark hair (and god I love the hair) and a body to die for. How could she be a plumber? She stopped short and I bumped into her. I was too engrossed in looking at her to notice that she had quit walking. I apologized profusely.

She said, “It’s ok,” and gave me a smile that made me catch my breath. I then proceeded to show her where my shower was. She walked in, set down her tool bag and said, “Wow! I love your bathroom! It has everything you would need, especially this over-sized shower.”

“Thanks, I like it too, I enjoy my showers a lot,” I said.

She stepped into the shower and looked at the broken handle. “Hmm,” she said. “You said you had to turn the water off to the whole house?”

“Yes, the handle broke with the shower on,” I said.

“Well first things first,” she said. She opened the bag she had set on the floor and pulled out a pair of pliers. She turned off the shower. “Ok, turn the water back on,” she said. I walked out of the bathroom, glancing back at her. As I did, I caught her looking at me. Our eyes met and she blushed. I went downstairs, turned the water back on and hurried back upstairs.

“It’s back on!” I said as I walked into the bathroom. I took my time walking back so that I could marvel at her body from afar. Long legs, amazing body, great hair - how could she possibly be a plumber?

When I came back in she had removed the broken handle and was now searching in her bag.

“Good we will need to make sure the new handle works.” With that she pulled out a brand new handle.

“What? How?” I asked.

She smiled. “Relax hun, it’s a common handle. I replace these all the time.”

Within five minutes she had completed the repair. With the handle now on; she packed up her bag then took it and herself out of the shower.

“Now the test,” she said, “Please set the shower as you like it; I want to make sure I didn’t put the handle on crooked”.

I stepped forward and turned on the shower. Water came pouring out and I adjusted it to the temperature I liked, not too hot to start but just right. Then, without notice I was shoved into the shower while fully clothed. My head had been turned away from her so I didn’t know what she had been doing. I turned around and started to say something but quickly stopped. There she stood, naked as a jaybird. Every possible word caught in my throat. I was slack jawed. She was amazing fully clothed and now here she was wonderfully naked.

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