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The Plumbers Plunger

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I lifted my skirt up to get the sun on my legs again and started to read my book. I noticed several
It was a lovely day and I had the day off from work, so after finishing my house hold chores I decided to sit in the garden and get stuck into my book that I had been reading in dribs and drabs and  not getting  into the story quick enough for me.
I got my chair out from the cellar and sat out in the sun with my sun top on and a very flimsy skirt that one would call just modesty keeping.
The sun was bright so I set myself down in a very private part of the garden where I was not overlooked by  any neighbours and settled down to my story.

After about half an hour I felt so hot that I decided to relieve myself of my panties as they were sticking to me and making me feel uncomfortable. I had already removed my bra as the sun top I had on had a fitted (if one might call it that)  bra in .
I settled down again and raised my skirt so the sun could shine on my legs and try and get them tanned a little, also to play on my  pussy as I liked the warm rays of the sun playing on it making me feel real sexy.

The story got better as time went on and I got myself a cold drink from the fridge and took it to the garden to cool myself down a little.

Suddenly the door bell rang and when I went to open it I realised that the Plumber had arranged to call today to repair a small leak in the water pipe in the cellar.
 The cellar door was at the back of the house and in the garden where I was sat so I had to let him in and take him into the garden.
He was a nice man standing about five foot eleven, well built with strong looking arms, he only had a T shirt on and shorts with baggy legs to just above his knees.

I showed him where I thought the leak was, and he said ok and he would fix it as it did not look to bad a leak. I left him in the cellar and went back to my chair which was right opposite the cellar door so I could keep a good eye on him.

Well not thinking, I lifted my skirt up to get the sun on my legs again and started to read my book.
I noticed several times when I looked up that he was looking at me and smiling.

He came to the cellar door and called me to see if the job he had done was ok, so off I went to inspect it.

He held his arm out to help me down the cellar steps and said” You look very nice and cool in that dress”
 I replied “I was nice and cool and it was pleasant to wear in the nice weather”
As we went further into the cellar I noticed that he had a bulge in his shorts and the outline of his Dick was showing through, it seemed quite long and looked very interesting.
 We had to climb over some cardboard boxes to show me the pipe he had repaired and it all seemed ok.

As I turned around to make my exit I tripped and fell right into a large empty box and my skirt landed up around my neck showing my shaven pussy to him in all its glory.
“Oh dear, can I help you out of there” he cried
“Yes please, I am wedged in this box and can’t really move”
He just stood there gazing at me and the bulge in his trousers was getting larger all the time, I thought it would spring out through his shorts.
“I will have to move some of these boxes before I can get to you” he said

As he was bent over to move the boxes I had a good  view of his backside and up his shorts leg to see that his balls was  nearly hanging out of one leg and they looked very big.
I tried to get out of the box that I fell into but got myself in worse mess and had to wait for him to pull me out.
He caught hold of my arms and tugged and with one almighty pull  he pulled me out of the box.

We left the cellar feeling very dirty and sweaty so I asked him if he would like to take a shower as it was my fault that the cellar was not clear for him to work. He said that would be great as he had another job to go to before he went home and did not want to go there looking dirty

I led the way into the house and up the stairs with him following me to the shower. As we climbed the stairs I was aware that he was right behind me and he could see right up my skirt to see that I had no panties on and my pussy would be in full view.
We arrived at the bathroom and I started to show him how the shower worked and noticed that his bulge in his shorts had really grown .Looking down at his bulge I inadvertently turned the shower on and got myself wet through. He laughed and laughed while I tried to get out of the shower and tried unsuccessfully to dry myself. He had already taken his shirt off and was removing his shorts and underpants when I thought to hell with it and took off my top and skirt so that we were both naked.

"Well who goes first " I asked "Why don't we both go together and then there would be no favoritism" he said laughing.
"Ok" I said, and we both entered into the shower cubicle with a squeeze.
I could see that his Dick was  very hard and as we got close together I could feel the hardness against my thigh which sent feelings straight to my breasts . I could feel my nipples rising  and standing proud from my tits which he had also noticed and his hands came up to them and started to fondle them.
I switched the water on the shower and a steady spray of warm water descended upon us both.
I got hold of the liquid soap and sprayed us both with it and started to rub him all over his body making a fine lather. He did the same to me but lingered for many moments on my breasts fondling them and stroking my nipples until he got them all lathered up in a nice frothy lather.
The feeling was great and I could feel the tingling sensation going right down into my now very wet pussy.

His hard prick was pressing into my tummy so I took hold of it and began to rub it. I moved it away from my tummy so that I could see it more clearly and was amazed  of how much it had grown . I pulled his foreskin back way down over its head to reveal a large knob that was pink in colour and looking very proud .
I liked what I saw, and the feeling of this hard long shaft in my hand made me very horny, so I began to rub him up by pulling his foreskin way over his knob and down as far as it would go to the bottom of his cock.
This he seemed to like as he now started to finger my very wet cunt and sliding his fingers into my slit, it needed no  pressure to open it up and spread my lips apart as the slippery soap had worked well .

He pulled me right into him and started to kiss me, he darted his tongue into my mouth and sucking on my tongue. This was a great feeling and I felt that I was  really giving in to him  and he could do whatever he liked to me. He started to do this by washing me all over with his wet hands and soap lingering around my breasts and in my lower body and finding my clit he gave it some extra rubs to make it stand out more.

Then it was my turn to wash him down ,but it did not take me long as there was only one thing that I was interested in rubbing and that was this long hard  rock of a prick that I had not let go of since we got in the shower. I started to wank him gently  at first  bringing his foreskin all the way up his shaft and all the way down again. I could feel his body tightening up and I knew it would not be long before he spurted all that cum from this large headed dick of his on to me . I eased off and asked  if we should get out of the shower where there was more room in the bathroom itself. We both made an exit from the cubicle and began to dry each other with the large towels that were  hanging in the bathroom.
As I dried him I could feel his balls and prick swelling again in the towel  so I  did not linger too long on them as what I really wanted was that length penetrating my juicy cunt and spurting its load of hot sperm into me.
After we had dried each other he turned me around and bent me over, with his hands clutching my breasts  he started to insert his long shaft into me from behind. I could feel the tightness of his large prick and knob working its way into my cunt. Then all of a sudden it slipped in and he began to thrust  harder forcing the long penis right into me. I could feel his balls banging against my slit  and I thought that he must have it all  in me and it just felt so good, I did not want it to stop.
His left hand was fondling my tits and his right hand went down to my pussy where he was  touching and rubbing my clit which was now well and truly woken up and giving me the most lovely feeling.
He was certainly pushing it harder and harder into me and  was getting faster and faster with his thrusts and I could feel his shaft inside me vibrating the inner walls of my vagina in the most pleasant of ways and leading me up to a lovely orgasm.
He kissed me on my back and said in a very low voice that he was about to cum and I said that I was as well, and with a few more thrust from him I felt the sudden spurt of his sperm shoot right up inside of me and it seemed to go on for ever.
Gradually he pulled his prick from me and I could feel all of his spunk draining out of my slit and down my leg as I stood up straight. I glanced over to him and his prick had fallen away slightly and was not so hard and his balls just hung there  looking well drained.

I made my way back to the shower and washed myself down and then got dressed in my damp clothes  and we made our way to the garden.
 He picked up his tools and said that it was a very enjoyable day and he thanked me for my cooperation and there would be no charge for the repair and  he left the garden.
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