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The Post Office

Always pay attention

Note: Hi to all you Lush Stories readers, my name is Lisa and I have my lovers permission to submit this story under his ID. Before I get into this true story, let me describe myself so you can get the full picture. I'm 44, 5'7", a solid 132 pounds, long, thick black hair to my shoulders, have been told that I have great legs and hips, a really cute ass, firm 34D's with nipples that become pencil erasers when appropriately stimulated and a regularly trimmed bush that's really thick. I always feel sexy and try to dress appealing at all times, and usually wear heels, but not any higher than 2-2/12". Most of the time I dress in tight jeans and heels and a top that shows some cleavage.  
It was just before 1 and I was standing in line at the Post Office. In front of me was a somewhat good looking man in his late 50's I guessed. He was average height, a little salt & pepper hair with strong facial features and a good body. I wasn't really paying any attention when he turned towards me, leaned into me and whispered in my ear, "You've made my day. You are really beautiful."
I wasn't prepared for any comment, so I stammered, "Why thank you. Aren't you sweet?"

I thought nothing more of it. He went up to the clerk on the right, and I went up to the clerk in the middle. As I was conducting my business, I couldn't help but notice the man was staring at me very intently. I thought what was wrong? Is there something wrong with my clothes? I was wearing a black V-neck tank top tucked into my jeans with a wide, black patent leather belt and a pair of black semi-heels. I sort of looked myself over, checked everything while he was paying attention to what the clerk was saying to him and noted there was nothing wrong that I could tell. I finished my business left and got into my car. I was backing up and checking the rear view mirror and noticed the same man heading to his car, and he waved to me. I smiled, casually gave him a wave, started to pull away and had a strange thought 'He looked like a really nice man, a little sexy and I needed some new friends', so I backed up, pulled back into the space that was right next to his car. Brazenly, and completely out of character for me, I lowered the passenger side window, leaned over and said,"Excuse me? Could I talk to you for a minute?"
He was a little surprised to say the least. He stammered, "Sure, what can I do for you?"
"Well, no one has told me that for a long time and I just wanted you to know that I really appreciated the comment."

He leaned into the car window and said, " Well you really are beautiful, could I buy you a cup of coffee?”     "Now?" I asked.

"Right now, across the street at the Dunkin Donuts." He said.

I had to give this shock a little time to register and said, "Just coffee?"

My mind was racing,' what am I going to do now?' Well, I reasoned it's only a cup of coffee and he seems really nice, and besides he's pretty good looking. I very hesitantly said, "OK, I'll meet you there but just for a quick cup of coffee.”

I was already seated at one of the small tables when he walked in. Now I had a chance to really look him over. He was about 5'8", in pretty good physical shape, a little dark ruddy complexion and had a T shirt on that sort of clung to him a little, a pair of light colored jeans, deep brown eyes and deck shoes. Up close and personal I guessed him to be about 51 or 52, but he had a killer smile. I love killer smiles. As he stood before me, I extended my hand and said, "Hi, I'm Lisa"

He reached out his hand to shake mine and I noticed his hands with long fingers, well manicured nails, very hairy forearms and they were very soft as I shook hands with him.

"I'm Mike and you really are quite beautiful."

"Thanks again for the compliment, please sit down."

I was dumbfounded as to what to say next. I guess he was too. We both began to speak at the same time and laughed. I shut up.

"What did you want to talk about Lisa?" he queried.

I had no idea, but I knew I was in big trouble. I blurted out, "Well, I need someone to talk to about my frustrations."

The look on his face was priceless. It was a combination of surprise, fear, anticipation and total attention. While I was gathering my thoughts to answer, he said, "Wait a sec, would you like that cup of coffee now?"

Relieved, not having to explain myself any further, I said, "Oh that would be great."

While he was standing at the counter being waited on, my mind was in full gear. I thought, what the hell, why not? This total stranger could become a friend or I'll never see him again so I'll be honest with him and tell him of the situation with my husband, and my stepdaughter. The arguments we were having were getting out of hand. When he came back to the table with two cups of coffee, he said
"Why hasn't anyone told you that you're beautiful? " as he set the two cups down and a handful of creamers, sugar and the little blue packs of sweetener.

I replied "Well, that's some of my frustrations that I wanted to talk about."

"Lisa, are you sure you want to talk to me about your personal life. I mean we are strangers."

I really didn't hesitate in saying to him, "You'll either be a friend or we'll never see each other again, and that's OK, if it's OK with you."

"OK, shoot." He said.

Well, for the next 30 minutes I was talking non stop. He laughed at some of my comments and also was very serious about some of them. We just talked about stuff. I learned he was married, retired military, older than I had thought, actually 57, lived with just his wife who was working, and was also looking for new friends. We weren't sure how my husband, away for the week, or his wife would react to 'new friends'. The time was racing by. I said, "Mike, would you like to come back to my house and continue this discussion now that we've become friends?"

"Are you sure?" he questioned. "I don't want to be shot by a jealous husband as the saying goes."

"No, it's OK, my husband is out of town for the rest of the week, and my stepdaughter won't be home until this evening. She's in college here, and has classes until 5 and then it takes her 20 minutes to get home. She and I are very close, it's her father that's the problem, my husband."

So, off we went to my house which was just around the corner. We walked in the side door into my kitchen and I told him to sit down at the kitchen table. I was so nervous that I was shaking. On the drive I had strange thoughts. My God, I hope he’s not a serial killer, or a rapist. I went to the fridge to get some cold sodas. I was so nervous I dropped one of the cans. My hands were shaking. I set them down in front of him, and hurriedly sat down in the chair next to his right. As he popped the cans, the second one that I had dropped exploded in a geyser all over me. My top and jeans were soaked.

"Oh God Lisa, I'm so sorry." he stammered.

"It's OK, I'll just go and change. Don't worry about it." I exclaimed, thankful for a moment to collect my thoughts. ‘Well if he’s a bad guy, he had his opportunity, so maybe he’s OK’

I got up and went through the living room to the bedroom. I kicked off my heels, dropped my jeans, peeled off my wet panties and top and went to my dresser. I grabbed another Tee and a pair of white shorts. My hands were still shaking. I didn't want to leave him alone so I hastily pulled up my shorts, tucked the shirt in when I realized I hadn't put on a clean dry pair of panties. I thought, 'so what’, put my heels back on and went back to the kitchen. As I walked in, he stood up and his mouth dropped.

I said, "What's wrong?"

"Absolutely nothing. You are one beautiful woman." As he came within inches of me I started to thank him and he interrupted me and said, "Could I kiss you just once?"

'Oh shit, now what do I do?' I thought, 'screw it, I can't remember when I got my last kiss ', so I placed my hands on the sides of his face and pulled him to my lips. Holy shit! Although it was brief, I haven't had a kiss that passionate in years. His lips were soft and his tongue tried to snake in between my lips to find mine but I resisted and broke the kiss. I looked into his eyes, and said to myself, 'shit, why not?'

I eagerly molded into him and watching his eyes, put my arms around his neck as our bodies pressed together. I'm not sure who broke the kiss first, I don't think it was me, because I was loving it. As we broke from the kiss, he started to kiss my neck, my ears, and my throat and little shivers ran up my spine. I was also getting turned on I could tell as I got that 'itch' in my pussy. I backed away from him.

We stood there looking into each others eyes for a moment and I knew that I was going to be in big trouble with him. He put his hands on my shoulders and sort of walked me backwards into the couch in the living room and backed me into it. Neither of us spoke a word. As we stood there, he kissed me again and I devoured him. At the same time, I felt him undoing the button and zipper of my shorts and thought, 'OK, here it comes'. He dropped down to slip my shorts down to my ankles and gently eased me down on the couch. It was then that I remembered that I had no panties on, just my bare hairy pussy. As I slouched down on the couch, he removed my shorts over my heels. He stared at my hairy pussy and said, "How beautiful" spread my knees apart and watched intently as my pussy lips parted and he could see my pink engorged pussy.

"Are you going to eat me?" I said.

"You bet and then some" he mumbled as his head went to my pussy.

"Oh, please, I squirt a lot." I mumbled. The excitement was building so fast I didn't have time to think. He ran his tongue up and down my slit, licked and gently sucked my clit while he held my pussy lips open, stuck his tongue in my hole which was really wet now, ran his hands all over my hairy bush and rubbed his nose up and down and all over my now soaking wet pussy. I was in heaven! I was so turned on I was squirming. Now my hands were really shaking. I threw my head back, slouched down even further so he had full access to my pussy and heard myself start to moan with pleasure. Boy, did he know how to eat pussy! He was getting me to the edge really quick, and I don't get there very fast. Well, at least not in the last couple of years.

"Oh my God, I'm going to cum RIGHT NOW!" I exclaimed.

He doubled his sucking and licking and stuck his tongue as deep as he could in my hole, and I let out a grunt as I squirted my juice into his mouth. By now, I had grabbed his head and was holding him on my dripping pussy. The sensations were coursing through my body. My body heat was rising, I stopped shaking, my nipples got extremely hard, and the euphoria almost overwhelmed me. I could not get enough of his mouth and tongue. I hadn't cum like that for a long time. As the orgasm was subsiding within me, I lifted my head to look at him, and he raised himself up to my face, kissed me again with deep passion. I was still a little breathless but managed to kiss him with my mouth wide open to receive his tongue. I tasted my own pussy juice for the first time. It tasted so good. When we broke from this kiss, I said,"I haven't had an orgasm like that in years."

"You taste like nectar from the Gods" he stated.

As he said that, he put his hands around the bottom of my Tee and started to lift it up over my head, I raised my arms to help him. I flipped the shirt over on the couch and he reached around to undo my bra and it dropped down, exposing my full breasts. Now, they aren't huge, but certainly ample and very firm. I've always had great admiration for my own breasts. It seems my nipples create tingling sensations that transfer immediately to my pussy when they're touched. My nipples were already quite stiff. He leaned down took my left nipple in his mouth and started to suck on the hard nipple. It got instantly harder and as he played with the other nipple, rolling and lightly pinching it between his fingers, it too got harder. Once again, I laid my head back and just let him suck and fondle me wherever he wanted to. All I could think about was how good he was making me feel and getting his cock in my pussy.
I pushed him away after a few minutes, and said, "Stop, you've got to give me a little break"

As he stopped sucking my nipple, his right hand dropped down to my pussy .I watched as he probed my dripping wet pussy. He ran his fingers all through and around my hair and then slipped a finger down between my engorged pussy lips, and stuck a finger in my sopping wet pussy. I just spread my legs as far as I could to give him more access. As I did, he put another finger in me and started moving them in and out. but faster and faster and I knew I would cum again.

I blurted out, "Wait, wait, give me a minute."

"Are you OK? Am I hurting you?" he questioned.

"No, No, I'm fine and I love what you're doing, just give me a minute. I haven't had sex in over 6 months."

Startled by my comment, he pulled his fingers out of my pussy and I grabbed his arm to steady myself and stood up. There I was, stark naked, my tits, my pussy, my ass, my entire body, naked, in heels standing in front of this man with my pussy dripping my juices, my shorts around my ankles, who I had only known now for what, one hour? I looked at him, saw the bulge of his cock in his pants, kicked my shorts off, took his hand and started to lead him to the bedroom.

"Where are we going?" he asked

"To fuck!" I stated emphatically. As we got in the bedroom, I stood next to the bed with my hands on my hips and said to him, "Take your clothes off, I want to see you naked”

He flipped his shirt over his head, unbuckled his belt, zipped down the zipper and dropped his pants, and kicked them off with his shoes. He stood there with a pair of black briefs on with his erection pushing the waist band out. I looked him over and was pleasantly surprised. He had a medium build, a slightly hairy chest, some gray in it, a little love handles, a small bulge to his stomach, strong legs and almost no rear end.   I said, "C'mon, let me see your cock too!"

He tugged his briefs down and kicked them off also. He had a beautiful cock. It was probably about 6 inches, circumcised (I really like that) and about 2 inches around I guessed. Certainly it would fill my now dripping wet, aching pussy. He started to come towards me and I said, "Stop. Stand right there."

I went over to where he was standing with his hands now on his hips, and I kneeled down on one leg and began to fondle his cock, cup his balls, and looked at the pre-cum on the tip. I was quite pleased. I really like sex and foreplay drives me wild and this man was just what I needed. I bent down and licked the end of his cock, and wrapped my hand around the shaft and gently began to stroke it up and down and as I did I put the head into my mouth. It was very smooth as I ran my tongue around the head, and at the same time stroking the shaft, and then just lowered my mouth on his cock as far as I could get it in my mouth without choking. I started to give him the best sucking I knew how.

I loved the taste of his cock and the smoothness. The veins were really pronounced and the feel of his swelling cock inside my mouth was fantastic.   I started to bob my head up and down and savored the sensations of his cock against my tongue, my cheeks, and the head. I was really getting hot. My husband has never even suggested that I suck him and I had watched enough porno's to know what to do, just never knew how good it could be. I was slurping him up and down, and my hand wrapped around his shaft was going in unison with my sucking.

He said, "Lisa, you keep that up and I'm going to cum. You want me to cum in your mouth?"

I let go of his shaft, raised my head and said, "No, I want you to come in my hot wet pussy."

As I said that, I grabbed his hand, led him to the side of the bed and lay down and spread my legs as far as I could and said, "Now, Mike, shove your hard cock in my hot pussy." He said, "Woman, how you talk"   "Just shut up and fuck me with that hard cock" I said.

He climbed between my outstretched legs and with his right hand guided the head into my wet hole, just a little bit. "Please, just shove it in" I cried .

He slowly slid his stiff cock into my wet hole and it glided in easily. I had a man's stiff cock in me for the first time in months, and I was loving it, the feeling almost made me cry.

"Oh God, yes, fuck me" I yelled.

He withdrew for a moment and shoved it back in up to his balls and stopped.

"Why are you stopping?" I yelled.

"Would you like me to talk dirty to you?" he inquired.

"Well OK, if you want to, it probably will get me more excited but please keep fucking me."

Now, I'm no angel, but always try to be a classy lady. I've heard them all, and looked at my share of porn videos and skimmed through enough men's magazines, so the words are not shocking to me. I've just never had them said to or with me during sex, so this was going to be a first.

He said, "I like to hear the words. Cunt, tits, fuck, cock, pussy, they all excite me." He rushed the words out sort of quickly.   "Well, OK then" I said, urging him to continue fucking me.

"So I'm going to shove this hard cock right up your dripping wet hairy cunt and fuck you until we both cum, OK?"

I just grabbed his thighs and pulled him urgently into me. I thought, 'well OK, let's see what this does'. I thought 'I'll try to please him'. I gave a second to think and blurted out,

"OK, fuck my hot cunt with your hard cock, NOW! I wanna' cum so bad all over your cock."

He proceeded to shove into me and gained a rhythm and was pretty steady. I was delirious with the pleasure. My pussy was throbbing, my pulse was racing, my entire body was getting hot, my breath came in short grunts, and as I tweaked and pinched my nipples, I could feel the intensity building. I started to get really hot and was beginning to sweat and all the time he was fucking me I could feel his balls hitting my ass and he was fucking me with a steady force. With each thrust his cock buried itself in my hot cunt, and our pubic hair meshed together. I lifted my head so I could watch his cock slamming into me and I reached down and spread my cunt lips and rubbed my clit as he watched me.

"Fuck me harder Mike, harder!" I grunted out.

He picked up the pace and was slamming in and out of me now, and I knew I was ready. He took me over the edge and I cried out, "YES, YES, YES, GIVE ME THAT COCK NOW! C'MON BABE, SHOOT IN MY CUNT RIGHT NOW!"

"I'm gonna' cum in your cunt RIGHT NOW!" he shouted.

With that, I felt his spurts of cum shoot and his cock pulsing as my engorged clit came in contact with his cock and I came too. I didn't stop cumming for what seemed like five full minutes. He was still hard in me when I caught my breath and the sweat was glistening on him and I said,   "Wow, that was one great fuck! I came in gushes and felt every bit of your delicious cum."

He pulled out of me, still semi-hard, and collapsed next to me. I reached over and kissed him. As he was catching his breath I started to speak to him,"You've got to know that I haven't had any good sex like that in some time. My husband gets hard, sticks it in me, gives me a few strokes, cums, gets out and rolls over and goes to sleep. I never cum, and you're still a little hard."

I reached down and started to stroke his cock and it got a little harder.

"Wow" I said and climbed over him and straddled him and guided his semi hard cock into my dripping cunt.

He said, "Lisa, I don't think I can go anymore."

"We'll see, won't we?" I stated as I sat down on his cock that was imbedded in my pussy.

I put my hands on his thighs and raised myself up and down on his cock and it got harder and he was raising himself to thrust into me. I leaned back a little, and he used his thumbs to tease my cunt lips and tweak my clit. Oh, was I getting hot. The movement of his cock sliding up and deep in my cunt was making me delirious with sensations that hadn't been aroused for some time. I was going to have another mind blowing orgasm. On the last shove from him and the down thrust from myself I thought he had gone through my cervix, he was so deep in me. My orgasm was beyond any description I could come up with. My eyes teared, my breathing was in short gasps, my mind was somewhere else, and my pussy was actually throbbing. Every touch of his thumbs on my clit just made the sensations more intense. As my orgasm subsided, I leaned forward with my hands on his chest and said in short gasps,

"That's the best fuck I have ever had!"

He gave me one of his killer smiles, gently massaged my tits, now very swollen and hard nipples, and said, "Lisa, we have a lot of lovin' to do."

I was dripping wet with sweat and raised myself up on to my knees to get off of him when he glided one hand over my mound and stroked the hair of my wet pussy and said, "Slide up here so I can clean you up" as he grabbed both of my ass cheeks and nudged me forward.

I didn't resist. As I got closer to his chest, he urged me further up to his chin. Then I realized what he was up to. I squished myself up and my wet pussy was inches from his face. His hands were now stroking my back and ass and he raised his face to my pussy and started to kiss, lick and run his tongue in between my cunt lips. He grazed over my clit with his tongue and I jumped a little. Boy was I sensitive there. He continued to lick and suck my juices off of my pussy, and then I realized that he was actually getting both of our cum from my pussy. Boy he was good. All I could do was moan, 'oooh, aahhh' and automatically lowered my pussy so he could get better access. This was turning me on again. He must have hit a trigger that I didn't even know I had, and all of a sudden I felt another urge, and I let go a squirt of pussy juice. I was so startled, that I raised up a little and stuttered, "Oh my God, I'm so sorry"

He moved his face from side to side, and ran his tongue all over his mouth and lips and said,   "Oh baby, you taste so fuckin' good!"

I could see that his entire face was glistening wet with my juices and as my squirt subsided, he buried his face in my hairy bush. I was so embarrassed I rose up off of him and sat on the edge of the bed. I had no idea that I could not control my physical reaction. I was astonished. The look on my face must have conveyed that to him. In the most lovingly way, he glided his hand over my arm and said, "Why are you so upset, I'm glad I could get you to let go"

"Let go?" I questioned, "I had no idea that would happen."

"Well, baby, we just found another sensual part of you, didn't we?" as he gave me another killer smile.

"You mean that what I did, didn't upset you?"

"Upset me, Lisa, you are absolutely wonderful. You can squirt on me anytime you want to, I loved it." he spoke with such sweetness.

"Well I can't even imagine what other surprises might be in me." I stated. "OK let's take a shower and rest awhile." I muttered, and got off of the bed.

Really, I couldn't believe how satisfied I was. We took a quick shower, played with each other a little, got out, dried off, and I noticed the time. Wow, it was already close to 5. He also noticed the time and said,

"Wow, I've got to get home pretty quick." I let out a small noise of disappointment and said,

"Can we get together again?"

"Is the Pope Catholic?" he shot back at me. I smiled as he got dressed, walked him to the door, still naked, we kissed passionately, and I said,

"How about Wednesday?"

"I'll be here at 11, OK?"

I can't wait for Wednesday. I think I'll wear my red bra, my red garter belt, no panties, my red hose, and my red heels. With my black hair, I'll keep him hard the whole day. I've been told that I could cause heart attacks dressed (or undressed) like that. My cunt gets wet just thinking about it. He is the best and I'm going to keep seeing him as long as I can. Stay tuned for our next encounter.

By the way, Mike told me he reads Lush Stories all the time and told me to check it out. He gave me his ID's and I did. I thought this would be really sexy if I wrote what happened. We'll see if he likes it. Bye for now, Lisa. Hugs and kisses.


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