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The Professor - Part I

In Part I, we learn more about Alli, her boyfriend, and her new teacher
I glanced at my schedule one last time, just to double check that I had my poetry class next.
Sighing slightly, I hitched my bookbag up on my shoulder and headed over to the building.

"Ali!" I heard a voice call behind me. I flinched and turned; there was my roommate's friend, Erin, running toward me in a pair of platforms, red curls bouncing, along with her breasts. I am 100% straight, but looking at Erin...sometimes I wonder.

She's very pretty, with big lips and large, green eyes. Her boobs are bigger than mine, and me being a 34D, that's saying something. It didn't help that she usually wore low-cut tops that made me just want to rip off all of her clothes and suck her nipples, either.

Let me clarify: I had had many boyfriends through high school, and they pleased me plenty. But I also experimented with girls at places like summer camp, and parties with a little too much beer. I guess you could say I like a little of both genders.

"Where are you going?" Erin asked me, smiling with sparkling white teeth. "I've got my Spanish class next."

"Poetry," I muttered, trying to concentrate on walking to class, and not on her breasts.

"You're so smart," Erin grumbled. "I suck at poetry. Didn't you graduate in, like, the top 20% of your class?"

"Something like that," I said, laughing in spite of myself. I did get good grades; my father being a doctor, and my mom a college professor, I guess it was in my genes. "Anyway, this is my class. See you."

"Bye!" Erin yelled, winking at me as she walked away. She had a fairly nice ass too.


I took a seat in my poetry class, wondering who the teacher was. My schedule said it was Mr. Stone, but I'd never heard of him. Asking around, I'd discovered that he was new this year, and according to my roommate, Heidi, very attractive. Not that I really cared; I had a boyfriend already. Sort of.

Nate and I started out as friends, until one party, where a drunken game of 7 Minutes In Heaven turned into us fucking in a closet. I still remember it...

"You're s'posed to kiss me," Nate had murmured, grabbing my chin and forcing my mouth on his in the darkness of the closet. I had giggled and pulled away at first, until he dropped his beer on the floor, held my hands above my head against the wall, and started massaging my breasts with his other hand, passionately kissing me the whole time.

Somehow or other, we had taken our clothes off. He kissed me down my neck, then gently sucked each of my nipples, flicking them with his tongue. I moaned in pleasure, reaching down and massaging his rock hard penis.

His mouth traveled lower down my body, kissing my stomach, then my inner thigh. He let his tongue move gently over my sopping wet pussy, just lightly touching it. I groaned, louder this time. "Please, Nate, suck me harder!"

"You want me to suck you hard?" He muttered, running his fingers over my pussy.

"Yes! Suck me and finger me as hard as you fucking can, Nate!"

He put his head down again and shoved his tongue deep inside my pussy. I moaned and held his head against me with my hands. He pulled away, then shoved two fingers into me, pushing in and out, faster and faster. He alternated, sucking and fingering, until I was screaming in climax.

"Fuck yes, Nate, fuck me! Fuck me! I want your dick so bad!"

"You want my dick? Suck my dick, you little whore!" He commanded, pulling away from my pussy and roughly pushing me into a sitting position. He grabbed my head in his hands and forced his enormous cock into my mouth, where I moved my tongue over it and pushed it in deep, then pulled it almost all the way out, flicking his head with my tongue, then back in, deep again, going faster and faster, like he had done when fingering me.

"Fuck yeah, you little slut, suck my cock, Ali, I wanna fuck your little pussy so bad!" He cried as his warm cum shot out into my mouth.

"Fuck my pussy, Nate, fuck me!" I moaned as I laid back down, his dutiful servant.

He shoved his still-hard dick into my wet pussy, and I could feel him about to cum again.

"Cum inside me, Nate, I want to feel you cum!" I screamed, about to cum myself.

He was going in and out so fast I could hardly stand it, it felt so fucking good!

"Oh god, Nate, I'm gonna cum!" I screeched.

"Me too, you fucking whore! You're gonna make me cum!"

I felt his cum flood me for a second time, and felt my own juices spray out. Nate bent down and licked my pussy clean.

"I wanna fuck you forever," he muttered in my ear when we finished.

I think we fell asleep in that closet. I know I woke up with a massive hangover and found Nate laying, still naked, next to me. We'd been together ever since that night. God, he was great at fucking. If I had--

"Hi," said a deep male voice. "I'm Ben Stone, your new teacher."

My head snapped up. Heidi wasn't lying, he was very attractive.

In fact, I was so horny from thinking about Nate and me, I kind of just wanted to tear of his clothes and fuck him right then and there.

But that would have to wait.

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