The Pool

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A chance encounter by the pool.
It was a hot, sultry night in the deep South. Jasmine lived in a small apartment with just one room air conditioner. She was sweating all over as she sat in her apartment with the air cranked up as high as it would go. She decided she couldn't stand it anymore, she needed to go to the pool. She headed to her room, stripping her clothes off along the way, leaving a trail behind her.

She arrived at her dress completely naked, soaking wet from the sweat. She opened the drawer and pulls out her tiny black bikini. She quickly put it on, grabbed a towel and headed to the pool. When she got to the pool it was empty. Jasmine loved when she had the pool all to herself. She could just soak in the pool and relax without worrying about anyone or anything else. She spent several minutes swimming around and floating on her back in the cool water. As she was floating on her back, with her eyes closed, she heard what sounded like shuffling feet moving closer.

She opened one eye and saw a large shadowy figure coming toward her. Jasmine is a little aggravated that her time alone in the pool is about to end, but she just closes her eye again continues floating. She heard a deep, very manly voice say hi as the gate opens and shuts. She looks up and starts treading water. She was pleasantly surprised to see the intruder of her time alone is a very good-looking guy with dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a really nice tan. With a sly smile on her face she said hi and moved closer to the handsome stranger. They introduced themselves and started talking.

It was now pitch black outside, except for one light over the pool. They started kissing and exploring each other's bodies with their hands. Then the stranger untied Jasmine's bikini top and threw it to the side of the pool. The water glistened on her large breasts. The stranger pulled Jasmine to him and kissed her sweet lips while he caressed her breasts. Then Jasmine disappeared under the water and pulled the stranger's swimming trunks down.

She surfaced and tossed his trunks in the same direction of her bikini top. Then she reached into the water and grabbed the stranger's hard cock. She stroked it a few times while he fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples. They then moved over to the edge of the pool where Jasmine leaned against the edge and the stranger positioned himself behind her. He pulled her bikini bottoms off and placed the on the pile of clothes they had already removed. She spread her legs to allow him good access to her sweet pussy.

He slowly inserted his large manhood inside her. She let out a loud sigh as he entered her. The stranger grabbed the edge of the pool and started pounding her pussy. His thrusts were so strong that they lifted Jasmine up out of the water a little. Waves rippled all through the pool and water splashed up over the edge. The stranger then began kissing Jasmine on the back of the neck. She could feel herself tremble a little and her knees started to turn to jelly. After several more thrusts Jasmine could take it no more and she came all over the stranger's cock while it was still inside her.

This in turn, sent the stranger over the edge and he exploded hard inside her tight pussy. They both were panting really hard and he pulled out of her and made his way to the edge of the pool beside her. They stood there breathing heavily, not saying anything, just smiling at one another once in awhile. Then Jasmine suggested they go to her apartment, and the stranger agreed.

So they gathered their things and put on their clothes. Then they made their way to Jasmine's apartment. Once at the door to her apartment, they kissed passionately. Then they heard a sound of someone turning a doorknob to leave the apartment across the hall. Jasmine quickly fumbled to unlock her door, and they rushed inside. Jasmine grabbed the stranger's hand and let him through the living room and into her bedroom.

She threw the pillows on the floor and jumped on the bed. The stranger removed his wet swim trunks and left them on the floor. He then joined Jasmine on the bed and proceeded to remove her bikini bottoms. He spread her legs and began licking her pussy lips and rubbing her clit with his thumb. Then he spread her pussy lips with his other hand and penetrated her pussy with his tongue. That felt so good to Jasmine she let out a moan of pleasure.

Once her pussy was dripping wet again he reached down and slid a finger into her puckered asshole. Jasmine wiggled a little at first, but then relaxed as he finger-fucked her ass. The stranger continued to rub her clit with his thumb while fingering her ass. Once he felt her ass was nice and loose he told her to turn around and get on all fours. The stranger smacked Jasmine's perfect round ass a few times then fingers her ass a little bit more. He then slowly inserted his rock-hard cock in her little asshole. He took his time, making sure not to hurt Jasmine too bad. It did hurt her a little and she winced abit as he pushed deep into her ass.

However, the pain soon turned into ecstasy as the stranger slowly moved his cock in and out of her ass. As Jasmine relaxed even more, the stranger increased his thrusts. Jasmine began moaning loudly as he rammed her ass harder and harder. She begged him not to stop, to give it to her harder. The stranger became more and more turned on and his cock began to throb. Jasmine felt his cock swell even more and the muscles in her ass tightened around his swollen member.

The stranger had all he could take and shot his load deep into her ass. Jasmine's body started twitching and she yelled for him to pull out. So the stranger pulled out of her ass and she laid back down on the bed. She told the stranger she was about to squirt and for him to get ready. The stranger then positioned himself in front of Jasmine's soaking wet pussy. She rubbed her clit a few times and all of a sudden her juices shot from her pussy with the force of a volcano. The stranger opened his mouth and did the best he could to catch every drop. Jasmine's body began to spasm violently as she squirted her juices all over her new friend and the bed. Once she was done she collapsed on the bed, her body still twitching.

The stranger cleaned off his face the best he could, then began licking the juices from her pussy. Then they jumped in the shower and cleaned each other up. After the shower they grabbed a little bit to eat. Once they were done, they put their bathing suits back on and head back out to the pool for a little late night skinny-dipping.