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The Pool

The Pool

A beautiful lifeguard saves a man...outside of the pool.
After my first year of college I was tired of being a broke college student, so during the summer I started looking for some work. A friend of mine worked at a pool and suggested I become I lifeguard. She said the pay was decent, you could look at all the cute guys, and she always had a great tan. I thought it was a great idea so I took a few courses to make sure I could perform CPR and administer first aid, and became certified.

It turned out to be a fun job so every summer through college I keep up my training and I look for work as a lifeguard at community pools or private country clubs.

I prefer the country clubs of course. They serve fantastic meals and the perks are always a step above anywhere else I have worked. One time I received a fifty dollar tip from a grey haired man who was appreciative that I looked after his grandkids. Honestly, I think he was hoping I would do a lot more for that fifty dollars. He would often give me these creepy winks whenever he was around the pool.

Being leered at is just a part of the job for me. Being out in the sun all day watching the pool gives me a great tan. I take pride in my appearance and I work out regularly. Of course, being a dirty blond with a decent figure probably gets me some attention as well. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the best kind of attention. Teenage boys are always a problem. If you are standing waist deep in the pool, staring at me, I can tell when you are playing with your little squids you creeps! So gross!

On the other hand, there was a very sweet woman that let me borrow her car for a week after she found out mine had broken down. I was actually terrified to drive her car. It was a fifty thousand dollar car and there would have been no way for me to pay back any kind of damage I would have caused because I couldn’t even afford car insurance at that time. The woman didn’t care. She just wanted me to drive her car until I had saved up enough money to fix my own. Apparently someone had done something similar for her when she was in college, and by enabling her to keep working she was able to make something of herself. Now she is a millionaire.

I still keep in touch with her and I have always appreciated the lessons she has taught me. She is one of the reasons why I still lifeguard during my summers. She let me sit down with her (very expensive) financial planner once. He gave me some great advice on how to properly invest my money. Ever since then I have always had goals to work for. My goal was to own my own home which is why I took whatever job I could over the past few summers.

While the country clubs are great to work out, The community pools aren’t as fun. Okay, they aren’t fun at all. Instead of fifty dollar tips I get to deal with puking children, poop in the pool, mothers that scream at me because my cleavage is showing, or the cops show up because the moms are fighting are just some of the highlights. Oh, and getting to clean out the restrooms is always fun. I wish there was a word to describe what some people do to a public toilet. Disgusting just doesn’t adequately describe what I have seen. At least twice, I came across things in a toilet that were so vile, I literally vomited.

I took those community pool jobs, and a slew of equally horrible jobs to reach my goal. Even though I’m just one year out of college, after this summer I will have enough money for a down payment on a new house, which is no small feat when you live in Los Angeles. I’m very proud of myself. I’ve worked really, really hard to accomplish my goal.

This year, I applied at a lot of places, mostly country clubs, but I was hired by a small community “members only” pool. This type of facility is between a country club and a community pool. Basically, for a deposit and a monthly fee you can have access to the pool as long as you obey the rules so it keeps out a lot of the…poop.

It’s a nice enough place. It is surrounded by a tall brick wall and privacy gates to keep the public out. Everyone has a code to enter, and the code is changed monthly. They have a service that comes and cleans the restrooms and there is a decent concession stand. It isn’t fine dining by any means, but if you need a burger or a hot dog to get you through a long summer day, it is there for you. The lifeguards get all the beverages we want, although I’m not a fan of soda so I just drink their delicious lemonade or iced tea.

When people have to pay a monthly fee, they are generally more respectful and they tend to behave because they don’t want to lose their deposit. There are still rowdy parties once in a while but they are definitely limited. At the community pools, there seems to be a party every week so every Monday morning you have to fish out all the patio furniture. Getting the plastic chairs out of the pool is easy, but the picnic tables can be a challenge. The guys always had to get those out for us. Since I started working at this facility, we only had to do it once, after a graduation party.

Anyway, over the past few months, I’ve noticed one man that is at the pool every Saturday. At first, he didn’t really catch my attention because he comes in quietly and sits at the table that is farthest away from the pool. He always wears one of those bush hats from Australia. The brim of the hat and his dark sunglasses, which he wore religiously, usually hide his eyes. He reads books or the newspaper, but it is never on an electronic device. Even though he looks to be in his late forties or earlier fifties, he often smokes a pipe. Even though he pays for a pool membership, he doesn’t swim very often. Once in a while he will dive into the pool, swim the length of the pool and back, and then he’ll get right back out and go back to his pipe and book.

The first time I really noticed him was when I passed by his table one day. I was picking up towels from around the pool and I picked up a few that were near his table.

He removed his sunglasses and said, “My deepest apologies, Miss. I do hope my pipe has not offended you. I shall put it out if you request I do so.”

The aroma from the pipe was vanilla and it was actually quite nice. Since he asked so respectfully, and since we were outside and there was no rule against smoking outside, I let him know it didn’t offend me at all and I kept right on working.

From that point on though, I became very intrigued with the man. Maybe it was his accent, which sounded similar to an Australian accent, or maybe it was the way he phrased his sentences which were much more formal than I was accustomed to. Maybe it was seeing his beautiful brown eyes that had previously always been hidden, or maybe it was the smile he gave me. Whatever it was, he was alluring and from that point on I began to notice him and I caught myself watching him often.

I noticed he is rather tall because the top of his hat would show over the gate when he would leave the pool. To compare, my brother is six feet tall and I cannot see the top of his head when he leaves. The man is thin, but not skinny. It didn’t look like he worked out much, but he was still fit, if that makes sense. When he would take off his hat to swim, I could see he had a full head of dark brown hair, that was starting to turn grey at the temples. I would say he was attractive, but his personality made him more attractive. He would often hold the door open for others and you could tell by his infrequent interactions with others that he was genuinely a nice man.

I nonchalantly started asking the other lifeguards what they knew, so I could find out more about him. One of the guys explained that he had spoken to him once and was told the man was from South Africa. Another said he had come to the pool every Saturday for the past few years. He rarely ever missed, even coming during the winter. I found myself looking for him every Saturday, and I started to volunteer to switch my shifts with the other girls so I could be at the pool every Saturday. I passed up many parties and social events so I could make sure to be there when he was there. Was it intrigue? Was it a crush? Was it an obsession?

The weekend before last, there were just a few people at the pool on that Saturday, so I did my usual routine and I picked up the towels near his table. He took off his sunglasses, smiled, tipped the brim of his hat, nodded, and then put his sunglasses back on and resumed reading. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

“Excuse me. May I sit down?” I asked nervously.

The question seemed to startle him. I don’t think anyone asked to join him since he had been going to the pool. It was as if he was taken aback by my request.

“But of course,” he finally said after a pause. He sat up straight in his chair, put down his pipe, removed his sunglasses, and started to organize the reading material that had been haphazardly strewn about the table.

I stared directly into his eyes, but his eyes would only glance at me. I couldn’t figure out why.

“Can I ask you a question?” I finally asked.

“You may,” he replied as he finished stacking the newspapers and books into a tidy pile.

“I noticed you don’t swim much. You’ve probably only been in the pool two or three times since I started working here a few months ago. Why do you pay the dues and come if you don’t like to swim?”

His movements slowed as if a heavy, wet blanket were just placed over him. He picked up his pipe and sat back and took in a long draw, and then blew the smoke out slowly.

His eyes finally locked onto mine, but he spoke softly, “My wife and I moved here from South Africa. When we lived there, I had done rather well for myself and our home had a pool. My wife would swim every single day. I would finish work, drive home, and I would sit and enjoy my evening pipe as she would swim lap after lap.”

His eyes then became less focused and he stared right through me.

“It almost felt unnatural to my fingers when her skin was dry.” He loosely opened his hands, his palms facing upward, his fingers caressing something that was not there. He stopped speaking, his gaze staring into the past, and he was in a very different time and place.

He blinked a few times returning to the present as he continued, “We then moved to America, hoping to have a wonderful new life here. It had always been a fantasy of hers to move to Los Angeles. She thought Hollywood was a magical place and she wanted to be closer to it. She had always supported me in everything I had done, so when I had the means available to me, we moved here.”

He closed his hands and crossed his arms, the smoke from his pipe slowly rising up his left arm. He looked away stared at the trees that peeked over the brick wall.

“What happened to her, your wife?” I finally asked.

He took an exceptionally long draw from his pipe and blew the smoke out through his nose.

“Car accident on the 405. They say she ‘died on impact’.” He said the words with emphasis, still unable to understand their meaning. “Anyway, I now come here every weekend, as a memorial if you will. It takes me back to a place and time where I actually enjoyed myself. I often used to sit there for hours and…”

The words coming out of his mouth trailed off until he just sat there in silence. He was lost somewhere in the past. I wanted to hug him and hold him. I wanted to tell him that he would find someone new and one day his heart would heal, but it just didn’t feel right to do so.

The silence hung in the air, waiting for the tension to disperse.

I stood up slowly. “I’m very sorry for your loss. I didn’t mean to pry. I just…”

He just kept staring into nothing. I felt horrible for making him feel so bad and sending him to such a painful place. I turned and quickly walked away. He had done nothing but be kind to me, and I had hurt him. The rest of the day, he just sat there, staring and slowly smoking his pipe. I noticed him taking draw after draw, even after the pipe had burned out.

Every time I would glance in his direction, he would just break my heart. I wanted to go back in time and just keep my mouth shut. I wanted to erase that brief conversation and just make it go away. I wanted to find a way to make it right.

He left the pool early that day. He didn’t walk out with the normal confidence that I was accustomed to. He almost staggered, as if he was struggling to carry the weight of the past on his shoulders.

That night I went home and tried to drown my guilt in a bottle of wine, and forget the sadness that I had caused to appear in the man’s eyes. His pain was so obvious and still so intense, even though he had lost her so many years before. As I lay in bed, my head spinning from the Shiraz, I decided I had to help him. I didn’t know how, but I knew I had to help him feel better.

As I started to fall to sleep, it hit me. I knew what I was going to do.

This Saturday, I waited in anticipation for the South African to arrive. My stomach was in knots and I was very anxious. I hoped that I hadn’t pushed him to go find another pool where he would be left alone without an annoying girl asking him stupid questions.

As I was sitting in the lifeguard tower, I checked the door often. Thankfully, shortly after noon he arrived! He entered through the gate, looked at right at me, smiled, tipped the brim of his hat, nodded, and then walked over to his table. Along with the usual books and newspapers that he had tucked under his arm, he also carried a paper grocery bag with handles. I was relieved not only to see him, but to see him smiling again. I was so worried he would be upset with me. I know my worry was irrational as I hardly knew the man, but my obsession with him caused me concern nonetheless.

He put all of his things down, removed something from the bag, and as he held the item behind him, he started to walk around the pool. He was walking right toward me so I climbed down Lifeguard Mountain. I wanted to apologize face-to-face and I didn’t want to yell it from high above.

When he was just a few feet away he moved his arm from behind his back, revealing two beautiful roses, one yellow and one deep pink.

“My most humble apologies, dear Miss. My departure was completely uncalled for and rude. For that, I am sorry.” he said with a smile.

“I was just about to apologize to you!” I replied. “I was so afraid I had offended you.”

He tipped the roses in my direction so I could clearly see them, “Nonsense. Someone with a heart as big as yours couldn’t offend me. Now, as you may or may not know, the deep pink rose indicates appreciation, and the yellow rose indicates friendship. If you would be so gracious as to allow me to express my appreciation to you for sitting at my table last week. It was the first time anyone has approached me since my wife had passed. It was such a kind gesture, and I hope it will be the beginning of a long friendship.”

He held his hand out to shake mine.

I was so moved that he wasn’t offended by what I had done that I lunged at him and gave him a huge hug. I whispered, “I have a gift for you too, but I have to give it to you after work.”

Releasing him from my tight hug, I thanked him for the beautiful flowers, relieved that everything had been mended and appreciative that I had not offended him.

I excused myself and I put the flowers away with my things and then climbed back up Lifeguard Mountain. From across the pool, the man raised his glass of iced tea toward me, and nodded once more before reading his book.

It was hard to stop smiling as I worked the rest of the day.

I suddenly realized I didn’t even know his name…


The hours passed quickly and I made it a point to volunteer to close the pool. I rushed the other lifeguards out early, trying not to be too overt in my attempts to get them to leave.

My South African friend just sat there patiently reading, just like he always did. He completely ignored me until everyone else was gone. When we were alone, he quietly started to pick up towels and straighten the tables and chairs. I rushed around as quickly as possible, locking all of the gates and doors. I only left the door to the concession stand open, but I rolled down the front metal window coverings and locked them. At this time of night, there was enough light to see inside of the stand, but it wasn’t too bright. I could have left the lights on, but I chose to turn them off on purpose.

Once I had finished everything I needed to do, I ran over and grabbed the pile of towels that he had gathered for me, tossed them into the bin, and then ran back to where he was standing. I softly grabbed him by the hand and led him into the concession stand.

I traded places with him so I would have the door to my back. I made him take two steps back and then I also slowly took two steps back, leaving some room between us. This area of the concession stand is only ten or twelve feet long, and a few feet wide. On my left was the front counter with a few cash registers. The appliances to cook the food: the hot dog maker, the condiment trays, etc., sat on a very narrow counter to my right.

I nervously licked my lips, and then said quietly, “Last weekend I felt horrible for making you so sad. I really wanted to get you something to make up for it. I thought about it all week and I think I found the perfect gift for you.”

I pulled my hoodie up over my head, revealing my red, one-piece lifeguard bathing suit. I placed the hoodie on the counter and then I pulled the strap of my bathing suit over my left shoulder, and then down over my arm. I then pulled the right strap over my right shoulder and pulled the bathing suit down to my waist. I stood there, topless, and I let him look me over. I could see that he started to breathe a little heavier.

“I really don’t know…” he started to say.

I held my finger up to my lips to quiet him. While staring him in the eye, I very slowly pushed the bathing suit down over my hips, and down my tanned thighs. When it passed my knees, it fell to the floor.

I stood confidently, letting him see me completely nude. I had made it a point to be completely shaven down there. I wanted his view to be unencumbered. I wanted him to see.

“This isn’t your gift yet,” I said, nearly whispering, noticing my own voice was trembling. “Stay here.”

I turned and walked toward the pool. The cool night air wrapped around my naked skin causing me to shiver slightly. I walked straight to the pool, placed both feet at the edge, turned and looked over my shoulder, winked at my admirer, and then turned back toward the water and dove in. The warm water instantly warmed my cold flesh and being completely nude in the pool was so erotic. Before I surfaced, I wondered if I should change my plan and have him join me in here. I had never been skinny dipping before, and it was extremely liberating. I was already excited as my head surfaced and I drew the cold night air into my lungs.

Swimming over to the ladder, I noticed how good it felt to have the water rush over my naked ass as I swam. It was a sensation that I had never noticed before and I enjoyed it. As I climbed up the ladder and exited the pool, I realized just how cold the evening air was becoming. I ran back to the concession stand as quickly as I could, and slammed the door behind me.

I stood there, naked, and dripping wet. I put my hands on my hips so he could see every inch of me. I don’t know what was making my nipples harder, the cold or the fact that I was very excited to have a complete stranger looking at me.

After he looked me up and down, I finally spoke, “I’m not your wife. I will never replace your wife. I know she was an amazing woman.” I started to slowly walk toward him. “But I know there was one gift that I could think of that only a woman could give you.” I stopped when I was very close to him. “You can touch my wet skin, anywhere you want. For the next ten seconds, ten minutes, or ten hours, I am completely yours. I will go back to the pool as many times as you like. You can touch me as much as you like, until the sun comes up.”

He stood there in shock. I think he was afraid to move. There was a woman who was almost half his age that just completely undressed and offered herself to him. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a normal, everyday event.

Slowly, he reached out his right hand, and softly dragged his right forefinger down my right arm. From my shoulder to the forearm, his finger slid over my wet skin. I closed my eyes and exhaled. It gave me the shivers…in a good way.

I kept my hands on my hips as he then reached out his left hand and ran his left forefinger down from my left shoulder all the way down to my wrist.

He then reached out with both hands and as he closed his eyes, he slowly and softly grabbed both arms and slid his hands down over my shoulders, and down the length of my arms.

It felt so good to have his warm hands on me. I was wet, cold, and very nervous to offer myself to this stranger, but his motions were slow and his touch was tender. It put both of us at ease. I could see a peace come over him, a peace that I had never seen in all the days he had come to the pool.

Very softly, he placed his fingers on the inside of my elbows and indicated for me to raise my arms. I slightly tilted my head to one side as I raised my arms up over my head. He then placed his hands on my hips and turned me slowly, until my back was to him. He then placed only his fingers on my shoulders, and softly started to run them down my back, touching as many of the droplets that he could find. Back and forth and up and down, his fingers caressed my skin. Over muscles and bones, his fingers found what they were looking for, wet skin to touch and caress.

When his fingers reached my waist, he slid them around my hips to my tummy. It tickled, but I only exhaled. I didn’t want to laugh or do anything to cause him to stop. He opened the palms of his hands and slid them over my tummy and then he moved them back and forth across my stomach as they slowly slid higher and higher.

His hands moved over my stomach, ribs, and then right under my breasts. As his hands softly cupped my breasts, his warm lips kissed my neck. I exhaled heavily. He had found my weak spot. I slowly lowered my hands behind me and played with his hair as his lips kissed the wet skin on my neck and his hands softly squeezed my breasts. I let out a soft moan when his fingers started to play with my rock hard nipples.

It felt so good to have an experienced man’s hands on me. The last boyfriend I was intimate with would only touch me for thirty seconds before he was trying to poke me with his penis.

That was not what was happening today. This man was slow, patient, and he seemed to enjoy every second he was touching me. I wanted him to touch me more. I wanted him to touch me everywhere, all at the same time.

His lips softly kissed from my neck, up behind my ear. I lowered my hands until they covered his and I squeezed his hands around my breasts, showing him how I wanted to be grabbed, showing him I was ready for more than being caressed.

As his lips nibbled on my ear, I took his right hand and I slid it down over my breast, over my stomach and I placed his hand onto my hot pussy. I wanted him to explore every inch of me.

His left hand continued to massage my breast, but his right hand was motionless. I was starting to ache as the heat from his hand penetrated my cold skin. Then, very subtly, the finger that was over my clit, twitched. I let out another soft moan.

I slowly arched my back until my ass grazed the material of his swimsuit. His finger twitched again, and I leaned back a little more. His hard cock pressed against my ass, and I licked my lips. His finger twitched again and it was all driving me mad. I started to breathe heavy and I was losing patience. I wanted and needed more. His fingers on my left nipple, his fingers teasing my clit, his lips on my ear, his cock against my ass were all a wonderful, wonderful tease.

His finger twitched again and I whimpered. I reached down with both hands and I placed both of my hands over his right hand. I manipulated his hand and I pushed his hand further between my legs and then I pushed his finger between my pussy lips. I gyrated my hips slightly, to make sure his finger was coated in my creamy juices, and then I pulled his hand up, and I quickly turned around to face him. I then looked him straight in the eye as I put his finger into my mouth and I sucked on it softly. I started to suck on his finger, the same way I would suck on a cock, excruciatingly slow, deeper and deeper into my mouth each time.

I took his finger out of my mouth and I was starting to go down to my knees, when, in one quick, but smooth motion, he lifted me up under my arms and sat me on the counter.

He stared at my breasts for a moment as he wrapped his hands around me and placed them on my back. After a pause, he quickly dove into my chest and devoured me. As his hands pulled me forward, causing me to arch my back, his mouth indulged in my breasts. My breasts were his banquet and he was gluttonous. He was no longer restrained. The drug of my flesh was now coursing through his veins and he was losing control.

His mouth covered my left nipples and he sucked and flicked it with his tongue at the same time, which was something I had never felt before. He then kissed and sucked all over my left breast, and then moved his way over to my right breast and nipple. Having his tongue on me made me even wetter. I pulled his head into me as I arched my back. I loved being the object of his desire. I loved being an oasis for the man that has been through a desert.

He then slowed down and backed up slightly. He would kiss me in specific spots all over my chest. I looked down to see he was kissing the remaining water droplets that were on my skin. Starting at the right breast, he slowly worked his way to my chest, and then he slowly lowered himself down between my breasts, down my stomach, and he continued downward, finding every single droplet in his path.

His hands moved from behind my back to my hips. He firmly gripped my waist and slowly leaned me back. I rested on my elbows so I could continue to watch him as I slowly raised my legs, putting my left heel on the counter and my right foot on his left shoulder. I spread my legs wide, hoping there were many more droplets for him to find.

He made his way down my tummy and then kissed directly over my clit, causing me to gasp. He then searched for droplets on my inner thighs, both left and right, and then he slowly and softly found the droplets on either side of my pussy.

Can’t you see how wet I am? Doesn’t your tongue want my droplets?

His soft lips then tenderly kissed down my pussy lips. When he reached the bottom he slowly dragged his tongue up my slit, stopping only to kiss over my clit again. It made me ache and crave for him to be inside of me, and I wanted nothing more than to hop off of the counter, throw him down on the floor, and ride him hard and fast.

I’m glad I didn’t. The next few minutes were amazing. It was the best oral I have ever received in my life. His tongue swirled around my clit over and over, and then he softly sucked on it. His tongue didn’t slurp all over me, but rather, his movements were intentional and precise. His tongue made my eyes roll back into my head, made my toes curl, and made me grind myself into his delicious mouth.

I was too lost in the moment to watch so I relaxed and laid back completely. The counter was too narrow, causing my head to hang free over the edge, my long hair flowing out toward the ground. The cold counter top would have made my nipples hard again if they had not already been hard from being so aroused.

My delicious man shifted between my legs and he reached up and grabbed my right breast with his left hand as his right middle finger slowly rubbed my pussy. As he sucked on my clit, he slid his finger inside of me. I moaned as I stretched around his finger. I moaned for finally having him inside of me. I moaned as my aching pussy was finally able to engulf…

He turned his finger over inside of me, and then tenderly caressed my g-spot as his tongue twirled around my throbbing clit. As he sucked on my clit, his tongue first teased the tip, and his tongue would then make a wave against my clit, and at the same time he started to rub my g-spot harder. His tongue and fingers applied more pressure rapidly, sending the sensitive nerve endings into a frenzy.

My tummy tightened and I nearly sat straight up from the intense pleasure that was coming from between my legs. I grabbed the back of his head and started to buck my hips, quickly realizing it threw off his amazing rhythm, so I fought every urge to move and instead I lifted my legs from the counter and spread them so he could do as he pleased. With my right hand behind his head, and only my head moving back and forth as I flinched from the intense pleasure, my long blond hair fell over my face. I tried desperately not to thrash too much and pull myself away from his amazing tongue.

The orgasm grew quickly within me. I could tell right away that it was going to be intense. I was so looking forward to the wonderful euphoria that this man was coaxing out of me with his mouth. My anticipation grew as he continued to lick and suck and finger me. I started to moan and then loud whimpers escaped from lips as my orgasm intensified. As the first, intense wave of my orgasm crashed into me, my South African started to do something different with his fingers and mouth.

I was in the middle of the most intense orgasm of my life and he stimulated me in just the right way to make the orgasm last much, much long longer than normal. I let out a long, slow yell as this delicious man caused my orgasm to linger at the pinnacle. My legs shook, my stomach twitched, and when my yell finished, I stopped breathing. Whichever muscles weren’t completely tense were shaking uncontrollably.

After what seemed like forever, his fingers stopped, which broke the spell he had on me. I sucked in a huge breath and let out the loudest, most intense moan ever. It echoed inside of the small concession stand.

I lay on the counter, twitching and trying to find my sanity. The euphoria was so intense that it made it hard to even think. I remember laying there, whimpering and reaching out and gripping the cash registers as I was trying to stop my insides from shaking and twitching. Usually, my orgasm will subside quickly, but this was just…different. Everything about it was prolonged. A regular orgasm is like a wave, but this was like wild and intense, like a hurricane inside of me, and it seemed to take forever to subside.

When I did finally manage to get my wits about me, I realized my new lover was no longer between my legs. I looked down and he was leaning against the counter with both hands, and he was just smiling at me.

“That was amazing,” was all I could manage to say. The fog of orgasm was still thick in my mind.

He spoke softly, “Please, one more time in the pool?”

After that, I’ll do whatever you fucking want!

“Yes, of course I will,” I replied.

He helped me down off the counter and with wobbly legs I walked outside. This time I was far too hot to even notice the cool air. I dove into the pool, letting the cold water wash over me.

Walking back into the concession stand I had no idea what was next, and I didn’t care. After that orgasm he could do whatever he wanted with me. I completely trusted him.

His wife was a lucky woman to have such an amazing lover.

The quick thought made me sad that she was no longer with us. I quickly pushed the thought of her from my mind and I anticipated what was to come next.

I closed the door to the stand behind me, and stood before him dripping wet, just as I had before. I could see the bulge in his pants. I walked toward him slowly and started to reach for his pants. He softly deflected my arms and spun me around so once again my back was to him.

“If you don’t mind, I would prefer you this way,” he said.

“Why?” I whispered over my shoulder.

He leaned in very close and whispered, “My wife and I had an amazingly intimate connection. We often made love while staring into each others eyes. I…” He rested his head on my shoulder. “I just can’t. I hope you understand.”

“Take me whatever way you wish,” is all I could say in return. I admired that he still had that connection to her and respected her so much. I bent over and spread my legs, waiting for him to use me as he pleased.

I turned and faced the counter and leaned over as far as I could in the narrow walkway. I folded my arms on the counter so I could rest my head against them. I was still woozy and lightheaded from the insane orgasm and I wanted to rest for a moment as my mystery lover prepared himself. I went up on my tippy-toes to give him a nice view and easy access to my aching pussy.

Instead of having his cock jammed into me as I anticipated, his fingers started to once again dance over the wet flesh on my back. I went down off of my tippy-toes and I closed my eyes and enjoyed feeling his fingers dance left, right, up, and down over my wet skin. His fingertips seemed to soak up every sensation as they skimmed over the surface, feeling every muscle, exploring every curve. He gave me the chills more than once as I became very, very relaxed.

I finally heard him unzip his shorts. He placed one hand on me left hip, placed the hot tip of his cock between my pussy lips, and then gripped my right hip with his right hand. He then started a long, slow slide into me. I gasped as his girth stretched me. He didn’t pull out once and push back in, rather, with a steady pressure he just allowed himself to sink into me slowly. I moaned as inch by delicious inch slowly penetrated me. I let out a soft whimper as he completely filled me.

And then he stopped.

He exhaled heavily, his breath washing over my back. He moved his hands to my waist and gripped me tightly. When I tried to move my hips, his grip grew even tighter.

“Please. Don’t move. You’ll make me cum,” he said. His voice was quivering.

Amazing. One thrust and I’ve made him want to cum.

It only turned me on more that I was able to bring him to climax so quickly. I peeked over my shoulder, “It’s okay, you can cum,” I said as I tried to move.

“Please. I don’t want it over so fast. I want to savor you.”

Savor me? No one has ever said anything like that to me...

I held perfectly still.

He took in a few breaths and then slowly pulled out, and plunged into me again. Over and over again he would slide out...and slide back in. The slow, deliberate thrusts were driving me mad. I felt and heard how wet I was and I wanted him to slam himself into me but-

Savor me.

He slowly started to thrust in a little harder, and a little faster, and I welcomed the intensity. I very subtly pushed back against him as he thrust into me to take him go deeper inside of me.

As he gained control over his orgasm, he started to thrust in harder and harder until he was soon thrusting into me hard and fast. The slow build up was mind blowing. No one had ever done that to me before and having to be patient was very erotic.

He then started to thrust so hard that I had to push myself back away from the counter to keep from being rammed into it over and over.

“Why?” he grunted.

Before I could answer he put both hands on my shoulders and started to pound me from behind. His balls slapped my clit hard as he rammed me fast.

“Why!?” he asked again. His voice was strained.

He reached around and grabbed my breasts and squeezed them hard as he continued to fuck me as fast as he could. He then grabbed my arms above the elbows.

“Why!?!” he nearly yelled.

I had no idea why he was asking, but I couldn’t answer. He was fucking me so hard that I could barely breathe, and when I did I could only manage guttural grunts and deep moans.

He then grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me back to him, which forced him to slow his thrusts into me due to the odd angle our bodies were in. He put his lips next to my left ear. His voice was soft and cracking.

“Why? Why did you leave me, my love? Why did you abandon me on that freeway? Why did you leave me all alone in this evil world to long for you day and night? Do you know how much I miss you?”

His voice became louder, “Do you know how much I miss you? Do you know how many nights I cry for you, and wish it had been ME on that freeway?”

He never broke his rhythm as he continued to fuck me harder and pull my hair. He became to express himself loudly, “Don’t you know how much I loved YOU? Don’t you know I LOVE YOU!?”

The words were full of anguish. He finally let go of my hair and he grabbed my shoulders and fucked me harder than I’ve ever been fucked before. His hard, hot shaft quickly plunged in and out of me, ramming my insides and making me scream the most sensual screams. His thrusts were knocking me off balance and if his hands hadn’t been pulling back on my shoulders, I would have easily collapsed onto the floor in a pile of naked flesh.

I didn’t moan, I grunted. My breasts bounced hard and fast against my chest as my soaked pussy was being slammed into over and over. Our skin slapped together to make a wonderful percussion noise. I remember looking between my legs for just a moment, and noticed the glistening droplets of my pussy juice that were on the floor. He pounded me so hard and fast, I was literally dripping.

His cock started to swell inside of me. I readied myself for what was to come. I was right to be prepared. He thrust himself deep and hard into me a half dozen times, and then shoved himself into me as deep as possible.

The next nanosecond lasted forever…

He groaned loudly as his hot cum flooded into me. His river of cum shot into me with such force that I went up to my toes and my pussy was instantly full. He pulled out, and shoved himself in again, and another gush of cum rushed into me.

His cum sent me over the edge. I felt my orgasm rush into me as fast as his cum did. I let out a yell that was nearly deafening. By his third thrust, our orgasms were in sync. My orgasm caused me to clench around him as he slid out, pulling every drop of cum out of his thick shaft, and then he would slam himself back into me again to shoot every last drop of cum inside of me.

I overflowed. Our cum spilled out of me and slowly dripped onto the floor, down the insides of my thighs, and all over his thighs.

He collapsed on my back and we both struggled to catch our breath. He slowly pushed himself off of me and slid out of me.

“I’m...I’m sorry,” he said as he stood there, panting, looking awkwardly around for an answer to what had just transpired.

I turned and threw my arms around him and hugged him tightly. I could feel him oozing out of me as I held onto him. “There is no reason to apologize. I understand completely.”

He hugged me in return.

We eventually cleaned ourselves and dressed. I put my hand on the door handle and paused. I turned and looked him directly in the eye.

“Next Saturday, I will give you ten seconds, ten minutes, or ten hours to do anything you wish to me. Will you be here?”

He smiled and said, “Absolutely. First for her...and then for you."

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